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  1. Rook

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    Question: can I address each of these slots by midi cc? I just got a Behringer X-touch Compact and it would be great to have the sliders control whatever is assigned in this page. For example, slider 1 is assigned to midi cc11. I set that to be performance control 1, and now that slider...
  2. Rook

    What effect is this?

    Yeah, you are going to have to be a whole lot more specific. Much of the rhythm guitar is layered with acoustic guitars and keyboards, but is pretty vanilla high gain. There is some filtering in the intro (as a studio effect) and the solo has a mod effect like a chorus or rotary speaker with the...
  3. Rook

    How to get Skid Row tones?

    I remember reading in one of the guitar magazines that when skid Row went into the studio to record slave to the grind, they brought a copy of master of puppets as a reference for the wooden guitar sound they wanted, and a copy of Gary Moore's still got the blues for the lead tone they wanted...
  4. Rook

    Queensrÿche - I Don't Believe In Love FULL COVER w/vocals [VIDEO]

    Flawless, from song choice through performance to tone, mixing and mastering. Nice job doesn't really cover it.
  5. Rook

    It is FAS & ML Sound Labs fault...

    Hypothetically, the recto 4x12 cab first (since I have 2 of those), the 5150, the SVT (I am about to track bass for an album) and the Bulb packs would be my top priority. They all look tempting, but those have me most excited. :)
  6. Rook

    It is FAS & ML Sound Labs fault...

    That nearly made me cry... I just spent the last 5 minutes on the fractal site looking for the ML bundle.
  7. Rook

    Easy notation suggestions?

    I'd be looking into the Fishman Triple Play.
  8. Rook

    New Factory Presets For Quantum 1

    Some presets for bass would be very welcome too :)
  9. Rook

    Wish Metallica amps : Mark IIC+ with JCM 800

    Alternately a guide as to what advanced parameters to tweak to achieve this hybrid would also be nice :)
  10. Rook

    Power amp sim only

    True. It has been asked for before, but IIRC Cliff felt it would expose too much of his magic to reverse engineering. Out of curiosity, what preamps are you using that the Axe doesn't replicate adequately. Cause I have a Boogie Triaxis I need to sell :)
  11. Rook

    Anyone Have a JVM410?

    If you try that, does it make you a beater tester?
  12. Rook

    Wishlist - Stuff you wish the AFX Modelled

    Umm... You know there is a whole forum section for wish lists, right?
  13. Rook

    Speaking Of Brit Floyd......

    FAS doesn't give anyone free stuff. If you are A level (Dream Theater, Rush, Metallica etc) FAS will come to you in person to help you dial your tones. Kinda like they do on the forum for us regular folks :)
  14. Rook

    I think I want one of these in the FX loop!

    I want one of these: Free The Tone – English | FLIGHT TIME DIGITAL DELAY FT-1Y I know I don't need it, and I don't even know if it sounds any good, but I saw a picture and my gear lust awoke from its slumber like a rough beast, it's hour come at last...
  15. Rook

    Who would you bring back?

    Might seem an odd choice for a metal head, but the world was a better place with Bob Marley in it.
  16. Rook

    Who would you bring back?

    How about J. S. Bach?
  17. Rook

    Who would you bring back?

  18. Rook

    Who would you bring back?

    Definitely Randy. He had a whole lot more to say on the guitar than we got to hear.
  19. Rook

    AxeFx Usb to Keyboard

    I imagine he would like to keep it. (Badum pish)
  20. Rook

    Cliff is up to something.

    I think it has to finish on a prime number. Oh, damn...
  21. Rook

    Antares ATG-1 demo by Larry Mitchell

    I'm going to be keeping a pretty close eye on this.
  22. Rook

    Antares ATG-1 demo by Larry Mitchell

    This looks really cool. I think I want one. What I'm wondering now: how good does it sound? Are there any more "exotic " models (dobro, banjo, sitar, mandolin etc)? Can it output midi notes? If the answers are excellent, heaps and yes... Then I must have this :)
  23. Rook

    OK-Didn't last long-Bought a new XL+

    Luke Vaiwalker...
  24. Rook

    Chris Squire - RIP

    My biggest idol on bass. :( thoughts with his friends and family.
  25. Rook

    OK-Didn't last long-Bought a new XL+

    That brings a smile to my face :)
  26. Rook

    24 Guage USB Cables

    I once had a Monster rep try to tell me that the cables are "time aligned" because high frequencies travel faster than slow ones (through the cable) and this causes phase problems. :/
  27. Rook

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Released

    Holy crap! Finally go around to installing 19. Never really been into the drive pedals, but I thought I would give them a whirl what with all the good press here. I was already on the vintage recto patch, so I just dialled down the gain and mv a bit and threw the tube screamer in front and maxed...
  28. Rook

    Cab Pack 13! Misha Mansoor!!!

    I'm kinda in this boat, but I don't want a sample pack, I would prefer a cab pack bundle of all the ML cab packs. I HAVE a 4x12 recto cab, so of course I need that. I love me the 5153, so that's a no brainier. I play bass in a band right now so the bass cab pack is needed. And of course I need...
  29. Rook

    Which part of amp is the most difficult thing to model ?

    It has to be the crystal lattice.
  30. Rook

    Help me understand Axe II processing power compared to PC/Mac

    One enormous difference between the Axe and a regular pc is the operating system. Windows/OS X/Linux/what-have-you is worrying about file systems, hi res screen redraws, networking, printer drivers, random peripherals, maybe your audio, 13tabs worth of browser content, etc. the axe's operating...
  31. Rook

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Released

    Thanks Cliff, you rock! Edit: Cliff and everyone at Fractal.
  32. Rook

    Romeo Rose - Libel and Slander against FAS

    I can't believe he managed that with a straight face. I've gone from seeing this guy as a troll, all the way through "mental illness" and out the other side into "surreal performance art".
  33. Rook

    Romeo Rose - Libel and Slander against FAS

    For context... http://youtu.be/suXXUti2kik
  34. Rook

    Cats on Axe-FX

    Why? Because internet, that's why.
  35. Rook

    There was a time...

    There was I time when I used to drool over this ad: "Imaging what I could do with a setup like that!" Now I look at my home studio and it is do much more powerful than Alex Skolnik could have dreamed possible. I still can't play like Alex though...
  36. Rook

    Which Cab Pack next? Do you like it BIG or small?

    Congratulations, with these new cabs you will have enough to to a ML cab pack bundle! (Hint, hint...) ;)
  37. Rook

    So an AXE player walks into a local music store to buy some strings

    An axe player walks into a music store to buy some new strings. After putting them on he gets straight on the Internet and complains loudly in the manufacturers forum that the new strings have completely changed his sound and now he has to go through all his patches and make adjustments.
  38. Rook

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta #2

    Thank you, bleeding edge people. I'll wait for official and axe edit, and share vicariously in your fun...
  39. Rook

    Buying direct off website

    ...warranty... I travel to the u.s. regularly and often buy gear there, but I figured the price here was pretty reasonable, all things considered.
  40. Rook

    Buying direct off website

    (oops, double post)
  41. Rook

    Axe to PA system and Matrix GT1000FX plus Cab - urgent help required!

    As long as it is reverbs and delays it makes no difference before or after the cab. Chorus, rotary etc might be a little bit different, but probably not so as you would notice. If you are using drive blocks after the cab... Yeah, don't do that ;)
  42. Rook

    Spdif, midi, analog connections

    No, you can't send midi over SPDIF. You can, I think, do everything you need over USB.
  43. Rook

    XL to MKII Converter

    Much as I would like a converter, I reckon a large part of Fractal's reticence is that it would be "yet another bloody thing to have to maintain through firmware revisions ".
  44. Rook

    Queensryche Patches

    Listen to the end of "The thin line". Aunch aunch...
  45. Rook

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta

    In what I hope is an appropriate time and place to mention this, can I buy you a Boss HM2 pedal? Or does the clip modification cover this now :) Thanks for all you do for us :)
  46. Rook

    Cab Pack 11 and 12 Released

    Not to speak for Mikko, but I think he has his own thing going on. Not totally different, but not exactly the same.
  47. Rook

    Floyd Time Intro - Ticking?

    Yep, percussive muted notes around a fourth apart plus the looper. :)
  48. Rook

    Cab Pack 11 and 12 Released

    Nice! Can we get a bundle on all the CK can packs, pretty please ? :)
  49. Rook

    "Tickle the reds" is a bad idea

    I REALLY like this idea. Also with an input mute button and an "end" button, so you can thrash away as hard as possible, mute (to avoid thumps), plug in the next guitar and so work your way through your entire guitar collection. Then hit end, and you have a S/N calibrated to the loudest noise...
  50. Rook

    Moving for the summer...want to bring the Axe..thoughts?

    Disagree. It's a frame of reference thing. When I go to the supermarket, i will take my wallet. When I come home, I will bring milk. You TAKE things there. You BRING things here.
  51. Rook

    The (almost)Official Fractal Audio Meme Thread

    Not a meme, but a fractal joke. What does the B in Benoit B Mandelbrot stand for? Benoit B Mandelbrot....
  52. Rook

    We don't get enough updates Thread

    I'm lucky if I get to install every third update... (Love your work, Cliff)
  53. Rook

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    Very VERY nice... :)
  54. Rook

    OH and CK Bass IR's - When?

    And will there be a collection of CK cab packs soon ? (Take my money!)
  55. Rook

    Wish Boss HM-2

    (Shrug) My dad is way into Dream Theater, Opeth and Steven Wilson, and my 6 year old son loves Megadeth, Symphony X, Yes and Sonata Arctica. I have no idea of what "Dad Rock" is in that context.
  56. Rook

    Wish Boss HM-2

    :) There you go, Cliff. Also, I overheard John Petrucci, Steve Vai and Alex Lifeson chatting about how they love this pedal and would love to hard it in the axe..
  57. Rook

    Wish Boss HM-2

    Cliff knows that a bunch of us would love this pedal. He has one himself. Now we just wait patiently and hopefully and in the meantime enjoy the smorgasbord of other tones on offer...
  58. Rook

    OK, your best $1000 or less 'recording rig' for my singer to record vocal ideas

    Basic windows lappy (min 4Gb ram), software of choice and something like this : Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio Bundle | Sweetwater.com would get him out of trouble with some pretty good results under budget.
  59. Rook

    Why I won't be using the cab block for recording any more

    Speculum Speculorum for beta tester! :) Good job, dude.
  60. Rook

    Calling OS X Guru’s

    Thanks for posting the solution in case someone else is searching with your issues. Good karma right there :)
  61. Rook

    Drive Request

    Does the FX8 do amp blocks?
  62. Rook

    nasty naisily Recording tone.

    Seemed to work out ok for Mr David Gilmour...
  63. Rook

    Clark Kent Sample Pack

    I just did a search of the forum to see if this might be happening. I do hope you do a bundle once the bass cabs come out. I'd be all over that :)
  64. Rook

    Wish IR Free FAS AMps

    Marshall and fender is (are) irrelevant. Call them Wasabi, Chocolate, Cotton Candy, Butterscotch, Szechwan Beef, Whipped Cream, Vindaloo, etc... Think about synth presets. Sure, you might have Piano, Strings, Horn Section etc. But you also might have Arctic Dawn, Luminosity and Goat whisperer...
  65. Rook

    Wish IR Free FAS AMps

    I totally get what the OP is talking about, and I think the people inclined to shoot it down are put off by the terminology. Lets not call it an IR free amp block. Don't call it an amp block at all. Different paradigm. Call it something like an "Alternative shaper block". Or a "not-amp" block...
  66. Rook

    Line 6's 2.6 firmware...

    I had a pod Xt, which I thought was spectacular for the price and year. I got the Axe and yes, it was better. Around 8 months later I was travelling and I brought the pod for convenience, and... Holy crap did it sound horrible. So when upgrading, the increments seem small, but when downgrading...
  67. Rook

    Line 6's 2.6 firmware...

    Ho boy. On the one hand, yes people obsess overly about what gear they use, and what gear the next guy uses. And yes, if the sounds you need are in the line 6 gear, good for you, I'm happy for you (really), now go make music. But to broadly imply that Axe users have been hoodwinked in to buying...
  68. Rook

    Axe FX HD - How I booted the Pod HD firmware on the Axe II

    Don't forget to compress the crap out of everything too...
  69. Rook

    My Ormsby Hype Build

    Please do!
  70. Rook

    Van Halen on Kimmel

    Sad that Dave couldn't make it. They should have had Jimmy Kimmel sing it before getting some homeless guy of the street to give it a go. Sad...
  71. Rook

    Sound Guys – Sheesh! (Axe-FX content)

    Moral of the story; don't leave that shit up to the sound guy!
  72. Rook

    How These Famous Bands Came Up With Their Name....

    Lol. In most of my bands the name chosen is the first one that no-one vetos outright. "Ok, we can all live with it? No one absolutely hates it? Great, we are The Malignant Bratwursts. What the hell, it will do. We are on in 15 minutes."
  73. Rook

    How These Famous Bands Came Up With Their Name....

    Pink Floyd was at one time called The Meggadeaths before they decided to name themselves after blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. (Edit ...as is mentioned in the link of the original post... :\ )
  74. Rook

    Top Gear fans? Clarkson sacked from TG

    Well ultimately I reckon if you start swinging punches at the people you work with, you shouldn't be surprised if you lose your job. Everything else here is technicalities.
  75. Rook

    Top Gear fans? Clarkson sacked from TG

    If we are going there, we should go here too:
  76. Rook

    Top Gear fans? Clarkson sacked from TG

    He obviously wanted it documented by a doctor that he had sustained an injury (however minor). I'd bet someone from H.R. or legal suggested he go. Legally speaking, in cases of assault, that is what you are supposed to do (IANAL). Really, I can't see how the producer could have realistically...
  77. Rook

    Top Gear fans? Clarkson sacked from TG

    Sometimes. And sometimes you kick them in the head until they don't get up any more. In reality the appropriate response is likely to fall somewhere between these extremes. In the case of the producer, Clarkson is clearly a bully and a thug, and the producer gets to keep his career. Can't...
  78. Rook

    Another Free Soundtoys plugin

    All free until April 1st. Pace protected, but ilok not needed. Just a Soundtoys account and an ilok account; both free, and worth having for the periodic freebies Soundtoys releases. I have Little Microshift, Little Radiator and Little Primaltap so far, and they are all great! Link with code...
  79. Rook

    Top Gear fans? Clarkson sacked from TG

    I am not entirely unsympathetic to that view, but here is another possible way to look at it. Sometimes, if there doesn't seem to be an ongoing threat, it may be more prudent to refrain from retaliation. That way it is PERFECTLY CLEAR what happened. There is a big difference between "Clarkson...
  80. Rook

    Top Gear fans? Clarkson sacked from TG

    Not "grown men", just big babies with poor impulse control.
  81. Rook

    Shout out to YEK for the AXE FX II WIKI site and work on upgrades

    A pint from every Fractal user who owes him a debt; Yek could start his own beer label :)
  82. Rook

    I think I've been trying the wrong amp all this time...

    Also it is easy to get a really shit sound with a mark IV. With a Marshall, wherever you point the knobs it will sound like a Marshall. With a Mark IV, turn a nob from 6 to 7 and you have a totally different amp. Multiply that by the 150 knobs and switches in the thing... Don't get me wrong...
  83. Rook

    Top 10 Female Guitarists of all time

    Solid musical skills, and quite a nice voice. Video was a bit distracting :shock
  84. Rook

    Top 10 Female Guitarists of all time

    Lori Linstruth
  85. Rook

    Blurred Lines / Got to give it up

    The Gaye estate had already stated they were going to take it to court before Thicke, Pharell et al filed. All the rest is just legal positioning. I would love to have been a fly on the wall fir the case, but my impression was that this is a bullshit verdict. I went and listened to the Marvin...
  86. Rook

    check this out for me

    You know... A little bit of please and thank you goes a long way. Just saying...
  87. Rook

    Could use a little help from the guru's.

    Is the gr55 on the floor? Doesn't that have an expression pedal on it? Why not do the fade in with that? If it is racked, I think Bill has you covered :)
  88. Rook

    Who is this guy?!!!

    I like this. A lot. Like more than anything I have heard for a few years :)
  89. Rook

    21st Century Pickups for the Modern Guitar Player

    ... That can switch as I change patches...
  90. Rook

    21st Century Pickups for the Modern Guitar Player

    Welcome to the forum, and thanks for joining us here. I love it when the folks who design the stuff are accessible to chat about it :)
  91. Rook

    Idea for new website - Feedback wanted

    What's your revenue stream? Ads? The bandwidth is going to cost; no one is going to begrudge you making a buck off it, but how you do it is an important consideration.
  92. Rook

    'Gifted' Guitarists

    Well, my mother seems to have a pretty big crush on Steve Vai...
  93. Rook

    'Gifted' Guitarists

    Large amounts of practice is what makes natural ability blossom.
  94. Rook

    Johanna Connor anyone!

    SMH I am embarrassed on behalf of this forum. Lets be better than that.
  95. Rook

    USA Custom Shop Strandberg Koa Run!

  96. Rook

    8/9 string Gtrs, Fan frets necessary for intonation?

    Yes, agreed. I don't think that is a problem with the instrument so much as the kind of intervals you can get away with in that register. Try playing a tightly clustered cord (or heck even a stock standard triad) way down the bass end of a piano. Sounds like ass.
  97. Rook

    Johanna Connor anyone!

    Hell yeah! She has some FIRE in her playing :)
  98. Rook

    G3 modeling thread

    Clark, that's a REALLY nice balance of articulation and saturation :)
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