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  1. Smilzo

    Fractal device for vocals

    Hi there! What about an FM3-like vocal fx by fractal? I would like - trasparent mic input - a "preamp" block (instead of amp block) with classical preamp circuit - a dedicate anti feedback/squealing filtering - the usual fractal fx-block style and algo.
  2. Smilzo

    Wish Enable/disable controller per scenes

    I have one expression pedal. Let's say I attach wha freq and trem depth, both block active. I wish to be able to select the "active" controller(s), so that I can sweep wha when trem is on, without sweeping trem depth. (I know I can make as many preset as combination, but I prefer to use the...
  3. Smilzo

    Wish Amp X/Y toggle behaviour

    Well, two wish... let's start with the issue. I set a footswitch to toggle amp x/y: the change is quick, but no seamless, and the x/y function on the footswitch does nothing. I remember Cliff told us that if the amp type stay the same, then it will be possible to have istant switch. Let's...
  4. Smilzo

    Wish FW 3.51 - Control switch label

    I wish pedalboard mode to display user-defined label instead of CS1 (or CS2). My issue: I assign CS1 to play wha in preset1, tremolo and drive in preset2, pitch in preset3. Label CS1 give me no idea of the effect on sound. I wish I could label "WHA", "DTR", "WMY". Possible solution: adding...
  5. Smilzo

    Bug? Q3.02 FS2

    FS2 cease to function as bank up (FS3 still go down, FS1 still allow to select mode). Erratic behavior (happens twice till now). No axeedit, no usb connected, no more tweaking after upgrade than a couple of presence. FS2 return to select bank up after selecting any patch other than current...
  6. Smilzo

    AX8 Wishes + Bugs section

    It could be useful to have a dedicated AX8 section for wishes & bugs (like MCF)... do you agree? :)
  7. Smilzo

    Tapping before EVH...

    ...did exist? Vittorio Camardese ospite a "Chitarra Amore Mio" (RAI-1965)
  8. Smilzo

    I got married

    Yesterday I got married. Here is the result: I got drunk, I was stripped almost naked by women, I broke high-e, a tyrolean ask me to play unknown german zumpa-zumpa music. ;) Axefx flawless. There were 2 axefx (standard and ultra). The guitar I was playing is "F.I.G.A. pelosa" made by...
  9. Smilzo

    Wish Adjistable global output slew rate

    It seems that tube amp has a "warm attack", whilst solid state has "cold attack". I wonder if a global "slew rate" (a sort of compressor/limiter) can help people to use different power amp with almost the same feel... that is, higher "output slew rate" has a warm attack, perfect paired to solid...
  10. Smilzo

    Multiband distortion

    I've never seen before a poll for multiband distortion. Multiband split the signal into "n" frequency, each one is processed separately, then mixed togheder. Source audio split the signal in 10 band (according to their paper). Another approach is split a signal int 2 or 3 band and let user...
  11. Smilzo

    Stereo routing option

    Sometimes I get scared by stereo... editing the layout of axefx didn't give me indication of stereo path(s). I wonder if it is possible to add two type of connect: left only, right only. They graphic rappresentation could be a dotted line for the channel left mute.
  12. Smilzo

    Drop tuning

    Hi, after reading each post...[/*:m:39k0wr0y] loaded patches...[/*:m:39k0wr0y] work with patches parameters[/*:m:39k0wr0y] talk to Cliff[/*:m:39k0wr0y] I'm still no satisfy with drop tuning. The shifter on chords "worbles" too much when I try to drop a tone down. I do not know if it is a...
  13. Smilzo

    Global eq!

    There was a lot of talk about global eq: 15 band eq low/high pass corrective eq 16 band eq and eq in broad way: Radley's very useful blocking approach been one of the best Axefx tips&tricks ever! What could be the best approach for a global eq?
  14. Smilzo

    Morphing amp

    I do no know if it is doable. Or worthy. But it is a guitar player curiosity... a real wish! :) I would like to see two amp type selection in the amp block, and a morphing parameter. The morphing is just a mix of all parameter (hidden & exposed). We could join the bell like of fender with a...
  15. Smilzo

    Twin block parameter

    I know I am a little crazy... sometimes a little bit more of a little bit! What dou you think about a "twin block" parameter in each block? What's this? :mrgreen: 1) It's a parameter with two values (call it lower/higher) 2) lower: load the saved value for the block when in lower status 3)...
  16. Smilzo

    Interstage gain parameters

    As an ex-tweakers, I would like to give resonance to Cliff's idea: In a crunch or lead preamp, gain distribuition is a key to obtain different kind of feel, compression or tone. I don't know how feasible or how much it affect the sounds... but it is for sure a clever idea! :lol:
  17. Smilzo

    Different dedicated firmware

    This is not really a wish list. It's an idea sharing starting post... :mrgreen: If the code is getting close to consume all CPU/memory, what about split the code into many axefx? Obviously it's up to Cliff/Fractal select algos and make firmware... some ideas to start... (they could be applied...
  18. Smilzo

    Drive option for wet and dry

    To create some vintage stuff drive is required. Block interested should be delay, reverb and leslie. To save a drive block (CPU & inventory) a clever idea is to have the option "position" for the drive: affect only wet, affect both wet and dry. I call it "position" because it can be done...
  19. Smilzo

    No load block bypass

    With higher version CPU load is getting harder,we could add less blocks to a patch. I wish there could be an option "no load block bypass" as bypass type, that load into memory and run the fx only when unbypassed. We can chose it for the less used blocks (crystal or pitch shifter in a funky...
  20. Smilzo

    Column shift

    I'd like to see a column shift from the actual column... that does maintain the link of the shifted block (in any parallel routing inserting a column will cancel these link)! Two more option in the routing, move: + shift column right + shift column left
  21. Smilzo

    Fool screen

    For the next Axefx generation, I would like a touch screen... imagine the layout page with a touch screen... :ugeek:
  22. Smilzo

    Save global amp settings and custom IRs in patch dump

    That's it. :idea:
  23. Smilzo

    Store and recall global & I/O

    Let us store and recall global & I/O settings... Let us choose the kind of global eq (graph, para, notch) This will address several req: 1) Flexible User Presets for Global EQ? 2) Let us change from eletric to acustic guitar in a spin... 3) Let us move confortably from studio to gig in a...
  24. Smilzo

    More drive blocks

    Pretty simple. At least 4... ;)
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