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  1. dr bonkers


    I'm partial to the Solo 100 Clean (dime the MV), Jazz 120, and Ac-20 EF 86 treble.
  2. dr bonkers

    SM7b and Guitar Center Sales Fun

    This person at GC was pushing 60, so definitely not a kid.
  3. dr bonkers

    SM7b and Guitar Center Sales Fun

    I would expect expect a GC employee to ask what my setup was before blindly telling me that the proverbial "end of the world is nigh" if I didn't buy his recommendation. I don't think that is asking too much of any employee in a sales position. First rule of face to face sales, if you can't...
  4. dr bonkers

    SM7b and Guitar Center Sales Fun

    I never thought of it that way, but you do have a point. I have bought a few things over the years where the salesperson was really good- respectful, no hard sell, and actually would look stuff up when asked. My wife purchased my favorite bass there after I picked it out, 73 Gibson Triumph...
  5. dr bonkers

    SM7b and Guitar Center Sales Fun

    At the day gig, one of my team members calls me Ron Swanson. LoL This is good.
  6. dr bonkers

    SM7b and Guitar Center Sales Fun

    That's an experience I would have loved to have had.
  7. dr bonkers

    SM7b and Guitar Center Sales Fun

    I thought about it. lol But I don't think he was happy after I brought up Thriller.
  8. dr bonkers

    SM7b and Guitar Center Sales Fun

    So I decide to add another mic to the Dr B stable for future IR file releases and found a great deal on a used Shure SM7b in great shape that could be shipped to my local store. I get notified the mic arrived at my local GC in Paramus and go to pick it up. Guy at the counter sees my receipt and...
  9. dr bonkers

    Hi fi amp?

    I would think so. If a reference amp is made to amplify the sound of a mix from multitrack through channel strips to monitors in a neutral way, so that, in a tuned room, your mix translates well to multiple listening environments, then isn't that the same level of amplification that you want...
  10. dr bonkers

    Hi fi amp?

    I have played the Fractal too through McIntosh power amps, as well as Hafler and Crown reference power amps. It sounds great, as good as any frfr amp for sure. Reference amps for studio use are made to be as full range and flat response as possible to avoid coloring your monitoring.
  11. dr bonkers

    Does a short scale guitar/bass come in bigger bodies?

    Gibson Triumph bass. They made custom cases for them since the bodies are too proportionally big for standard LP cases.
  12. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers IR Cab Pack Tribute to 1989 ADA® Split Stack™ 2x12 w/ Celestion® G12S-50™ speakers

    For all users who purchased this pack or people who are thinking of purchasing this pack in the future, I have some great news. There are now some free updates. If you purchased the wav pack, I have included the 9 choice cab mixes and 9 HypeReal cab mixes in an additional true stereo format...
  13. dr bonkers

    Axe-fest Boston 2020...

    I hope so please don't be end of June beginning of July!
  14. dr bonkers

    Vendor Dr Bonkers IR Files Cab Pack - 2000 Marshall® JCM 900 1960A™ with Celestion® Greenbacks™

    There are now some free updates. If you purchased the wav pack, I have included the 9 choice cab mixes and 9 HypeReal cab mixes in an additional true stereo format and split stereo file format (separate Left and Right files that you can pan on your own). If you purchased the combo pack, you...
  15. dr bonkers

    Nice Pool!

    But the headstock shape is wrong, so is he really swimming "authentic"?
  16. dr bonkers


    Love this. To me, Rick Wakeman is the ultimate showman on his instrument. The sublime organ, pad, or piano technique whether using a keytar or army of keyboards while wearing a cape. Rabin is awesome and Anderson is a genetic freak to hit those notes at his age.
  17. dr bonkers

    So pumped!

    You are in for a real treat. There are things you can do with the 3 that would red line the memory of the AX-8 or Axe-Fx II or be a pipe dream in the Helix. The sound, feel, and stability is an upgrade too.
  18. dr bonkers

    Respect the Low End

    Perhaps I can help. https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product-category/bass-guitar-cabinet-files/ One thing that I do is also tailor guitar amps in the Fractal units and show how with the right cabs and bass friendly effects, there's a plethora of bass tones in the box.
  19. dr bonkers

    Vendor Dr Bonkers IR Files Cab Pack Tribute to SWR® Big Ben™ 1X18 Bass Cab w/ Bag End® 18 inch woofer

    Releasing now is the Dr Bonkers Bass Cab Classics™ Volume 15: BIGGUY 1X18 Bass Cabinet IR Collection based upon a 1990 to 2002 SWR® Big Ben™ 1X18 Bass Cabinet, this cabinet is voiced with the original Bag End® 18 inch woofer. Available in Fractal Audio file and various WAV file formats. This...
  20. dr bonkers

    Threshold of transformation

    No, that's dough being baked. Once the dough has completed baking, it is bread. if you slice the bread, lay it horizontally on the oven racks, and caramelize the non-crust, it's toast.
  21. dr bonkers

    Threshold of transformation

    at the moment that the surface of the bread starts to tan from the carmelization/oxidation of the carb fibers of the bread.
  22. dr bonkers

    Using the AX8 on bass - Video

    Really cool stuff.
  23. dr bonkers

    New BOSS SY-1000. The Hex-pickup is not dead. Long live the 13-pin plug!

    My problems with the Roland 13 pin synth boxes are as follows: Gorgeous internal patches are only accessible via the 13 pin pickup input. If you use a sequencer to record your MIDI performance, quantize it, and want to use the sequence track to drive the Roland box to produce audio, you don't...
  24. dr bonkers

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    There is already a GK cab in the Axe FX III. Search for Geek.
  25. dr bonkers

    New TriAxis patch I have been messing with

    So glad to hear this!
  26. dr bonkers

    RIP Neil Peart

    They were such a big part of my life. This one is tough to take. If your heroes are still touring, go see them. You never know when it will be the last time.
  27. dr bonkers

    Ideas for auto-pan?

    Drat, I thought that might work out for you.
  28. dr bonkers

    Ideas for auto-pan?

    The easiest way to pull this off in the Axe Fx III is to use the panning block with a dynamics modifier. The key will be setting the dynamics within your normal range of picking dynamics so the the untriggered value is a hard pan left, and the triggered value is hard pan right.
  29. dr bonkers

    MIDI Guitar 2 - Out of Beta and Bitchen

    Wow! Humming melodies and getting midi pitch/notation would open up possibilities for me. Then you could tweak the midi notes, put it into melodyne, and have easier background harmonies versus trying to sing them in real time.
  30. dr bonkers

    Would you dislike a 4U Axe-Fx 4?

    People are all about wifi and Bluetooth for editing until you are on a gig with serious EMI or rfi in those band ranges that makes such connections impossible. then you will thank all that is holy for front panel or USB wired options to edit your unit. I haven't had to edit on a 1 unit screen...
  31. dr bonkers

    Help Me Buy a Bass?

    Oh, if you were able to get Matt's Spector, that's an amazing sounding and playing bass. I got to play it once and it is amazeballs.
  32. dr bonkers

    Help Me Buy a Bass?

    It depends how small your hands are and the proportion of palm to fingers. My hands are more palm than finger so 34 inch scale is no bueno for me and 32 inch scale aggravates my carpal tunnel syndrome, so I'm 30 inch scale and under for bass.
  33. dr bonkers

    Help Me Buy a Bass?

    As a dude that is built like a T-Rex with small hands, I will be one to say that you will hate the P-bank's beefy neck. In Fender/Squier universe, you want to check out either a Jazz, Bronco, or Jaguar bass. This one I personally own and it's my #2 after my Gibson Triumph bass...
  34. dr bonkers

    The Short-term Effect of Patriots' loss on Firmware Releases

    Ertz, Jefferies, and Agholor would beg to differ with you regarding a reciever that could get open. They seemed to get some yards and receptions when healthy. Let's face it, if the Eagles had McCown rather than Foles, Eagles would have had no recent Super Bowl rings with the glass man as the...
  35. dr bonkers

    The Short-term Effect of Patriots' loss on Firmware Releases

    It's always neat to see the generational shift of QBs in the playoffs. Do you think Belichick looks at the 49ers QB as the one that got away? Do you think Jeff Lurie wishes he had Nick Foles on the bench to save the day one more time in the playoffs? That was a penny wise, pound foolish move...
  36. dr bonkers

    Amazing Guitarist most of us know of -IMHO- Just so Good

    I really dig her fingerstyle technique. It's so fluid how she switches off between that and conventional picking.
  37. dr bonkers

    Recording noisy guitars?

    That's the power of using a DAW. If using noise reduction plug ins that can analyze the noise floor don't work, or VST gates don't work on your noise floor issues with any amps, then you usually draw volume automation curves that leave all your note attacks and decays, but fade to silence the...
  38. dr bonkers

    Recording noisy guitars?

    When faced with this in recording situations, I learned to live with the noise during recording with no gate. During mixing, I use DAW volume automation to tailor the volume to the note attacks and decays.
  39. dr bonkers

    Is 25.4" scale guitar considered medium scale?

    @Bushy I should also add, that a database web catalog like MI may have data entry errors on the specs from time to time. Someone may have selected one of the bass scale data values by accident. If you want to know for sure, your best bet is to contact the manufacturer directly for the spec...
  40. dr bonkers

    Is 25.4" scale guitar considered medium scale?

    For guitars, you have a number of different scale names that corresponds short hand for measurements: Vintage Fender Jaguar = 22.5 inches Student or 3/4 scale = 23 inches Vintage Gibson scale = varies from 24 5/8 to 24 9/16 inches typical Gibson scale = 24.75 inches typical Fender scale 25.5...
  41. dr bonkers

    Multiple Buzzing Sounds

    This question is going to sound silly. Are you wearing a watch while playing? With higher gain amps, your pickups will actually amplify the sound of your watch if you are wearing it. I know because I found that happening. Also, unless my 13 year old lcd Samsung computer monitor is...
  42. dr bonkers

    What hypothetical/non-existent FAS product would you actually buy?

    I would love a dedicated bass frfr that has that FAS engineering touch.
  43. dr bonkers

    Do you set up your own guitars?

    What wire do you recommend for rewiring a control cavity of a guitar? I'm thinking of replacing the ineffective tone control in one of my guitars with a kill switch.
  44. dr bonkers

    What amp did the Axe-Fx III make you discover and fall in love with?

    The Deliverance, SLO-100, VH4, 5150iii 50w Blue channel, and the HRM. The more I dig into each them, them more a universe of sound opens up for me where I wonder how I got along without these sounds prior to getting this unit.
  45. dr bonkers

    List of sellers of Axe-Fx III presets

    I'm going through the same challenge too.
  46. dr bonkers

    The 20 Greatest Led Zeppelin I & II Moments played on the Axe-Fx III

    Damn this is hot! 2 questions @austinbuddy : 1. Is there going to be a volume 2 with Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti, Presence, & In Through the Out Door? 2. Are there going to be companion bass presets coming out for these packs? Great job, as a Page fanatic I say this!
  47. dr bonkers

    UK Banking, low interest rates and GEE-TAR'S

    My advice, as I have seen people make investments in "always appreciating assets" that due to one unforeseen event or another performed as a "depreciating asset " when in a time of crisis, is to be very careful. Ask yourself, how long could you stand to wait to convert that asset back to...
  48. dr bonkers

    Vendor Dr Bonkers IR Files Cab Pack - 2000 Marshall® JCM 900 1960A™ with Celestion® Greenbacks™

    Releasing now is the Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Volume 18: JMGB 4X12 Guitar Cab IR Collection based upon a 2000 Marshall Amplification® 4X12 JCM 900 Lead 1960A™ 80w Standard Straight Guitar Amp Cabinet. This cabinet included 4X12 Celestion® G12M-20 Greenback™ 12 inch 20 watt 15 Ohm...
  49. dr bonkers

    Small Bass Amp for Basement Jamming

    The Hartke kickback is also really nice.
  50. dr bonkers

    Bit Crusher Drive

    put it between the amp block and cab block to get an even different sound. Or put it parallel with a drive with more sustain for a different texture.
  51. dr bonkers

    Wish Metronome as Source for Compressor Side chain

    Cool idea! I will have to woodshed this. Thanks for the brainstorm on another way to do what I want.
  52. dr bonkers

    Wish Metronome as Source for Compressor Side chain

    Why would this be useful to have the metronome block be a selectable source for a compressor side chain? Let's suppose you are a bass player playing straight 8th notes. You can use your tap tempo to set the bpm of the pulse to your drummer. Then if the compressor is set correctly, the side...
  53. dr bonkers

    Wish System-wide modifiers

    I would love to globally attach a dynamics modifier to Output Comp parameter in the amp block. I find myself using this all the time, no matter the amp, as a dynamics dependent expander to get more bounce from any amp model.
  54. dr bonkers

    Anyone using Speaker Compression?

    Never used it for the past year.
  55. dr bonkers

    What Cabs to Capture Next?

    Please help me out with the below survey to determine what I should offer in the coming years. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z39PCHR
  56. dr bonkers

    What Cab or cabs

    @andyp13 , here's some articles that may help you: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/sound-sample-archive/how-to-avoid-file-choice-overload-when-using-bass-or-guitar-cab-impulse-response-ir-file-packs-or-collections/...
  57. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers Black Friday Coupon Code

    Just a bump for 13 hours left to the sale!
  58. dr bonkers

    I was featured on the local news for the dumbest thing imaginable.

    This is brilliant. Your monetization angle is for guys to get a 50 mile franchise radius in the app via geolocation tagging by DNS address where the lucky person is the only choice. You could make it a recurring 30 day franchise auction that goes to highest bidder who also posts 2 pictures...
  59. dr bonkers

    Thoughts on OLP MM 5 string bass

    It's not bad. For around the same money you can get the Ibanez Mikro 5 string GSRM25. The bass was so good in a head to head playing session, I ended up buying the Ibanez.
  60. dr bonkers

    Piano-like clean bass tone

    I too am addicted to half rounds or pressure wounds on my 4 strings. For my 5 string, I have round wounds because the tone is just more resonant with that type of string construction on that diameter string IMHO. Rather than EQ, I found wood shedding my technique to reduce string noise and...
  61. dr bonkers

    Bass presets - nothing exists from Factory. Why?

    @TwinsenLBA I do have bass presets with each of my IR packs at https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product-category/bass-guitar-cabinet-files/. They are developed for the Axe-fx II and AX-8 currently and can be converted using FracTool. I am currently working on a free update to all current...
  62. dr bonkers

    Piano-like clean bass tone

    Most of the piano like bass tones that you hear on recordings are either direct through the recording console tones or tones with a parallel path of a DI signal phase aligned with an amp and cab setup. Most of the amps used for such tones are either solid state or solid state/tube hybrid...
  63. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers Black Friday Coupon Code

    Sure, I just PMed you.
  64. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers Black Friday Coupon Code

    To thank you for your past support, here is a preview of the coupon code that will only be able to be used on my site once per email address: kfas19 Coupon must be used BEFORE November 30, 2019 This will entitle you to 20% off my normal sale prices as long as you purchase more than $9.99 USD...
  65. dr bonkers

    Favorite Cabs for Friedman?

    for the C45, you can't go wrong with these: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product/dr-bonkers-guitar-cab-oddities-volume-5-flthy-1x12-guitar-cabinet-ir-collection/ https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product/dr-bonkers-guitar-cab-oddities-volume-16-solo-4x12-guitar-cab-ir-collection/
  66. dr bonkers

    Bent my 1/8 inch plug on my ATM-40 headphones

    No good deed goes unpunished in air travel. I had my seat neighbor bend like a pretzel my 1/8 inch male plug on my Audio Technica headphones, when I exited the seat row so that he could easily visit the lavatory. Can anyone recommend a solderable replacement connector that also has a screw on...
  67. dr bonkers

    List of every Marshall cabinet speaker IR

    @aens here's an underrated Marshall cab that even gets the Austin Buddy seal of approval: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product/dr-bonkers-bass-cab-classics-volume-10-mbbc-8x10-bass-cabinet-ir-collection/ If you desire another 2000s era cab, this one may fit your criteria...
  68. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers IR Cab Pack Tribute to 1989 ADA® Split Stack™ 2x12 w/ Celestion® G12S-50™ speakers

    @MDProd, @bradlake , & @2112 Thanks so much for your kind words!
  69. dr bonkers

    IR Length

    The room parameter is your friend in this case or a good reverb too. Unless you are getting into convolution reverb IR files, the roomier IR files I experimented generating with tended to sound very demo like, even when mixed in low with more direct IR files.
  70. dr bonkers

    Let’s see those guitars

    That's the Les Paul 295 I believe, modeled after an ES-295. Beautiful.
  71. dr bonkers

    IR Length

    @FractalAudio what program are you using to generate the graphs from the or files? This is very cool stuff.
  72. dr bonkers

    Am I the Only One Not Using High or Low Cuts Anymore?

    @FractalAudio The only time I use low cuts any more is with IRs using an Audix D6 on 15 inch cabs now. That mic captures just a ridiculous amount of low end on such sized cabs no matter what you do, except really backing it off distance-wise. Backing it off that much makes the IR lose most of...
  73. dr bonkers

    my Soul is alien.

    If you are not looking for a tightly compressed signal, then what you are really after is guitar synth tones. An overdriven guitar sound with no dirt is like driving a car with both drive and reverse gears simultaneously selected- it's an impossibility. By definition, overdrive of a guitar into...
  74. dr bonkers

    Celestion G12T-75

  75. dr bonkers

    Holy smokes!

    OK another eureka moment thanks to @AlGrenadine and FracTool. I convert one of my favorite custom presets in the II to the III, from my Polytone 1X15+2X8 pack. The only thing I did was link the same cab to the preset in the III since we don't have preset+cab bundles in the III yet. From 45%...
  76. dr bonkers

    Holy smokes!

    Well he also had the Johnson Millennium JM-150 for like 10 or 12 years before he had an Ultra He only let the JM-150 go for the same reason I did, scarcity of spare displays rendering the unit potenteially an expensive doorstop.
  77. dr bonkers

    FS 1989 ADA Slant Face Split Stack 2X12 w/ Celestion G12S-50 Speakers -$225 OBO

    Pictures and description here: https://reverb.com/item/29201201-19...on-g12s-50-speakers?publish_confirmation=true Make me a deal or best offer! Open to trades too!
  78. dr bonkers

    Holy smokes!

    Yes sir! I was amazed how different the feel is between Ares 2.1 for the II and FW 10.2 for the III. I was switching back and forth between favorite presets that were common between the units. the III really has more depth and detail to the distortion and cleans. Amazing stuff, Cliff. I was...
  79. dr bonkers

    Holy smokes!

    Ok, 4 hours into playing it after reading how to set input and output levels. This unit is amazeballs and I don't get easily impressed. For once, I bought a unit where I am not nuking all the presets. Really nice and usable presets are there right out of the box. I probably have a few weeks of...
  80. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers IR Cab Pack Tribute to 1989 ADA® Split Stack™ 2x12 w/ Celestion® G12S-50™ speakers

    Releasing now is the Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Volume 17: AHA 2X12 Cabinet IR Collection based upon vintage 1989 ADA® T2-12C Slant Face Split Stack™ 2x12 100w Guitar Amp Cab. This cabinet included 2 of the original Celestion® G12S-50™ 12 inch 16 Ohm speakers. Available in Fractal Audio...
  81. dr bonkers

    1959 Magnatone Troubadour 1x12"

    What a find! Why don't those things pop up in NJ on CL?
  82. dr bonkers

    FS Wurlitzer Model 200 Electric Piano w/ Original Legs & Sustain Pedal - $1,600-OBO

    If you are in a Van Halen tribute band and wanted to do "And the Cradle Will Rock" faithfully to the album, you will need one of these... Local pickup in Paramus, NJ unless you want to pay to ship this heavy monster. Pictures and details in this link: https://rvrb.io/1970s-200-electric-k2avmr
  83. dr bonkers

    FS 1984 Gallien-Krueger 212GS 2X12 guitar cab Celestion G12M-70 - $250-OBO

    Here is the listing so that you can see pictures and more details: https://rvrb.io/1984-212gs-j7dtbl Price is for local pickup near Paramus, NJ. Shipping will be additional. Details in listing link above.
  84. dr bonkers

    SOLD 2009 Gibson Les Paul Dusk Tiger $2,000+Shipping OBO

    Reverb listing with pictures here: https://rvrb.io/2010-les-paul-dusk-p4nmf2 Let's make a deal!
  85. dr bonkers

    [Retitled] Tale of an Online Trasaction Gone Wrong

    I remember once, when having to reroute a shipment to a new address because the buyer moved and did not update his PayPal shipping address, UPS issued a different tracking number for the rerouted shipment. The original tracking number referenced the new tracking number in notes. Could that...
  86. dr bonkers

    Resist the GAS, or succumb to it? To upgrade or not to upgrade? Help a guy out!

    Yep, I'm eager to learn this unit so I retro upgrade all the previous cab packs with III presets.
  87. dr bonkers

    Wish On-board amp reverb (and tremolo?)

    Did you try putting the reverb and tremolo in between the amp and cab blocks? It really scratches the itch for me there.
  88. dr bonkers

    The Joy of (Less) Variac

    I am addicted to the Variac. A lot of amps that are not in the Fractal can have their sounds simulated by picking a similar amp and messing with the Variac to hand tune the breakup by ear.
  89. dr bonkers

    The greatest digital guitar recording of all time?

    If you are looking for IR files of an L5, I have some here: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product/dr-bonkers-guitar-cab-oddities-volume-1-lavie-2x12-guitar-cabinet-ir-collection/
  90. dr bonkers

    New Axe-Fx III basic price - $1,999

    Aaargh!!! Can't wait to get back to the US from India so I can jump on this.
  91. dr bonkers

    Wish Darkglass Alpha Omega

    This really sounds like you can get these sounds with the Shred Distortion block in in parallel with your dry signal or also additionally in parallel with the Darkglass block. I don't hear any sort of special crossover effect where different distortion is applied to separate frequency bands, or...
  92. dr bonkers

    Some noodling and shout out to Dr Bonkers

    @mistermikev Thanks so much for the outstanding demo! May I link to it on the Mesa 8X10 cab pack page on my site if you don't mind?
  93. dr bonkers

    NASA intruige and the mother of all Conspiracies?

    l think I found my next band name. Thanks!
  94. dr bonkers

    Time for another Supro?

    Am I detecting a need for Supro cab ir files?
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