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  1. Moltenmetalburn

    Tube Tone from a Tube Pedal into the Axe FX II

    I have always done this, restore "real" amp feel with passives. Not usually looking for tone. The axe can handle that. The axe feel is great but not the same. I have been ABing this way since I got my axe2 which was first batch. Maybe mkii are better in this regard. Study up on the...
  2. Moltenmetalburn

    How to avoid "Woolliness" of tone

    pre distortion bass eq. try the bass cut switch first.
  3. Moltenmetalburn

    Guitar cables. What's your flavor?

    colossal cable.
  4. Moltenmetalburn

    Black Line on LCD Display ??

    Reseat display cable if out of warranty. If in warranty contact fractal for permission.
  5. Moltenmetalburn

    Very specific noise gate theory/questions...

    previous to the axe i always used a gate before the amp, and a noise supressor in the loop. silent and powerful. gate the guitar, suppress the gain staging hiss. beware the nomenclature, for instance the BOSS ns2 says suppressor on it but it is a gate! choose by circuit function, not name.
  6. Moltenmetalburn

    Amazing what wire can do

    but cables don't matter. to the deaf...
  7. Moltenmetalburn

    Anyone have success with the Stylus pick?

    it works if you need it. i bought one and found my technique in those areas was already fine and saw zero improvement.
  8. Moltenmetalburn


    def not twin jet, sounds nothing like the one i had.
  9. Moltenmetalburn

    Noise problem solved: Stay Away From These Guitar Cables

    Ugh the "creationists" of the guitar world... Cables make a difference. Period. It is understanding how/when that eludes guitarists which leads to many arguments on the issue. Here is the straight dope: All shielding issues aside, well assume the cable is shielded and not noisy...
  10. Moltenmetalburn

    Axe FX II + Tube Amp help?

    I prefer, Global power amp sims off. Speaker distortion minimum, transformer distortion minimum. Set axe output to taste for power amp distortion. In the advanced settings change the power amp filtering of the highs and lows to 20/20. Let the real power amp define the cutoffs. Set...
  11. Moltenmetalburn

    Anything Fryette (VHT)

    Plus ten, fryette gear would be great, a pittbull and a sig x.
  12. Moltenmetalburn

    Matrix vs. Tube poweramp

    2/90/2 pretty neutral. Decent thump, not as much as a full size head. I went up to the 2150 and the full size transformers yield full size tone. Smaller iron sounds smaller.
  13. Moltenmetalburn

    ebay sell - paypal pending ??? can it be a scam

    Just another one of ebay bullshit polices . I've dealt with that wait a few times also. No issues.
  14. Moltenmetalburn

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    Yes the list IS overwhelming lol. No option paralysis for me thanks, ENFP problems.
  15. Moltenmetalburn

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    Not sure why I feel like biting onto this obvious bait, feisty day I suppose, I have many. Oh really?! BK humbuckers retail as a set for $309-$384 that is approximately $150 and $170 each pickup. Manlius, smits, BG, and MANY others hit the $80-90 mark depending on add one covers etc... That...
  16. Moltenmetalburn

    Wish VHT Pitbull Ultra Lead

    Steve didn't lose the company. He let the old partner keep the name after a financial falling out. The only thing that happened is he changed the name to his last name. The other guy puts the vht name on Chinese amps he resells. The fryettes are all the exact same amplifier circuits. Ans I...
  17. Moltenmetalburn

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    None, there are tons of American winders making even better pickups at half the price. Check out , motor city pickups, manlius pickups, smits pickups etc. Or just check out my list. Rig-Talk • View topic - The Ultimate Boutique Pickup Manufacturer List Btw the warpigs are the least...
  18. Moltenmetalburn

    Dumped my Splawn today for these:

  19. Moltenmetalburn

    Dumped my Splawn today for these:

    Lefties rule.
  20. Moltenmetalburn

    Peavey XXX or JSX

    He was caught by peavey for not using it and chastised, setting it up onstage without connection etc... Straight from my peavey rep. If I said NEVER earlier , then yes that would be too strict. I have only heard the early ones, I know many circuit changes have happened. Maybe hey are much...
  21. Moltenmetalburn

    Trouble with Low Tunings and gainy patches

    Yes this is a truth. Tuning this low makes it hell for the bassist. In the mix they never exist. You wind up feeling the impact more than hearing the musicianship.
  22. Moltenmetalburn

    Trouble with Low Tunings and gainy patches

    I have a cabinet specifically for bass guitar or very low guitars with eminence delta 12 a , they work wonderfully for both.
  23. Moltenmetalburn

    Trouble with Low Tunings and gainy patches

    Haha it was harder than I thought to find a #14 in a beauty contest to celebrate the firmware!
  24. Moltenmetalburn

    Peavey XXX or JSX

    I can agree many will want and like this amp. No problem with that, for your sake I hope cliff gives it to you. I won't mind skipping over it . I can also agree expectations of tone will differ. I cannot agree in any way that the JSX is a good sounding amp. IMO Terrible. Peavey give shitloads...
  25. Moltenmetalburn

    Trouble with Low Tunings and gainy patches

    Yes you are correct, my perspective starts much lower than yours that's all lmao, the highest I go is dropped C .
  26. Moltenmetalburn

    A photo of the Axe 2 in front of all the amps and cabs it currently models

    Debatable. For me it did. I used to own all of that stuff and now I use only my iPhone for all of it. End of story. Case by case basis.
  27. Moltenmetalburn

    Purchasing Cab Packs. Why no Pay/pal?

    Because they don't want to pay the exorbitant fees.
  28. Moltenmetalburn

    Peavey XXX or JSX

    JSX is the worst and many like it. That damned active eq sucks and the cocked wah voicing cannot be dialed out. I'd say pass on the JSX.
  29. Moltenmetalburn

    R.I.P Shane Gibson.

    RIP Shane. Toured with him when he was in Korn. KILLER guitarist, even nicer person. :(
  30. Moltenmetalburn

    Trouble with Low Tunings and gainy patches

    String gauge. F# will require .082-.017 for proper tension at 25.5 on a six string . Less gain. LESS GAIN = MORE PAIN. don't hide behind gain, amend technique. Speakers and poweramp. The fundamental of your F# is 46.25. Well into bass guitar territory, if your speakers and system can't...
  31. Moltenmetalburn

    Poll: who is rocking a tablet?

    Best thing fractal could do would be to add an iOS editor.
  32. Moltenmetalburn

    Realistic Dual Guitar Harmonies

    I'll Just wait for fractal to finish their version of the formant shifting .
  33. Moltenmetalburn

    It was 20 years ago today...

  34. Moltenmetalburn

    BBE Sonic Maximizer

    Id like to argue that guitar modeling then would still be stuck at POD 1.0, but to each their own truly, at least we agree it doesnt add anything positive. Im a numbers and proven science kind of guy for better or for worse. Im cool with that albeit still uncool. ;)
  35. Moltenmetalburn

    does the Ax smoke a pod hd?

    That IS Pot H(e)D. Different strain.
  36. Moltenmetalburn

    Good FW14 Cleans

    I was surprised so many complained of the cleans in 14. I had no issues and your clips sound great as we'll.
  37. Moltenmetalburn

    does the Ax smoke a pod hd?

    Then the answer is NO CONTEST.
  38. Moltenmetalburn

    So i changed the Grill on my amp and.....

    I prefer the black but that's just me. It's looks like a pro did it! I also love the offset amp badge, much better.
  39. Moltenmetalburn


    Man is genius and found the path on his own. Most die without ever having lived.
  40. Moltenmetalburn

    BBE Sonic Maximizer

    Based on: "The resulting signal must be judged by a human ear with real-world source material, not a noise generator and an o-scope." You and I could never, EVER see eye to eye (ear to ear) on anything audio related, period. I would never trust the human ear and subjectivity over...
  41. Moltenmetalburn

    BBE Sonic Maximizer

    And to clarify even further, the process and countour knob at their neutral settings are anything but, bypassing the unit while set to "neutral" is NOT an effective ab comparison. It's to trick you into hearing huge changes at false " min" settings. Now as for the phase alignment, the math...
  42. Moltenmetalburn

    BBE Sonic Maximizer

    Exactly. I hate it because it sucks donkey balls. I have never been cool nor cared what others think is cool. Geeks are chic.
  43. Moltenmetalburn

    Axe fx 2 Screen

    Reseat ribbon cables after asking fractal if it's cool to avoid voiding warranty.
  44. Moltenmetalburn

    Axe Fx 2 Fan

    What size or model?
  45. Moltenmetalburn

    Shelf-Helving filter

    Faraday convulsions? Face palm.
  46. Moltenmetalburn

    Motor City "Solution" pickup?

    We'll based on what you seem to be looking for they fit the bill. Because you play metal everyone will steer you toward ceramic or A5 assuming crispy trebles huge bass and scooped mids are STILL what metal tone are. They are wrong.
  47. Moltenmetalburn

    Ok, Once And For All... H&K Amps?

    The Triamp I owned was a great amp. The gain channels were very vanilla however, no character of their own. The clean channel B WAS the best clean I've ever had. Pristine glass.
  48. Moltenmetalburn

    Motor City "Solution" pickup?

    Ok I've played a bunch of warpig style pickups so I follow that. I also hated the crispy highs of the aftermath, I loathe ceramic magnets. Juggernaut I haven't heard. All of those are higher wind pickups so PAF style seems out of the running though the most uncompressed pickups are lower...
  49. Moltenmetalburn

    Motor City "Solution" pickup?

    Yes sir, I have/have had tons of mcp pickups. Hell baby, nuke, solution, angel dust, detroiter, blister, afwayu. The solution reminded me of a nail bomb, admittedly I've only heard, never owned a nail bomb. I prefer the now discontinued hell baby to the solution. Solution is a high...
  50. Moltenmetalburn

    Third Party Effects Algorithms

    This won't ever happen.
  51. Moltenmetalburn

    Which gate to take?

    I play high gain metal without a gate. Can't get along with the lack of dynamics and sustain. gates are useful but always a compromise. Good gain staging and playing position can be used successfully to avoid gate use. I'll even use my p90 guitar without a gate!
  52. Moltenmetalburn

    Which guitar technique was most difficult for you?

    Picking up models.
  53. Moltenmetalburn

    Matrix vs. Tube poweramp

    Exactly. Matrix is nice but cannot compare to a tube amp.
  54. Moltenmetalburn

    Matrix vs. Tube poweramp

    Tou do if you want to sound like a traditional guitar rig, thiose super hyped sounds made by doubling up the filtering are anything but traditional and in my opinion horrid sounding. Im trying to replicate pretty well mnow traditional tones.
  55. Moltenmetalburn

    Real ADT Britt800 FW 14!!!

    Play it twice. Maybe thrice.
  56. Moltenmetalburn

    New triode modeling is great

    Richer is an adjective I would use as well. Still reeling over this, this change was HUGE and seemingly overlooked for the new amps and whatever other bells and whistles were added this time. Its these subtle end stage refinements that will show huge performance leaps at this point IMO. I am...
  57. Moltenmetalburn

    Screen flicker and death of an axe fx :-(

    Power supply, thats how mine went.
  58. Moltenmetalburn

    replicate power amp SAG with PEQ before the cab block ?

    I meant use the tone match function to tone match an actual power amp and use that block as necessary.
  59. Moltenmetalburn

    Wish FAS Monkey

    Firmware 14 is not officially released is it? If it's still in beta then that's the reason it is not available for download on the support page. You don't want to read release notes? How else will you know what changes the firmware revisions bring? You want an app to read it to you? Not...
  60. Moltenmetalburn

    replicate power amp SAG with PEQ before the cab block ?

    No an EQ Is not going to change dynamically. Apples and oranges. Sure an EQ could be used to approximate the frequency response of a power amp. The tone match block may be a better choice though.
  61. Moltenmetalburn

    New Amp that Roars

    Powerball sucks soooo bad. Wish we had a Blackmore or invader instead of that mess.
  62. Moltenmetalburn

    New triode modeling is great

    All amps. The change I'm referring to is at the "tube" level.
  63. Moltenmetalburn

    Wish All Amps levels = the same volume

    The amp models just like the real amps result in different output levels. Just how it is.
  64. Moltenmetalburn

    New triode modeling is great

    The new triode modeling was immediately apparent to me. I'm not sure why I don't see this shouted everywhere but the axe just got better again, alot better. I suspected this wouldn't be small. The cumulative improvement through each gain stage is extremely noticeable. Another leap...
  65. Moltenmetalburn

    Axe FX II and feature creep

    So you let your guitarist use the axe having no prior experience. He fails to refer to the manual I assume, the manual that clearly explains in plain English the features and functions of the axe fx. He has frustrations from not being able to self learn the features and functions of the axe ...
  66. Moltenmetalburn

    Your opinion on this cabinet sound

    Hollow mids, not really a criticism of the IR though.
  67. Moltenmetalburn


    I'm sure this has been asked for before a million times. I was just bummed yet again today that I can't use my iPad with my axe fx even though I seem to use it for EVERYTHING else these days. I would be happy to buy it in the App Store like any other app. Is fractal considering this at all...
  68. Moltenmetalburn

    Forget the XL! You want THIS...

    That looks sick, the krypton item knob is killer.
  69. Moltenmetalburn

    Axe FX II and feature creep

    Nothing should ever be dumbed down so ignorant users can be catered. Ignorant users need to learn how to use the devices they choose to buy. RTFM. End of story. No real benefit in " give a man a fish" menus.
  70. Moltenmetalburn

    Forget the XL! You want THIS...

    Umm, the black original aesthetics are far more evil than that 1960s television look.
  71. Moltenmetalburn

    Axe FX II and feature creep

    Never dumb down my axe fx. Hasten the singularity.
  72. Moltenmetalburn

    Crowther Prunes and custard

    Similar Schematic:
  73. Moltenmetalburn

    Crowther Prunes and custard

    Unique circuit, requires a model IMO.
  74. Moltenmetalburn

    What have I done?

    Try new strings first.
  75. Moltenmetalburn

    Real tube power amp + direct/FOH - routing?

    I keep seeing this idea perpetuated , that some amps cant be used with a tube poweramp because of PA distortion. This is simple gainstaging. If you use a tube poweramp with the axe, which you are when going for tones with higher amounts of PA distortion you turn down the master on the tube...
  76. Moltenmetalburn

    Is it possible to bypass the preamp?

    I am also under the impression neutral in this case is frequency based not distortion.
  77. Moltenmetalburn

    In light of the third party cab libraries...

    Lodigy is cool thanks for that! I am sooo excited to buy one, ill use mine for so many different things! I want it right now! Edit: bought it.
  78. Moltenmetalburn

    Do we have any Battlefield/PS4 players in da house?

    No battlefield but cod gosts on ps4, have that one?
  79. Moltenmetalburn

    Is it possible to bypass the preamp?

    No that means you can choose to use the preamp sag which is tied to the poweramp even if you shut the poweramps off.
  80. Moltenmetalburn

    Is it possible to bypass the preamp?

    We've been asking for this forever , I stopped holding my breath but I am still hopeful.
  81. Moltenmetalburn

    Looking for Amps on Craigslist and Found This

    I sold 8 high gain heads, never looked back.
  82. Moltenmetalburn

    Questions about Delta Pro 12as and enclosures (input needed)

    Try the delta first I have them in sealed and ported cabs, the sealed cabs still have huge bottom end, these are very dark speakers .
  83. Moltenmetalburn

    Is there meant to be a hum when using the axe fx II through an amp!?!?!

    Are you using humbuster cables? Check the manual.
  84. Moltenmetalburn

    I thought it would be red...

    Yeah the 1984 VCR aesthetics underwhelm everyone ive ever shown it to for the first time.
  85. Moltenmetalburn

    Going back to tubes

    So youve never had a 2? If not then im not surpirsed the ultra doesnt even hold a candle to the 2.
  86. Moltenmetalburn


    I jave a can with the standard eminence delta 12 a and they are awesome as well.
  87. Moltenmetalburn

    High output PU´s and the Axe

    I use the parameters to dial in the pickup strength I want no matter what it is.
  88. Moltenmetalburn

    So, V14...

    Yeah that was unclear, I was thinking about the single ended power amp models sorry.
  89. Moltenmetalburn

    Wish Engl Savage 120

    Thanks for listening cliff, this is the flagship ENGL we've all been waiting for!
  90. Moltenmetalburn

    So, V14...

    New profile pics incoming.
  91. Moltenmetalburn

    So, V14...

    "Improved Amp block triode model. New model more accurately replicates behavior when triode enters saturation. This results in a warmer and punchier tone with smoother distortion characteristics." this sounds BIG. Wondering if it includes the preamp triodes as well as the power amp triode mode.
  92. Moltenmetalburn

    Electric Amps Power Unit

    Well my 2150 sounds great im sure the electric does also, if i ever get another tube poweramp for the axe tgough it will be a rivera hammer 320.
  93. Moltenmetalburn

    Matrix vs. Tube poweramp

    Yes, I could not get along with the matrix when is sat beside my vht 2/90/2 and 2150. The matrix sounded awesome until put up against the real poweramps. Couldn't hang. Sure you lose a small amount of versatility not using the power amp sims but the preamps still sound vastly different from...
  94. Moltenmetalburn

    Any tweaking tips for valve power amp/guitar cab setup?

    I never leave power amp sims on, you may be happy with the sounds you get that way but with a tube amp the double filterig sounds nothing like what a real traditinal rig sound like, for this reason i wont use it that way, too overhyped sounding. Power amp off in the global menu, leave the sag...
  95. Moltenmetalburn

    bass emulation

    Much larger strings and tune it an octave lower. Or experiment with the octave down pitch with mixed results.
  96. Moltenmetalburn

    Maxon OD-808

    Maxon gave them away like candies. Ibanez not so much.
  97. Moltenmetalburn

    Cliff "Global Speaker impedance on/off"

    That control is nothing like what the axe is doing , hell that power amp sounds terrible.
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