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  1. CenturyStanding681

    Wish Angle Severe Smooth Mode

    Currently, only the "Rough" mode of the amp is modeled, with the contour switches on and off. The amp also features a "Smooth" mode with a fantastic liquid-sounding lead tone. I used that mode a lot when I owned the physical amp, and would love to see it replicated. If an entirely new model...
  2. CenturyStanding681

    Angle Severe Settings to Replicate "Smooth" Mode

    Hey Everyone, I owned a Savage 120 for many years and it was, bar none, the greatest high gainer that I've played. I had never really gelled with the Axe version of it until this last patch. Now, it is easily my favorite amp in the box, and sounds exactly like the real thing. The only issue...
  3. CenturyStanding681

    First Recording - Advise Welcome

    Hey Everyone, This is my first recorded tone test with the Axe-FX II. Everything was recorded through it, direct into my interface, except for the drums. Pardon the sloppy playing and cheesy improv. What do you think about the recording? The tones? The mix? I'm a recording newbie, so...
  4. CenturyStanding681

    Diezel Herbert Mid-Cut Feature

    Hey All, I know that the mid-cut feature of the Herbert isn't worked into the Axe-FX model. However, it's a cool feature that I'd like to use on and off with the model, if possible. I've tried playing around with some of the Axe-FX's EQs to replicate it, but haven't had much luck. Does...
  5. CenturyStanding681

    Any UR IR's of 15" Speakers?

    Does anyone know if there are Ultra-res IR's out there of cabs with 15" guitar speakers? Like the old bassman 2x15s or something similar? I've poked around, but can't find any.
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