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    FX Loop

    Put the FXL in the 2nd row to connect the out of the block to the signal chain.
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    AXE-Edit/ SOLO 100 question

    Preamp NORMAL + Master Normal = Input Gain + Master Volume of the Solo Clean and Solo Rhythm model. Preamp + Master OVERDRIVE = Input Gain + Master Volume of the Solo Lead model
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    Price difference between FC US/EU compared to MFC-101

    The FX Rate USD/EUR has changed about 15-20% in this time, which means that US products are now that more expensive in the Eurozone.
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    A couple of very basic questions regarding IRs.....

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    Using Axe-Fx III with a real amp

    Guitar in1 , out3 -> real amp + xload -> in3
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    access to scenes and presets

    Download the manual here: https://www.fractalaudio.com/fx8-downloads/
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    Wipe Factory Cabs?

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    Start New Preset from a Scene?

    By design there is no preset with only 1 scene.
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    Start New Preset from a Scene?

    Just save it as a new preset.
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    Cab Block Cabs List

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    No Signal In Logic

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    Question for Experienced Luthier...or Cliff

    I had this happen with a PRS CE many years ago. I set a capo at the fret, installed my e-bow and let it the note play till the battery was gone. Fixed it to 90%
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    Easiest way to compare 2 presets?

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    Buy MFC-Edit?

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    Hotel California harmonies?

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    Need help with FX Loop - new to forum

    And Output 2 level is set to?
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    VOL block balance knob - working as intended?

    Is the output mode in the I/O section set to stereo?
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    How Is this possible ??

    So you don't see this?
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    Macbook Help

    Click on the apple symbol top left. Top item in the menu.
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    Wah-wah settings

    You shall set the modifier in the wah block ti "autoengage".http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Modifiers_and_internal%2Bexternal_controllers#Auto-Engage
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    Reset a "tweaked" block queen (edit: quick)

    Save the ''different block'' to your library (rightclick on the block in AE will display the menu), switch presets without saving and reload the block from the library
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    Any guidance on “low gain” input trim settings?

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    Another stereo setup question

    Out L/R = stereo (when the Axe is set to stereo), Out L (or R) only = mono
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    FXII+ preset deleted

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    Just realized after a year of tweaking ....

    Then you may have killed the amps dynamics by using to high MV settings.
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    How do I hook this thing up?!

    Manual page 10:
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    How do I hook this thing up?!

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    New used Fractal

    The factory cabs are included in the firmware. No need or possibility to load them separately.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.06

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    Implemented 8 scenes that you can change parameters.

    As unix-guy stated, read about Scene Controllers.
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    Some Pickup positions on the guitar sounding wierd. help.

    Is it a HSH-T? Then try to dampen the trem springs.
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    Why AXE II is fixed to 48kHz only?

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    how to make fine adjustments of parameters on the unit

    For fine resolution hold CMD (Mac) or CTRL (Win).
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    Blackstar amp models??

    No. Amps are part of the firmware. There are no models to buy.
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    Blackstar amp models??

    http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Amplifier_models_list http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Factory_presets#AX8
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    Best input impedance ideas??

    This is not about input impedance but input level. Page to the Input page of the I/O menu under SETUP. Reduce Input 1/Instrument input levels using the A knob.
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    Factory preset 382 : Amp Matching Template

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    Pre Amp in FX Loop - Sounds different in Simulation Modes

    Put the FXL before the amp block.
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    AX 8 - Problem in accessing the setup screen

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    Separate phones level from output level?

    Set OUTPUT 2 to ECHO OUTPUT 1 in the I/O menu oft the Axe. Connect your monitors to out 2. Then you have independent volume controls for the headphones and the monitors.
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    How to dynamically cut volume coming from FXLoop?

    Have you tried this: http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Compressor/Dynamics_block#Use_the_compressor_as_a_limiter
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    Where to find reverb blocks?

    This. And try the reverb before the amp.
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    Quick setup question for external switches

    At step 6 you have to assing the CC# corresponding to the effect as per the table on page 194 of the AXE manual
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    How to use the Axe unit as a sound card?

    Have you checked the USB return level (I/O -> Audio) ?
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    Simple footswitch for the Ultra

    Have you tried set the pedal configuration to latching (I/O configuration p. 21 of the manual) ?
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    Volume/Wah Expression Pedal Mission SP-1

    Have you assigned a modifier to the volume block?
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    Midi from Axe to Triaxis

    The Axe is no midi controller and does not sent midi messages. The MFC does.
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    I want to know...how real amps get captured and modelled.

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    Volume Pedal

    On the MFC set XP 1 to cc# 10. Press Edit--> Midi --> Page left 2x --> Parameter right --> Decr --> Save
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    Is the USB port on the Axe-FX III 2.0 or 3.0/3.1?

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    Preset Display Mode on LCD

    This is because you just reload the preset.
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    Preset Display Mode on LCD

    Click on the preset number in AE -> Press enter
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    Can someone help me set up the wah as an auto wah?

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    Block conversion from Axe II to AX8 format??

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    Can the Ax8 drop your tuning?

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    Amp settings and IR's

    Not necessarily (method 2): https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/axe-fx-2/Axe-Fx-II-ir-capture.pdf
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    Using Effects Only (no sound)

    Or set the bypass mode of the amp block to ''THRU''.
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    Connecting labtop to Axe Fx II XL

    Connect your laptop via USB and adjust the usb return level (I/O menu at the AXE).
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    So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)

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    Factory Presets

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    MFC Question?

    Depends on the scene revert setting in the Axe:
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    Rearranging user cabs

    Cab number
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    Stupid question that I must ask

    Two 1.0 GHz, floating-point “Keystone” Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) comprise the main audio engine. https://www.fractalaudio.com/iii/
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    Negative IRs

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    Overdrive Level vs Perceived Volume

    Because the the gain on channel 2 does compress the level.
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    FRFR High Pitch Frequency

    Did you try lowering the high cut frequency in the cab block? http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=CAB_block#Low_Cut_and_High_Cut_Frequency
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    Look what I found over FAS shop

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    How to set up Looper without MFC-101

    You need to send CC messages to control the effects in the Axe. Your controller appears to send PC messages.
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    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    As the manual states: ''The maximum power rating of the LB-2 is 100W. Do not connect any amplifier that is rated greater than 100W to the LB-2 as this can damage the unit and/or the amp.''
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    Can the III load existing BLK files (blocks) ?

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    Not a Bug Angel Severe Presence Control

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    How to fix AX8 audio gaps when changing presets?

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    Problem with the Axe-Fx II sound

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    Going directly to scene in preset

    In AE rightclick on Scene Select and you get the options
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    ETA on Axe 3 manual pdf?

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    Any FC release time info ?

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    Quickest way to copy presets on 1 axe to another unit?

    1. Backup the preset to the computer, then retrieve to the other unit 2.https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/xl-becoming-obsolete.134736/#post-1592427
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    Can the MFC101 controll this kind of "parameters" ?

    Have you checked this (Manual p.57):
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    Possible to use Axe FX 2 Patch on AX-8 ?

    Yes https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fractool-the-ultimate-fractal-device-multitool.112538/
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    Newbie - buy discounted Axe Fx II or III??

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    quick question for the AX8 users

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    AX8 Firmware 9.04 Released

    Top right
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    Long sustain without excessive gain

    Yes. But you can also try the compressor block for sustain. http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Compressor/Dynamics_block
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    Long sustain without excessive gain

    It' s like feedback, the guitar strings will resonate because of the volume coming from the speaker.
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    Long sustain without excessive gain

    Sheer volume (acoustic coupling of the speaker with the guitar).
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    Help needed loading an IR in WAV format into AXEFX2

    Release 3.12.0 December 16, 2016 ============================================= REQUIRES Axe-Fx II Firmware Quantum 3.00 or newer. New Features: 1. AxeManage::CABS now supports the importing of .wav IR files. WAV files must be imported using the Browser window. Importing a stereo WAV file will...
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