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  1. zbaljak1

    Possible OD 250 drive on XL????

    Is it possible to make new update for II XL with OD 250(grey) drive like on III ???????
  2. zbaljak1

    Axe fx 2 xl + focusrite scarlett 2i4 + windows 10 problem

    i have a problem with ax fx that i didn't have in windows 7 before. Axe fx is connected to pc via usb and scarlett 2i4 via audio cable. When i play with backing tracks from youtube my ax fx controls the output signal from the pc. This has not happened to me before with windows 7. Please help!!!
  3. zbaljak1

    Nils Norberg "Spacelizer" fx

    Does someone know how to make this fx on Nils Norberg solo (02:46)? He sent me a message: This was a little fx box I made my self back in -99.I used it on some songs on the album Afterlife too.It was made from parts from a windscreen wiper from a tractor.It got just one control for how fast it...
  4. zbaljak1

    Harmonizer e minor scale.....

    Hi to all! I have little ,but for me big, problem with E minor scale. I am playing e2-f2#-g2 and want 2 voice to play h1-d2-e2. i have problem when i play e2, second voice always play c2. If anyone can help i ll be gratefull!
  5. zbaljak1

    Electroacoustic guitar through Axefx2XL_no sound....

    Hello to I need a little help. I have Takamine GE30CE. Want to play through my axefx but there is on sound out. Connect way: takamine-mono cable-front instrument input- left and right output-focusrite scarlet-krk rokit6 monitors. Takamine has TP4T preamp with 3-band graphic EQ and built-in...
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