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    Wish Pitch shifter working as good as Digitech The Drop

    Yes! A formant pitch shifter please!!!
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    More thoughts on my experience with Kemper and Axefx II

    Thank you for sharing- I used the AXEFX2, which I sold for the AX8 (better for gigs but I really miss the lack of processing power). What I really like is the pitch shifter quality of the Kemper. If I would have it, I would just load a dumblesque patch for crunch and lead, a NEVE preamp for...
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    Pitch Shifter on Ax8

    Intelligent harmony is particulary buggy... it's like having a drunk guitarist behind you ;)
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    Pitch Shifter on Ax8

    It would be great if we would have the option to select between a better, lower consuming CPU Pitch Block, and a more advanced one, with formant pitch shifting, which would inevitably consume more processing power, but it could be used for simple patch.
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    Pitch Shifter on Ax8

    patch was quite simple, it didn't even had a amp+cab block... just some filters and an intelligent (?) pitch shift. Originally it had also a synthesizer block, one octave lower, but I had to remove it: not because I was running off of CPU, but because it was completely out of tune, but that's...
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    Pitch Shifter on Ax8

    Hi, Coming from the AxeFx II to the Ax8, I noticed that the pitch shifter is quite bad. Tracking is buggy and there are a lot of artifacts... It's just me?
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    Fracture Variation

    Hi, A short clip of Fracture Variation by Robert Fripp. Rick Toone custom > AX8 > NS10 Unfortunately I didn't record the direct signal Hope you'll enjoy
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    Envelope Filter Lead Tone

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    Envelope Filter Lead Tone

    Maybe Simeon could help? :)
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    Envelope Filter Lead Tone

    Hello, Any way to achieve the same filtering effect you see after 3.20? I've looked around the forum but I didn't find anything like this Thanks!
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    Infinity Looper + AX8

    Seems I didn't check the most obvious thing... thanks!
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    Infinity Looper + AX8

    Hello, I have problems patching external processors in the FX Loop. I'm trying with the Infinity Looper and I'm probably doing something wrong. Basically, the output from the looper (pre-recorded stuff) works perfectly, but the input (fx send) is almost inaudible, so I can record anything I...
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    Troubles with Eventide Eclipse into Loop

    OH! I'll check it! Thank you!
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    Troubles with Eventide Eclipse into Loop

    Hello, For some reason I don't have stereo (using 4 cables, of course). Someone has ever tried to connect it? Thanks
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    For those who have gone AxeFX II to AX8 for live workflow...

    Then forget about it... ;)
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    Two Pitch Shifting blocks

    Ambient patches don't always require amp+cab, so it would be great if the processing power could be routed to a secondary pitch block...
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    For those who have gone AxeFX II to AX8 for live workflow...

    I've just switched from the AxeFx II + MCF101 to the AX8. For my style of playing, I only miss the multi band compressor and a having a dual synth and pitch blocks. It's very solid, so it's a rather heavy unit. Too bad for my dream to carry it as hand luggage. Apart from that, I'm very happy...
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    Problem with Axe Edit and AX8

    Oh man... Thanks. In the meantime this post will last almost forever as reminder of my stupidity, I suppose...
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    Problem with Axe Edit and AX8

    Hello, My AX8 arrived this morning... I've uploaded the recommended new firmware and everything went smooth as usual (it's my 4th fractal product), however I can't connect it on Axe Edit. A pop up advise me that: the connected device is not compatible with axe-edit version 3.07.02 How can I...
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    Another use for Tone Matching...

    Yes please ;)
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    Some video recordings

    Here they are, Hope you enjoy ;)
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    Acoustic Patch

    Yeah, I like not using any amp too. Para EQ is 90% of the work, in my opinion. A great tool is also Multiband Compression.
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    Acoustic Patch

    Hello, Here's a short clip direct to the computer via USB. Pickup is a LR Baggs Lyric. I often find more natural just the parametric EQ and reverb than any guitar body IR, which is more effective with a piezo sound, probably. In this case I used the preamp saturation from the cab block too...
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    Lunar Rainbow

    Yes! First generation.
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    Lunar Rainbow

    Thanks to M@tt for this beautiful patch. I've tweaked just a little bit to accomodate my taste and guitar.
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    Should I buy the AX8?

    Hello, I own an AXEFX II (first model) + MFC 101, and I love it. I would like however to have something more compact to carry and use it for my acoustic too. My sounds are quite simple: a clean sound with no preamp, just an Avalon U5 IR, and a dumblesque overdrive tone, but I generally use a...
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    Double input & output

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    Double input & output

    Hello All, I would begin in June an acoustic tour. It's a duo project and I would like to plug both guitars in the Ax FX II, have separate fx chain for each instrument, and gave the sound guy the separate output of the guitars. I'm not sure, but think it could be possible using efx loop, isn't...
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    World Clock FW18

    Hello, I didn't installed the new firmware yet. I'm happy everything will sound even better, but the best feature for me is the new world clock. So, I just want a confirmation: If I'll upgrade to FW18, I'll be able to use my Spdif outs/in into my MOTU and there will be a menu somewhere that...
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    Short video

    Hi! Yes, I think it is... or at least is one of the first six (mine is #3). It's slightly customized, as Rick made me an arm rest and I've changed the pickups & electronic. Thank you for your kind comments!
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    Short video

    I made a short song with my custom guitar and I would like to share it. I hope you'll like it. I'm an heavy AxeFx user since the beginning, and for those clips I just went direct... oops- ;) I'll do one using the Axe Fx soon, promise ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLV8SfamWDU
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    Looking for info on this amp

    I remember few thing about it: 1) I think it was called G System (nothing to do with TC) 2) I had multiband compression 3) Single 15" speaker with custom 250 Ohm load (?) 4) I believe it was made by tube tech 5) Endorsed by Joe Walsh (??) 6) It was grey Anyone remember it? I believe...
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    What cab pack is suggested for best Dumble tone?
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    Axe Fx II vs Zoom G3

    Hi! I got a zoom G3X as a spare in case of emergency, or very short stage appearance as guest. I was able to find three sounds quite useable (clean, dist, lead) tweaking a lot and using 2 eq blocks... but at the end I sold it after a week. It's more expensive, but since I like the Dumble...
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    16.05 Test

    Studio Channel Strips are what I really would like... some good emulation of Neve, Millennia preamps... they will have tons of applications. Please Cliff, keep on that track!
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    Wish MFC wishlist

    better tuner
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    MFC 101 Tuner

    Hello I have the MFC 101 mark I, and while the tuner on the AxeFXII's screen is accurate (thanks especially to the ball) the tuner on the MFC is slow and very approximative… to the point I have to relay to a peterson clip tuner. Anyone is experiencing the same thing? I don't know exactly what...
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    A final word to digital output/clock

    Well, I hope that Cliff will take this discussion on account for the future
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    A final word to digital output/clock

    Yes. I think a word clock would be the best solution
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    A final word to digital output/clock

    Thanks to all. Yeah, that's confirm my thoughts. Basically, if I want to play live using the spdf out, the axefx must be master... And this seems quite stupid, IMO. But it is what it is. I hope this problem will get addressed on the AxeFxIII !
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    A final word to digital output/clock

    Yes, if in the motu software I select the clock to internal it became master, but it seems the axefx it will not sync, as I hear the tipicals "clicks" that happen in those cases...
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    A final word to digital output/clock

    Hi, I play live with my axefx into a motu 828mkIII and ableton live. In order to make more room in the audio card for other instruments, I would like to use the spdf connection and free two analog xrls. Now, the only problem is that it seems the axefx could only be slave, which is not...
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    Wish M/S mode for Filter, PEQ, GEQ, Comp and MBC blocks

    M/S option would be nice. I could also be useful, for example, for blending two signal, one of them stereo. I did it many years ago, with a Tc Electronic Gold Channel preamp, for my solo cd. It's a sort of "fake" M/S, but basically I had a omni-cardiod DPA mic AND a pickup signal, with no amp...
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    Expression Pedal problem

    Hi, I've connected three expression pedals on my MFC 101. One is connected as master volume, the other two as expression. The problem is that if it doesn't see the second expression. I tested the pedals, and they work fine. Do you have any ideas? Thanks f
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    Crystals Tail delay

    Ah!!!! Thank you!!!
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    Crystals Tail delay

    Hello, I have a patch in which I'll have to switch from clean + tremolo to clean + crystals. Every time I switch, the tails from the pitch shifter kicks in, delaying my what I was playing just before. Is there a way to avoid that? Thanks!
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    Hi Fi pickups

    Hello, I'm looking for a really hi-fi (think Tuck Andress tone) pair of pickups for my custom 6 string guitar, tuned in fifths (low C). I've currently a set of QTuners 2.0 but they are totally different than the previous ones, and they are not making a huge difference. Lace Alumitones, maybe...
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    Adding a Scene switch

    Ah!! Thank you so much yek!!
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    Adding a Scene switch

    I've currently set my MFC 101 with 10 presets and 4 scenes on the top rows (11-12-13-14) I would like to add a fifth scene on 15 button, but I completely forgot how I made it the first time! I've checked the forum but I didn't find how… I'm sure is not so complicated, can somebody help me...
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    Clean channel Avalon

    Hello, I'm working with a very peculiar instrument, with an aluminum neck and the QTuner Pickups 2.0 Since I'll post a video soon showcasing both, I want to build a clean patch with a unique sound as well. My aim is to have a very hi-fi, balanced tone (think a Millennia or Neve Amp straight...
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    Help with Axe-FX II and Studio One V2

    Hi, can you make a tutorial for dummies on how to setup the aggregate device (audio interface + axefx Usb) in Studio One? Also what tracks we should create for reamping… thanks!
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    Prime Numbers Delay

    Ok. Solved. The subdivisions on the sound toy plug inbound different NOT because of the prime numbers option. The 1/4 dot delay is different from the 1/4 dot delay of the fractal- The sound toy 1/4 dot delay subdivision correspond to 40/64 on the Axe FX… at least using multi delay Thanks Simeon!
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    Prime Numbers Delay

    If you mean "tempo L" and "tempo R", yes: I just set 1/4 dot on the L and 1/4 on the right. But compared with 1/4 dot L and 1/4 dot R WITH prime number delay option on, the subdivision is totally different. Anyway, I've just found out that on 142 bpm the prime number delays are: 422.5 ms for...
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    Prime Numbers Delay

    Hello, I'm programming the patches for my next tour, and I've a little problem. On a song, I've used in studio a ping pong delay from SoundToys, with 1/4 dot on the left side and 1/4 whole on the right side. Zero feedback and 100% wet. Now, that special time subdivision is generated because the...
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    AXE FX II Output

    Hello Bakerman, Thank you for your reply. I'll try again. I think that the "sending an AES signal from the MOTU to the Axefx" is the missing part. I have to figure out something… ;)
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    AXE FX II Output

    Hello, Sorry, I probably didn't understand. If I want to play live with my AXE FX via AES/EBU, what I should do? The whole band is premixed in a MOTU sound card, which has to be master, so I need the AxeFX slave. I don't want to use XRL analog outputs... I did try what Bakerman suggested but it...
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    AXE FX II Output

    Dear All, Since I use no more than 5 or 6 preset, I'm gonna do two different banks with the same sounds: one for analog output (with levels set to -18/-16 db) and one for the digital output. Before doing so, I would like to know if the master output knob is in truth a digital trim or is it...
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    An exact Dumble sim

    Dear Paco (and Fractal) Thank you for your precious suggestions!
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    An exact Dumble sim

    It's one of my favorite amp for lead sound. On the previous FW, I knew that it was modeled with drive at 7, so it was suggested to set imput trim at 7 and master at 3 (not sure about this one). With the new update we have a new dedicated imput drive, where I would set imput trim? Should I go...
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    Imogen heep vocoder sound

    Hello Simeon, Yes, I'm using the axe fx vocoder. The mid bass range is always very confusing, even with various processing. I'll post later a patch to give an idea. Thanks
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    Imogen heep vocoder sound

    Hello, I'm working on a vocoder patch that could mimic the effect (I think it was a digitech harmonizer) used on "Hyde and Seek". I have problems with intelligibility of the speech. Do you have some suggestions? Thanks
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    Configuration for my MFC -help needed-

    Hello, I have the Axe II & MFC pedalboard. I would like to configure it like this: 1-10 for preset selection (done) 11 Looper rec (it will be already active in the patch) 12 (or 11 again) stack 13 undo 14 once 15 Scene change 16 tuner on 17 tap I was able (thanks to the forum)...
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    "Waiting for Tuner" on MFC

    I have the same problem
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    Galo's Dumble tone

    Wonderful tone! Is that preset available?
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    Fractal-Bot and Windows XP

    It's happening with to me as well. I have a new Imac, fractal bot 1.1 and I'm attempting to install firmware 10.2 (I have now the 10)
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    NIN tone

    Hello, I'm looking for a synth-like industrial tone, like the kind NIN uses. I've already achieved good results with no speaker cab, tone matching and some bit crushing, but it's lacking the synth quality. Even if heavily equalized, it doesn't sit in the mix well. Somebody has a preset to...
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    A Highly Respectful, Non-Rocking the Boat Question About Axe-Edit

    I'm still using the 8.00 firmware, waiting for the Axe Edit update.
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    FW 9.1 + MCF + Axe Edit

    Thank you all!
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    FW 9.1 + MCF + Axe Edit

    Hello, I got the clear message to stay away from axe edit if you wanna use the new firmware. This means that I have to choose something like Midi Ox for installing the firmware too, isn't? I have a Mac Book Pro with Lion, Axe II with 8.0 and MCF pedal. Thanks!
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    Big problem! Pls help me

    Man... THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I love you all!!! ;)
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    Big problem! Pls help me

    I've just finished the last concert of this tour leg, the next one will be on 31st.. During the last song i've pushed the wrong buttons in my fractal pedal board... And i've pushed many more trying to recovery: now it doesn't show the name preset and sometimes the message : "name time out" or...
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    It really is different now. A lot.

    Yes, an high end preamp like Neve or Millennia will be great. The tube pre model it's the only one that it's not very good
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    "Fugal" Patch

    Hello, I've tried to build something like the fugal preset Matt did in this post http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/52997-double-tracking-fat-live-sound-any-new-ideas.html but is with no success... could somebody explain the architecture of the preset? Thanks!
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    Double-Tracking for Fat Live Sound? Any new ideas?

    Hi Matt! I've tried to build something like this with no success... would you share the patch to see the architecture? Thanks!
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    Who has " sold it all" and gone AXE FX??????

    I've sold almost everything, I just still have 2 or 3 pedals, but if if I'll find somebody interested, I'll sell them as well, since I don't use them. I'm a pro musician (for me it just means that I'm getting paid to pay, not that I'm better than an amateur) and my personal opinion is that we...
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    MFC CC without IA

    Hello, I've spent hours searching but I wasn't able to find a solution for my "problem". I have the Axe II & MFC pedalboard. I would like to configure it like this: 1-10 for preset selection (done) 11 Looper rec (it will be already active in the patch) 12 (or 11 again) stack 13 reverse...
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    Tone Matching studio gear

    Hello All, Did somebody tone-matched a Neve/Millennia/SSL/API or any other high end preamp? Regards
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    M/S Matrix

    Hello, Do you think there is a way to have a M/S matrix processing on the Axe FX? It would be useful to use for mixing in a different way two stereo signal.
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    Build an acoustic patch

    Hello, I would need some help. I'll soon have to build an acoustic patch for a piezo equipped guitar. I would put some eq, multiband, reverb... and a custom IR of an acoustic guitar, and I would like to do so via Axe Edit. How can I load the IR & save the preset to the axe? Thanks!
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    Ultra FX processing vs Eventide H8000 FX processing

    Well, I have the Ultra and a Eclipse, which is not comparable to the H8000, and my opinion is that the Eclipse effects sounds better... so I'm quite surprised that many of you thinks that the Fractal is as good as the H8000. I should probably work more deeply in the effect section on my Ultra ;)
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    Soloing over loop

  82. W

    Soloing over loop

    Hmmm... Sorry guys, I'm not very skilled... I can't understand. My goal would be to fade the signal from one chain to another, it would be possible? How? Thanks a lot!!!
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    Soloing over loop

    Hi, I would like make a loop and do a solo over it with a different sound... I would like to make two different chains in the same preset, one with the loop, and then put a kind of "line selector" to switch from one chain to another... will the pan/volume or mixer block could do that? Or maybe...
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    MidiBuddy & Looper

    Hello, I would like to configure the midibuddy in this way: Switches 0 -4 : select patches Switches 5 : control pedal for the selected patch Switch 6 : looper rec Switch 7 : looper stack Switch 8 : looper stop Switch 9 : global tap tempo The only problem is that I don't know if it's possible...
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    I had enough!!!!!!!

    Dear All, Thank you very much or your replies & support. I managed to solve the problem today, by updating the firmware with a Motu MKIII hybrid. So we can say that the Motu Traveler doesn't work for some reason with the Axe Fx. Thanks again!
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    I had enough!!!!!!!

    Sorry, but again is impossible to update the firmware. How can it be so difficult? Everytime I have to do something different, like install again the motu drivers, use another sysex program, switch from pc to mac... This time nothing works. I have a motu traveler. I'm currently running 9.0...
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    Help needed re: Midi Buddy

    Thanks Micha, How did you manage to put the dc jack of the midi buddy into the Axe fx?
  88. W

    Help needed re: Midi Buddy

    Hello, I have a midi buddy with 7 pin midi out. The jack female of its Rolls power transformer doesn't fit in the DC imput jack of the Axe/Fx, so I put a line6 reduction jack... Everything plugs flawlessy... but it doesn't work! The pedalboard is not receiving power supply... Do you have any...
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    Noisy Signal - Need Help Please

    Hi, It sounds like the digital clock is not in sync. Did you set the audio interface as slave? Regards
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    Proximity to other units in rack

    Hi guys, That was something a world famous sound engineer (with a degree in physic) once told me, but is not such a big secret or discovery... nor this type of competence is needed;) He told me that years ago when he saw a pic of a studio which had a lot of guitar heads stacked in the control...
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    Proximity to other units in rack

    The main rule is to NOT put it near the poweramp (if you are using one), because the electromagnetic field of the transformer could damage other units.
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    Firmware help

    I've installed the new driver a you suggested, and it worked! Thank you!!!
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    Firmware help

    Hi Everybody. I spent three days looking info on the forum trying to solve my firmware installation problem, but I'm still receiving bad checksum error. I tried the editor, SendSyx and MidiOx. I tried the 90ms setting, nothing. I use a motu traveller and a PC. What can I do? I have 7.11 and I...
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    8.02 Firmware loading BAD CHECKSUM nightmare!!!

    Same nightmare here... I've attempted to upgrade from 7.11 to 8.02 with SendSysx and the Axe Editor, but after downloading the firmware it goes "bad checksum". I really don't know what to do at this point. I use a motu traveler and a PC
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    looper memory

    Hello All, I noticed that if you do a loop on one preset, switch to another and then return to the previous one, the loop is not totally erased. Have you experienced this?
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    Volume as global output

    I'll try that. Thank you very much! regards,
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    Volume as global output

    Sorry, anybody could help me please? Thanks
  98. W

    Volume as global output

    Hello, I'm using an Ernie Ball pedal (Y cable) in the pedal port 1. Everything works great, but even with the learning function, the volume swell is not gradual: there's a way to solve this problem? It does it with another pedal too. Thanks!!!
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    Ultra not sending the same level signal from L/R??!

    Did another test today, going thru a Digico SD8: the first thing the sound engineer noticed was a level mismatch. Man, the Axe is so good, I'm sure a lot of passion and work was put into it... how this problem is possible?
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