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  1. javier

    Wish Revisit the Cab Block

    AMP algorithm is very, very high standing. Six sigma quality... surely on a one by one amp parameter checking there is something to improve. Anyway, you Fractal will always surprise us with new enhancements (or even new breakthroughs/epiphanies) in the AMP Block. But, as many have said, IR is...
  2. javier

    Wish Multichannel AMP Block

    Today we can configure two AMP Blocks in AXE FX, and one in AX8; applying X/Y, 4 or 2 channels can be achieved; restrictions are scenes latency gap between two different AMPs and sharing the same basic parameters between scenes. I would be cool having a multichannel AMP Block with the ability...
  3. javier

    No more crakling, noise, bitcrushing on my mac since FW10

    Is there something new? I don't have problems with AXE FX as AI for mac since FW10. Even with Logic Pro, at any buffer size. Anyway, this round the circle... astounding FW10, best of times, and ain't got mac problems as AI. I must be dreaming... or dead.
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