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  1. smilefan

    Smilefan says "Goodbye"!!

    I regret to announce that the end has come for me. Events have occurred such that I am no longer able continue my contributions to this Forum. A large company in the music industry, you all know, is entering the modeling arena. They took notice of me, and I have been asked to join their...
  2. smilefan

    Part III: Smilefan Patch Thread

    Smilefan’s Patch Thread, Part III EDIT: Effective 01/27/2012 all patches updated to 5.0 Firmware! If you just joined us Parts I & II are here: Pt. I: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-preset-exchange/39713-smilefans-axe-ii-patches-thread.html Pt. II...
  3. smilefan

    Needs To Be Asked: When are we getting more Drive models?

    We now have 75 amp models (!), 68 speaker cab models, and ........23 Drive models!? Not complaining, but when's the last time we got a new Drive model? The Bit Crusher? Pedals are alot easier to come by than boutique or vintage amps, and, I would guess, much simpler to model. So many...
  4. smilefan

    Part II: Smilefan's Axe II Patch Thread

    Welcome to Part II of the Smilefan Axe II Patches thread. If you are just joining us, there is a Part I. It contains 50 patches, and two acoustic IR’s (necessary for 2 of the patches to function). I highly recommend you take the time to read that thread. It contains a great deal of...
  5. smilefan

    All Smilefan's patches in one Zip File (updated to 2.0 Firmware)-->

    In response to Forum member Bladlus' request to Zip.file all my patches from the now very lengthy Smilefan’s Axe II Patches Thread, here they are. I really encourage those who are interested in these patches to take the time to read the above thread. It contains a wealth of information...
  6. smilefan

    Axe II sims still need work!

    Axe II amp sims still need work! I have some issues with some of the amp sims I'm hoping can be addressed: The AC-30 sim. When I crank the Master to '10' and play it for an hour, there are never any flames or smoke like the vintage originals I've played. Could this be an oversight in the...
  7. smilefan

    Picture Thread! Post your Guitars!

    Here is the wood I'm sporting at the moment. Two Les Paul styles built for me by Canadian luthier, Scott Heatley. These are his "Tradition" models. He basically builds LP's the way he thinks they should be made. Both these have stainless steel frets, special woods he spent months finding...
  8. smilefan

    We have onboard Flash ROM? I did not know that!

    I didn't even realize we had built-in backup ROM right in the Axe II until I read it in the Manual. Too cool. I've lost presets before with bonehead mistakes. Now there is NO excuse for not backing up my presets/settings. Did Cliff think of everything? What an incredibly well thought out...
  9. smilefan

    Smilefan's Axe II Patches Thread

    Smilefan's Axe II Patches Thread Pt. I This thread is a place for me to collate all my Axe II personal patches I want to share with the Forum, and their accompanying notes and comments all in one place. Thereby not getting dispersed in 20 different threads. If you find my patches work well...
  10. smilefan

    Jumbo Jet Plexi (Axe II)

    Closed Closed - moved to "Smilefan's Axe II Patches Thread"
  11. smilefan

    Axe II Windows Driver: Wont install, error code

    Axe II Windows driver will not install on my Windows Vista PC. Getting the following: Error: Driver Install Error Code: -1073741674 Tried rebooting multiple times, multiple USB ports. Power cycling Axe, then hooking up USB as instructed. Need some help here.
  12. smilefan

    Axe II amp models. Which have G2 modelling, which are ported from Ultra?

    Can anyone break down for me which amp models in the II have the full G2 modelling treatment, and which are just ported over, as is, from Gen. I modelling? Which ported amp models from Gen. I should we make the most noise for getting the full, deluxe G2 modelling treament? I vote...
  13. smilefan

    My humble Axe II rig (pic)

    As it is now. EVM 12L Classics in the open back pine cabs. The Matrix amp pumps 400W per side into those 4 ohm cabs. The humble little Digitech MIDI pedal is just a basic channel changer, but it fits in my backpack when I fly. The 3U rack is mostly plastic and foam. The whole 'head'...
  14. smilefan

    New User IR slots work like a charm! (pics)

    I've had my II for three days now. Initially, I was not as blown away as I hoped, until...I started using the new User IR capacity. Now I'm in heaven. Using a standard USB cable and Fractal's Windows Driver 3rd party IR's download beautifully, and even name themselves. Here are some pics...
  15. smilefan

    Axe II Wait List: Why not bump Store Retail to $4000 and begin the List?

    Obviously, $2599 is not working as a Store purchase deterrent. Those who have talked to Fractal either directly or over the phone have relayed that they really intend to get the units out to everyone. So if Fractal is serious about using the now-theoretical Wait List as the true sales...
  16. smilefan

    If there was no Fractal Audio, what would your rig be?

    If all the Standards, Ultras, ands II's suddenly disappeared, and Cliff said "I'm not going thru that again!" what would you do for a rig? For me, the Fractal experience has permanently changed me. I'd definitely keep my EVM 12L Classic cabs. They are just superb in every situation. I'd...
  17. smilefan

    Impressive clip: Paulmapp's High Gain thru GT800FX

    Anyone who hasn't heard Paul's Youtube clip with a high gain lead tone thru his Matrix GT should take a listen. This is just beautiful. Very impressed: YouTube - ‪GT800fx high gain flat Q x264‬‏
  18. smilefan

    Congrats: Mark Day now works for Tone Merchants -->

    From Rig Talk owner (and Tone Merchants partner) Brad King: "We will be launching a new site soon and letting you guys check out the shop. We have also recruited Mark Day from Canada to relocate to Hollywood and run the day to day of the shop and record clips of everything. More to come on...
  19. smilefan

    Cameron Amp model will be in Axe II on release!! -->

    Direct from the mouth of Tone Merchants: "Since the announcement of the Axe Fx 2, alot of guys have inquired about, requested or out right demanded that there be a Cameron model on the Axe Fx 2. So this is to announce that THERE WILL be a Cameron model on the Axe Fx 2 when it launches."...
  20. smilefan

    Axe II chassis: Same size as Gen 1?

    Can any beta testers tell me if the new chassis is the same dimensions as the old chassis? I am particularly interested to know the depth (for flight case dims). Thanks for any help.
  21. smilefan

    Axe thru Studio Monitors: What are you using?

    Curious about delving into the studio realm. Interested in trying out some good quality studio monitors (JBL 4328, Adam A7, Yamaha HS80, Rockit V's, etc.). What are those of you who are piping Axe's thru monitors using as a setup?
  22. smilefan

    The Joke Thread: Whip 'Em Out

    We need a joke thread the liven up the Lounge. I'll start. Make 'em funny, this is a tough audience :) A small zoo in Arkansas obtained a very rare species of gorilla. Within a few weeks the gorilla, a female, became very difficult to handle. Upon examination, the veterinarian...
  23. smilefan

    Amp Shootout: Matrix GT800FX vs. VHT 2/90/2

    On this past Saturday Claxor and I met up to do an equipment shootout I thought might be of interest to this board, so here is the report. The mighty VHT 2/90/2 vs. the upstart Matrix GT800FX. Claxor’s Matrix, and my VHT (loaded with NOS tubes for max performance). I have read a lot...
  24. smilefan

    Axe II money: Burning a hole?

    I know a bunch of you are presently sitting on two grand, rat holed for the Axe II. What if, God forbid, it takes a month? Two? Three? What would you be most likely to blow the money on if some unforseen SNAFU delays Axe II for the forseeable future? Tube amp? Another guitar? Drugs...
  25. smilefan

    So no one can buy ANY Axe FX unit right now? Order a "II" when/how?

    Do I understand this correctly. Not only is the II not open for orders yet, but no one can order a Std or Ultra either (not that they would). I see the Std and Ultra both listed "Out of Stock". And there are no advance orders being taken? So hunderds of people are going to flood the...
  26. smilefan

    Any Info/Teasers on the next Firmware release?

    Any info or teasers out there on the next firmware release? What it might contain? Timeline? Shutup and be thankful for what you have? (I am).
  27. smilefan

    Ownhammer: Unfamiliar with their mics - info?

    Ownhammer uses a selection of mics I am unfamiliar with (other than SM57). Can anyone give me the Reader's Digest breakdown of these mic's character's? Cascade Fathead Heil PR-30 Mojave MA-200 Sennheiser e906 & MD421
  28. smilefan

    Which of your guitars sound best thru the Axe?

    My guitars are as amp picky thru the Axe as they would be in real life. The guitar in my stable that sounds the best overall is my solid body (I have a chambered too) Heatley Tradition with Tom Short Undercover Minis (70's Gibson minibuckers in a full HB frame), basically a Les Paul with mini...
  29. smilefan

    EVM-12L IR's - Apologies to Red Wirez

    I jumped on the bandwagon trashing the recent EVM 12L IR's. Wasn't happy with them like alot of folks. I heard they were sampled from new EVM 12L Classics. A speaker I love, that in fact amplifies my Axe rig (4 in open back pine 2x12's). But I wasn't hearing it. Well. I hated to give up on...
  30. smilefan

    Quickie review, v10.0

    Well Axe FX v 10.0 is out now. I downloaded this morning and had a chance spend some time with it today. Here is my quick review. The new amp models. Just wow. They are all spectacular, even the ‘surprise’ model Marshall 1987X. Cliff is the best amp modeler in the world now. The Shiva clean...
  31. smilefan

    Killer guitar speaker for Axe!

    When I first got my Axe FX I tried it with every amp & spkr I could lay hands on. At least 12 different guitar speakers of all types and wattages, PA speakers, even audiophile home stereo speakers. My initial winners were a souped-up VHT 2/90/2 into two 2x12s with Weber Californias in one, and...
  32. smilefan

    Found great amp stand for Axe (pics)

    On Stage Stands MIX 400 Perfect for you guys who racked your Axe's in 3U or 4U boxes. Width from 14.5" - 21.5", will recline from flat 45 degrees to full vertical 90 degrees. Adjusts up to 15" deep. Gets your rack up over four feet in the air if needed. Angle it back and adjust the height so it...
  33. smilefan

    New Red Wire G12H30 rules!

    I just got around to putting the newly released Red Wires G12H30 speakerbox cab impulses thru their paces. This is my first speaker box IR collection. I have most of the bigbox collections but didn't figure the single speakers would sound that hot. Well they do. The new G12H30 rules! Thru...
  34. smilefan

    New Red Wire Cab List!

    Got an email from Mike at Red Wire with the new cab list. Here ya go. Looks SO YUMMY! Need more user slots!!!: "We're happy to announce that we've just released 11 new cabinets. There's some real classics represented: Hiwatt SE4123 with Fane 50-watt purples Two Fender Twins (Jensen...
  35. smilefan

    Red Wirez system as a purchasable Axe-Fx firmware upgrade?

    I bought the BigBox collection, and have spent 2 weeks auditioning the countless options Red Wirez IR's and mixer program provides. I am in love. IR for IR I rate the Red Wirez overall as slightly better individually than stock Axe-Fx, but with the mixer ability, IMHO, the Red Wirez offerings...
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