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    New AX8 video

    Will It have a RS-1000 Block? http://youtu.be/p6zyEKl2rVM
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    New AX8 video

    dose it have the double tracking cooper Block too?
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    Axe-FX II, Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, iMac 27 and SPDIF help needed

    Try setting the axe clock to SPDIf in and Saffire to internal. I had problem when clocking the Saffire with external device
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    So when is the waitlist open!

    i did have a confirmation email
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    So when is the waitlist open!

    in 5:47
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    American products and european prices

    anything in Quebec Canada is sale price + 15% taxe. it only apply form items you buy in the same province you live in. anywhere else you only pay import taxe if you have to, i order a lot of stuff form China on Ebay and i was never ask for anything. on the top on my mind the only time i payed...
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    Ax8 Queations - Suitable recording Interface

    many cheap interface (100$) have Spdif IO, Even an old Fast Track will do
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    Please recommend me monitors for live use

    RCFnx10 or 12 the fact that they are a coaxial monitors make them sound way more even in front of it. the 10's are really small
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    AX8 Cab Block ...... quick questions

    100% correct 1 amp block into 1 Cab block running 2 IR dual mono ( center pan )
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    AXeFX2 Vs AX8 and CPU question

    it not working like that. you need to think what effect you will use,the quality you use them Mono\Stereo and take AMB and CAB out of the equation.
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    Wish Pitch shifter working as good as Digitech The Drop

    the block is ok but I think it could be better or closer to a real whammy
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    AX8 with headphones?

    Behringer make a 20$ headphone amp, not the greatest but enough to play at home
  13. D

    AX8 -> AXE FX II XL+ preset compatibility?

    I only wish we can load block form save
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    AX8 with headphones?

    if you use low impedance headphone like In-ear ( 2 or 4 ohm ) the line level will be enough! connect your iPhone in the fx return and you can jam all in one box
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    AX-8 Price

    if you own pro recording gear, you have an Spdif input. case close, thank you!
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    First Look at the Fractal Audio AX8 from Gear Gods

    new Meyer JF210 same Metallica bring on tour
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    AX-8 Price

    you can probably do that just with rooting with the grid hard pan the processed signal left and leave right unprocessed
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    AX-8 Price

    can I use the USB to send and receive midi for switching form a computer?
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    Newbie needs help with recording

    get a small mic pre, anything like even a Art Tube Pre ( 50$ ) will give you good result
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    AX8 Beer Compatibility?

    I swear this story is 100% true. first gig in a big and respected bar in Montreal that produce band over 40 years now... there's a 10 inch beer stoper in front of the stage so people can't just accidentally drop beer in your stuff, it's drunk people proof, or kinda... it's our first night...
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    AX-8 Price

    get 4 AX8 so you can put them in the loop of the Helix
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    Have to overhaul entire band PA. Looking for advice.

    if you can fit under 18 ins take a look at the X-air 18, that's what my band use for our monitor mixer.
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    AX-8 Price

    just in Canada I estimate price + change rate + shipping to around 2000$. it's a lil over the original 1399$
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    Have to overhaul entire band PA. Looking for advice.

    get a x32 rack with a iPad, it's so easy to use and small, no more cable and stuff, and if the local bar have a x32, all you need is a USB stick and cat5 cable to change your kit in a monitor/foh setup. that easy
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    AX8 Teaser Video

    is it possible to run it as a 4 preset + 4 CC\pedal switch for effect block ?
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    Advice appreciated!!

    Welcome to the world of recording! the first question that cross my mind is what speakers do you use ? and are you double tracking? have you try to tweet tone by re-amping your guitar?
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    FX8 Plugged into an Axe FX 2

    Get a real cab and use the fx8 with your power amp as a complet rig, use OD block for Dirty channel
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    October 1st

    Nothing happen, just a demo
  29. D

    AX8 Teaser Video

    you should put that in the next FW update!
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    Axe Ultra which Poweramp? (except Matrix)

    crown work great for me in live sound PA and my bass player have a 1000W crown in his rig, working also great
  31. D

    Strange question but...

    if the device work with Wireless DMX controle, you can't isolate it or it wont communicate with the other RF device. if its just a batterie pack, you can put longer wire, the induction should not be that bad.
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    I'm interviewing Mark Day tonight

    if you think Canadiens are too polite take a look at SpectreMediaGroup YouTube channel ;)
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    You got any thoughts on the Evertune Bridge system?

    you can set it up so it react like a normal bridge, i bend and vibrato all day long on it if i want to.
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    You got any thoughts on the Evertune Bridge system?

    my main axe is a SG standard with a Evertune, it work 110%, i plan on getting more
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    Suggestions for a USB Guitar interface (with software bundle preferably)

    get a usb to jack cable ( yes it exist for real ) and plug strait into the computer.
  36. D

    Current state of modeling vs real amps

    I just went to a guitar store, saw a nice Orange TH100 with a 2x12 cab, I was so happy to plug it in and fire some tubes ( it's a long time since I've played tubes ) and I was so, so disapointed. it seriously sounded like shit. hear screaching fizzy highs that wanted to rip my head off. today I...
  37. D

    Fractal sighting... Stratovarius

    i don't see mic and signe of a power amp. I oly see in his rack a Furman, in-ear and wireless and finally a axe II.
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    Axe Ultra Input fell Inside of housing

    tight it with a small drop of glue, don't dip it into crazy glue. a small drop of wood glue or soft glue will hold it in place.
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    What A Tool!!!!

    as a professional audio engineer myself I can really understand why Glen took his video down. he made a mistake and will fix it to come up with a cover that will sound way way better. everybody here will still bash on him for no reason and complain about there tone sounding better anyways...
  40. D

    Direct box?

    Radial Engineering JPC Stereo PC Direct Box | Soundpure.com small stereo box.
  41. D

    Gate/Expander position

    on the axe, it can only cause problems if you out it after time base effect, it will chop the tail end off.
  42. D

    Possibility of adding more CPU

    get an other units is the only solution I can see here.
  43. D

    Cliff/FAS Building an amp from viirtual

    with a perfect schematic and phisical amp will you make a perfect clone of That amp or a perfect on paper version of that model?
  44. D

    New Love for EMG Active

    I'm a huge fan of the 85, all my show guitars have 85-85 in them. I also run on 24V witch give me a lot more headroom. not so much more output but the high voltage give them dynamic.
  45. D

    AX8 block

    I don't want to over speculate over the ax8, I know we will " soon " Have all answer to all our question. but do we know what block will be available in the AX8? it will be a 1 amp 1 cab units for sure will block have X/Y ? will we have only 1 of each blocks?
  46. D

    Saved template possible?

    make your template preset and store it on your computer or in a unused preset.
  47. D

    Anyone else thinks that my di track has some serious problems?

    the DI sound like a DI to me, you only have dark pickup, eq to taste and move on. that's why presets are not so good, just turn the bass to 0 if that's what you need.
  48. D

    Input level

    i run EMG on 24v so 10%
  49. D

    AX8 waiting list soon?

    they are built in USA but physical metal case is made in China
  50. D


    I was about to guess the #2 as a oversize mesa cab with a M88 or AT2500 mic but if it the most expensive can you ever had, I must be wrong, or that Hetfield personal cab, and that has no value.
  51. D

    AX8 waiting list soon?

    I bet 20$ that there will be no waiting list, fractal just get a new batch of fx8 and I'm sure the container had loads of ax8 in it too
  52. D

    How can I achieve Metallica's LOAD album tone

    Recto red 2 modern , Cali Cab, EMG 81 that easy
  53. D

    Help Please - Output 1 Always Clips Output 2 always OK

    I had the same problem, try to lower your amp block volume by 1db, that fix it for me.
  54. D

    Axe-Fx Out to PA XLR: serious noise issues

    I would try to ground lift the XLR, after that the axe power cable and double check the soundguy do not have Phantom power (48v) on your inputs. so far i would put my money on the power lift
  55. D

    Lets talk IEM's!

    shure PSM 900 or 600 on the cheap side with E215 buds, they sound so good for the price it's almost too good for 99$
  56. D

    Why does my Axe FX II XL sound like this?

    That happen to me one, reboot and gone, never knew what happen
  57. D

    Midi Notes in Synth bloc

    could be really cool to have a tone generator in the synth bloc. a couple people have midi guitars and other midi stuff that can be used. I would love to send a couple bass notes form my pedal board to play over or add stuff live. it can also do crazy stuff with the Vocoder
  58. D

    AX8 waiting list soon?

    where do I sign to be on the waiting list for the waiting list? I really need a AX8 for October 1
  59. D

    I know it's been asked-but AX8-

    I sold my Axe II to get a AX8 because I will cover all my need on 9 switch and on a floor board live. 1 amp 1 cab enough for me.
  60. D

    The stoneage problem: drums too loud

    get a Small mixer and headphone amp with Shure IEM ( the 215 work really fine and are only 100$ each) I built a complet setup for my band under 1500$ CDN my band jam in a 8x12 room with a live drum, everything is micked up and it also translate really well for live show (we bring our monitor...
  61. D

    432, 440, 444, and the Solfeggio/Leonard Horrowitz Controversy

    Ask Dimebag, he had the answer!
  62. D

    Mesa Subway Blues? Is this an OK deal?

    price is good! if you don't want it, sell it to me
  63. D

    I know it's been asked-but AX8-

    Seriously let me know if you drive at fractal HQ to get you, we can split the gas.
  64. D

    Marshall help

    I would try a ts-808 -> Moded-800 -> V30 IR, the axe has many rim with v30 speakers, give them a try
  65. D

    Doesnt sound or feel right

    Have you try blending both settings on 2 amps?
  66. D

    Lend me your ears!

    Very close, my guess here is a Scheps plugin on the track, try a 57 mic emulation with a " Transformer " preamp in the cab block. That wil get you closer
  67. D

    Doesnt sound or feel right

    In the cab section, you have Mic Pre, they add tone and color to the final result, like in a real recording situation, the mic and mic pre are in the chain to get to recording medium. Try to know what they used on the recording of the tone you looking for and dial it on the axe.
  68. D

    Kirk Hammett tribute! FW19, factory ML Sound Lab IR's & JC120 tonematch. With Preset!

    i puted a really good and flat IR of my JC120 on the Axe-Exchange if you ever want to give it a try, make sure to get both ir for both speakers
  69. D

    Doesnt sound or feel right

    have you try the built in pre color ?
  70. D

    Doesnt sound or feel right

    keep in mind that you hear a compressed, post porduced, mastered mix. his amp tone are not what you hear on the record. close but add colors in every part of the chain.
  71. D

    What guitars used?

    no offense to anybody here but I just can over the idea of using factory preset, I can go so far with multiple dual amp and cabs and I do know what I want tone wise. to get back to the original questions seriously it dosent matters. even if cliff tweak with a 59 LP, chances are you don't have...
  72. D

    Need help setting up studio monitors

    Make sure you have the USB input level turn on like Chris said, also make sure you use stereo outputs not L->R. My suggestion is also to set the USB level to -3 DB. You will have enough volume, and a bit of headroom if you ever play over a song direct, without overall digital output clipping
  73. D

    What guitars used?

    He probably used the first guitar he find to do them or many over time... But seriously, with all the flexibility the axe do anybody use factory presets? If you do, you miss something
  74. D

    Noise, interference with Axe Fx 2.. Need some clarity / help pls! :)

    It's is the sound of a spinning hard drive, probably form your computer, try a earth lift adaptor on your laptop or computer, it should stop inducing noise right away. If it's a laptop, simply try to run with no power supply for a couple second
  75. D

    Reason #16547362 why the AxeFX II is the best rig out there for the working musician

    and that's the last day you used a regular cab... seriously ask you back if he prefer go direct or lift a cab ?
  76. D

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.01 Public Beta (1)

    if I understand this correctly, to do good FF IR, you need somthing Like measurement mic in a anechoics chamber? if the room do not reflect is it absent of capture?
  77. D

    adjusting tone in a band mix

    you have to add your bandmate tone in the equation when you build tone, if your bass player is working against you eq wise. you can waist a lot of time eqing for nothing. leave the lows part of the spectrum to bass, focus your tone around 160 and up. think that vocal happen between 1-2K. over...
  78. D

    adjusting tone in a band mix

    like Like say, a JCM800 into a greenback loaded cab with flat EQ IS the prefect example of a cutting in the mix guitar, give that a try. a regular 800 into the Marshall greenback loaded cab with an overdrive in front if you need more drive. that will work 200%. that's the sonic space a guitar...
  79. D

    My axe manufacture worms

    playing Slipknot and maggots showed up?
  80. D

    In ear monitoring live

    the iPhone app is not out yet, they working in it. so car my band is happy with just a single iPad
  81. D

    Just ordered an Axe FX 2 XL+, quick question...

    axe as Male XLR out... amp have fem. in...
  82. D

    Never get a good sound with Axe FX II

    sound legit to me. try recording to a clic track. always monitor strait form the Axe with headphone for tight result. and keep tweaking
  83. D

    Does the axe fx II have pickup modeling?

    put a parallel switch to your Humbucker pickup. the 99¢ switch is all you need. if you want more then that. EQ block first in line, to taste, move to something else.
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    Wish Metronome output 2

    yes please!!!
  85. D

    In ear monitoring live

    my band buy a X-Air 18 mixer witch a split patch bay for our monitors, I go direct to mixer and do my own mix form my iPad. best 1500$ spend in a long time
  86. D

    Jump it to random patches

    my FCB1010 ( Uno ) do that all the time since like FW15, any idea?
  87. D

    i need help.

    send your axe full volume and turn the amp master ( axe amp ) down. your power amp should also be loud. just to be sure. do you have any eq on the poweramp?
  88. D

    Make a humbucker sound like a single coil

    I would definitely try to wire the pickup with a parallels / serial switch using 4 wires
  89. D

    Axe Fx with Sennheiser IEM 300

    can you use 4 Line? 2 for foh and 2 for monitoring, that way you can use out2 just for plugs
  90. D

    Confessions of a sound man

    I'm a live soundguy ( 10 years and still counting ) and I always prefer take a direct line when I can. - no bleeding - consistency - can't kick the mic around it's 2015 and you can get your hands on many good sounding things to get you a good direct sound. even if you don't like the axe, the...
  91. D

    Getting a sound that will cut through the mix? I'm struggling!

    if I can give you a really good idea of what's a perfect " cutting in the band band sound " a jcm800 with Marshall greenback is the basic of it. try it, don't tweek it at first. just set both up in a preset and leave as is.
  92. D

    All Access: help setting up scenes and IA switches

    Pit it into a bank of 1, set your CC and you should be good to go
  93. D

    Wish Metronome

    Agreed too! I use the axe metronome with my band to stant certain songs
  94. D


    if you play really loud, maybe your speakers overheating and overload, mute and come back to life. to me that sound like the problem, can I be right?
  95. D

    Axe FX II Latency

    what setting your buffer is? I have no audible when playing latency
  96. D

    Fletcher-Munson curve query

    no matter what, make your presets at high volume. at this point, the PA court more then the stage volume
  97. D

    Wish Volume Block "Heel Down Tuner" Feature

    go in I/O, midi, set the tuner to the same numbers as your exp. pedal. that's it
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