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  1. sprint

    Fixed Modifiers Not Showing up in the List

    They exist but do not show up in the modifiers list in the controllers section MacOS Catelina AxeEdit III v 1.04
  2. sprint

    Wish CPU Load Balancing / Dual CPU Meters

    - Ability to allocate/balance amp blocks across Cpus (1 amp block per Cpu in a dual amp preset) to help avoid possibly overloading Cpu1 particularly when using several controllers in a dual amp preset). - Ability to monitor Cpu usage on both Cpus as opposed to just on Cpu2 as in the current design.
  3. sprint

    Intermittent Pops / Crackles but CPU only at 75%?

    I have a large preset (stereo path thru 2 drives / 2 amps / stereo cab + numerous fx blocks) which is exhibiting CPU max out characteristics (intermittent pops / crackles) but my cpu is only at 75%. I've removed the following culprits from the equation but it still persists (removed usb...
  4. sprint

    Global Blocks Issue / Bug

    I use global blocks a lot in my presets. Most of the blocks in my presets are linked to "G1" Somehow when I restarted my Axe 3 this evening, every block tied to G1 is opening in a state with every control set to 0 (or lowest level). Of course this has obliterated pretty well all my presets...
  5. sprint

    Spdif Out - Static

    I'm getting static from my audio interface (roland octacapture) when monitoring spdif output from Axefxiii. Headphone out from AxefxIII does not yeild any static (so I know it's the spdif). Spdif source is Output 1. Octacapture is set to 48k sample rate. The same cable from my AxefxII spfdif...
  6. sprint

    Studio Monitor Recommendation

    I'm a home based player using Axefx 3 in a mostly untreated corner of my basement (a space kindly authorized by my wife). I mostly play for enjoyment, sometimes along with backing tracs, and sometimes I will jam with other friend/family guitarists. I dabble in recording (Logic) and use guitar...
  7. sprint

    Assign Color to More than One Cab at a Time

    How do I select multiple cabs in "Picker" to set to a given color. (I'm using a Mac computer) Another thread on this subject suggested right mouse click on the first cab and then shift-click on the last cab, then assign color but I'm finding that "shift-click" just selects the cab and goes back...
  8. sprint

    Possible Bug With Redundant PC Feature

    Setup - I'm using MFC via midi to AxefxIII on FW 2.03. - I have an expression pedal connected to MFC controlling Gain on all channels. The modifier has PC Reset set to On. - The expression pedal "Beginning" value is set to "Off" on the MFC. - I have PC 1,2,3 and 4 mapped to Patch 1 Scenes 1,2,3...
  9. sprint

    Cab Naming Standards

    Anyone know what the A,B,C,D,E... in the cab names refers to specifically? I know they are probably mic positions but what is the naming standard interpretation?
  10. sprint

    No USB Connection

    Just got my AxeIII and trying to connect Fractalbot and/or Axe-Edit III and cannot make a connection over usb. No AxeFxIII MIDI IN or AxeFxIII MIDI OUT port appears in the dropdown in either Fractal bot or Axe Edit. I've tried changing usb cables and ensuring that I connect the usb-c end of...
  11. sprint

    Cab Influence on a Close Mic'd Speaker?

    Hey! Normally I just pick a Cab I like the sound of from the Axe II's list or from the various IR packs I've purchased without much thought about the cab or speaker type it is derived from - but once in a while I make an effort to understand the fundamentals of Cab micing and IR mixing...
  12. sprint

    A Couple of Issues

    I'm running on a Macbook Pro with MacOS 10.13.6 and have noted a couple of issues: 1. In the MFC-101 preset section - when defining custom midi messages, if the last byte of the midi message is "00" the message length will not allow the "00" value to be included. The result is that all of...
  13. sprint

    Bug? IA Switch "Send With Preset" Issues

    The IASwitch Send w/Prst=Yes value is not respected (when going from on to off with preset change) for linked group IAswitches where the linked group has less than 5 switches included in the group (switches in linked groups with less than 5 switches included act as if Send w/Prst=No when in fact...
  14. sprint

    Wish X/Y Modifier Isolation

    Implement a modifier switch for x/y/all similar to what is being done for Axe3. I recognize it is expecting a lot to ask for yet more enhancements to previous gen, but, I believe this particular change can have a significant impact on patch and overall cpu efficiency in Axefx2 going forward.
  15. sprint

    Duty / Shipping to Canada?

    Questions for Canadian Axe III owners (if any yet). - Did you pay duty?, if so, what %? - What was your shipping cost? (I'm @ Ottawa Ontario area). My invite is coming up fast and I'm trying to work out the price eh!
  16. sprint

    Can't Get Dump From MFC-101

    This could be an issue with my MFC but I'll post here to start since the issue is appearing in MFCEdit which I just purchased and am trying to get working. Problem 1: When I request a dump into MFC-Edit I get the message: ""Invalid Message - Aborting! Last Message Type - Presets I. Problem...
  17. sprint

    Bug? Repeating SysEx Message Out

    I think this started when I upgraded my AxefxII-Mk1 to the latest 9.0 release but I'm not completely sure. When the Axe starts up with MFC101 plugged in via ethernet, I get a continuous/endless loop of repeating (2 or 3 per sec) sysex messages coming out of the axe as follows. If the mfc is...
  18. sprint

    Stupid Question - Convert Wave to IR in Axe-Edit

    Should be easy according to the OH video, but when I try to open a directory of Wav files purchased from OH they are all greyed out? Despite that, Axe-Edit says it sees cabs after scanning but I get no list of of the cabs found to choose from. Obviously I'm missing something - can anyone...
  19. sprint

    General Use IA Switch - Set Light to Off

    I use a general use IA switch attached to an external controller to turn amp boost on or off. Also, when I switch scenes I always want the amp boost off initially so when I change scenes I use an MFC custom midi message to turn amp boost off when new scene is selected. This all works fine...
  20. sprint


    I have an external delay pedal in the loop of my Axefx. The delay (Nemesis) has midi in/out. When I send PC messages from an MFC general use switch, the delay gets a message (I see the light flash), but it does not react correctly. Based on my analysis it is starting to look to my like...
  21. sprint

    Wish Override PreAmp Portion of an Amp Model with "Tube Pre"

    For kicks I put the preamp of my mini recto amp in front of my Axe Fx II with just a cab block and output routed to studio monitors. Sounded fairly good but of course I had no power section in the path so I tried adding a Tube Pre amp block before the cab block to add some "power section"...
  22. sprint

    Bug? Saved Parameters Change After Power Off / On

    Any ideas? My "Tempo to Use" setting is "Preset" but even after saving a preset at 120bpm it will revert to 30bpm after a power off / on.
  23. sprint


    NEW QUANTUM 1b ECONOMY PRESETS For those interested in some AxeIImk1,2 presets that maximize fx blocks and minimize cpu usage I've just posted some on AxeChange (Economy Boogie, Economy Vox, Economy Marshall, Economy Dumble, Economy Fender, Economy Herbert, Economy Orange). The only real...
  24. sprint

    Input Trim knob for Drive blocks

    To vary the strength of signal hitting a drive block.
  25. sprint

    Some Amps Use More CPU?

    Looks like some use as much as 6% more from what I've seen - i.e. I have 2 patches exactly the same except for amp type: one is USA Lead Brt + (G3) which takes 6% less cpu than the same patch loaded with a Class-A-30 TB (G3). Anyone understand why? I'm gathering it's simply because some...
  26. sprint

    Link Switch Behavior

    MFC101 Mk1 / AxeII - Mk1 - I have two linked switches to switch between delay1 and mltidly1. My SendSwLinkOffMsg parameter = YES and the two switches are in axefx mode. In my scene 1 (1st delay switch initial value = "off" the 2nd delay switch initial values = "off"), the Link works as...
  27. sprint

    Scene Controller Values Reset to 0 on Power Off/On

    When I change patches, saved SCENE controller % values are retained, however, when I power Off/On the scene controller % values saved with the patch are reset to 0. AxeEdit is not active during my test of this issue. My patch is trying to use Scene Controller 1, #s 2,4,6,8 I have a...
  28. sprint

    Neil Diamond

    Just got back from the show: Neil was great! Band was great! Hadley was great! AxeFx was great!
  29. sprint

    Octave Distortion Setting

    I never previously liked this drive much as it always sounded really over the top to me, mostly due to the Fw Rect clip type which, if changed to some other type, tamed the beast down but to my ears, then lost too much of the Octave effect. Anyway, after fooling with this drive for a while...
  30. sprint

    Wish Wish from Outer Space

    I'd like to have an alternate routing (i.e. an x/y routing) that I can change with mfc (i.e. in scenes). For example, in one of my scenes I want my chorus routed before the amp instead of after as it is in all the other scenes. Ya ya - I know - Only in my dreams will such a wish come true...
  31. sprint

    Amp ADV Page - BRIGHT and SAT labels seem to be reversed [FIXED]

    Minor - but confused me far a few seconds.
  32. sprint


    Was tinkering around this morning to see how much I could get into a fw17.03 preset without exceeding 90% CPU. To my amazement quite a lot: This preset uses 4 scenes: 1. Hi Gain Rhythm (Amp1X/Cab1X). 2. Hi Gain Lead (Amp1Y/Cab1X). 3. Clean (Amp2X/Cab1Y (hit Drive for some fuzztastic...
  33. sprint

    How to Resize Stuck AE Window

    I often move the AE window between my 2 screen and, often, it gets stuck between the two screen such that I can grab hold of the top area to move it (Frustrating). I have a situation now where the top 3rd of AE is off the top of my screen and I cannot get hold of if. My usual fix of going into...
  34. sprint

    Is There a Way to Generate an IR from an existing Tonematch Block?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question - I though I'd read somewhere that this is possible (I'd find it useful to manage IRs rather than TMs). I looked through the manuals but did not notice anything mentioning this possibility.
  35. sprint

    Possible Bug - Preset Corrupts when Setting NoiseGate to "Off" with Modifier

    If you put a modifier on the noisegate block's threshold parameter with minimum value set to -100, then set the external switch/pedal to off/minimum position, the preset appears to corrupt in that all blocks within the preset seem to then have a type value of "Off" (i.e. after setting noisegate...
  36. sprint

    "Off" Value Showing up in Some Presets

    I'm getting a value of "Off" showing up for some parameters in some presets. Currently this appears in my Pitch Block type parameter where all the pitch type values show as "Off" on the front panel. I'm also having this issue for the Amp1/2 name in some presets which shows as "Off" in AxeEdit...
  37. sprint

    Amp Names incorrectly show "Off" in AxeEdit

    FYI FAS: I intermittently have an issue in AxeEdit 3.00.12 (running on Mac OSX 10.9.4 with AxeFx II gen 1) where by the amp names incorrectly show as "Off". The issue occurred after I updated to 15.05 but then corrected itself at some point (not sure what occurred to make the names start...
  38. sprint

    Brian May Rig Rundown

    Great Rig Vid here:
  39. sprint

    Cabinet Level Seems High

    I like to have patches that can feed to FRFR with cab sim on or to traditional cab with cab sim off with minimal adjustment. Building patches with this in mind I notice that with most cab sim selections, the cab block adds about 6db of volume to my patch when active. To keep a consistant patch...
  40. sprint

    Night Time

    Is it just me or does solitary guitar playing always sound way better late at night with the lights low. Weird
  41. sprint

    Reamping USB vs Analogue

    Hello: Re-amping Newbie here: I've been tinkering with reamping lately with both Analogue (using Radial X-AMP reaper box) and Digital USB Routing. Both methods are working very well. Not being very well versed in the details of Audio, I see that, for the analogue routing, the X-Amp box I'm...
  42. sprint

    AxeFx Sighting

    FYI - Noticed an AxeFxII at 30:25 (and an Ultra at 36:50) in this interesting video with Bob Bradshaw: Rig Talk - Bob Bradshaw - YouTube Sorry if this was previously posted - I hadn't noticed it before.
  43. sprint

    167 or 168 for Mac OS Users?

    The AxeEdit Download page indicates driver 168 must be used for AxeEdit 3, but the driver download on the support page indicates 167 is the latest. Some time ago 168 installed but there was some issue and we were advised to go back to 167. Can anyone advise on this? There's another thread...
  44. sprint

    "INCR" Option In IO/CTRL for SCALE parameter in PITCH Custom Shift Block

    It would just need to increment the custom scale by 1. This would allow simple patches for songs with a lot of different harmonies in them (i.e. Hotel California played with single guitar). In practice, you would (in the case of Hotel California) set up 6 custom scales in the order they appear...
  45. sprint

    Gibson SG Standard vs Carvin DC127

    OK: I have a Gibson SG standard that I bought new in 07 and: -has scratchy pots, -has noisy pups, -has a static noise that occurs in winter (I have to keep a bounce sheet near by to rub it), -goes out of tune with the slighted change in humidity -has nice fit and finish but is not a knock...
  46. sprint

    Eagles / Rush / Kiss

    Saw the Eagles last week, Rush the week before that. In terms of sound quality Eagles concerts continue to be totally amazing to me (I've seen 3). Though our venue is fairly good, the Eagles seem to do an outstanding job getting a great sound to their audiences (Maybe it was where I was...
  47. sprint


    I'd never heard of this artist before watching this documentary ( Searching for Sugar Man ) last night. I was blown away by this guy's story and passed over talent for so many years. Highly recommended viewing. Would be interested to hear others' thoughts on it.
  48. sprint

    CPU Usage Changes between Scenes

    I noticed that in one of my patches which contains several scenes: when in scene 1 cpu is at 87%, but in scene 4, cpu is at 95%. Can anyone elaborate on this (I expected CPU to be the same across scenes since all the blocks are the same between the two scenes with only differences in on/off...
  49. sprint

    Scene Indicators Lost When Returning from Looper Control

    Anyone else have this issue and/or know of a solution? I use buttons 1 to 4 for scene 1 to 4 in AxeFx Mode. I use bank size=0. When I go into the looper control (I use looper control=short), use button 1,2 for record/play and then exit looper control my scene indicators are lost (i.e: if I...
  50. sprint

    HD500 MIDI is "Muting" my AxeFxII

    Before purchasing an MFC, I was using my Pod HD500 as a midi controller. It worked quite well including program changes. I abandoned the Pod after getting my MFC, but I was thinking I could still use the Pod for some additional control over and above my MFC. For some reason, now, when my...
  51. sprint

    Can I Use the Red Led in General Use Switch Mode?

    Hello: I use the the MFC in AXE Fx Mode with most of my switches set to Axe Fx functions which have the 3 states (No LED = Not Present, Red LED = Present + Off, Green LED = Present + On). I also have a few "General Use" IA switch for tasks I can't do with the standard Axe Mode functions...
  52. sprint

    Fractalaudio Main Page back to "7"?

    What happened to 8 (the eight ball)?
  53. sprint

    Lightning Delivery Time on MFC

    - Order placed Wed late AM - Order shipped Wed early PMMarinade - Order delivered to my home in Canada early Friday AM Congrats to FAS on whatever deal you got with UPS cuz I know they. don't normally deliver this fast on their own!
  54. sprint

    MFC Waiting list?

    Any one know how long the MFC has been / will be out of stock?
  55. sprint

    Auto Engage Smoothness

    Does any one recall a thread where a suggest was presented to smooth out "auto engaged" (i.e. for turning Wah on and off). If find the auto-engage / disengage very abrupt and would like to smooth it out. I was sure there was a trick on this but I can't seem to find it.
  56. sprint

    Matrix GT1000FX - Great Amp - Great Service

    Hello: Just posting here to mention the great service I received from Matrix after purchasing a GT1000Fx: - I bought the amp last week with a Canadian shipping destination. Shipping is VERY fast - it shipped out from the UK mid last week and was in my city by Monday AM. - When I...
  57. sprint

    Matrix GT1000FX Voltage + Feet Removal?

    Whoo too - Just got my GT1000FX delivered today and woops! - wrong power supply (Euro 240v one) though the power cord socket looks like it will accept a standard 110v cord. Do you have any advice on if it's just the cord that's different in which I can use another 110v power cord I have handy...
  58. sprint

    Initiating Multiple Effect with one Controller Button

    Hi: I'd like to do the following: 1. Control Comp, Drive, Delay with separate controller switches. This is easy enough - I'm doing it using the on/off values in the IO/CTRL menu. 2. In addition - Control all of the above (Comp, Drive, Delay) with a single controller switch (separate...
  59. sprint

    Effects More Prnounced with Real Cabs

    As you see below I have a pair of Marshall cabs and a pair of passive atomics powered by a Rocktron v300 and SLA1. I find that regardless of which amp I use for power, the Marshall Cabs seem to render effects, particularly delay / reverb in a much more pronounced way than with the Atomics...
  60. sprint

    Saw Van Halen Last Night - Great Show

    4th Time for me - 1980, 1984, 199x, 2012 This was the best one for me perhaps because I happened to be sitting in the right spot this time sonically (previous show were "too" loud for me to hear anything). EVH seemed to be in really great form and the band seemed very tight to me. DLR's...
  61. sprint

    AxeFxII !st Impressions Quick Review

    BACKGROUND: - Basement player (I can play louder and have more stuff than a bedroom player! - lol). - Relatively Newb Guitarist - 6 years / 4 hrs per week. - Owned an Ultra since mid 2009. - Owned and sold 3 tube amps and many mid-tier modelers (GT-8, GT-10, Pods, Zooms...). - Rig is Axe...
  62. sprint

    Axe Edit Control of Ultra and AxeII

    Hi: I have an AxeII on the way but I don't plan to sell my Ultra until I'm totally Satisfied that my AxeII can reproduce all the love that my Ultra gives me (hope this does not mean I have to keep my Ultra for ever since I can't afford it - LOL!). Any who, while in transition mode, I'd like...
  63. sprint

    Cheap Trick - Stage Collapse

    I took a notion to go down to an outdoor concert this evening in my city (Ottawa, Canada) to see Cheap Trick + Joe Satriani. Of course I needed to see Joe for my guitar obsession but I also could not miss Cheap Trick as they were the first live band I saw (backup band for BOSTON in 76 - Love...
  64. sprint

    SideChain vs Inline for Effects like Chorus, Delay, Reverb

    I often see patches using the technique of having an effect like delay in a side chain (with mix at 100% and Level used as the effective "Mix"). What's the advantage of this over just having the delay in line and using the mix control? Does the side chain approach not waste layout space when...
  65. sprint

    EQ Advice for Passive Atomics

    Hi: I purchased 2 Passive Atomics for use with my SLA or Rocktron Velocity SS Amps. I'm still in the early stages of adoption but my first impresssions are quite different from what I expected: - The build quality is really good. Much better than what I expected - Really nice looking...
  66. sprint

    Advice Needed Urgently

    My wife just left me a Vmail at work indicating two very large heavy boxes were delivered to our door which say "Atomic" on them. She wants to know what they are, how much they cost, and why she was not pre-notified of their arrival. What do I do!!!
  67. sprint


    Hi: I know this is a dumb question since many use Global Amps successfully but after reading various posts and the wiki I'm still not getting how these work. I must be missing something. In any given preset I want to call up one of a hand full of standard settings that I've saved in one...
  68. sprint

    EQing for Real Cabs

    Hi Question from IR Newbie Here. I've used mostly FRFR since owning my Axe but I have a couple of Marshall Cabs that I wanted to try out. I selected my favorite higher gain marshally FRFR patch, turned off the Cab, and redirected bo my rocktron velocity 300 X 2 Marshall 2/12 cabs. I was...
  69. sprint

    User Cabs + Hires / Lores

    If I'm using the "USER" Cabs, does the Hisres / Lores parameter have any meaning?
  70. sprint

    PODHD500 AND FCB1010

    Experimented last night with using both PODHD500 and FCB1010 to control Axe-fx. I connected both units as follows: Macbook --> FCB1010 Midi In (via Emu 1x1 Midi cable (out)) FCB1010 Midi Out --> Midi Solutions Midi Merger box Midi In2 PODHD500 Midi Out --> Midi Solutions Midi Merger box Midi...
  71. sprint

    Carvin Active Electronics / Axe Fx

    Howdy: I'm thinking of purchasing a lefty Carvin DC400, CT6 or DC127 (Carvin is one the few manufacturers that will make leftys in any kind of variety). Anyway, does anyone here have experience with Carvin's active electronics? As I understand - these are not active pickups, but rather, there...
  72. sprint

    Info on Passive Atomics

    Does anyone know: Do the passive atomics still have the level control for the tweeter? What's the impedance value and maximum wattage for these cabs?
  73. sprint

    How Many Leftys Out There?

    Vote Lefties! and tell us your lefty stories!
  74. sprint

    EQing Required on Redwirez?

    Hi: I'm new to using the redwirez and find that, without post CAB EQ, the redwirez sound pretty thin compared to stock CABs. When I EQ them though, they really come alive. Is this normally how these are used? Do some of you remix them with the desired EQ built in to save on EQ blocks and...
  75. sprint

    Opinions on Mesa 2:Fifty Power Amp

    I have a chance to get one of the these for a good price. I'm currently using an ART SLA to 2 2x12 Marshall Cab. Does anyone have any opinions on what I can expect. I've read a lot about the 20/20 needing an aftermarket mod to be usable with a modeller. Not sure if the 2:50 will have the...
  76. sprint

    Using the Keyboard with the Editor

    Hi: I tend to prefer using the keyboard to type setting values into the editor as opposed to using the mouse to spin dial which I find difficult given the precision needed. Using the keyboard however seems illusive to me as I have not figured out how to tab from one setting to another or to...
  77. sprint

    Clean Unprocessed Tone Mixed with Amp Model Tone

    Hi: When I use modeled amp tones from the Axe Fx, most noticeably the high gain ones, I can hear the direct dry tone of my guitar, kind of along side the modeled tone. It's not up front like the modeled tone, but it's there to the level that I can hear it. Is this normal? Can I turn off the...
  78. sprint

    Tempo Makes Ticking Noise

    Hi: I'm not sure if this has been there all along or if it came from the 9.02 install but my Ultra's tap tempo makes an annoying ticking sound which gets amplified through my rig. The more amp level / gain in play, the more noticeable it is. I know it's the tempo (and not my watch! :lol:)...
  79. sprint

    Axe-Fx Sightings

    Attended Guns n' Roses concert last night (Axl arrived on stage at 11:05pm (we spent 2 hours waiting) and exited at 02:10pm - OK show but I felt sorry for people who had to leave at 11:45 to take buses back to various towns - (+ I'm getting too old for this arena stuff!)). Anyway - Sabastian...
  80. sprint

    What are Far Field IRs for

    Hi: I'm not well versed in this stuff, but like to tinker anyway. I've used the Redwire IRs here and there and like some of them a lot as alternatives to some stock cabs. Today - I was mucking about with the Redwire Far Field IRs. I didn't find them sounding very good over my FRFR gear. I...
  81. sprint

    Volume Settings

    Hi: I'm driving my FRFR monitoring gear as follows: - Axe FX signal path as strong as possible without clipping the AXE. - Axe FX output as strong as possible to not clip my mixer. - Mixer output volume as strong as possible to not clip my FRFR speaker Generally, I try to use the FRFR volume...
  82. sprint

    Can I turn Global EQs off While Maintaining the Settings

    Sorry if it's the manual - I didn't see it.
  83. sprint

    Tipps on Easily Obtaining Controlled Feedback

    Hi: I'm getting more and more out of the axe as I learn to tweak this puppie. One thing I'm not able to do well with my rig (FRFR to 2 keyboard amps and/or SLA1 power amp to 2 Marshall 2x12 cabs) is to get controlled feedback (long sustain followed by blooming notes and then controlled...
  84. sprint

    Speaker Resonance Frequency

    Just wondering - why is the speaker resonance frequency control in the amp block. Does it not make more sense to have it in the CAB block?
  85. sprint

    Trying to Match FRFR to Marshall Cab

    Out of interest I was trying to match the tone coming through my FRFR (Behringer KX1200 x 2) via Axe CAB SIM to the tone I get through my 2 2x12 Mashall cabs. Using a high gain patch, I hear some high end crackle through the real cabs that I could not get through the FRFR with Cab SIMs (tryed a...
  86. sprint

    Can't Receive Data form Axe-FX Ultra

    Hi: I had the editor working for a while but it's now stopped working and I can't figure out why. When I try to recall a patch, the progress bar in the editor goes about 30% of the way and then stops. On the AXE I see a brief message indicating "dump in progress". I'm at 7.18 on the Axe and...
  87. sprint

    FCB1010_UNO - Ripwerx Connection

    I purchased an FCB1010 + unO chip but I cannot get the editor to function in either Mac or Windows. I know the cabling is right since I can pass through to to the Axe Fx no problem with the axe editor (merge mode enabled on FCB). Midi Connection is set up as follows: COMPUTEROUT --> FCBIN...
  88. sprint

    Pitch - Need Help

    Hi: I was hoping that my Ultra would be able to do a 100% shift on single notes with believable results (shifted tone sounds like guitar). For example: - Fixed Harmony. - 1 Voice only (Voice 2 Turned turned completely down). - Shift 2 steps. - 100% Mix (shifted notes only). Using this example...
  89. sprint


    Hi: Got an Fv-500h to use as a volume pedal through the Pedal1 input of the Axe. Works great except I cannot quite get it to calibrate correctly. Despite a lot of fiddling with the min/max knob on the pedal, it seems to not get quite to the top of a linear graph in the modifier display (toe...
  90. sprint

    Axe Editor Version vs Firmware Version

    Hi: I'm new to the forum - sorry if this is a dumb question - I've read through various posts but the answer is not very clear for me: Does the Axe Edit Software need to be compatible with the Axe firmware version - i.e. If I'm at version 7.18 on the Axe do I need a specific version of the...
  91. sprint

    Ultra Delivered Today

    Wife got hit for 289'$ Canadian in Duty from the delivery man - The jig is up! - I told her I got a fancy new VCR for the basement - Don't think she bought it. First Impressons from a former GT10 user and current POD X3 Live user: I raced through all the presets in about 2 hours plugged into 2...
  92. sprint

    I Just Pressed the "Magic" Button

    Just pressed the "Confirm" button for purchase of an AxeFx Ultra. I'm expecting good things since I'm a basement player who loves to tweak and currently own a POD XT and GNX 3000 and enjoy playing these the through 2 Keyboard AMPs I have and/or through a Powerblock to 2 MC212 Cabs (cheapie rigs...
  93. sprint

    Transferrable Warranty?

    Hi: Does anyone know if the Axe-fx warrenty is transferrable - i.e. - if one buys an Axe-fx used, is the warrenty still in effect?
  94. sprint

    Pitch Shifter / Harmonizer (compared to Harmony Man)

    Hi: I'm not an AxeFx owner yet but I will likely dump my current modellers and get an Ultra when the exchange rates are more cooperative. One thing I'd like to get your opinions on is the qualility of the pitch shifter / harmonizer effects in the Ultra compared to say the Digitech JamMan or...
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