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    Pitch shifting - lower tuning patches?

    Hi -has anyone put together a nice patch with an Eb (-1/2) or D (-1 tone) tuning? I used to use a Pitchfork but got rid of it, and it would be convenient to reproduce some of those tunings in a clean and a dirty patch. Cheers
  2. L

    Backpack for the AX8?

    Hi all, I've got a Gator bag for my AX8, but a backpack would be easier for me to carry it around. Any recommendations? Ideally, I need to put in: - AX8 - Power adapter - Couple of cables - 1 Expression pedal Thanks!
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    A little scared..

    Hi all, A band I auditioned for some time ago called me for a gig that is only in 2 days... Songs are fairly easy, but I'd like to make the most of my AX8, it will be my first time on stage with it. I have presets I use at home with headphones. I've plugged it in a PA in a rehearsal room before...
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    [How to] - First checks

    Hey guys -I've had my AX8 for some time now. I've played mostly with headphones and small home monitors. At the end of the week, I'm going to have my first 'big' practice jam at a studio. I know they have amps, cabs, and speakers for vocals, with PA.. So I think I need to plug in the PA, but...
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    Allez les bleus!

    That's it :o
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    Connecting Headphones

    Hey -How do you guys connect headphones to your AX8? I found this Y adapter but not sure how to look for something similar on Amazon US. http://www.woodbrass.com/adaptateur-en-tout-genre-cable-klotz-ays-5-adaptateur-y-stereo-g-d-noir-0-2-m-p168270.html?af=239 Cheers
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    Quick recording

    And blind test: http://picosong.com/xweb/
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    Rush / Dream Theater

    I may hate myself soon. I'm a HUGE fan of Dream Theater. Basically the only band I've seen live 10+ times. Love pretty much everything they do. In the waiting of their next album, I browsed Youtube after all these years looking for what they've always called their "main influence", Rush. "O -...
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    Rack bag + MFC

    I have no idea where to post this, so please move if not the right location! I'd like to get myself a rack for my AxeFX II XL+ (either bag or solid case that I can put on my desk, and put my monitor on top of it) that could fit an MFC as well. Obviously the lighter the better, so I can carry...
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    Rack bag for the FX II XL+

    I know this question is around for every version around 26 times a day.. So I'll happily delete the thread if that's too much. Now, it looks like this rack is slightly too small for the FX II XL+ unfortunately: Gator GSRW-2U | Redco Audio Can someone confirm and/or advise on a good model...
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    Young rock stars :)

    It may have been posted before, but it's such a classic... :lol
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    Joining the family!

    Hey guys, I'm finally joining the family! My Axe is on the way :) I've been trading lots and lots of gear the past 3 years (amps, guitars, but mostly pedals), and I truly hope the Axe will help me settle for a long time. I have good faith it will! My aim is to use it at home (not too loud...
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