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    Using old presets with updated FW?

    Hi all, Whats the deal with using older presets from the axechange with newer version of firmware? i want to see what they sound like, wondering if they will work at all, or just need tweaking but will be roughly right? some from FW10, some from FW19 but im now on Q3 cheers Joe
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    so, its been a while. would someone catch me up?

    Hi all. ive been away from all my gear stuff for close to 2 years due to shoulder injury, then moving into our house and having a baby. getting back into it now, im on fw 12 i believe. can someone kindly sum up what ive missed and where we are at now? seems like too much info to try and gather...
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    It's been a while. I'm on FW10. What do I need to know/ what to expect?

    Hi all. I'm feeling old fashioned. I've been away from the scene for a while and no idea what I'm missing out on etc. what should I expect from the new updates? I'm still so new to what to do that I thought I may as start again with my learning from an up to date version. Cheers
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    Setting up a cab so it's safe all the time.

    Hi all Long time since I've been on here but I've just bought myself a Zilla 2x12 and I'm really looking forward to getting it. I remember that a friend from here showed me how to set up my matrix gt800 and axe fx together so that I could never put too much power through the cab. Can...
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    feedback issues, can you have a look see?

    Hi all. ive been meaning to put this up for a long time, but i always forget. so, i have my main patch that im mostly happy with. sounds really good through my studio monitors, and sounds nearly as good through whatever cab i might be using at the time at the practice room. now i know a lot...
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    can someone help with this effect please?

    Hi guys, ive not looked into the axe like this so im not sure where to start. this is the track... Mestis - Luz Y Cielo - YouTube i know he uses axe fx 2 and gets this effect live too if you check out the EMG vid of the same track. i just like the subtle extras. cheers Joe
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    wait for matrix vertical 2x12 or go zilla cab?

    hi all, ive currently got a big 4x12 at home that i cant get down the stairs on my own. so, i thought id look into a vertical 2x12 to save my back and stage space. i need opinions on if i should wait a bit for matrix to unveil the 2x12 or go for something a bit more familiar and go for a...
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    anyone use Protools 9 with axe as interface?

    Hi all, ive been having issues with my protools 9 since i got it, and my Mbox 2 that ive never really used. i want the Mbox out of the equation. so , how can i set up my axe fx 2 as a usb interface for recording in protools 9. im on a mac 10.6.5 but i dont really know anything about macs or...
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    fcb stops looper when changing preset, simple but i cant do it doh!!

    Hi all, im getting my head around this all now, and im nearly there. i just need to know what my looper wont carry on going when i change preset to play over it. spill over is on fine, it seems like when i press the next patch button on the fcb it flashes all the lights on the top stomp row at...
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    Bot doesnt want to install, i have no clue.haha

    Hi all, im on a mac 10.6.5 apparently.if that helps, i downloaded the new fractalbot due to looper problems (not sure if a bug or something im doing) and i wanted to intall the latest firmware. i got the files and get to the part where it will start to set it up and it says it cant. can...
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    My matrix GT800fx flashed and died...

    Hi all, so at practice the other day, and i was just playing quiet whilst the drummer set up. the sound went weird for a second then a big flash came from behind the vol pots and that was it, no more sound. i switched it off straight away at the wall just incase it went up in flames haha. i...
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    ipod and axe fx at a gig? is this possible?

    Hi all, basic question, im sure youll know the answer and ill feel dumb haha. basically, looking to see if its possible to connect something like an ipod to the back of the axe fx for track intro things/strings etc. but be able to play the axe fx normally without it affecting the ipod...
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    Noise/interference issue, can someone help?

    Hi all, so, i have a problem with static style noise/ the usual interference noises. i have my Macbook running, even without recording i get noises through my monitors normally and way more when i scroll windows or something. less noise when its not plugged into the wall, but i still get the...
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    thank you V10, inspiration finally hits!!

    Thanks Cliff and everyone else involved. i just got the v10 presets and started going through them, and as i would expect most arnt aimed at my style of playing etc (not complaining, how the hell do you cater for evryone?haha) BUT those ones that i like are AMAZING!! really pleased. im only...
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    installed fail, help! mac help.

    hi all, downloaded the beta 1.9 and running the setup, i get right to the last page, input my user password to accept, then it tells me its failed. im not very good on a mac, can anyone help?
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    how do i save my V9 presets before i start doing V1 stuff?

    Hi all, i made a few patches i want to save on my computer before i start downloading V10 incase i do something wrong, how do i do it? cheers Joe
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    help with fcb an modifiers for looper/presets. Help please haha

    Hi all. sorry i know this has been covered a lot, and still being covered but i didnt want to clog someones thread up with me not understanding. i have just read about modifiers, and they sound really helpfull. i have an FCB with Uno chip already, and i nearly got it working the way i...
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    how long does it take to upload in ripwerx? has it crashed?

    Hi all, got my new midi interface. managed to download the current patch for my fcb, but im trying to upload my new one, but its taking ages. is this right? or has it crashed? cheers joe
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    tone match question, please look...

    Hi all. so, ive finally sold the amp (6505+) that the axe fx is replacing, but i thought it would be fun to tone match it before it went. i understand how roughly too do it, output from axe fx into amp, etc but i only have a SM57 and no mic preamp or anything, or a latching footswitch like...
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    can someone recommend me an interface, cheap and in the Uk?

    Hi all. ive had loads of problems sorting my FCB out, and ive narrowed it down to my USB to MIDI cable. i found it once haha. can anyone recommend something for me to get that people have used? is something like this ok? Icon MIDIPort 2 USB MIDI Interface | DV247 or would this be...
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    axe fx ultra patch, any use to me?

    Hi all. I have a chance of getting a patch from a band i really like, but he uses an ultra. Is it any good to me at all? Or if he tells me detailed settings,will that help? Cheers Joe
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    can someone help me with this? vildhjarta style

    Hi all. someone on another forum posted this up and i actually cant get enough of it. i have no clue where to start getting close. can anyone help me? https://soundcloud.com/buster_odeholm/hlb-album-teaser-1 pure awesome! and i think someone said he uses/used a ultra too so it can be found...
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    glassy clean ambient patch, where to start?

    Hay guys! so i want to put a patch together for a clean patch that is really brittle sounding and clear but sounds big an ambient. kind of tesseract, vildhjarta style if you know what i mean? where should i start guys? not made anything other than simple patches before, im new to reverb and...
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    scenes to use looper?

    Hi all. this might be stupid im not sure. could you set up scenes to use the looper functions for live use? im not sure how to make best us of my foot controller (fcb1010) etc? what do you guys think? cheers joe
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    any 8 stringers on here?

    Hi all. So,how many of you guys have an 8 string? Fancy sharing links,vids, samples etc? I know there has to be a few at least. I'm struggling to get a nice clear sound but I'm not sure what im aiming for exactly. It would be cool to have a go to place for everyone. Sharing pointers etc...
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    Strandberg guitar, axe fx 2, gopro and a mic+ bored= vids

    Hi all. im mega bored today, so i figured id mess around and get some vids up on here. nothing special. my mac keeps killing itself so im doing this with a mic from a gopro to my monitors, not great but something whilst i wait. let me know what you think, please read decription on...
  27. D

    My Mayones/Seymour Duncan entry, (with a twist)

    #MayonesDuncan solo competition - YouTube check this out!! i have an axe fx 2 so i thought i could put this here... Joe
  28. D

    My Mayones contest entry....

    Hi all. thought some of you might like a laugh.... #MayonesDuncan solo competition - YouTube
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    Uno installed, wont go into stompbox mode

    hay guys! just put my Uno chip in my fcb. but the thing you do to put it in stompbox mode, 1 and 10 on startup from memory. it doesnt count down after the display goes blank. it just goes back to 0 and its the same as it was before the new chip. i did the other one that was 1 and 9 on...
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    Animals as leaders tone help.

    hay guys. so im a massive tosin abasi fan. and id love to nail some of the sounds he uses. more like the slappy clean sound but all of it really haha. i know he uses axe fx and has done for a while. i was wondering if anyone has got an ideas or already got something going? (dont worry...
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    1st practice with the axe.. few questions guys...

    Hi all. Had my 1st band practice with the axe 2 last night. And I loved it. I can really start to expand my music in the band now I have it. So, a few questions I could do with help with please. I get a fair bit of feedback etc when I'm not playing even when I have the strings fully...
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    help me out please. power amp noob....

    Hi all... Right, I've done evry bit of reading I can. and I can't decide what I need for a power amp. I pushed the boat out getting the axe fx, so I can't go for a matrix or tube power amp. I want cheap for now. So I have been looking at velocity 300 and sla2. Even looked at ipr1600. I...
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    ipr1600 16 ohm cab help please.

    Hay guys. Sorry for another topic. My eyes are going square trying to find this out... I have a 16ohm 4x12 rated to 300w (peavey 6505 cab), and was wondering what power I can get safely with the ipr? Bridged mono due to mono cab. I just want to use my axe fx so bad at practice but can't...
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    bought a rack case, is it too big?haha

    Hay all. Just had this arrive... Studiospares Trojan MKII 4U+2U ABS Wheeled Rack Case at Studiospares Seems ok for the price etc. But seems massive in depth. Is it right? Isn't gonna sit on a 4x12 neatly. Or am I worrying about nothing? I'm new to rack things. Cheers Joe
  35. D


    Hi all. another thread i know, but its a different thing. what cables do i need to make the most of this bi of kit? like for the tone matching or anything usefull? just so i can make sure im set up properly before i get one to save that few days wait when i dont want to.hahaha cheers Joe
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    buying axe fx 2 help... new or used?

    Hi all. im Joe, 22 from nottingham UK. thought i would say Hi before asking for help. so, im needing an axe fx 2. well, mainly wanting/ craving haha. im stuck with no options at the moment for used ones in the uk that are not scams (gumtree guy tried to scam me, but i could see it coming...
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