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  1. martijne

    Wish Scene MIDI block to send start, stop and continue command

    My use case is to connect a hardware groovebox to my III. III midi out to groovebox midi in and vv. groovebox audio out to some III in. The groovebox will send midiclock when playing for the axe to sync to. Now if the scene midi block could send MIDI start, stop and continue command FA FB...
  2. martijne

    Simeon Harris' amazing synth, delay and pitch presets converted to Axe-Fx III

    Hello guys & gals, I converted all Simeon Harris' synth, delay and pitch presets to the Axe FXIII with the great Fractool. I've gone through all of them, changed all external 1 controllers to FC pedal 1, fixed the pitch sequencers. Not all presets may translate completely properly, but hey...
  3. martijne

    Wish EHX Mono synth

    Now this might be more a patch than a progamming request, but this ehx pedal sounds like a lot of fun. https://www.ehx.com/products/mono-synth Synth sounds mostly involve filter resonance. How can we achieve that on the Axe?
  4. martijne

    Dry track editing in DAW

    Just wanted to share some experiences.. I love the ease of the III for recording dry tracks and reamping in my DAW. Not only because I can pick and fine tune the tone in the overall mix, but also because I can hugely edit, cut, paste, time-correct and even pitch correct the dry track and then...
  5. martijne

    When will the first FC's be shipped to G66?

    Is there an indicative time table for the FC to be available through g66? Soon?
  6. martijne

    Wish MIDI start/stop/clock?

    What if the scene midi block and/or the control switches could send out MIDI start/stop/continue signals to the MIDI out port? A connected sequencer or groovebox could start running a backing track or some rhythm part and send clock to the Axe as well. Maybe sending clock from the Axe is a bit...
  7. martijne

    Not a Bug Scene copy does not copy scene names

    See title: The scene copy function seems only to copy bypass states and channels, but not scene names. (ver 10.0.2 on OSX 10.13.6) Anyone else too?
  8. martijne

    Wish Swap scene function

    IIRC the previous incarnation had this handy swap scene function. AE3 lets me only copy scenes to others. I'd like to toss around some scenes in Leons excellent 80s clean preset. I can get my result with some trickery, but hey, swap scenes in AE3 would be nice too. The channels have a copy...
  9. martijne

    Axe-Fx 3 forgot MIDI settings?

    Hello, Something curious happened: my III forgot its MIDI settings. Channel back to one; all cc’s set back to none. Anyone experienced this too? Any clues?
  10. martijne

    Axe-Fx III & Liquid Foot+ syx file thread

    Hello, I made a simple setup file for the LF+12+ and the Axe FX II: used the cc numbers of the II and set them up in in the Midi/remote menu of the III made a small LF layout with: commonly used effects in the IA slots, including scenes, looper, external etc three basic pages: one with...
  11. martijne

    Axe-Edit III & DAW :) :) :)

    Recording and reamping is now much easier with the III and Axe-III-Edit! Set up the song - play the gtrz- record the dry - reamp the tone - and the new ware will let you tweak on the fly with your DAW running! Communication between my II and its Axe-Edit was much slower iirc and sometimes AE...
  12. martijne

    Axe III <-> LF+ controller midi splitter box?

    Hello, since the Axe III apparently has standard midi ports (5 pin; not bidirectional), I suppose some plumbing is needed to make an LF+ foot controller fully functional through a 7 pin midi cable with phantom power and bidirectional midi: feed the power for the LF onto pins 6 & 7 merge the...
  13. martijne

    New IIIs on their way to Europe...

    Sussi from G66 just mailed me that they will receive an air shipment from Fractal with new III's middle of next week!! I got on the waitlist 30/1 around 17:00. Extremely excited! Shipping such large boxes by air shows FAS' commitment to us EU customers (imho).
  14. martijne

    FAMC LF12+ question

    Got me a second hand LF12+ and I like it quite a lot! One issue though, maybe one of you knows about it. I've set up some general presets linking to the main amps presets I use in the Axe. Each preset comes with different scenes of course, which I can nicely label in the LF+ editor. The...
  15. martijne

    Axe and Electribe..

    I was cured of GGAS (Guitar Gear Acquisiton) after buying my Axe. Had only occasional outbreaks of GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) since. But the OGAS (Other Gear Acquisition Syndrome) struck and I pulled the trigger on a Korg Electribe! Anyone have this too and cabled it into his Axe...
  16. martijne

    Baglama long neck saz on the Axe!

    just for the sake of curiosity, i picked up a longneck saz (aka baglama) from marktplaats.nl. 3+2+3 strings tuned in 5th's with frets in unusual places (for us guitarists, that is). Your guitar technique will work, but otherwise you're in a different universe. And that boosts creativity. It...
  17. martijne

    Input and Output2 also on USB

    Input2 and Output2 also on USB What if the Axe FX USB connection to the computer would not only carry Output1, Dry and Input to the Axe, but all five signals: output 1 and 2, input 1 and 2 and a dry track? Wouldn't that make it an even more versatile recording device?
  18. martijne

    Axe edit wish list

    AE Wish: use local settings for decimal separators. A small feature request for AE. Could it use the locale settings for decimal separators etc? If I enter e.g -7,5 on my numeric keypad, it ignores the comma and enters -75. One needs to use the American -7.5 with a dot. The computer stores...
  19. martijne

    The Good View EP - on my mkII of course!

    The first EP of my new band The Good View is out. Alternative rock from Amsterdam. Proudly recorded with my mkII! Gemini | The Good View
  20. martijne

    Global FX Mix and Global Reverb Mix under midi control

    Dear FAS, I guess most people working on amp-style controllers would love to have Global FX mix and Global Reverb mix under midi control. Through a cc, a NRPN or sysex. Would that be possible? I mean these people...
  21. martijne

    Spaced Out Wave with Axe FX 2

    Hello, Got an AxeFx2 mkii since last Friday, so I'm still in the stage of sheer preset browsing excitement. Couldn't resist to upload a small song with the mysterious Planets preset.. Well yes, I'm also into textural stuff...
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