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    Using external switches - how to make them behave?

    With my (now retired) Axe-FX II and MFC, I used four Boss FS-5U switches with insert cables (so only used two jacks) and was able to program them to toggle things like ODs, Chorus, Trem, etc. This was done on the MFC using MIDI codes. I believe the AX8 can do this, but after checking out the...
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    Melodic lead tone

    Not easy to describe a sound in my head. I'm sure many of you know that. But I will try. Guitar is usually a Strat with normal output. I'm mainly a P&W player. This tone I'm seeking will be useful there as well. But I also get asked to set up and play along with tracks. Background noise with...
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    Auditioning IRs

    It seems long ago there was a way to audition IRs,easily. Maybe that was the Axe II. Can this be done in the AX8? Thanks! Greg
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    Leave-on drive or ?

    I used to have an OD I ran like this in the pedal/tube amp days. I would leave it on all the time and it would serve to fatten up the tone in pleasing ways, sweetening the highs, etc. Despite my utter joy with my Fractal gear, I got to thinking I’d like to find something like that for my AX8 (my...
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    [solved] Can't make 65 Bassman or BF Deluxe sound clean

    No matter what I try, my cleanest versions of these amps still have a fair bit of drive/distortion. Sounds like an OD is on (but not even an OD block is on the grid). Making me of nuts. These are not amps I've used much. I'll try some other amps, but would prefer to make these work. They sound...
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    Expression pedal setup

    I had to reset my AX8 to factory. And now the expression pedal does nothing and I can't figure out to get it to work. YT videos require setting up a Volume block in each patch. I've never had to do this. Somehow I set this up as a "global" thing long ago and that's all I want to do. I only use...
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    Adding extra switches

    Not sure how to best explain this. On my Axe-FX II, I ran four Boss FS-5U switches and found it easy to assign them to toggle other FX. Can I do that with the AX8? On the Axe II, it was done via the MFC using the MIDI codes. Very easy. I am running Scenes on the AX8, which I usually didn’t do...
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    Weird AX8 behavior

    I've been running Fractal gear for some years now and never encountered this. I was planning on doing some major tweaking of lead tones today. Usually these are Scenes 3 and 4. Scenese 1 and 2 sound perfect. But when tweaking, I change an IR, and the tone gets much softer and very far away...
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    Lead/solo tone to setup with Fender Deluxe model

    Quick advice needed. I’m loving the Fender Deluxe (Vib) model for clean and light crunch tones. But now I’m wanting a compatible lead tone. I haven’t felt like the Fenders handle that so well but I’m sure I’m doing it wrong. I have a patch set up with a pair of the FAS ODs and it sounds pretty...
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    FX8 for 8-string bass?

    Lowly guitar player here. Long-time Fractal guy - Axe-FX II and AX8. A good friend, a truly great bass player, wants delay and chorus FX for his 8-string. This guy plays a lot of notes, mainly a jazz-ish vein. Once he has the options, he might enjoy the other blocks. He does not want amp...
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    Need a sharp, strident rhythm tone

    For one of our worship songs. it's mostly 2 or 3 string intervals played around the octave. Strong pick attack. Fairly staccato. Needs to really command the mix. There are some higher-position power chords in there too, but the intervals are the main part. Any recommendations for amps or other...
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    AX8 connectivity

    I posted before and thought it was solved, but it's actually gotten worse. My AX8 keeps "losing" connection when running AX8 Edit. Not mid-stream. If it works when first turned on, it keeps working. But now almost every time, I have to reboot my PC so AX8 Edit will load and connect. When it...
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    Discovering the Badgers

    Shout out to Yek once again for his amazing work! This is directly inspired by that work. I have fallen for the Suhr Badgers, mainly the 30 (so far). The cleans are delectable for starters. I'm working to build my main Scenes preset around this amp (the 18 could also come into play for...
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    AX8 driver not loading at times

    This might be a PC question, actually. But maybe someone knows the answer. Long-time Axe-Fx player, new AX8 player. About 1/3 of the time, the PC does not recognize the AX8 when I turn it on. No audible confirmation and AX8Edit won't connect. Rebooting fixes it every time, but as I often have...
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    3 Sigma Audio Electric IRs

    Anyone know about these? They are new - most of us got emails just today. I had bought a small package from them a while back for my old Amplifire, so I was on their radar. The IRs were very good. Despite their efforts to explain, I can't figure out to use these with a hardware device. I do...
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    Lost my S1 in the grid

    New to the AX8. I was trying to figure out how to do something and "deleted" S1. At least the label on the grid. I think it's still there. It removed from all 5 Scenes, though I was just working on S5. I was using the front panel controls. How do I get it back? Reloading from PC didn't help...
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    X/Y amps - what am I doing wrong?

    Pretty new to Scenes and X/Y, but have used them for about four gigs now successfully. I'm preparing for my next gig, using two versions of the Mark IIC+ (in terms of knob settings). Two patches call for X amp, two for Y amp. I set up my four Scenes, save my settings, then run through them -...
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    OD for clean-ish tone - your suggestions

    I like the punch of a true clean tone but prefer to use an OD for some tonal richness, plus I never need or want a true clean tone (p&w player doing mostly fairly edgy stuff, only electric guitarist, large band with lots of midrange competition). And I've come to prefer an OD vs. cranking up the...
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    Expressive high-gain tone - your favorite

    I'm a melodic pop/rock style player. Think Lukather and Schon (both big influences), etc. Phil Keaggy also. Strat player. Big requirement is that pickup changes need to be very audible. Not looking for insane amounts of gain obviously. I have three Strats I rotate - all have DiMarzios...
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    Global EQ?

    Is this not in the AX8? My Axe-Fx has long run such an EQ, mainly a high-end rolloff. My new AX8 uses converted patches. The higher-gain patches have a quality I don't like and I'm thinking this is the culprit (I've only had the AX8 for less than a week, still learning it). It seems there is a...
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    Re-arrange grid, levels don't match

    Not sure how to say this...just bought an AX8. Long-time Axe-Fx user. A couple of years ago, I re-arranged my patches (on the grid) into two row using Send and Return Blocks. AX8 doesn't have these. So using the Axe-Fx, I am putting them all back in a single row (they just fit), deleting the...
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    Quick start advice/video - footswitches

    Sorry to ask, but time is very limited and my searches aren't helping (but really good time wasters...). Long-time Axe-Fx player, got an AX8 last night, so I know much of it. But my greatest need is to get the footswitches working in a familiar way, if possible. That means one row for presets...
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    New AX8 - FractalBot not working

    Just out of the box. Long-time Axe-Fx user. Zero Bot problems. When I select the AX8, there is no check mark next to the two AX8 MIDI lines. All other boxes are shaded. Switched USB cables (and PC confirms loading - driver install was correct and AX8-Edit is working). Not a big deal, has 7.01...
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    MFC not powering up suddenly

    I just gigged with it yesterday and ran it for hours on Saturday. Almost 5 years in, zero problems. Now suddenly it won't light up at all when I power up the Axe-Fx. I'll try to find another RJ45 (recent move, can't find some things...), but wanted to get this out there. Thanks!
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    Scenes question

    Cannot find via search, hopefully a quick answer. Long-time AFX player, new to Scenes - like last Saturday. Not using Reveal on the MFC. Presets are along the bottom row, Scenes on the second row. But I'd like to reverse this. Is it possible? I just read that I can't access presets in Reveal...
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    New AX8 coming tomorrow!

    Long-time Axe-Fx II user. AX8 will be my backup/practice/occasional guest gig rig. Axe-FX II will remain my main gigging rig. Worship guitarist. I did some searching but am unclear as to the best way to transfer my patches to the AX8. No Axe-Fx patch exceeds AX8 parameters and matrix is pretty...
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    THE Dumble tone

    Over two days, I spent six hours or more researching this, not my usual MO. And I heard a bunch of good demos with this tone. But try as I might, I can't get close with my Axe-Fx. I'm a Strat player, but heard demos using Strats and Teles that get there. I think you know "the sound." I don't...
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    Converting from Axe-Fx II to AX8 - any advice?

    My playing situation is simpler than many. I'm not using Scenes or doing anything ambient other than Crystals for one song. I don't need dual amps or IRs. I can live with basic spring reverb at need. I do use delay on everything, using tap tempo at times (or song-specific patches with synched...
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    AX8 availability

    Anyone know if there is a backlog on these? Approximate wait time? Strongly considering selling my Axe-Fx II rig in favor of an AX8 (or two), but need to nail the timing as much as possible. Thanks! If there's somewhere this is posted, please point the way. I searched but did not find.
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    Installing boot EPROM

    Mine did not come with instructions, maybe that's normal. I did just contract Support, but If someone can point the way before they have a chance to answer...it's ready to install, spread out on my table. Also removing the top flat panel unplugged the fan, not sure where the plug is for that...
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    Weird tone change

    I sat staring at the screen coming up with this title. Sorry, can't think of another way to say it. This is a recent problem. I usually always upgrade to whatever is current. 3.02 was installed last night and did not resolve this. Best way to describe it, I think - you roll off your volume...
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    Recovery prom

    I'm not sure if that's the name for it. I have an early Axe II that does not include this. I have looked for a way to buy this now and again, including just now, but can't find it (it would help to know what it's really called...my bad). Can anyone point the way? I've been working without a net...
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    X/Y Switching

    New to using X/Y, 3-year Axe user. To toggle (in this case I'd prefer to use my fourth external switch) - default is always X. I want to hit the switch to change to Y - then hit it again to go back to X. Can I do that? There are two codes, 100 and 101. Please tell me I don't need two...
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    To IR or not to IR - Cab Pack purchase worth the money?

    This might be in the wrong forum... I only use the 'freebie' Ultra-Res IRs provided by Fractal. Axe-Fx II on current firmware, BTW. P&W guitarist in a very hot band, silent stage, Strat player. I'm only using three amps - the Urban Tweed/Twin, Friedman BE/HBE, and Mesa Mark IIC+. I'm super...
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    Default or stock settings

    Not sure how to express this. In my Line 6 days, the default when bringing a new amp model into a patch chose their "stock" settings (and wiping out the ones you already had) with the intent of giving users typical amp settings as starting points. I don't remember if it did that for things...
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    Engineers and tone masters - help needed

    I recently built a backup board for practice/quick gigs. One component is the new Tech 21 BoostComp. I love this thing! I'm trying to figure out how to get this with the Axe-Fx II. The compression part is easy enough. But it does SOMETHING else - it just seems to add a quality of MORE all...
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    Access to saved delay blocks from front panel

    Can you do so? In Axe-Edit I have saved several such blocks, given them names, etc. I'm not good with the front panel but could not find a way to recall these blocks without AE running and my unit is often not near my PC and I don't have a laptop at this time. I did search and not...
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    Managing delays

    My brain hurts from trying to figure this out, and my main task for the day is to do just that. My P&W band is using more and more timed delays these days, with more to come. We play to a click, so I want to preset, not tap. Tomorrow's set list contains four songs that have delay needs...
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    PC connectivity issues

    Sorry for the post - I'm looking hard for answers, but am out of time. I did an HD switch on my PC (running Win 7) and had to re-install the Fractal drivers. And I think I may have installed too much and don't know to fix it - but I don't remember seeing those options. I just said "yes" to...
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    Providence Chorus

    I just ran across a video showing this - Guthrie Govan, actually - and was blown away. I have mainly a hate/hate relationship with chorus pedals...but this one blew me away! That's a tone I'd love to have available for what I do (mostly clean stuff at the moment). I'm really lousy at dialing...
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    Post 18b "different" behavior

    Running current beta. But the unit no longer "cancels" changes made while using a patch. Not sure how to say this... Engage tuner - tuner will not disengage if I hit that same patch button. Nor will any added FX engaged while using that patch. If I hit another preset button, it behaves...
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    Programming dotted 8th delays

    I'm relatively new to these. Searching didn't help, including YT. Question is simple - in AE when you select dotted 8th, you can't change the tempo. It goes dark. The only way I could manage is to tap it in, which does get me by, but I'm actually given an exact setting in ms and my tapping is...
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    Octave divider weirdness

    Have an intro that requires this effect. I had used it successfully before, but changed amps (the patch structure was the same otherwise). The old patch sounds fine. Copying the block to the new patch gives a real bassy, hollow, almost breathy tone (synth-like is not far off). Using the...
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    Do I need Scenes?

    I'm mainly a p&w guitarist. Five main presets cover 98 percent of what I do - not your typical cover band scenario. Anything outside of that is occasional and easily covered in a second bank. Patch switching in this fashion is quick enough for my needs. Spillover is not a concern. I do...
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    Simple Scenes question

    New to Scenes, giving it a try today. My questions - MFC is set up correctly, bottom row selects Scenes 1-5 (all I'm using). But the other rows have various toggled FX. I'm used to these turning off (or on) when I switch patches. With Scenes, they don't turn off (when that Scene does not...
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    "Singing" lead tone and Supersonic burn channel tone

    I've had or played amps that did this well. Not sure to describe it - where it sort of feeds back when you hold a note. I used to get this with the Trainwreck model in FW 6.02 (mine was delivered with that long ago), but not any longer (no doubt I'm missing a trick). Is there a way to do this...
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    Headphone confusion

    Don't dare post this on TGP - the cork sniffers will overwhelm me. Hoping for a voice of reason. I need to replace my crumbling headphones. Budget is $100. Just fortweaking and practicing now that I'm in an apartment. Most of the time I'm playing along with tracks, jamming and learning songs...
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    Another Axe playing friend told me I should get one of these - I assume it's a chip that's user replaceable, something that can get you going again should you lock up totally. I may not be saying this right. But I have searched the site over and found nothing. Another post mentioned "Fractal...
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    Can't install driver

    Had to uninstall drivers and AE, were working perfectly before. Now I can't get the drivers to re-install. The install process itself fails in the same place every time. It instructs you to turn Axe II on and wait for the Wizard, etc. The Wizard never appears (no, not behind there either)...
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    Re-installed driver, not connecting

    Axe-Fx II, drivers fresh off website. Search doesn't help - running Win XP. Drivers appear to install, you get the beep beep thing - but AE and Bot don't recognize the Axe no matter what. I have done this before - in fact just last week - and it went perfectly. I've never had one problem...
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    Friedman BE review in GP

    Y'all probably saw this - old news as it was in the November issue. But I just read it today. This has been a fave of mine from the start of my Axe-Fx II experience. I am curious about the clean channel. Admittedly we can't complain with the embarassment of riches we already have, but I'd love...
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    MFC problem - all preset buttons go to 5

    I posted a more detailed message in the MFC section, but it sees little traffic. This problem happened before but was easily fixed by manually switching patches. Not this time. Nothing seems to work. If anyone thinks they can help, please see my note in that other section. I did submit a...
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    All preset buttons default to #5

    I contacted support in detail, thought I'd post a much shorter version here. Axe-Fx is fine, running FW 12.01. MFC is running 2.17, did not upgrade since I don't use scenes - but I'll do that anyway to stay current and reset the circuits or whatever. Bank down button does not work. Bank up...
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    Axe-FX locked up

    Latest firmware on both units. This happened before (maybe six months ago and just once) and I figured out why - but I can't remember now. All was working perfectly, then the MFC would not change patches. No matter which of the five presets I hit, it stayed on the same one (10 in this case)...
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    External switches with MFC

    I know there have been firmware changes, so maybe this can be done now. I use a pair of Boss FS-5U switches with my MFC, frequently used toggles that are used mid-song. My overly large feet and poor tap dancing skills are helped by the huge switches away from the MFC. But the MFC status...
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    Dumb question alert - please don't shoot

    In the release notes, there is a term: non-HRM. What does this mean? In terms of this Dumble model (I've just begun using the first Lead model extensively), what is the significance of non-HRM? I can't try it just yet, but will here in a little while. Thanks for not shooting.
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    Why does this happen? Change amps and lose volume/tone

    I'll start with a good patch - make a simple amp change and lose nearly all my volume and tone. It sounds terrible and no amount of tweaking seems to set things right again. This happens in AE and on the front panel, tried it with the USB connected and disconnected. Change the patch without...
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    Timmy in the box?

    What OD in the Axe II would be closest? I suppose Tim would be fine too, never owned one but assume they sound the same in basic mode. I really don't know what a Timmy is - TS class or something else. I just know it sounds great with my Ethos and am trying to emulate that sound in the Axe II.
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    To verb or not to verb

    Possible dumb question here, not finding answers elsewhere. My Axe-FX was left at the gig (have it back now) and I had the urge to play, so I dug out my backup pedalboard - Ethos, Timmy, Ecstasy, etc. I had a real hard time stopping. What really got me was that the sound seemed to be more...
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    Mark IIC+ classic lead tone?

    I really want to tap into this vibe, but dialing up Boogies without a sherpa can be tough. Can anyone give me a great starting point? Assume Strat, new OH Vintage IR package, use of 5-band Mark EQ, FW 11.03 - and whatever "underlying" settings help release the best. Looking for rock, not...
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    Mark series 5-band EQ

    Someone a while back posted what amounted to a "how-to" as to how to best use this EQ. It seems Cliff was a main contributor. Thirty minutes spent searching and I'm not finding. Can anyone point the way? Or clue me in? I'd really like to tap into this.
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    Front panel jumps to edit screen (solved)

    New FW11, new drivers, new AE - suddenly the front panel keeps jumping to an edit screen instead of the main screen. Hit Recall and it goes back, then switches again. I've never seen this before. Everything is working fine. Anyone else? Know how to fix it? At practice last night (i.e., no AE...
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    IRs - low and high cut - any tricks?

    First, really enjoying the new Ownhammer Vintage package, have completely converted over to it. I've had to do some tweaking, but feel a major step has been made toward "real amp" feel and sound. Second, I'm curious where players are setting the low and high cut. I know guitar cabs don't...
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    Warm sustaining solo tone advice - advanced parameters?

    I’m not sure how to express this. I’m looking for a fat, warm solo tone (mainly using Strats, vintage output) that sustains without farting out badly on long, singing notes. I often need a tone like this for certain hook lines in the songs that we do. If I get the gain up enough for the sound I...
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    Triptik cleans - any sage advice?

    I'm looking at this as a Twin replacement. Early tweaks are gratifying, but I think it can be much better. Any advice for those who know this better than I do and am better at tweaking? I never go for squeaky clean, BTW. Guitars are various Strats, music is P&W (wide variety of styles)...
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    Touchup paint

    Anyone know a good source for matching paint to touch up chips on the MFC?
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    External switches

    What kinds of switches are you guys using with your MFC? I have a couple of things laying around, haven't tried them yet to see what works. I just want to run two switches, thinking about the Boss FS-5U since they slide together (and I already have one).
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    Overdrive matching

    Not sure if that's the right term... I have a Wampler Ecstasy that I love, but don't need anymore (it's on my backup board). I really like what it brings to the table tonally. What overdrive in the Axe-Fx II comes closest? Zendrive? I've never played a Zen - are they pretty much the same...
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    New amps in 10.06

    Information on the Morgan, Rocket, and Komet is sketchy - can anyone brief me? It appears the first two are Vox circuits and the third is a Trainwreck family? Cab/IR suggestions? Tips/tricks for various gain levels? I know the WIKI will get updated expeditiously (what an amazing work and...
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    MFC presets default to preset 5

    Posted in the MFC section, but no responses, don't want to screw this up with gigs tonight and tomorrow. Current FW, has been working perfectly. At rehearsal last night, the bottom five preset buttons all went to preset 5 after it worked correctly for a half-hour or so. Switching manually...
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    Preset buttons all default to preset 5

    MFC & Axe-FX II are both fully updated. MFC had been working perfectly. Then tonight at rehearsal, the preset buttons quit. No matter which one I hit, it switched to preset 5. If I manually changed the patch on the Axe, it appeared to work normally. All the IA buttons are working as...
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    Loading blocks in FW10

    Been gone a few days, now returning to this matter. I downloaded some FW10 blocks from a respected Forum member, but the instructions I was given to load them aren't working for me. I'm using the latest Axe-Edit, don't know how else to do it. They're in the right folder, etc., but don't show up...
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    I'll do a search here in a minute, but have a gig in an hour and am looking for a quick answer. I know the short answer is just lower the amp level, but someone posted a while back that there's a better way - that's the search subject. I tend to run my patches hot - and every tweak makes them...
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    Tube Pre knobs don't do anything?

    I never messed with this before - but when I called this up and made changes (in the new AE), nothing happens when I turned the knobs. Any of the knobs, as far as I can tell. It does show selected in AE. Just tried the front panel - those do work. An AE issue?
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    Lost some presets

    Bank B is gone. Axe-Manage and the Axe-Fx agree - there's nothing there. Banks A and C are fine. I did something, obviously. How can I get them back? Re-install the firmware?
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    Trying out strange new amps - defaults?

    Possible dumb question - when trying out amps I've never heard or owned, I'd like to try it "optimized"; i.e., set up the best way, even if it's just Cliff's idea of what that is (which is plenty good enough for me). Is there an option to do this? Short of running through all the presets...
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    Loading new presets

    Can you not load these preset banks with AE 1.9? I'm trying MIDI-Ox now, seems to be working. But I get an error using AE. I don't claim to be good at this...I always work with single patches, not entire sets. But AE 1.9 is working great for tweaking! No problems at all. If this is a band-aid...
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    Hand-wired PTP Fenders

    Just curious - tried Googling this, didn't have much luck. The Fender amps modeled in the Axe II - were Fenders hand-wired or PTP (if there's a difference - not my strong suit) back then? If anyone knows about the various Marshall's and Voxes, I'd be interested in those as well. Thanks!
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    Help! Axe-Fx Sync Timeout!

    I'm suddenly getting this message on my MFC controller. Axe II screen looks normal. If I restart the Axe, it usually disappears, but often I get the patch location code but no patch name. Sometimes changing patches brings it back to normal, sometimes not. Sometimes I can change patches (on the...
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    "Acoustic" tone from electric

    Search came up empty, AxeChange wasn't relevant. Strat player (several from which to choose) looking for advice on how to get an acoustic-like tone. Obviously it's a pipe dream, but I'm looking for a clean tone and perhaps a way to mimic the faster decay of an acoustic. I know position 2 can...
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    "Best" clean Fender (or similar) tones

    My band is down one guitarist for a while - he usually plays acoustic or clean electric. I will need to go away from some of my usual tones and use clean electric tones more than usual. There are so many great amps in the II - I'm very curious what you guys are loving. I like the Super Reverb...
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    Expression pedal usage ideas

    I have a Mission SP-1 with the footswitch and dual jacks. (Using the MFC-101.) I only use it for volume right now, but I've been thinking about other uses for the switchable position. I'm not into wah and wouldn't use it if I had it probably. But I'm curious about how others are using their...
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    MFC back for repair - need quick answer on expression pedal please

    My MFC is on the way back to Fractal for repair. I'm trying to get my Mission EP to work - and it does, plugging direct into the Axe-Fx II - but it's backwards! I've tried what the manual says - no luck. Full volume when the treadle is full back, not full down. I can't see anything in the...
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    Simple MIDI controller recommendation

    I have an MFC, but sometimes leave it at the gig. I'm looking for a dirt simple (and cheap...) MIDI switcher that can get me to my main patch set (five presets) for home use. Any recommendations?
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    Clip light fix

    Still figuring this thing out. My main patches are pretty well established, but one or two of them cause the clip light to flicker now and then. I know I can reduce the level on each one and hope my patch-to-patch levels stay balanced - but is there a better way to do this? I see there are...
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    Question - way of testing/tweaking

    As I'm trying to unravel things like IRs and performing tweak after tweak, I'm wondering if there's a way to do something. Can I record (like via PC recording SW) my guitar, then feed it into the Axe-Fx II and manipulate features and hear the result? Mainly this would be for IRs, which I...
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    Anyone using a Tech 21 Power Engine 60?

    I have one and used it very successfully with my Tech 21 Blonde, Ethos, and HD500. Now I did have to mess around with speaker sims on the HD - my FRFR default was too bright. But I actually preferred the PE60 over my FRFR. I'm not having the same success with the Axe-Fx (though I only need...
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    Singing tone?

    Fairly new to Axe-Fx II. 6.02 was current when I got mine. The upgrade to 7.0 changed the tonal qualities of my go-to Trainwreck patch and I never was able to dial it in correctly. Originally it yielded a really nice singing tone - what I mean is where a sustained note "feeds back" on itself a...
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    Trainwreck help needed - v.7 related

    Still feeling my way here and am hoping for some advice. I fell in love big time with the Trainwreck model in v.6.02. I do love what v.7 brings to the table, but this particular amp model changed somehow and I've spent hours trying to "fix it". I'll try to explain better - the earlier FW...
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    Single coil and humbucker guitar, same patch set?

    Search wasn't my friend on this. I know there is a front panel I/O control - that alone does not give me good results when switching guitars. I have to write separate patches. And I'm okay with that. But is there a practical way of cutting down that workload, like a Filter or PEQ block at...
  91. W

    Gag bag for MFC?

    Gig bag for MFC? Does one exist? I tried the custom bag thing at Sweetwater, nothing came all that close (either too tight or way too loose). I don't need or want a road case, nor do I want to spend major bucks.
  92. W

    Don't use AE with V.7?

    I heard a rumor that I should not do this. Mine (latest version, recognizes the new V.7 stuff just fine) is working perfectly. Is there some other to discontinue? I'm pretty hooked on doing changes this way. BTW, I spent an hour searching the forum for a post about this, could only find...
  93. W

    Morpheus/faux capo function

    I've heard demos of the Morpheus Capo - it would work for me. I'd love for this functionality in the Axe-Fx in a future FW upgrade. Sorry if this is a repeat, but I wanted to shout it out. Thanks - Greg
  94. W

    Good cleans, dual hum guitar

    Feeling a bit stupid here - been a Strat player far too long. But I now have a sweet dual hum guitar - Carvin CT3 with DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAFs (so pretty low output) - that I just can't get to sound right with anything approaching a clean sound. I've tried a bunch of amps, input levels...
  95. W

    Faux capo - just 1 fret?

    I played with the Pitch block without success. What is the right way to do this? I know it won't sound right, but maybe now and then in a busy mix I could get away with it. If Cliff could come up with a "Morpheus" function, that would be way cool. It's not like he doesn't have better things...
  96. W

    FRFR recommendations (used, ideally)

    Search proved confusing, hoping for a short answer. I don't want to spend big money. The range of power PA cabs is daunting to me, and those that work fine for voice don't match well with the Axe II. So if someone could recommend a powered cab that really shines for this use for not much...
  97. W

    Why won't 3rd row shut off with preset?

    Axe II, MFC-101. Bank size is 5. Locations 6-10 are FX, which turn on or off according to the preset chosen. But I just stuck a special Delay2 button on Location 11 and it stays on when I hit my amp preset. I need it to turn off when I change presets. According to the manual, as I'm...
  98. W

    Single coil to humbucker advice

    I realize I will probably have to write patches for my two humbucker guitars. But is there some trick I can use in the meantime to facilitate both types? Right now my hum guitars sound pretty awful, though I'm almost always using one of my Strats or Tele, so not a big deal. Yet. My HD500...
  99. W

    Preset files - not sure how to ask this...

    In Axe-Edit, when I hit Recall, the directory/folder/whatever usually goes to the one I usually use (not always). But I often want to go to another location. Most PCs remember the last folder - AE doesn't do that. I'm wondering if there is a switch? Or if it's just that way and I have to...
  100. W

    Downloaded patches muted? Why?

    I have downloaded several patches from members - about half of them are muted somehow. This newbie can't figure out why. There is a complete signal path and none of the components are muted. I'm sure it's bone simple, but my bones can't figure it out. Any help? Thanks - Greg
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