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  1. Deadpan

    Vendor [LRS] Plexi 100 High with BE EL34 IR Video - Amazing

    A short video of the Plexi 100 High model with an IR from this pack: https://livereadysound.com/product/be-experience/
  2. Deadpan

    Vendor LRS - Amp Tones EL34 Based JCM900 IR Test Free :)

    Hi All, We have been working to expand our BE EL34 Experience IR pack. Saw on here recently where some were looking for JCM900 tone. This IR was created as a match to our 1990 JCM900 mkiii 2500. Let us know what you think! Best, Tim https://livereadysound.com/product/be-experience/
  3. Deadpan

    [LRS] Black Friday Sale - Happy Thanksgiving All!!!

    Hi All! Hope everyone has a great holiday. 30% off site wide with code: thanks30 https://livereadysound.com
  4. Deadpan

    Halloween Sale at LiveReadySound.com!

    Hi All, A very rare Site Wide sale. Code is good through the weekend! halloween30 Enjoy!
  5. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Who likes Free IRs? Take a Test Drive: West Cost Drive

    Stop by the site and pickup the IR. On sale for $0.00!!! :) https://livereadysound.com/product/west-coast-drive/ Then stop back and let me know what you think. The evolution of the impulse response, crafted. With our beautiful collection of EL34 based amps we will be creating and extended...
  6. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Crafted IR Experiment

    Hi All, We continue to evolve our approach to IRs and always seek user experience to help spark the next step of development. We are not concerned with making perfect reproductions of a speaker, rather we like to create an experience. No tone is right or wrong we just like to create something...
  7. Deadpan

    LiveReadySound BE EL34 Experience Axe III Playthrough

    Hi All! A sweet highlight playthrough from a friend of the forum using the IRs in stock presets.
  8. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] BE EL34 Experience Is Beginning

    This is just the beginning. Stop by and check it out. https://livereadysound.com/product/be-experience/
  9. Deadpan

    LRS Ultimate Artist Metal IRs Update 4!!!

    Insane update to the LRS Ultimate Artist Metal IR pack! Check the clip! http://livereadysound.com/product/ultimate-artist-metal-irs/ What do you think?
  10. Deadpan

    [LRS] Powercab IRs V6 Just Released, The EASY IRs!

    Hi All, For all that purchased login to download the free update seeking to recreate a Eminence Private Jack. No need to sift through 100's of IR when they are perfected for you. These record extremely well. Many clips on the site: https://livereadysound.com/product/powercab-ir-pack/ Many...
  11. Deadpan

    Metal Mix with Axe-Fx III and LRS IRs

    A mix done by a friend with a couple IRs from the LiveReadySound PowerCab IR pack. This is a mix of the EVH and Redback speakers. No bass guitar in here, but...
  12. Deadpan

    Just Launched: Pickup Altering IRs

    Hi All, Just release the first of a series of pickup altering IRs. Here is a before and after clip: In celebration of my wife and I's anniversary there is a site wide 30% of code good through Sunday 6-30. Code: 30_OFF...
  13. Deadpan

    LRS M75 Green IR Tone Test Courtesy of @2112!

    Want to thank Leon for taking the time to do these tests. Very appreciated. There are many playing styles throughout the clips: https://livereadysound.com/product/m75-ir-set-1x12-widebody/
  14. Deadpan

    M75 Green IR Pack Out Now!!!! See Inside for Code!

    Hi All, This is one of if not the best packs of this speaker. Really, its great :) https://livereadysound.com/product/m75-ir-set-1x12-widebody/ There is a launch coupon good through the weekend for 25% off: M75 Launch
  15. Deadpan

    Sound Samples: Soon to Be Released M75 Green IR Pack

    Here are some clips of a few of the IRs from the soon to be M75 Green IR pack. (hopefully this playlist will work) There is a free promo IR on the site for anyone who would like to try. The promo IR is only available for a short time. This pack promises to be amazing. If you have ever been...
  16. Deadpan

    Free IR Set of a Scumback M75 with a PR20

    Hi All, Working hard as always to make the best of the best in IRs. For a limited time we are offering a promo set of the soon to come M75 impulse set. Edit: Promo ended. Pack is now out! This is an unmixed single mic IR. And well worth a try. Please do report back with your experience as I...
  17. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Impulse Responses

    Hi, For all that purchased the packs many have been updated. Log in to download. For others please do check the site for clips. The D130f is GREAT for Tweed tones. The metal pack was updated and V13 is getting rave reviews. Stop in and take a listen. Thanks for the time...
  18. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] New Products Sale Fractal Exclusive Code

    Hi All! We have been up to a lot of things lately including updating packs with new mics like the R121, M160 and new packs such as the just release and super unique V-60 pack. This one is for everyone. While our main packs are a hit with the lower gain and rock guys we have some artist packs...
  19. Deadpan

    Any Dream Theater / Petrucci Players Here?

    Hi All, Just received a Royer R121 and doing some IRs to include a SM57 and SM7b :) . Hoping to find a few guys willing to record the main heavy riff of Pull Me Under without a cab active, just the amp model. I will load some IRs to compare. Would like to have many to compare as we all have...
  20. Deadpan

    Thanks for Visiting

    Https://livereadysound.com Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
  21. Deadpan

    Introducing Live Ready Sound IRs Video Play Through A Type

    Awesome video by Fredrik!
  22. Deadpan

    Into the Fx Return of an Amp

    Stupid good!
  23. Deadpan

    Does Axe Edit Import IR at Ultrares or ???

    I drag and drop IR's right into Axe Edit manage cabs, awesome feature. Question, are these just normal res? When I change between ultrares and normal I don't hear a difference. Thanks Edit, just to note the IRs imported were 200ms.
  24. Deadpan

    Looking For a Few Guys to Test Some IRs and Give Feedback

    For me the stock IRs are a bit dark. Not that they are bad but I have to do some significant editing to get them to have the right balance and cut so I have been making some of my own that seem to fit my needs much better. I know we all have different taste but I was curious what others think...
  25. Deadpan

    Bass IR EQ Match Attempt Chevelle Joyride Need Thoughts

    Hey all, I am attempting to run Logic EQ Match to get the bass sound from Chevelle's Joyride. Some attempts attached. These are bass IRs, may work for guitar? Please give feedback.
  26. Deadpan

    Trying to recreate a Framus Cobra in the AX8, opinions wanted.

    I had a Framus Cobra years ago and it was a beast of an amp so I am trying to recreate that sound and feel in the Ax8. So far I have tried two versions, both with the USA Pre LD2 Ylw, one with an 808 boost and one using the internal amp boost. First is the internal amp boost. I thought the...
  27. Deadpan

    How Do You Guys Judge Cab IR's?

    Curious how you guys judge IR's? Do you prefer to have them full sounding from the start or clear and add cab resonance and tweak? I have been looking for the right balance and find that both types have their benefits. I would love to hear any other preferences as well.
  28. Deadpan

    Help needed, is there any way to dial this out?

    Hi Guys, Loving the AX8, I am seeing a bit of noise when I let notes ring out. Here is a sample, it starts about halfway when I let the notes ring: Appreciate any assistance!
  29. Deadpan

    Massive AX8 Shipment?

    Looks like it: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/any-day-now-ax8.1637249/page-64#post-21402900
  30. Deadpan

    New AX8 and My Thoughts...

    I have had a Kemper for a few years and love. Always had the urge to check the grass on the other side as I am not one to be biased. I had heard a lot of Axe sounds that were not great but yet I had also heard some that dropped my jaw so I had to hear first hand. Unboxed this thing Monday. Out...
  31. Deadpan

    IR'S From the Dead

    Hey all! I have been following this form for some time and still don't have an Axe but I am fairly early on the AX8 list so here's to hoping! That being said I am trying to get ready for when it arrives. I have a couple test IR's here I would like to get some thoughts on. I spent a day on...
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