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  1. TheTrooper

    FSOT Suhr Custom Modern 7 ( Roasted Birdseye 3A Maple neck / Figured Koa body )

    * Offers are welcomed, Lowballing is ok, the worst You get is just "No" * Up for sale my Suhr Custom Modern 7. Photos just don't do it justice, but I suck at taking them. Built in 2012 for a UK dealer, it is the most outstanding instrument I had the pleasure to play, but with some expenses...
  2. TheTrooper

    Whitesnake's Here I Go Again Solo | Classic Rock Solos #2 (Guitar Cover)

    Hey guys, I'm sure there are plenty of Whitesnake fanatics in here. I've been on a huge 1987 kick for a bit lately and worked on a couple of songs from it. I did a full Cover of the song but I guess I'm an attention whore (LOL) and wated to share the Solo first. What do You guys think? (Oh...
  3. TheTrooper

    White Lion's Wait - Solo | Classic '80s Rock Solo (Guitar Cover)

    Hey good fellas, haven't posted here in a while. I decided to start recording some of my favourite Rock Solos from the '80s and this is the 1st one. Preset is one off Leon Todd's AX8 list (converted of course) (Brit Pre), but with different Cabs and other changes. Hope You guys like it! Cheers!
  4. TheTrooper

    Get Loud 2017- Ibanez Contest Entry

    Ibanez Italy and Zoom organized a contest (to promote something that I don't remember at this moment :rolleyes:) and this is my entry for it. Using my Suhr loaded with BKP Holy Divers. Ralph from Destrage made the Backing Track. As always, try not to laugh too much. (Preset Changes automated...
  5. TheTrooper

    Solo for #themoorsolocontest - Suhr Custom Modern 7 w/ Holy Divers

    I'm no good for contests, nevertheless I wanted to try the New pickups and see how they behave with heavy (not much for modern standard eheh) guitars underneath. Hefty amount of delay and some reverb for the lead, I guess it helped in making the solo stand up a little.
  6. TheTrooper

    DAVID LEE ROTH / STEVE VAI - Going' Crazy (Solo Cover) | New Pickup Day!!

    Sup fellas, recently acquired a great set of Bare Knuckle Holy Divers 7 and had this Solo on my "To Do" list, so I gave it a shot :sunglasses: They sound fenomenal, waaaaay better than the Suhr pickups I had in it; more stuff along the way to show their full potential. Enjoy! (Let's play a...
  7. TheTrooper

    VAN HALEN - Somebody Get Me a Doctor | Video Cover| BRIT 800 #34!!!!

    My humble Cover of this great great song. The new Brit 800 #34 is absolutely stellar and Q7 is all another league. (Beta 2 disn't sound as good as the final version, maybe I did something wrong but now it's incredible) No copying EVH tone here, just trying to see how the JBM works in a old...
  8. TheTrooper

    Fixed Factory Cabs sounds really wrong (almost half of them)

    Somebody reported that on 6.02 and I had the issue on 6.03, same thing now with 7 Beta. It's like there's no Cab at all, and You are only hearing the Amp. I don't really use Factory Cabs, but I guess this has to be fixed someway
  9. TheTrooper

    Dream Theater - Under a Glass Moon |FULL VIDEO COVER| Double Live Take

    My favourite song of one of my favourite bands. Congrats to DT for 25 Years of Images & Words! Wanted to do this months ago, but I was wihtout guitar so it toom me a while. Used the Axe MIDI capabilities and my DAW (and interface) to switch Presets. When the Solo (and the Clean part) comes...
  10. TheTrooper

    Question for the Fractal Audio Team: is it legal to actually sell presets made with your products?

    Ok, let me explain what I exactly mean (please consider that this is purely because of curiosity and I would like to hear the opinion of other forum members) I know users (like Fremen) that let you download presets from their site and then, if you feel like, you can donate to their website (and...
  11. TheTrooper

    Changing Presets on the AxeFx with Cubase (Connettivity and Parameters)?

    I know it's an already discussed topic, but I don't want to browse between 15 threads on 5 forums to get this sorted out; a sum up of what I need/need to set would be more accessible to anybody trying to do the same thing. :D I know I have to set a MIDI lane and pick the spots where I want the...
  12. TheTrooper

    [NOT A BUG] Tone Match Block doesn't......Tone Match

    Now, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or not (I used TM before and has always worked right, maybe something has changed with the updates?) but when I have audio from the PC going to the Axe for the "reference" tone, it works (I see the EQ moving and I can capture the sound) but when I...
  13. TheTrooper

    Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 - Attempt

    My attempt for the 2016 Ibanez Contest. (Of course I don't stand a chance, some Asian guy born and resident in EU is gonna win, we all know that :p) Still using the USA Lead Bright (BB preamp in front) Cab might be from Cab Pack 13 but honestly I don't remember.
  14. TheTrooper


    Got back my JBM from a Stainless Steel refret (because I HATE nickel frets and they were dead flat) and made a Cover of this awesome Solo The Amp is the JMP-1 Pre OD2 (I had the real deal some years ago and it's really a killer preamp, but If you want GAIN it only worked one way which is Gain...
  15. TheTrooper

    Dream Theater - Caught in a Web | Video Cover (New Guitar Day!) (Cab Pack 13)

    Hey guys, I recently got this beast and I needed to do a video with it :cool: I'm running a Dual Amp configuration, with a Dual Recto/L and a Mark IIC+/R with 2 IRs from Cab Pack 13: SM57- MD421 02 and SM57- R121 03 (I think......but it works best with just the 1st IR on both sides) I had to...
  16. TheTrooper

    Wish Custom Audio Amplifier/Suhr PT100

    That's probably the only amp that we don't have in the Axe Fx. Would love to have the 3 channels modeled in the Fractal, maybe with a matching CAA/Suhr Cab.
  17. TheTrooper

    YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - FAR BEYOND THE SUN |Full MultiCam Video Cover| Q 3.02| ToneMatch Included

    Hey everybody! Just finished uploading my Cover of YJM's Far Beyond The Sun, from it's debut Solo Album Rising Force. Soooo, back when I decided to do the video (2 months ago, probably more) I had no idea what I was going to use regarding the sound, because: 1) I don't have a Strat. 2) I don't...
  18. TheTrooper

    Wish Room Mics!

    Pretty self-explanatory. I think room mics could add another whole new level of flexibility to the unit and the sounds you'll be able to craft. Not sure how the engineering behind would be, but coming up with something like the reverb algorithms and be able to set the Time and Pre-delay for the...
  19. TheTrooper

    Axe Fx II Direct with USB to Mac/PC: The right way to set up everything?

    It's a question that's been picking my mind a lot. What are the parameteres (both on the Axe Fx I/O page and on whatever DAW) to look for and how to set them up the best way? Running direct into my Macbook with Cubase, I get 2.6ms input latency and 2.9ms output latency (enough to throw me off...
  20. TheTrooper

    Axe Fx and Scarlett2i2 on a Mac with Cubase not working

    Sooooo, i kinda need this to be sorted out. Cubase recognizes the Interface, with correct inputs and outputs, but doesn't let me record or give me sound. As soon as I connect the Scarlett via USB it starts to flash Red Halos (maybe it's an error thing). I can record using the Axe direct with USB...
  21. TheTrooper

    Solocontest 2016 - USA Lead to 11

    Hey fellas! Haven't posted a new video in a while (currently working on a new cool Video Cover that is getting delayed by a lot of stuff). Tomorrow it's the last day (and of course, I'm always doing stuff al last minute) for the Mayones Contest, so I put together the solo, just for fun. The...
  22. TheTrooper

    Rabeaafro Festive Shred Fest 2015 - Competition - Entry

    Hey folks, I recently saw this contest and decided to give it a try. I'm using my trusty Ibanez JBM (Tuned to D) and Axe Fx; the preset is a Mesa Mark IV preset, my go-to sound for Leads. The backing track was in standard tuning (Drop D actually) so I pitchsifted it down a whole step to...
  23. TheTrooper

    GN'R Website has a new interesting Homepage

    http://www.gunsnroses.com/ We can only speculate at this point but.........that looks rather intriguing. I wasn't even born when the original GNR lineup tore apart, and being one of my early influences, it would be an honour to see them. What do You guys think/feel about the all story? :D
  24. TheTrooper

    The Gift of Music - Dream Theater | Solo Cover| w/ PRESET (and TAB too)

    I will bother you guys one more time this week, 'cause I covered the Solo section from the new Dream Theater song, "The Gift of Music", from their upcoming album "The Astonishing". Their FB page(s) posted this a couple of days ago, and I must say that I'm really digging the song. It wasn't too...
  25. TheTrooper

    DLR/Steve Vai - Ladies' Nite In Buffalo? | FULL COVER+PRESETS| QUANTUM 1.0.5

    You can Jazz it up or Play it slow......But it's not the only song I know! :p As promised, here's my Full Video Cover of this great great Song, from the Eat 'Em and Smile Album. Sorry if it took me that much time, but I had some problems in the past days and that delayed it. (I recorded almost...
  26. TheTrooper

    Wish Mesa/Boogie Flux Drive/Throttle Box/Grid Slammer ODs

    I think It would be pretty cool to have these Boogie pedals, but maybe it's just me. :) Not that we don't have enough ODs in the Axe Fx, it would be just another option. :D
  27. TheTrooper

    David Lee Roth/Steve Vai | Ladies Night in Buffalo? - Solo [These ML Sound IRs are AWESOME]

    AWESOME. The new IRs included in the Quantum are incredible. (PreRola 55 M160 and 75) Except for bass and drums (duh) all the other sound are from these incredible cabs, and I used a Marshall JMP as Mr. Vai did on Eat'em and Smile (Supermega modded). I tried to deliver the most accurate sonic...
  28. TheTrooper

    Two Clips to show a cool Delay (w/Preset)

    Following my request to get a specific delay sound that JP used back in 1998 (The origianl thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/get-that-kind-of-delay-out-of-the-axe-fx.106679/ ) (and thanks to the help of simeon and Rotti, I should add) I recorded these two little clips to show how...
  29. TheTrooper

    Get that kind of delay out of the Axe Fx

    Hey guys, I was watching this video of a 1998 clinic that Mr. John Petrucci di at MI, and I really sh*tted my pants when I heard that kind of super cool delays at the end (1:14:45 is the time of the video). My question is: how do we achieve that with the Axe Fx? In paticular, what parameter...
  30. TheTrooper

    Ambient-ish/Spatial-ish/Prog-ish Idea w/ Patch Included

    Hi to everybody! I was tweaking a Clean Patch that I made and came up with a little idea. I'm using the Shiver Clean model and a Recto Cab as the "core" sound. Tons of delay and ambients in the patch, really easy to get lost in that stuff. (Isn't the Axe Fx just amazing? Look where I'm writing...
  31. TheTrooper

    Jason Becker/Greg Howe inspired Lick

    Hey guys, I'll leave you with this cool lick. Amps are a PVH w/ Basketwave TVmix and a USA PRE2 YELLOW with JP V30. One amp is panned 100% R and the other 100%L I added 2 Dual Delays (Both 1/8Dot and 1/4) (again, one is all to the R and the other all to the L) and a Reverb (in the center). The...
  32. TheTrooper

    Dream Theater - Forsaken w/ Axe Fx II XL (In love with the Quantum Firmware) Patches inlcuded

    I want to say "Hi" to the great Fractal Audio community! This is my first post on the Forum, and I just wanted to share with you my take on Dream Theater's "Forsaken", from the Systematic Chaos album. I recorded all the tracks with my (fantastic) Axe Fx II XL ( which I used as my audio...
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