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    AX8 can I run two separate signal paths ?

    On the FXII I can run two independent sources from the same guitar, magnetic pickups on one channel and a piezo output on its own separate channel. Can I do that with AX8? Thanks!
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    Reconciling different input impedances of separate acoustic & electric signals?

    Guitar has magnetic and piezo outputs, and I'm sending each one separately into input 1 L&R. (I want to keep input 2 open to use for vocals.) The piezos I have (K&Ks mostly) want to see 1Mohm impedance, and the magnetics want a different impedance. Is it possible to have separate impedances...
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    Possible to make Axe word clock slave to recording interface when recording via USB?

    After a bunch of reading I still can't suss this out: If I'm recording via USB, is there a way to set the Axe to slave off my Metric Halo ULN-8's clock? Ideally I'd like to go: Axe analog ins --> USB --> Mac --> DAW, with ULN-8 being master clock. I'd also be happy going: Axe analog...
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    Anybody using an Axe FX for upright bass?

    I have a separate rig for upright bass, but I'm thinking it would be cool to use the Axe for everything: upright, electric bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar. Has anyone experimented with upright, or have any suggestions? Looking for a natural sound with a little polish, using a high...
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    Does the Axe make an onboard preamp for bass totally unnecessary?

    I've been considering getting an active bass, and then I wondered: if I plan to always play and record through the Axe, is there really any need to have an onboard preamp, aside from the ability to make active changes directly from the bass? Is there anything an onboard pre can do tonally...
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