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  1. vinnieRice

    Cliff, get rid of some of your old amps and cabs to free-up living space!

    Ye know, send em to me. I'll pay shipping.
  2. vinnieRice

    Using the Axe FX II as purely an AMP unit (without the effects modelling)

    Thought I'd go back to basics and not try to make the AFX 'everything' but see just how good it can be at its original purpose. Bit of an epiphany actually. Amp Block -> Cab Block with stereo Ultra cabs + High Quality pre-amp modelling (Transformer, Drive 2, Sat 2) -> Reverb (Studio A or Sun...
  3. vinnieRice

    Metallica at Glastonbury...

    Total awesomeness! The boys were in good form and the TV mix was pretty excellent. Using AxeFX has completely liberated them on stage - the guys backstage have a hell of a lot of preset changes to get right! The complete thing is available in the BBC iPlayer but I don't know if you can get that...
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