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    Cathode Follower Amps

    When playing through power amp and cab (SD Powerstage 170 and Marshall 2x12 with V30s) I have noticed that when playing amps with a cathode follower, there is some strangeness going on in the lower mids which gives the sound a somewhat muffled/covered with blanket character. I have noticed it...
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    Herbie Presence Pot Taper

    Been playing around with the Herbie models today and noticed that the presence pot behaviour is a bit strange - the control seems to have almost zero effect from 0 to 8 on the dial and is very powerful from 8 to 10. Is this behaviour normal or is there maybe a problem with the taper of the...
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    [Bug] Issue with Hot Kitty amp and maximum output

    I've run into a weird issue using a preset with a Hot Kitty amp. If I start the Axe with the Hot Kitty preset selected (with AC amp block boost engaged), the output levels max out (the output LEDs light up red) and the Axe does not respond to guitar input. It also produces a thud whenever I...
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    Wish Preamp Out

    Would it be possible to have a preamp out signal for use with a tube power amp without bypassing the power amp modeling? This way you could run the full amp+cab modeling to FOH and still use the tube power amp of your choice for on stage sound via the second output. (Perhaps an amp modeling...
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