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  1. Q

    IPads and Tablets

    Is anyone using an Ipad or other tablet with Axe Edit? Any preferences? Any issues?
  2. Q

    Amp List

    Happy Tday All, I'm curious as to whether there is a resource that lists the amp models in the Axe II, and the respective original amps they simulate. You can't necessarily tell via the names used by the Axe II.
  3. Q

    Do I really need one?

    If I'm just looking for a foot controller to switch between patches and scenes, do I really need the more expensive MFC101? Would the rather popular, much less expensive, Behringer controller suffice? I'm not knocking the MFC....just curious.
  4. Q


    Has anyone tried the Fcb1010 with the EurekaPROM2 chip? It's supposed to have custom configurations for almost every "box" available....with little, if any, need to program the Fcb.
  5. Q

    Fcb300 & tha AxeII XL

    Is anyone using Roland's FCB300 with the AxeII? What are your thoughts? How's it going
  6. Q

    Firmware Update Problem

    I'm attempting to upgrade to v15. Fractal Bot doesn't recognize the 15p06 file. I can see the file in my download folder, but when I try to add the file in the Bot via the "browse" function, the folder where the file was downloaded to, is empty. I noticed that the downloaded file is a...
  7. Q

    XL Instructional Video Source

    Are there any good instructional videos available for the XL?
  8. Q

    CLR Cabinet Case

    I recently purchased a CLR cabinet and I was curious as to whether anyone is using a rolling case as a means of transport. If so, can you recommend some options?
  9. Q

    Axe II Cases

    What are you using to carry your Axe II in? Does the XL have the same dimensions as the II? I'm looking for something to carry the XL and a power conditioner.
  10. Q

    Foot Controller

    I hope this is not heresy in this forum, but, is anyone using something other than the MFC as your foot controller source? I hear that there are alternatives. i.e. the Ground Control.
  11. Q

    Power Conditioner

    I'm anxiously awaiting my email, in the meantime, I thought I'd ask what you guys are using for a power conditioner? Anyone using something other than Furman or Monster?
  12. Q


    Hello All, I'm sure this may have been asked already, however, can anyone recommend a case (preferably a flight type case) that will hold and house the Axe II and a power conditioner? Thx, Thomas
  13. Q

    Atomic CLR....power chord??

    Hello All, My CLR arrived last night!! :D However, it didn't have a power chord. :| For those of you who've purchased one, did yours arrive with a power chord? Thx, Qrious
  14. Q

    FRFR Headroom

    I understand that FRFR solutions provide the truest recreation of what comes out of the Axe units. If that's not correct, someone can correct me because I am in the research stage of purchasing the Axe II. As such, does anyone have an opinion as to which cab/amp provides the most headroom...
  15. Q

    I'm considering the purchase of an Axe II....

    Hello all - I'm doing my due diligence on the Axe II and had a couple of quick questions: 1. Where is the best place to go to view the best demo's of the Axe II? I've seen many youtube clips, but nothing as extensive and insightful as Roland's demo's for its products. 2...
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