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  1. jethro

    Install error message code 216

    I'm running Windows 10 32 bit and I get this message Unable to execute file: Create Process failed; code 216 this version of %1 is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. Check your computers system information and then contact the software publisher. Anyone have this issue...
  2. jethro

    FC-12 stuck in Firmware 1.06 display

    I loaded the default settings and I cant get it to do anything. I read the manual but it seems like it is stuck and frozen. I opened it out of the box and hooked it up. Also after hooking it up I get a loud hum that I never had before. On start up it goes through the color changes but nothing. I...
  3. jethro

    Fx loop question

    I followed the instructions on page 30 of the manual to a tee. But I get no sound of the effect inserted to the loop. I'm trying to use a Eventide H9 max in the loop. Is it a level somewhere? The send block is empty on axe edit. Any idea's?
  4. jethro


    Anyone have any Ghost presets? Do they use III"s or II"s? I just saw them live and they had great tone! Something like the song "Faith" or "Mummy dust".
  5. jethro

    Axe FX II got wet

    A pipe burst above my studio in my new house. It was racked but got very wet along with everything else. I waited a few days and plugged it in an it took a unusual amount of time to boot up. It seems to work but I don't know for how long. I have extra insurance on all my gear but the adjuster...
  6. jethro

    Axe edit and windows 10???

    Are they compatible? I cant get mine to connect. Any idea's???
  7. jethro

    Dweezilla guitar masterclass

    Anyone ever attend one? I'm going tomorrow and I'm not sure what to expect. I've heard there are only about 10 to 15 people showing up for the one here in Columbus Ohio.
  8. jethro

    I need axe edit for firmware 11.00

    I cant seem to find it. Anyone have any idea's on what or where to look?
  9. jethro

    New Black Sabbath album streaming free on itunes today.

    I really like it! Great guitar tones and riffs! He was using Laney Klipps amps.If your a Sabbath fan you should check it out.Geezer kills on the bass and Ozzy sounds great! Iommi is such a riff master its crazy!
  10. jethro

    A interesting invention for acoustic guitars.

    Sorry if this was posted before. I just heard about it today. Really cool sounds! The Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer by Paul Vo — Kickstarter
  11. jethro

    A job well done! V10 is by far the best ever!

    I am totally blown away by the new firmware! I always wait on the new release untill the bugs are worked out.I just went from version 7.0 to 10 and was very skeptical about doing so.All i can say is WOW! My mesa 50 cal preset sounds identical to my real head.I've not uploaded the preset banks...
  12. jethro

    My Satriani masterclass video entry.

    This is Joe's song called "god is crying".I play my own riffs/chops over it.Its for a contest with guitar center.Many people have commented on the tone and want to know what amp it is.They freak when I tell them there is no amp.AXE FX II in my monitors.Anyway check it out,I thought it was pretty...
  13. jethro

    I am totally blown away at the new 6.0 firmware!

    Just the feel and the dynamics are amazing! It really sounds REAL! It has balls the size of church bells on the heavy metallica type stuff.So easy to dial in killer sounds.The clean presets are very responsive and crystal clear.I have played thru my mesa 20/20 into 2 4x12 cabs in stereo to my...
  14. jethro

    Great Van Halen tone or not.

    Read the statement by the OP.He says its a amp but it really is not.What do you think about the tone? This is not me.Someone emailed it to me yesterday to try to tonematch. Van Halen I nailed with my new amp - YouTube
  15. jethro

    MFC wont update firmware.

    I have followed this link on how to update the firmware.http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-reviews/38110-first-impressions-pt1-4.html When I get to D in the instructions,the computer is transmitting the file but the mfc does not show the update in progress.Just like in picture 4.I am...
  16. jethro

    Anyone use a Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL ?

    I'm thinking of buying one soon and was curious of the pro's and con's of it.I've only read great reviews of the unit.It is suppose'd to be awesome! I dont konw.
  17. jethro

    Axe II And K12's Quick speaker cable question.

    I just got the K12's and I am amazed at how great they sound! I am using tip and sleeve speaker cables.Will it sound even better by using xlr or ring tip sleeve cables? Does it really make a difference? Thanks for any input.
  18. jethro

    A clip of The new VH song Tattoo

    Eddies tone got darker I think. Tattoo: Van Halen: Amazon.co.uk: MP3 Downloads
  19. jethro

    Mean street custom shop

    I got this for christmas.The paint is amazing! And it plays like a dream.It is a holograhic type of paint.My first new guitar in a while.
  20. jethro

    Can someone post a clip of preset c308 for me with 3.02 firmware.Thors hammer and saw

    I'm curious to see what it sounds like with the upgrade.Mine sounds very thin and high end like.It used to sound like a heavy wall of sound with thick sustain.And if you could post the patch.I need to see why my axe II is not sounding right after the upgrade.Its the only way I can compare it.I...
  21. jethro

    Is there a factory reset for the axe II?

    I searched and didn't see anything related to this.I would like to reset if possible.
  22. jethro

    Global EQ levels

    What do you set yours at? Just curious.
  23. jethro

    WOW! This Red wirez Cab is insane!

    Thanks to Yek for getting me headed in the right direction.The KRANK legends cab is Incredible!!! Great tone like kings x,Pantera,COC and megadeth.Then you can turn it down and sweeten it up.All I can say is WOW! Totally blown away!
  24. jethro

    Loading redwirez ir's.No sound.

    I've tried everything in this forum to no avail.Do I have to convert the files?I see them in my cab selection in axe edit but I get no sound.I'm using axe II with 2.00 firmware.I drag and drop and it has a slash thru the speaker.I have tried everthing.No justice for Jethro!
  25. jethro

    Update mfc firmware with axe II,usb, 5 pin midi cable.???? Help Please.

    I have searched high and low and cant find it anywhere.Can it be done? I did a factory reset on the MFC.I just need to know how to update the firmware.I assume you use axe edit but I don't know.Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've been trying to do this for the last 5 days.
  26. jethro

    Wish Update firmware with axe II usb and a midi cable for MFC

    I sold my midi interface with my ultra.I thought now with the usb you could update the mfc thru the II.Computer to axe II to mfc using a midi or cat5 to the mfc.What a complete bummer.Please tell me it will happen someday.
  27. jethro

    Whats the best method to update the MFC?

    I have a axe II with 2.0 firmware and I see many people having issues with it.I'm a little leary of doing it.I've never updated the mfc only the axeII.Can I do it with a USB cable or does it have to be a midi cable.Any help would be great.I'm really trying to avoid any problems with the...
  28. jethro

    After 2.0 update, I am totally blown away by this Axe fx II !

    I have played guitar and chased tone for 28 years.I have had eventides,lexicon,tc electronics,roland,digitech,and everything else.Two huge racks when playing out.Just fx and two heads.Plus two 4x12 cabs.With what I dialed in tonite in a short amount of time is far beyond anything I'd ever dream...
  29. jethro

    Can I use a axe II with just axe edit thru USB?

    I read the book and the wiki installed the driver and axe edit and I cant get it to connect.All I want to do is edit on the editor and I cant get it to connect.I have only had the axe II for 2 days.I tried everything. I am running windows 7 with a usb hooked to both.Thanks to anyone that can...
  30. jethro

    Expression pedal setup.Wah wont work

    I set up the volume pedal no problem.I calibrated the next expression pedal and followed the directions on page 26 of the mfc manual.I have XP2 then cc field #97( for wah1) What midi channel should be selected? 97 as well? And what should be in the last box? Thanks in advance for any...
  31. jethro

    Expression pedal users.What do you controll besides volume and wah?

    I've only had mine set up for 1 day now.I just wonder what different things you control. I'm trying to figure out how to fade delay in and out with a expression pedal now.And if it can be global for all of my patches.What do you use them for?
  32. jethro


    Anyone make a patch with a rotovibe type sound?
  33. jethro

    Exiting out of the tuner

    When I use the tuner an try to exit out of it back to the previous patch,it wont go back.What button do you use to do this? I have to power it off and then back on to get it out of tuner mode.Thanks,Jeff
  34. jethro

    Whats the best overall midi foot controller for the ultra?

    Sorry if this was asked before.I get my ultra tomorrow. What one has the most control of the axe fx? How many expression pedals can you use.
  35. jethro

    1 question before I buy the ultra

    How is the editor software? Is it easy to navigate and user friendly? And easy to save presets that I make? Also when does the new foot controller come out and how much is it?? Thanks in advance,Jeff
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