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  1. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Impulse Responses

    Yep. The older packs had the minimum phase versions added later. The later packs only have minimum phase versions.
  2. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Impulse Responses

    Hi Dave, good to see you here. :) The Minimum Phase folder has the same IRs as the main folders but with minimum phase applied. Update 2 and 3 folders have completely new additions though they are all minimum phase processed. Apologies for not being clear on this. Best, Tim
  3. Deadpan

    Vendor [LRS] Plexi 100 High with BE EL34 IR Video - Amazing

    A short video of the Plexi 100 High model with an IR from this pack: https://livereadysound.com/product/be-experience/
  4. Deadpan

    Vendor LRS - Amp Tones EL34 Based JCM900 IR Test Free :)

    Hi All, We have been working to expand our BE EL34 Experience IR pack. Saw on here recently where some were looking for JCM900 tone. This IR was created as a match to our 1990 JCM900 mkiii 2500. Let us know what you think! Best, Tim https://livereadysound.com/product/be-experience/
  5. Deadpan

    Wish A 12AT7-like tube in preamp selection section

    Let's add one in the phase inverter. :)
  6. Deadpan

    Marshall JCM 900's and 2000's - Why are these never emulated in modelers?

    I have a 2500 JCM900 and a JCM2000 DSL100. Both are really good amps and great at what they do.
  7. Deadpan

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas!
  8. Deadpan

    List of sellers of Axe-Fx III presets

    Some specialty IRs at www.livereadysound.com
  9. Deadpan

    [LRS] Black Friday Sale - Happy Thanksgiving All!!!

    Hi All! Hope everyone has a great holiday. 30% off site wide with code: thanks30 https://livereadysound.com
  10. Deadpan

    Halloween Sale at LiveReadySound.com!

    Hi All, A very rare Site Wide sale. Code is good through the weekend! halloween30 Enjoy!
  11. Deadpan

    IR recommendations

    Try this one for free then shop around :) https://livereadysound.com/product/west-coast-drive/
  12. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Who likes Free IRs? Take a Test Drive: West Cost Drive

    Great! Appreciate you stopping in with the report. Yeah, this IR isn't the ordinary V30 IR. :) Reports keep coming in that these work fantastically well for cleans and gains. The Jimi H pack is unique and really captures the feel of that time.
  13. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Who likes Free IRs? Take a Test Drive: West Cost Drive

    Stop by the site and pickup the IR. On sale for $0.00!!! :) https://livereadysound.com/product/west-coast-drive/ Then stop back and let me know what you think. The evolution of the impulse response, crafted. With our beautiful collection of EL34 based amps we will be creating and extended...
  14. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Crafted IR Experiment

    Hi All, We continue to evolve our approach to IRs and always seek user experience to help spark the next step of development. We are not concerned with making perfect reproductions of a speaker, rather we like to create an experience. No tone is right or wrong we just like to create something...
  15. Deadpan

    LiveReadySound BE EL34 Experience Axe III Playthrough

    Hi All! A sweet highlight playthrough from a friend of the forum using the IRs in stock presets.
  16. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] BE EL34 Experience Is Beginning

    A sweet Axe III play through showing them in STOCK presets!
  17. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] BE EL34 Experience Is Beginning

    Release V2 is Live! A little visual. :)
  18. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] BE EL34 Experience Is Beginning

    This is just the beginning. Stop by and check it out. https://livereadysound.com/product/be-experience/
  19. Deadpan

    Best or reaveal cabs to buy?

    https://livereadysound.com/product/powercab-ir-pack/ or for metal: https://livereadysound.com/product/powercab-ir-pack/
  20. Deadpan

    Ares is coming to the AX8?

    My guess, Fractal is working on a new UI for the AX8 and a comparable product with a color display at the same time. No recent updates as they are focusing on making all aspects compatible. Of course this is pure speculation.
  21. Deadpan

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.00 Beta

    Wow! Very impressed with this update! Thanks much for the continued dev!
  22. Deadpan

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.00 Beta

    Damn, was gonna wait for the release then you go and talk about tight low end... :)
  23. Deadpan

    LRS Ultimate Artist Metal IRs Update 4!!!

    Insane update to the LRS Ultimate Artist Metal IR pack! Check the clip! http://livereadysound.com/product/ultimate-artist-metal-irs/ What do you think?
  24. Deadpan

    Phase sound in Amp models in Ares beta firmware?

    I personally hear the difference and have heard the difference here. I believe it is intended. Personal preference to which is better.
  25. Deadpan

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    Thanks much for the fix and effort!
  26. Deadpan

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.05

    Thanks. Delay comp was at 0. I tried all other settings and the results didn't change. Any time I had mic + di selected this happened. Using just the mic worked as expected.
  27. Deadpan

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.05

    I shouldn't have said it doesn't work. It does work but the result is not usable. All high end content.
  28. Deadpan

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.05

    Mic DI IR capture is not working in 2.05 for me. I shot an IR in 2.04, worked, upgraded, nope, downgraded and yep. Note, changing the IR number in the setup menu was very laggy also. Not so with 2.04.
  29. Deadpan

    Metal Mix with Axe-Fx III and LRS IRs

    Thanks guys!
  30. Deadpan

    Crushing FAS Modern with LRS LYN PC IRs

    Listing again I can see a hardcore pit moshing it up :)
  31. Deadpan

    Crushing FAS Modern with LRS LYN PC IRs

    Stellar work with the clip!!!
  32. Deadpan

    [LRS] Powercab IRs V6 Just Released, The EASY IRs!

    Hi Guys, Just a quick not to let you know a Lynchback IR has been added to the pack. Login to download!
  33. Deadpan

    [LRS] Powercab IRs V6 Just Released, The EASY IRs!

    Hi All, For all that purchased login to download the free update seeking to recreate a Eminence Private Jack. No need to sift through 100's of IR when they are perfected for you. These record extremely well. Many clips on the site: https://livereadysound.com/product/powercab-ir-pack/ Many...
  34. Deadpan

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.13

    Appreciate all of the updates! Love the Axe III I updated last night and had something strange happen. Upon booting I loaded Axe Edit (newest version also) and while it was still loading I went to the layout on the unit itself and while moving the selection marker to other bocks the screen...
  35. Deadpan

    Metal Mix with Axe-Fx III and LRS IRs

    Thanks guys for the stopping in!
  36. Deadpan

    Metal Mix with Axe-Fx III and LRS IRs

    :) Yep, definitely one of his influences. Thanks for the listen.
  37. Deadpan

    Metal Mix with Axe-Fx III and LRS IRs

    My thoughts exactly. I'm pretty sure he used the 2018 Friedman on this. I have asked him to be sure.
  38. Deadpan

    Metal Mix with Axe-Fx III and LRS IRs

    A mix done by a friend with a couple IRs from the LiveReadySound PowerCab IR pack. This is a mix of the EVH and Redback speakers. No bass guitar in here, but...
  39. Deadpan

    Just Launched: Pickup Altering IRs

    Hi All, Just release the first of a series of pickup altering IRs. Here is a before and after clip: In celebration of my wife and I's anniversary there is a site wide 30% of code good through Sunday 6-30. Code: 30_OFF...
  40. Deadpan

    L6 Powercab 112+ is the real deal

    Awesome that it is working for you. Mine is here today. Looking forward to making IRs specifically tailored for use with it. Will use it with all my amps including the AX8 and AXE III.
  41. Deadpan

    Celestion IRs vs Other?

    Many of the stock cabs are commercial IRs, however I find the choices a bit dark for my tastes in general. With all of the variables mentioned above no one can tell what a specific person will find the best for them. I have done a lot of research on this and what one person completely dislikes...
  42. Deadpan

    Celestion IRs vs Other?

    This is too true. And all of these variables fit different guitars, amps and styles of play differently :)
  43. Deadpan

    LRS M75 Green IR Tone Test Courtesy of @2112!

    Want to thank Leon for taking the time to do these tests. Very appreciated. There are many playing styles throughout the clips: https://livereadysound.com/product/m75-ir-set-1x12-widebody/
  44. Deadpan

    M75 Green IR Pack Out Now!!!! See Inside for Code!

    Hi All, This is one of if not the best packs of this speaker. Really, its great :) https://livereadysound.com/product/m75-ir-set-1x12-widebody/ There is a launch coupon good through the weekend for 25% off: M75 Launch
  45. Deadpan

    AX8 in the Studio

    Awesome Leon!
  46. Deadpan

    Sweep time length for capturing Cab IRs / Wav File time length for CabLab ?

    What power amp are you using and are you near a corner?
  47. Deadpan

    Free IR Set of a Scumback M75 with a PR20

    Hi All, Pack is now out! https://livereadysound.com/product/m75-ir-set-1x12-widebody/
  48. Deadpan

    Axe-Fx III Factory Presets v1.07

    Installed the latest Firmware and the Presets. Maybe placebo but things do sound better. Thanks for the hard work!
  49. Deadpan

    Free IR Set of a Scumback M75 with a PR20

    Thanks for reporting! For sure this IR isn't for metal exactly. However I do enjoy it with metal. Kinda the oposite, BUT, there are metal specific IRs in the pack as in the first clip. This pack will see a versatility that spans genres :) and does it in my opinion better than any others.
  50. Deadpan

    The Value knob is push clickable

    Had no idea. Thanks for posting!!!
  51. Deadpan

    Free IR Set of a Scumback M75 with a PR20

    Great! There are 2 IRs in the download though the only difference is one has a low cut applied. Most probably will use the standard however the low cut version is very clear and this gives the user control to add the lows they like.
  52. Deadpan

    Free IR Set of a Scumback M75 with a PR20

    Here is a clip from one of the IRs: And some other styles:
  53. Deadpan

    Free IR Set of a Scumback M75 with a PR20

    Hi Ricardo! The promo had ended but since the pack has not yet been fully released I went ahead and reactivate the page. This IR is pretty basic and this is going to be one of our best packs yet. Don't want to say too much but this is going to be a pack to be reckoned with :) It will pave...
  54. Deadpan

    Free IR Set of a Scumback M75 with a PR20

    Look forward to your thoughts Steve. Would love to hear from anyone else that made the download also. :)
  55. Deadpan

    Sound Samples: Soon to Be Released M75 Green IR Pack

    Here are some clips of a few of the IRs from the soon to be M75 Green IR pack. (hopefully this playlist will work) There is a free promo IR on the site for anyone who would like to try. The promo IR is only available for a short time. This pack promises to be amazing. If you have ever been...
  56. Deadpan

    How loud should the fan be?

    Makes me wonder if my fan is even working, never heard a peep from it.
  57. Deadpan

    what are your favorite IRs?

    Hey guys, check this one: https://livereadysound.com/product/promo-sample-ir-set-m75-green-pr20/
  58. Deadpan

    Free IR Set of a Scumback M75 with a PR20

    Hi All, Working hard as always to make the best of the best in IRs. For a limited time we are offering a promo set of the soon to come M75 impulse set. Edit: Promo ended. Pack is now out! This is an unmixed single mic IR. And well worth a try. Please do report back with your experience as I...
  59. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Impulse Responses

    Sale ended. Thanks all.
  60. Deadpan

    Has the Ax lll shipped yet?

    Indeed and following the release will help bring some sanity!
  61. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Impulse Responses

    Edited :) Thanks!
  62. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Impulse Responses

    Thanks All!
  63. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Impulse Responses

    Thanks to all that checked it!
  64. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Impulse Responses

    Hi, For all that purchased the packs many have been updated. Log in to download. For others please do check the site for clips. The D130f is GREAT for Tweed tones. The metal pack was updated and V13 is getting rave reviews. Stop in and take a listen. Thanks for the time...
  65. Deadpan

    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    Curious also, was really looking forward to the Fractal version.
  66. Deadpan

    Introducing Live Ready Sound IRs Video Play Through A Type

    Hi @tahoebrain5 ! There are so many factors at play here I wouldn't dare say yes. We try to provide IRs that do something different yet familiar. The idea is to provide a variety of sounds to fit many preferences. What style of music do you play?
  67. Deadpan

    Introducing Live Ready Sound IRs Video Play Through A Type

    Awesome! Thanks for reporting back. The A Type pack has been a hit. A different speaker that does some amazing cleans along with gain sounds. The country guys are loving it as are the praise players. If anyone does Deluxe, Morgan etc clean / edge of breakup there is a new pack to keep an...
  68. Deadpan

    Celestion F12-X200 - new coaxial speaker for modelers

    The box will change the response so making it flat wouldn't really work in the end.
  69. Deadpan

    Celestion F12-X200 - new coaxial speaker for modelers

    For some reason I REALLY want one of these even though I don't NEED it. Frequency response is interesting.
  70. Deadpan

    Introducing Live Ready Sound IRs Video Play Through A Type

    Welcome to the forum sin!
  71. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] New Products Sale Fractal Exclusive Code

    Hi All! We have been up to a lot of things lately including updating packs with new mics like the R121, M160 and new packs such as the just release and super unique V-60 pack. This one is for everyone. While our main packs are a hit with the lower gain and rock guys we have some artist packs...
  72. Deadpan

    Axe-Fx STILL at Heavy Discount. How Does this Not Indicate New Axe 3?

    My guess is with four top tier units competing for market space they are just trying to give incentive to pick the Axe. I do believe a new unit is in development but I predict it will not have new amp modeling but will have enhanced interface and features set. My guess is it will be inovative in...
  73. Deadpan

    IR Tech Talk

    Hi Deny, I'll try. 1. The power amp does influence the IR, alot. This can be good and bad, I personally like to experiment with everyone I get my hands on :) 2. Yes and no. Creating them is an art just as micing a real amp. Room/air is good for certain things. 3. Not sure. 4. Personally I...
  74. Deadpan

    Any Dream Theater / Petrucci Players Here?

    Hi All, Just received a Royer R121 and doing some IRs to include a SM57 and SM7b :) . Hoping to find a few guys willing to record the main heavy riff of Pull Me Under without a cab active, just the amp model. I will load some IRs to compare. Would like to have many to compare as we all have...
  75. Deadpan

    Finally found my IR Sound!

    Nice, I bought a PZM years ago to do Kemper profiles, was quite bright so I haven't used it, might need to try it again. M160 set to arrive today...after a shipping delay, it's like Fed Ex is paid to delay it to build anticipation :) USPS delivered the R121 fast and this is instant Petrucci...
  76. Deadpan

    Finally found my IR Sound!

    Oh! I have a m160 incoming AND a R121!!! Going to be great fun!
  77. Deadpan

    Introducing Live Ready Sound IRs Video Play Through A Type

    Couple of the packs have the latest updates out! Login to download! :)
  78. Deadpan

    Merry Christmas Guys!! (Silent Night with FW 9.03 in a modern metal context)

    Love it! Merry Christmas Everyone!
  79. Deadpan

    Yamaha DSR112 or Electro-Voice ZLX-12P?

    Possibly, though I play down tuned guitars a lot and just lifting if off the ground a foot or two without the low cut on works best for me.
  80. Deadpan

    Yamaha DSR112 or Electro-Voice ZLX-12P?

    It helps but not enough.
  81. Deadpan

    Yamaha DSR112 or Electro-Voice ZLX-12P?

    I have a dsr112, love it but it doesn't have presets for placements such as wedge so it's kinda picky on placement. It is loud, unbelievably loud.
  82. Deadpan

    Did you stay on Fw 8.x Or move to 9.x (poll)

    Another for 9 here. I lost something after around 5 and so glad it is back!
  83. Deadpan

    Thanks for Visiting

    Https://livereadysound.com Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
  84. Deadpan

    Tone is in your fingers debate

    Yeah, it depends on the interpretation on the word tone, if one is thinking of the actual note and the way it interacts with other notes it would be in the fingers. If the tonal balance and bloom of the note beyond expression of the hand of course this would be in the rig. Everyone is right...
  85. Deadpan

    AXE compared to the little red one from the other company

    Wanted to do an audio comparison: I did only a little editing to get the to sound similar. Sure someone could get both to sound different/better. They were both ran through the same IR loaded in the DAW.
  86. Deadpan

    AXE compared to the little red one from the other company

    I also have both, there is an extra tubyness to the ax8 but the Firebox is really good still. Of course it's ir dependant.
  87. Deadpan

    AX8: what is "must have" IR ?

    This IR is great:
  88. Deadpan

    AX8 vs Helix

    To me even the Headrush can do it:
  89. Deadpan


    Yep, I have tinnitus now due to my DSR112. Ridiculously loud.
  90. Deadpan

    Introducing Live Ready Sound IRs Video Play Through A Type

  91. Deadpan

    Introducing Live Ready Sound IRs Video Play Through A Type

    Awesome video by Fredrik!
  92. Deadpan

    Best IRs of MC90?

    PM sent
  93. Deadpan

    Best IRs of MC90?

    Coming Very Soon!!! Mesa OS Cabinet
  94. Deadpan

    Into the Fx Return of an Amp

    Stupid good!
  95. Deadpan

    Returning from the Kemper swamp - back to the Axe!

    Completely disagree with this! Haha, How can a clip of an actual recorded amp sound identical to a clip of the profile if the distortion was not them same. Please rethink this.
  96. Deadpan

    Returning from the Kemper swamp - back to the Axe!

    You are not the only one, I prefer to shoot IRs of the Kemper and use them in the Axe.
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