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  1. Stringer76

    Use the Switch jacks on back of FC

    I did not use a global preset on the MFC when I had my Axe II, so I don't have much context for its use, but I believe on the FC you can assign a switch in a given layout to recall a specific preset number. Wouldn't this be the same as a global preset, but with the added flexibility of...
  2. Stringer76

    USB disconnecting

    The issue has happened for me in every firmware version released since I got the III last May.
  3. Stringer76

    USB disconnecting

    I have had a similar problem as well off and on since I got the III last May. I have a fairly new Mac and have tried many different things including different USB cables, a powered USB hub, deleting and re-establishing midi studio, and even a complete clean install of Mojave. Just like...
  4. Stringer76

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Personally, I don’t know how I feel about the “waitlist for the waitlist” concept. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fractal has received more than a few requests to be put on the waitlist for rumored or wished products like a next AX8 or flagship. So these would be the first in line even before a...
  5. Stringer76

    Extremely Odd USB Audio Issue

    Was there a resolution to this issue? This just happened to me as well with my iMac.
  6. Stringer76

    Stupid FC-6/FC-12 question...

    I'm hoping you can assign layouts to scenes. So I select scene 2 and boom my layout changes to what makes sense to turn off/on for that scene without needing to go to a different page. If that's the case then I can really start to see how an FC6 might be enough. Speculation at this point, but...
  7. Stringer76

    FC Series Controllers Waitlist

    9:40 AM Central. Way earlier than I got on the III waitlist, but I bet the FC waitlist is already HUGE! Very excited to get one of these!
  8. Stringer76

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    Looks great! I am personally having a hard time conceptualizing which controller I’ll need without knowing how they work. It would be great to see a demo video of both the FC6 and FC12 prior to the wait list going live.
  9. Stringer76

    Input 3 right level on startup

    Thank you. I just submitted a ticket.
  10. Stringer76

    Input 3 right level on startup

    I ran a test after posting this. I made a preset connecting Input 3 directly to Output 1 to see if the "level" that I am seeing is audible. The level is definitely visible on the Output 1 right meter, and there is an audible crackling noise coming from my right monitor, that very gradually...
  11. Stringer76

    Input 3 right level on startup

    Hi everyone. Upon startup after loading is complete, the input 3 right meter on my Axe III is completely lit up and stays this way for generally one to three minutes before slowly going back to unlit. Everything is normal then until the next time I start the unit up. I have nothing plugged...
  12. Stringer76

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    It seems things are starting to move much more quickly. In just the last three or four days they have moved close to 6 hours through the list. There were a huge amount of people that signed up for the waitlist right away, and that starts to taper off apparently as you get later on 1/29. I...
  13. Stringer76

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Confirmation: Jan 29, 2018, 6:50 PM CST Invitation: May 4, 2018, 12:13 PM CST Ordered: May 4, 2018, 12:20 PM CST Finally!!!
  14. Stringer76

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Big day for shipping! If my math is correct it looks like we advanced a little over 3 hours today. I am at 1/29 6:50 CST. Not sure how likely but hoping my invite comes tomorrow!
  15. Stringer76

    [NOT A BUG] Possible bug in the compressor

    Not an Axe III owner yet, but I think I read somewhere that on the III the output level defaults to -10 dB instead of +4. That definitely would impact the overall output level. Try changing that to +4 if you haven’t already.
  16. Stringer76

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Looks like the average is still about an hour from the wait list per week. Crossing my fingers it will pick up, but we are moving into the lunch hours of Jan 29, so there is a possibility things could slow down as well. At any rate, happy for those that have gotten their invites so far!
  17. Stringer76

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Yes, we usually see the flood of purchase invite info for the day by now. I really hope it's just that today's invite list didn't include any forum members.
  18. Stringer76

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    There have been, but not many.
  19. Stringer76

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Same here. I always check to forum at breakfast (and during lunch) but for some reason on 1/29 I had to go into work early and was busy the whole day. I couldn't believe it when I got home and saw the announcement. I didn't get on the waitlist until 6:40 P.M. CST, and my envy increases with...
  20. Stringer76

    Ax8 midi hook up to eventide h9?

    I use my AX8 with my H9 in the loop and change H9 presets using the midi program change messages the AX8 transmits with scene changes. Look under the “midi” tab in AX8- Edit. This is to my knowledge the only way the AX8 transmits midi to control other devices.
  21. Stringer76

    Help with adding additional Scene Controllers

    I am working this exact issue right now and have found that it gets increasingly difficult to coordinate changes across multiple parameters with the same scene controller when you go above three (because you can only specifically control the start, middle and end values for each parameter)...
  22. Stringer76

    AX8-Edit 1.8.5 Released

    Anyone else getting a communication timeout when updating block definitions? On my iMac it will run through the first few block types and then time out. It gives the following error message: AX8-Edit was unable to complete the following communication request: Query Param Definitions ...
  23. Stringer76

    Metallica backstage part 2!

    I'm headed there right now. Can't wait to hear the axe in a huge venue!
  24. Stringer76

    XA2 FASLINK adapter

    I have been using the adapter that goes on the Axe FX 2 end for quite a while now (Axe 2 Mark I connected to MFC Mark III) and the speed is the same as a direct ethercon connection. I leave the adapter connected to my Axe 2 in my rack all the time, and the XLR cable is very convenient.
  25. Stringer76

    UPS delivery!

    Good to know. Mine is out for delivery by "end of day". It sure feels like the end of the day. The UPS guy is cutting it close!
  26. Stringer76

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Invite received and order placed! Original confirmation received 10/13/15 at 4:42 P.M. CDT. Also won't be able to focus at work today.
  27. Stringer76

    I'll have a blue Christmas without you...

    This made me laugh. After reading I turned around and looked at my floor...where I had done the exact same thing with the EV-1 that arrived yesterday.
  28. Stringer76

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Looks great!!
  29. Stringer76

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Cliff for president!
  30. Stringer76

    Nashville Music Gear Expo 2015

    Could also include loading the latest firmware to each unit and any quality control procedures.
  31. Stringer76

    G3 modeling thread

    With the modeling as good as it is already, my hope is that Cliff found a way to use the processing power more efficiently in the amp block to allow sharing of the dedicated amp processor, allowing more capacity for FX processing. It's all a guess at this point.
  32. Stringer76

    Wish Selectable Reveal function

    I think it would be nice to be able to choose in the setup menu whether the Reveal button "reveals" IA functions, as it currently does, or presets instead. This way you could have all 17 switches available as IA switches by default after preset selection, and press Reveal to have up to all 17...
  33. Stringer76

    Mesa Boogie Mark V + Axe FX 2 + MFC-101

    This is how I initially set mine up but I experienced delay in the channel switching on the Mark V when I had the Amp Gizmo listening to midi channel 2. However, I now set the Amp Gizmo to listen on midi channel 1 (the same as the Axe) and the switching on the amp occurs just as fast as it does...
  34. Stringer76

    Bug: MFC stuck on 3rd patch of bank

    Try stepping on the stuck button like 20 times in a row. When I first got my MFC my button 2 would behave as you are describing. It was suggested on this forum that sometimes the buttons get dirty on the inside and that is what is making it stick. The buttons are supposedly self-cleaning and...
  35. Stringer76

    Removing the MFC101 plastic feet ?

    There is a company called Fastenal (we have one here locally but they are online too). I had them measure the threading and then I had them order screws that were 3/4 inch longer than the screws that came with the MFC, to account for the added depth of the feet and pedal board. Took about two...
  36. Stringer76

    Removing the MFC101 plastic feet ?

    This is exactly what I have done (although I ran the screws back through the feet on top of the board to allow space under the MFC for my expression pedal cables) and it has worked out very well.
  37. Stringer76

    V6 firmware: Time to Release the Monster - Speaker Resonance Page

    Not sure, but I gathered that the adding of 10 Hz to the speaker's posted resonance was to compensate for the fact that the speaker is in an enclosure (cabinet). The links that Scott posted mentioned that the resonant frequencies of speakers are higher when in an enclosure. I could be very...
  38. Stringer76

    Humbuckers AND single coils

    I really like this idea. What would be one step cooler would be the ability to access this guitar switching from the MFC somehow.
  39. Stringer76

    Axe FXII Midi thru after 6.0

    Thanks for this. I have since abandoned trying to use the mini amp gizmo on a separate midi channel. I now have the axe and gizmo on the same channel and have set a mini amp gizmo preset for every axe preset I use. It's rocket fast now. It would have been nice to have just two or three mini...
  40. Stringer76

    Axe FXII Midi thru after 6.0

    No one? I am going to take it that I am one of only a few people using the Mini Amp Gizmo with my Axe II. Really, I just would like to know if I am going to be potentially hurting anything by connecting the Axe to the Mini Amp Gizmo midi thru instead of the Mini Amp Gizmo to the Axe midi thru...
  41. Stringer76

    Axe FXII Midi thru after 6.0

    Has anyone noticed a delay in midi switching for downstream devices connected via the midi thru jack on the II after upgrading to 6.0? I have played two gigs now with 6.0 and am noticing significant additional delay from what I experienced with 5.07 in switching my Mini Amp Gizmo. I have the...
  42. Stringer76

    What am I missing here?

    Not really relevant, but I think the relationship between the OPs forum name and the thread title is really funny. :lol
  43. Stringer76

    Tone Match Question Regarding Presets...

    Can I use the slave out on my Mesa Mark V in a similar fashion? The Mark V manual says the slave is after the power amp, so could I run that directly to the axe and not need a DI?
  44. Stringer76

    Why was Output 2 designed to be wideband?

    I use a Mesa Mark V with the 4 cable method. Significantly more hiss with Output 2 than with Output 1
  45. Stringer76

    Has anyone had their Axe II modded to eliminate hiss from Output 2?

    I am interested in the answer to this as well. As I mentioned earlier (and especially now after hearing Trazan's evaluation of the mod) I am contemplating sending my Axe II off for the mod, but I would like to understand what I will giving up by doing so. I am not an electronics expert and...
  46. Stringer76

    Global Blocks..either always ON or always OFF in a preset.

    On the flipside, one area where I have found this behavior very useful is when leveling presets. I like to balance all of my patches before solo boosts so I only have to do the process once (I don't have to have a separate balancing process for my solo presets). I use a global graphic EQ block...
  47. Stringer76

    Has anyone had their Axe II modded to eliminate hiss from Output 2?

    I was curious if you got your Axe 2 back yet and what your impressions of the Output 2 mod were.
  48. Stringer76

    Has anyone had their Axe II modded to eliminate hiss from Output 2?

    FAS mentioned that output 2 is 'wideband' and also that they strongly recommended that most users not get the mod. Does anyone know what wideband means as it relates to the Axe and also why the unbalanced jacks on output 1 would not have a similar hiss issue. I was always under the impression...
  49. Stringer76

    Has anyone had their Axe II modded to eliminate hiss from Output 2?

    I also have this issue. The problem surfaced for me when I set up the 4 cable method and connected Output 2 (I tried both left and right with the same result) to the input of my guitar amp). It's most pronounced when using the high gain channels of my amp (Mesa Mark V) and I have it even with...
  50. Stringer76

    4 Cable Method Users: Output 2 severe hiss issues

    This is of great interest to me as well. I have read the several threads you are referring to but there is never a real answer. I am using humbuster cables and experience this hiss as well. I will say that prior to using the humbuster cables there was a bit of hum, too, but now it is just...
  51. Stringer76

    midiot needs some help with assigning x/y to pedal

    I don't believe you can control them independently with the same switch. You can control them at the same time with the same switch, though. Just assign the same CC# to both functions on the Axe. But I doubt that is what you would want to do, unless you wanted to always switch them both at...
  52. Stringer76

    Axe 2 MIDI thru flawed?

    I wonder what the problem is/was. I am currently using the midi thru on the Axe II to run my Mini Amp Gizmo for channel switching on my Mesa Mark V and have had intermittant problems as well. I have the Mini Amp Gizmo on midi channel 2 and sometimes the amp channel does not change with MFC...
  53. Stringer76

    I'm shopping - can I do this with one box?

    That's the one. Thanks!
  54. Stringer76

    I'm shopping - can I do this with one box?

    This is how I run the 4CM (except that I have my pannings reversed - it doesn't matter, though). I set Input 2 to be "Left Only". I then use Output 1 left and right for direct to FOH. There is an old post floating around the forum (I can't find it at the moment) with an Axe Edit screen print...
  55. Stringer76

    2 Guitars 1 Axe-FX II - Updated, in-depth

    Not to change the direction of this thread too much, but does anyone have a good process for capturing acoustic IRs? I've done the process for my Mesa cabinet, but am at a bit of a loss as to how you would do it with an acoustic guitar. Or simply attaching some good acoustic guitar IR files...
  56. Stringer76

    2 Guitars 1 Axe-FX II - Updated, in-depth

    He did a video on two guitars for the Ultra about a year ago (similar to the Axe II but not exactly), which should walk you through the exact process you need to do. Here is a link: Axe FX - 2 separate inputs using mixers - YouTube This is good stuff and you will learn a lot from following it.
  57. Stringer76

    Bug? Hardware issue - IA switches getting "stuck"

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/42745-midi-foot-controller-i-switch-sticking.html I thought the same thing about the switch being dirty on a brand new unit, but after stomping on the button for a while and having it work I stopped thinking about it. :)
  58. Stringer76

    2 Guitars 1 Axe-FX II - Updated, in-depth

    I run a similar setup, except that I use two volume/pan blocks instead of the mixer blocks. All you have to do is set the input select on the blocks to "left only" for electric and "right only" for piezo. Works great. I am using this method since there are four available volume/pan blocks and...
  59. Stringer76

    Bug? Hardware issue - IA switches getting "stuck"

    I had a similar issue when I first got my MFC a month and a half ago. There is a post on this forum about this. What has worked for me is stepping on the button several times before using the MFC. Apparently the buttons get 'dirty' and are self-cleaning when you step on them. So repeatedly...
  60. Stringer76

    Feeding FOH and Amp+Cab When Using 4CM

    This is outstanding, and I have been trying to think of a way to do this since I got my Axe II. I really have to admire how there are so many people on this board that can think outside of the box like this. Thanks!!!!
  61. Stringer76

    Sending PGM changes to external devices

    I responded to your post in the MFC section before I read this post. I can get my mini amp gizmo to receive messages on channel 2 just fine in Axe mode. I wonder if there is a limitation to 2 midi program changes in Axe mode. I am just thinking out loud, though. This is not what I would...
  62. Stringer76

    Axe mode bug?

    Axe FX mode works for me with additional program change messages, albeit I am only sending one extra program change (on channel 2) to my Mini Amp Gizmo, and it appears you are trying to send two extra. I would think this wouldn't matter, though. Are you sure you have the POD HD Pro and...
  63. Stringer76

    What has your Axe II replaced?

    What it is definitely replacing: -TC Electronic G System and the myriad of connector cables, hum eliminators, input boosters, drive pedals, TRS cable snakes, etc. that I ultimately had to buy to make it sound the way I wanted Haven't decided if it's replacing: Mesa Mark V Mini Amp Gizmo
  64. Stringer76

    Copy Effect Problem

    For what it is worth, I copy effects from other presets quite often and what I have found is that if you have an effect saved in Y mode you need to save it in X mode before you can recall it to another preset. Then you can save it back to the Y mode. Not sure why, but that is what I have had...
  65. Stringer76

    Advice On Soft & Hard Inputs & Outputs

    I will also note that I am using Humbuster cables between Output 2 and the Mark V input and between Output 1 and the Mark V return.
  66. Stringer76

    Advice On Soft & Hard Inputs & Outputs

    I am also running the 4CM into a Mark V. I have noticed a vastly increased level of hiss (the bottom two front panel LEDs light up on Input 2) when connecting output 2 to the input of the Mark V, when compared with jacking directly to the Mark V input. I will note that the Mark V is on a high...
  67. Stringer76

    Naming request

    I would really like to be able to have more than eight or so characters when naming things in the MFC (especially in song mode). Something more along the lines of the character limit in the Axe II.
  68. Stringer76

    Mesa Boogie Mark V + Axe FX 2 + MFC-101

    I am currently using the Mini Amp Gizmo with my Mark V, axe fx 2 and MFC-101 and it works great. I agree with the above posts in that I don't think there is another way to change the channels on the Mark V without some sort of device (like the Mini Amp Gizmo and its special cable).
  69. Stringer76

    MFC I/A Switch sticking

    Outstanding! The self-cleaning button method seems to be working. I am so glad I don't have to send it in for repair. Thanks again!
  70. Stringer76

    MFC I/A Switch sticking

    Has anyone ever had a problem with instant access switches 'sticking'? When I step on switch 2 it changes my preset, but if I then step on switch 1, nothing happens. If I step on switch 2 again, I hear the button click (but not loudly) and then I can get other switches to work. It's almost...
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