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  1. Z

    Cab block

    The axe fx 2 you have the option to have different mics or none or null is this an option with the axe fx 3
  2. Z

    Axe edit 3.5.1

    Whem i export an xl or xl+ file it give's me a message error , not compadible with mark 2 and i have Quantum 2
  3. Z

    Rocktron Midi Raider

    Whem i use axe edit with my Rocktron midi raider ,I can change the preset numbers and it change's in the Axe edit software but whem i bypass the efects it does not turn them off or on in the Axe edit software Is there configuration in Fractal i'am missing
  4. Z


    Where can i find a user scratchpad Mind are all empty and i just purchased Cablab
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