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  1. Moltenmetalburn

    New triode modeling is great

    The new triode modeling was immediately apparent to me. I'm not sure why I don't see this shouted everywhere but the axe just got better again, alot better. I suspected this wouldn't be small. The cumulative improvement through each gain stage is extremely noticeable. Another leap...
  2. Moltenmetalburn


    I'm sure this has been asked for before a million times. I was just bummed yet again today that I can't use my iPad with my axe fx even though I seem to use it for EVERYTHING else these days. I would be happy to buy it in the App Store like any other app. Is fractal considering this at all...
  3. Moltenmetalburn

    Thank you for the bass amps!

    I am loving the ad200b. I thought id stop using the svt sim but now I can use them both at once which I like even more. Thanks fractal, im sure the other bassists are happy too!
  4. Moltenmetalburn

    SILVERBLADE tube power amps

    Silverblade Amplifiers | Tube Guitar Heads and Loudspeakers for Metal and Rock | Silverblade SB-200 - Stereo Tube Power-Amplifier Found another tube option.
  5. Moltenmetalburn

    Milbert GAGA amplifier

    Milbert GAGA, the most versatile, toneful tube guitar amp on Earth. Would be cool if fractal could model this. Really unique.
  6. Moltenmetalburn

    New Koch SS power amps

    EDIT: it is a hybrid amplifier not SS. ATR-4502 - Koch Guitar Amplification Mosfet like matrix, also has some 12ax7. supposed to react to speaker like a real tube amp. "Our ATR series of hybrid amps the Jupiter, Startrooper and ATR4502 (see also the blog article about these amps), are...
  7. Moltenmetalburn

    Speaker distortion seems broken or different

    Usually dial out the speaker distortion to zero as I use a real cabinet. For whatever reason decided to experiment with it and lower settings such as 2.00 sounded like a blown speaker; pretty much unuseable. Set to anything higher WAS unuseable. Bug, anomaly or the way it is now?
  8. Moltenmetalburn

    1RU engl 20 watt el84 poweramp NAMM

    [NAMM] New ENGL Tube Poweramp E810 news - Audiofanzine
  9. Moltenmetalburn

    Compression knob settings

    How do you guys set this knob? I know it affects multiple parameters, what are they? I turn it to zero in every single one of my presets. High gain sounds with insane dynamics. Win. Now many high gain tube amps feel too stiff and compressed to me, you can't dial it out.
  10. Moltenmetalburn

    Interesting DSP plate amp $275

    PWR-ICE125 | MiniDSP Has AES. 140x2 or 450x1 wattage. How do these work? What kind of power amp is it. Seems like a possible competitor for the matrix cab module. Edit: I was looking at this for a bass solution, see wattages are at 4 ohms which suited my application. Only allows for a...
  11. Moltenmetalburn

    What is Fractals take on Bias?

    Guessing you guys have tried it by now. What do you think? Any impressions such as with the kemper? For the price I am loving it and using it a lot.
  12. Moltenmetalburn

    Fender machete amp model

    This may be an interesting high gain addition. Definitely different than the usual fenders.
  13. Moltenmetalburn

    Positive Grid Bias-Amps for iPad

    Got this for my ipad. It has some limitations that effect my uses but most would be satisfied. Positive Grid – BIAS I got bias on sale right now for $12.99 in the App Store. Anyone that has an ipad and an interface for their ipad should get this, it serves as a great backup in case axe ever...
  14. Moltenmetalburn

    Tone stack block

    Would be cool to be able to place the tone stacks as a block . Effectively eq blocks that are the tone stacks.
  15. Moltenmetalburn

    Anyone play a Zoom ms-50g?

    Wondering if this would be a decent backup for my axe2. YES I know it pales in comparison, but I can't afford a second axe right now and don't want to spend real money as NOTHING else will actually satiate me. That having been said is this pedal as good as the videos make it seem? If...
  16. Moltenmetalburn

    New drive block clipping is great

    I set up a patch using only a drive block. I run my axe fx 2 into a VHT 2150 into a Forte SV2x12 and use regular guitar speakers. i then experimented with all of the different types of diode clipping and drive block types. the drive blocks all sound really great this way. the new diode...
  17. Moltenmetalburn

    Wish DAR model

    I know these are in short supply and schematics are necessary but it would be killer to have at least the flagship. In the clips and vids they seem pretty unique .
  18. Moltenmetalburn

    Wish Axe fest 2 streamed live on the forum

    For those who cannot attend.
  19. Moltenmetalburn

    Arredondo mod revised for crossover

    In my experiments with the axe 2 and crossover distortion I wondered if cliff could easily tweak the existing mod for a new sound. The Arredondo places two diodes in front of the tone stack, these diodes are most likely from signal to ground and opposing each other. If the virtual diodes were...
  20. Moltenmetalburn

    Build your own tone stack

    I believe it would be very useful to be able to change the tone stack frequency centers in the amp models. Not the slope of the entire tone stack but the individual bass, middle, frequency centers. What I'm saying is for example the current model I'm using sounds great in the mids and...
  21. Moltenmetalburn

    VHT 2/90/2 users beware...

    Do not try out the 2150, your back will hate you for it. Ive been using a red faced (one of 5) 2/90/2 with my axe 2 for the last two years. I LOVE the power amp with my axe fx. Found a 2150 for a great price and always wanted to try one so grabbed it thinking a buddy of mine who needs a...
  22. Moltenmetalburn

    Axe 2 LCD screen model number or source?

    Anyone know where to buy a replacement lcd screen for the axe 2? Or the component type model number?
  23. Moltenmetalburn

    Bass amps were added to the "wanted to model" sticky

    I know cliff is not a bass player, I always assumed he just didn't want to sink a bunch of money into owning amps he will never play after modeling them. Why not let US fill in the blanks and send a few bass amps to model and add to the axe 2' this is one solution I have yet to encounter on...
  24. Moltenmetalburn

    Loving the axe 2 for bass guitar

    Recently got my first bass to fill in a buddies thrash metal project, figured I'd try something new after 20 years of guitar. The axe is killing it for bass, sounds devastating, I'm really happy. I do however still as many, many other wish there were just a few more amp flavors. Aguilar ...
  25. Moltenmetalburn

    Zvex Machine Crossover distortion drive block

    A zvex machine model or some way to achieve crossover distortion sounds like these. YouTube
  26. Moltenmetalburn

    Grain stretcher effect

    Would be awesome to have.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granular_synthesis
  27. Moltenmetalburn

    Cab resonance parameter presets

    A recent post of cliffs got me thinking that right now what we have are custom cab resonance settings. It would be great if we could dial up presets that match the most common speaker types or maybe even all types that appear as stock cabs.
  28. Moltenmetalburn

    Neutral IR possible?

    Can I use a patch cable to run the sweep directly back into the axe in order to have an IR with no eq change . Would this then allow cabinet block to be used for modeling features when playing with power amp and guitar cabinet? Thanks!
  29. Moltenmetalburn

    Jet city 700 dp fr cab

    Looks interesting. "Today Jet City Amplification announced a new product category: full-range amplification for guitar amplifier modeling devices. The first product in the range is the top of the line model 700DP. Enter the 700DP: with stereo 350 watt digital amplifiers, full-range woofer...
  30. Moltenmetalburn

    Cabinet block has dynamic processing?

    The manual suggests the cabinet block has some sort of processing to add speaker dynamic, I doubt it is volterrra based or dynamic convolution. Anyone have any more information to share about this function/feature?
  31. Moltenmetalburn

    Some more coveted amp models

    I know that many amps are built off of the same basic fundamental architecture so they may have been omitted on purpose. I feel that though these amps sounds may be fully attainable with the axe and it's current models i also feel like attempting to copy some other amp sounds is practically...
  32. Moltenmetalburn

    Match EQ function and amp voicing user slots

    I would love to see an eq matching function added. The uses are practically limitless! It would also be great to have user slots for the new amp voicing parameter. Thanks for reading!
  33. Moltenmetalburn

    Tuning offset preset bank

    A small bank of selectable tuning offset presets would be killer. Similar to the Peterson sweeteners etc...
  34. Moltenmetalburn

    Carol Ann triptik hg sim

    Would love to have this one, the amp is killer.
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