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    Hardware question regarding IN and OUT 3/4

    Does anybody know if the L and R connectors of input 3 respectively 4 are connected to the same ground (without galvanic separation)? Same goes for the L an R connectors of outputs 3 and 4. Still being on the waitlist for an Axe-Fx III, so I just can't check myself ...
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    Bug? MFC-101 Mk III - display freezing

    I have an Axe-Fx II (original) and MFC-101 Mk III (firmware version 3.08). They are conncected through FASLINK using an XA-1. Don't know if it is just a coincidence, but since updating my Axe-Fx II to Quantum 4.00 I had the display of the MFC freezing two or three times. While the switches of...
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    Minor UI bug: wrong link to forum

    The link behind "try our forum" in the section "STILL STUCK? Contact support or try our forum." on the the left side of the UI leads to the address "http://forum.fractalaudio.com/forum.php" which does not exist any more. It needs just to be "http://forum.fractalaudio.com".
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    Line6 Relay G90 digital out possible?

    I know the G90 receivers don't have a digital output connector but am trying to find out if it would be possible to add one without too much effort. Reason for this idea is that the G90 originally had AES/EBU and SPDIF outs which have unfortunately been removed before it hit the market (Line 6 -...
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    Auto update function does not work

    Since version 1.2.7 Fractal-Bot should check automatically for updates on startup. I have tried various test installations using Windows XP SP3 32bit, Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit (in a virtual machine) and Wine on Linux (emulating Win 8 ) but never got an update message...
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    Axe-Edit and Linux (Wine)

    Just two little tips for Linux users to improve convenience. After its installation Axe-Edit tries to open the release notes which are a pdf file. By default (on my system) Wine issues an error, at least as long as you have not installed a (Windows) pdf viewer in Wine. To avoid this and to...
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    Axe-Fx II and Linux (again)

    For those interested in using the Axe-Fx II with Linux, there are some really, really good news: While the USB Midi interface already worked out of the box, until now it has been necessary to patch two files of the Linux sources (format.c and clock.c) and recompile the snd-usb-audio module to...
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    Bug? Still popping amps in 9.02

    After upgrading to firmware 9.02 I still get a pop with the amp set to Brit Pre, Boutique 1 or Boutique 2. It happens on presets created from scratch as well as on V9 factory presets (e.g. 041 Boutique 1, 140 Enumerating Ravens, 223 Rackmount Preamps X2, 235 Basic Brit Pre). USB is not...
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    Atomic Reactor 50/50 - rack mounted power amp

    There seems to be a new Atomic rack mounted power amp: G66 - Atomic Reactor 50/50
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    Axe-FX II and Linux?

    Did someone already try to connect the Axe-FX II to a Linux machine via USB? Has the Axe-FX been recognized and were any of the features the USB connection offers under Windows available?
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    Dunlop DVP1 modification

    Hi, to complete my new MFC-101 I modded two Dunlop DVP1 pedals for use as expression pedals. The new steel band drive was tempting and I think these pedals are not only rugged but looking nice, too. Because the DVP1s are actually volume pedals and come with a logarithmic 250k pot, they won't...
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