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    Fractal-Bot version for Catalina?

    In looking through my "Legacy Software" while considering the impacts of upgrading to Catalina, I noticed that several pieces of Fractal Software, most notably Fractal-Bot are listed. Given that this is essential for loading firmware to and pulling backups from the Axe-FX III, is the software...
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    [SOLVED] Anyone in LA with a III that could assist?

    Everyone, the band MEYTAL has a gig tomorrow night at the Whisky in LA and Delta smashed the guitarist's Axe-FX III. Is there anyone in LA that could help lend a III? If so, check out the post in Facebook seeking some help, I shared it in the Fractal Audio Users Group forum...
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    Multi-Band Distortion Idea

    After playing at church today, I was chatting with our sound guy and he mentioned that for years he has thought it would be cool to have an effect that split the frequency spectrum into a few bands (just like a multi-band compressor) and applied distortion only to the mid bands, leaving the...
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    FCB1010 UnO - Instructions for Setting up Scenes & Expression Pedals

    First of all, I have to give major thanks to Voes. He deserves most of the credit for this - I could not have done it without his instruction sheets (and a couple references to the UnO manual). The users on this board have provided me so much helpful information, and I hope this can prove...
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