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    How do I detune using the Pitch effect?

    Ok, ok, I give up. I've had my FX8 for about 3 years now and thought I'd really got to grips with it, but no. All I want to do is detune my guitar a semi-tone for one song, and a full tone for another. But as much as I have tried I cannot do it. I'm using the "Detune" type as I'm not interested...
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    FX8 Firmware - revert to V5.03

    Hi there. I currently have Firmware V5.04 loaded (big mistake) on my FX8 and cannot back up my pre-sets using Fractal Bot. I see from the forum that this is a well documented issue, however, how the hell do I revert to V5.03??? I can see the zipped downloaded file, but I cannot select it using...
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    Moving/saving scenes

    In Scene mode, is there an easy way to move 2 scenes set up on foot switches 1 and 2 to foot switches 5 and 6 respectively? I expect this has been asked before but with so many pages to trawl through now in the forum, life's just too short. I know I'm being lazy but if anyone has the simple...
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    Wish Tone Matching

    Yes, before anyone goes off on one, I know it's an AxeFXII feature which uses amp modelling to help achieve the tone, but I'm really surprised how few people have asked for a tone matching capability. It can take hours of tweaking to get certain sound effects or tones, and taking, for example...
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    Mesa Lonestar Special 1x12 combo - Relay switching

    If anyone has the Lonestar Special 1x12 combo (50/100W switchable, 2 channel amp with Solo boost), I contacted Mesa this morning to ask about relay switching and it's all good. Just tried it with a TRS-TRS cable and it works great, nothing blew up and I don't have to sell a kidney to buy a new...
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    Boosting wah solo.

    Help! Setting up all my presets and one of them has a wah solo in the middle of the song. I like my solos to have some extra volume, but when I increase the level of the wah to get that extra boost, it breaks up and clips, illuminating the Out 1 Clip lamp and making a loud schreeching noise...
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    Timeout error when backing up presets in FX8

    This is a strange one, sorted now, but really weird. Anyway, I'd been loading up all the blank 'M' presets with my own creations, but when I went to save them all via Fractal-Bot, I kept getting a timeout error and the save failed. So, I saved them individually until I found the problem preset...
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    4CM vs all pre?

    Being a Fractal virgin who has taken a Quantum leap from a Line 6 M13 to the FX8 (and just luuuuuurve the pedal), I've got a couple of dumbass questions I hope someone can help me with. 1. I have 2 amps, one's a Mesa Lonestar (gigs) with FX Send and Receive, the other's a solid state (for...
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    Cannot change delay time

    Help! I'm trying to set up a delay block. In Edit mode I can change every parameter on Pg 2 except the delay time. It is permanently set to 375ms and will not change with the Value dial. Any help would be very much appreciated, thank you.
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    Another FX8 on eBay.com

    Fractal Audio FX8 Brand New Unopened SEALED in My Possession Axe | eBay As he says, if you can't wait your turn on the wait list, then here's the latest opportunity to get gouged!! Yes, he's got a "Make Offer" button, but I'll bet it goes for more than $1349.95.
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    Suggested FAS Update

    Dear FAS The silence is deafening; suggested global update as follows: "Dear patient customers, we are really sorry for the delay in distribution of our FX8 pedal, we are doing our best to get the units out to our customers as soon as possible. The situation is as follows: Regarding...
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    Solid state amp (no pre/post) vs Tube amp with pre and post.

    I'm still on the wait list, so am seeking advice from those lucky enough to have the kit already. When I set everything up with the 4CM into my Mesa tube amp, I'm going to have delays and reverbs etc going through the effects loop (post) and most other effects designated pre. However, I don't...
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    Youtube video

    Come on all you guys with the pedalboard, how about getting some Youtube footage out there so us minions on the waitlist can at least hear some of the sounds you've created. There's nothing new posted since the official pedal release. A run through of some of the sounds would be great, but...
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    Shipping info

    When the units actually start to move, is there any chance that FAS can e mail everyone on the wait list with a generic notice, or even post on here the predicted ship dates, i.e, something like "those that went on the wait list in Oct 14 can expect to receive the unit in x weeks time; those...
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    Custom Tones, Smart Harmony, Line 6 M13

    Do i take it as read that the FX8 Forum will eventually have a 'Custom Tone' area where we will be able to trade tones? As a Line 6 M13 owner it has always both pissed me off and baffled me big time that the M13 does not have one, despite the fact that most of the Line 6 products do. Also, one...
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    FX8 Tone Match

    Apologies to all if this has already been asked, but does anyone know if the FX8 has the Tone Match facility like its big brother, the Axe FX II? Also, what is XY switching? If you can help, many thanks in advance. Steve B
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