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    Classic Rock Tones?

    Just wondering how many folks here are using the AFIII for older, "simpler" tones from the '70s. I'm jamming with a band that does a ton of Allman Brothers as well as Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. I've been working on an Allman Brothers type preset with scenes for clean, lead, etc. It...
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    FC-6 Incoming

    Just got my AFXIII about 3 weeks ago and immediately regretted not getting the FC-6 in the bundle. You only live once. FC-6 should be here by Saturday.
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    Help Me Understand the USB Ins/Outs

    Page 19 of the manual describes how the USB inputs and outputs are routed but I'm having trouble understanding it. For example, it states that the source for OUT 1 are computer inputs 1 and 2. What is being referred to by "computer inputs 1 and 2"? Is it the interface? I'm an idiot and just...
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    Using Axe-Fx 3 w/ another Interface

    Hey all, Just beginning to get through the manual and discover my new AFX3. I currently have it connected to my iMac through my Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 interface. The Saffire is connected to the iMac via Firewire and the Axe is connected to the Saffire via SPDIF. I also have the Axe connected...
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    WTB WTB: FC-6

    Looking for an FC-6. Thanks. Dave
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    First Day With AFX3 Tomorrow...

    I owned a Standard and an Ultra years ago. But tomorrow I will receive my Axe FX III. I'll be using it through my JBL 305 monitors but I have amps, power amps and cabs too. What's the first thing I should do? Firmware update? Run through the presets? Read the manual? Any tips? In other...
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    Hello all, Been out of the loop for a long time. I'm about to pull the trigger on the Axe FX III sale but thought I'd check to see if anyone had one for sale. Thanks in advance. Dave
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    Will My DAW Also See The Axe II As An Output For Monitoring?

    From what I've read, I believe the answer is yes. Just need confirmation. Since I'm planning on ditching my Audio Interface, I realize, I still need "something" to connect my DAW Monitors to. So, I guess I'm asking: Does the Axe II replace the interface completely? I know the USB gives me a...
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    AFX2 As Interface for Mic Preamp?

    Could I use the axe as an interface for my mic preamp when micing a cab? Mic to preamp, to axe, to DAW?
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    Axe DAW/Direct Discussion Forum

    It's a fact that an Axe preset will not sound the same through your DAW or direct to near-field monitors as it would through a real amp and cab or FRFR. A forum where using the Axe specifically for recording would be great. Set up tips, preset tips, etc. For me, this aspect of the Axe has...
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    Can We Have a New Forum For DAW/Direct Specific Discussion?

    It's a fact that an Axe preset will not sound the same through your DAW or direct to near-field monitors as it would through a real amp and cab or FRFR. A forum where using the Axe specifically for recording would be great. Set up tips, preset tips, etc. For me, this aspect of the Axe has...
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    Hope This Helps: New Monitors

    I've never been thrilled with the sound of the Axe going straight to near field monitors. For me, high-gain patches have just not been great. I've been using first generation M-Audio BX5a speakers. I just ordered a pair of KRK Rokit 5 G2s. I'm not expecting miracles but I already upgraded my...
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    Mark Day!! In Here Now! Please??

    Hey Mark. I have to start by saying your Axe vids may be the only thing that keeps me from giving up and selling mine. Love the tone through a poweramp and cabs but can't make it happen direct. Anyway, I believe you once mentioned that you use an external preamp with your axe. If so, do...
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    Mac Users, I'm Thinking of Going Mac...

    Would a MacBook Pro suffice or would I need something more robust like the Mac Pro? Also, the iMac runs a QuadCore i5. Would that be OK? I love the 27" monitor. I'm a total Mac newb but I'm taking the Axe/Recording plunge so I figured I'd go Mac. Thanks. Dave
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    Is a SPDIF Cable The Same as Digital Coax?

    Well that's my Q. Is a SPDIF cable the same as the digital coax cable you could connect your sub-woofer to your HT receiver for example? They're both 75ohm cables. I'm currently using one I made for my sub-woofer, to feed the SPDIF out from the axe to my audiophile 2496 card. It works, but...
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    Output 2 To RCA Ins on Interface

    What cables and adapters are you using from the 1/4" Output 2 jacks on the Axe to your interfaces? I have a 2496 Audiophile and am using Hos cables that have 1/4" jacks on one side and rca jacks on the other. Should I use regular instrument cables and some kind of 1/4" female to RCA male...
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    Need Help Getting Tones From Axe To DAW Monitors

    Guys, simple dilemma: I love the way say, my Mark IV patch sounds through my SS amp and 1x12 Port City cabs. PA sims on, cab sims off. Same patch through my 2496 Audiophile into Sonar and out my M-Audio BX5a monitors, and it sounds really bad. I do have the cab sims on and I add a cab to my...
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    Audiophile 2496 Users...

    Just want to see how other 2496 users are connecting their Axes to their DAWs through the 2496. I run Output 2 L and R into the 2496's analog Ins 1 and 2. To do this, I have to add an FX Loop Block in my patch since I have Output 1 L and R going to a power amp and cabs. Should I be using...
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    Right Side Is Louder Than Left?

    Hey guys. I run my Ultra in stereo into a Carvin DCM150 and 2 Port City OS 1x12 cabs. The right channel, is a little louder than the left. Yesterday I switched the speaker cables on the back of the power amp and the result was that the "louder" channel moved to the left. So it's not the cabs...
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    Anyone Doing W/D With 2 Cabs?

    I recently created a patch where I have an amp set up in row 2 with shunts all the way to the end. In the mixer I push Row 2's signal hard left so it comes out of my left cab. In row 3 I selected a delay and use a diagonal shunt from the amp in row 2 to the delay in row 3, then shunts from the...
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    Why Does The Tuner Come Up When I Turn My Axe On?

    I picked up an Ultra from a forum member a couple of weeks ago and have only gotten around to using it today. The tuner comes on after the initial splash screen when the unit is turned on. How do I stop this? Thanks. Dave
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    What Amp Blocks Are Affected By The "Cold-Biased" Stage?

    I'm not clear on whether the change in v9 affects all or just some amp sims. After I loaded v9, my IIC+ and Mark IV sims sound like they have less gain and dynamics. It seems after reading the release notes that only the "cold biased" change would affect these sims. Dave
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    Is This Normal?

    If I have a high gain patch selected, while I've got my left hand muting all the strings on the fretboard, if I touch the strings with my right hand, I hear a momentary bit of noise/his and then I guess the gate kicks in. Happens with any high gain patch, stock or otherwise. This is while I'm...
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    Easiest Way To Move Stock Preset Banks

    I want to move the stock presets over one bank. That is, I want Bank A moved to Bank B and Bank B moved to Bank C on my Standard. This way, I can have presets 0-127 open for my own stuff and my Ground Control Pro can address them. I tried with the Axe-Edit software and it seems to ignore...
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    Can't Go From 7.18 to 8.02 on my Standard

    For some reason, I can't apply the firmware update. I have an M-Audio 2496 card in a Core 2 Quad machine running Vista 64 SP1. This may be the first time I've updated the firmware on this PC but I've used the same interface before in an XP PC without issue. The progress bar gets most of the...
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    Input 1 LED Doesn't Light Up If I'm Using Rear Input 1 Left

    I cabled up yesterday with the Axe in Loop 3 of my GCX and Egnater M4 in Loop 4. The send of Loop 3 feeds the Input 1 L on the back of the Axe while the Output 2 L feeds Loop 4's return. I don't see any lights on the front Input 1 LED when I play the guitar. Is that normal? Dave
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    The Manual Really Needs To Be Enhanced

    At the very least, the information regarding the FX Loop and Send/Return blocks needs to be elaborated on. There should be samples on how to lay those blocks out in the grid for say, a standard mono patch, stereo, w/d/w etc. I find the info in the manual regarding these blocks almost useless...
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    Last Delay Repeat Louder Than Others...

    Yesterday I wired up my Axe with my Egnater M4 in the 4CM. I created a preset where I only used the FX Loop and a Delay with the M4. While playing, the delay sounds fine but when I stop playing, the last repeat is always louder than the rest of the signal. The only thing I could do to tame it...
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    Thor's Noisy Hammer

    Just trying to determine if this only happens on my Standard: With the Thor's Hammer patch loaded (178), if I turn the Input 1 knob, quickly back and forth, there is alot of noise and some feedback. The preset in general is really noisy compared to every other high-gain preset. This does not...
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    Keep Global Cab Sims On Even Though I Use a Guitar Cab?

    Yesterday I was using the Axe 2 ways: 1) Stereo into a Carvin DCM150 and then 2 Custom Audio Amplifiers 1x12 Cubes 2) Mono into Channel A of a VHT 2/50/2 and then into a Bogner OS 2x12 In both cases, I prefer (for the most part) the global cab sims on. I should say that this was while I was...
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    Sample Preset Routing For WDW

    I've got my Axe (Input1 and Output1) in Loop3 of the GCX switcher and my Egnater M4 in Loop4. The output of Loop4 goes to both A) my VHT power amp (dry) and B) back into the Axe loop (Input2 L). I'm using a Y cable to do this. Can anyone tell me if the routing below would be a good example of...
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    Can You Use Editor w/ No Connection To Axe?

    I'm sitting here at working playing with the editor and of course, I don't have my Axe connected. Are there parameters or pages that I would be missing because it's not attached to the Axe? For example, when I look at the FX Loop, I see only 2 pages: Loop and Mix. How do I tell the FX loop to...
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    Can You Use Output2 L/R to Feed A Stereo Wet Amp/Cab?

    I've been considering different routings for my WDW rig. In the 4CM, Output1 L and R feed the stereo signal w/ effects. I was thinking of using Output 1 L for my dry and Output 2 L and R for my stereo wet. Any reason I can't do this? Thanks. Dave
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    4CM Question: Feedback Loop?

    In the Axe manual, the 4CM (with a preamp in the Axe's loop) simply shows the preamp attached to the Axe's In2 and Out2. I assume this would be In2 L and Out2 L. Would this ever create a feedback loop in a stereo rig? Thanks. Dave
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    Routing For WDW With Axe And A Preamp

    I'm sorry but I've searched and don't believe I see anyone doing what I'd like to try. In a nutshell, I want to have a WDW rig with both my Axe Fx and an Egnater M4 preamp. I'd use a VHT 2/50/2 for the dry to a Bogner 2x12 and a Carvin DCM150 for the wet to 2 CAA 1x12 cubes. What I want to be...
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    Do I Have This Right?: Using a GCX w/ The Axe Fx Std.

    I'm going to use my Axe Fx Std. with my Egnater M4 preamp. Assuming I use the suggested method of connection from the manual, for a preamp and poweramp setup, would I introduce the GCX loops, for outboard stomps, between the output of the preamp and input2 of the Axe? This is the only method...
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