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    a Trika ... a Hat Trick

    I know FAS is getting beatup with the release of AXE EDIT and FW V10.0, but does anyone know with the new features there will be a new MFC-101 FW release?
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    Cliff, Please Model the Rivera Sedona ...

    Cliff; I see you are modeling Marshall Club and Country a great amp I had one. But I still think there is a need for more acoustic amps. The Rivera Sedona is a really beautiful sounding acoustic amp. Its sound is really a combination of the power amp circuitry (all tube) and the cab which is...
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    TC electronics promo on Facebook Today ...

    Rig Rundown - Madonna - Monte Pittman I copied the URL's from Facebook which I can get to from work, but I can't see if they are correct becuase I can't get to Youtube Rig Rundown - Madonna - Monte Pittman - YouTube
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    Wish MFC-101 Programming VIA AXE-EDIT

    Will it eventually be possible for AXE-EDIT to see and program the MFC-101 when the AXE-FX II is connected with the Expansion cable to the MFC-101 and maybe manage the MFC-101 layout?
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    Another Fan Story!

    Last week Saturday, I un-boxed my AXE-FX II, I loaded the new firmware, and Bank A and realized there was NO fan at all. I emailed support and they emailed me Saturday, and told me to check and see if the cable popped off in transit. I checked and the cable was connected. I tried to move the fan...
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