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  1. J

    What's This PU?

    Hi all, anyone knows what PU this one is? It's the bridge PU and the output is 16.0K Cheers
  2. J

    Cut switch, Eq Block and Amp Eq

    Hi all, apologies if this ahas been asked before. Tried the search function but... Anyway, it's tied all together so I just asked the questions: 1) What frequencies does the Cut Switch in the amp block cut... 2) ...and by how much? 2) How can I re-create the same cut with an Eq block? 3) The...
  3. J

    Can I be 'selfish' with my IEM tone?

    Hi all, we all know that if you dial in a tone through headphones it won't translate well with a real cab/FRFR and vice versa. So, how about dialling the tone through IEM that sounds the way you like it and let the FOH work their magic for the audience? It would be something like Out1 to IEM...
  4. J

    Delay / reverb for live rhythm sound

    Hi all, was wondering if you guys use any delay / reverb for your live rhythm sound at all? ….and if yes how much? Cheers
  5. J

    Clean AMP simulation

    Hi all, I'm messing around with the Scene Controller. I was trying to simulate the clean channel that hasn't been implemented on a given AMP. I'm sure there's a parameter to do this but can't remember which one. Thanks for any help.
  6. J

    Filter Block as boost

    Hi All...and Merry X-Mas, hopefully some of you can chime in and assist. I'm using the Filter Block as a 3DB boost at the end of my signal chain and usually cut low and hi freq. I was just wondering what you guys do and if this is the "right" way to do it.
  7. J

    [NOT A BUG] 2290 w/mod Delay

    His all, I'm using the 2290 w/mod delay for my presets and everything was working fine...until yesterday. I'm playing and all of the sudden there's no more delay. So here is what I tried to fix the problem: - re-started Axe-Edit - re-started the Axe-fx 2 - unplugged the USB cable - reset the...
  8. J

    WAH w/o smooth transition?

    Hi all, hope you guys can help me out here. I've got a WAH block (Cry Babe) and think that the transition heel to toe isn't very smooth???? Not sure how to describe it but if you rock the foot 'fast' it seems to me that there's a sudden change between the low and high freq (not sure how to...
  9. J

    Different OUT1 / OUT2 Volume

    Hi all, this has been bothering me for a while now. I've notice that the OUT2 is clipping. I've checked the Global menu settings and OUT1 and OUT2 show not differences. I've also checked the VU meter and there definitely a 3-4 DB difference (hence the clipping). BTW, OUT1 is echo'd to OUT2...
  10. J

    Speaker Frequency

    Hi all, just had an interesting conversation with one of the forum members about replacement speakers. Here is the thing. I've build a 2x12 cab and was looking for speakers. I was looking at a few Celestion speakers and noticed that the high freq range is around 5k-5.5k. Now I'm no expert by...
  11. J

    Wish RAC12: stripped down version

    @AlGrenadine @sebastos08 Bonjour, to both of you. Don't shoot me for this but i was just wondering/hoping/begging…. Here's the thing. Some Fractal users live far, far away from you guys and (yes, other side of this world!). For gigging/rehearsal I'd love to have one those RAC12 but, yes...
  12. J

    IEM in Aussie land

    Hi all, any Aussie using IEM that can share their experience with a given brand and point me in the right direction where it was bought?
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