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  1. vinnieRice

    Kudos to Fractal ! Metallica/AX7 gig in Baltimore.

    Big Mick is as pleasant and awesome a person as he seems. I had a very enjoyable multi-hour 'beer accident' with him many, many, many years ago when he was just starting out with Metallica.
  2. vinnieRice

    Am I right in assuming that...

    Ahem... The original Magpies are Notts County, an older team than the 'Toon' if I am not mistaken...
  3. vinnieRice

    State of the Union for FAS - what's next for Axe Fx and more

    Buy or, don't buy. You either want the best modeller available now or you don't. If you want certainty then don't buy. As far as tone emulation is concerned I think we have hit the singularity. The only potential improvements are in ease of use and additional facility. I won't be replacing my...
  4. vinnieRice

    Reamped tone always sounds worse

    Huh? Do it right and they are indistinguishable in my experience. (monitor on headphones, digital in and out, don't fuck in any way with the recorded clean track)
  5. vinnieRice

    Axe as audio interface... Flexible sample rate?

    The difference between 44.1/16 and 48/24 is huge and everybody should be able to hear that. The difference between 48 and 96 is much more subtle and in a blind testing situation would be hard to determine. However... that particular situation is irrelevant. Put up a DAW mix with dozens of...
  6. vinnieRice

    Axe FX 2 and devialet phantoms

    There is a distinct smell of Audiophile Bullshit around these...
  7. vinnieRice

    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    Very smart. People have an emotional attachment to tube amps and there is a very real value to having physical knobs to fiddle with (ooh er...). This is an efficient way to incorporate them into the AFX ecosystem, and tempt newcomers. Yes it's just a load box, but very likely to be best load box...
  8. vinnieRice

    New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!

    I'll be off the plane, dump bags at hotel and straight to the Marriott. Wouldn't miss it. (Shared a laugh with Andy Timmons two years ago during the gig when Larry circulated the room, still playing of course...awesome)
  9. vinnieRice

    hook your headphones straight into headphone jack of the the Axe-Fx II XL+

    I've no idea why anybody would say that. Fantastic headphone amplifier - but very powerful - take care with volume control (output level 1)
  10. vinnieRice

    Met Larry Mitchel in Hamburg getting ready for a gig.

    Larry's gig at NAMM is always one of my highlights - total chaos in a good way.
  11. vinnieRice

    Is the Axe-Fx II XL+ 100% of the way there tonally?

    But you're quite happy with the sterile digital cheesiness of a digital YouTube video, y' know, off the digital internet?...
  12. vinnieRice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.02 Firmware Released

    Completely normal - you are using a different part of your brain.
  13. vinnieRice

    Cliff, get rid of some of your old amps and cabs to free-up living space!

    Ye know, send em to me. I'll pay shipping.
  14. vinnieRice

    Compressor Dynamics type.

    Attack time is the really important parameter. I usually have it set quite slow so that the pick attack gets through - adding articulation, bring the guitar forward in a mix and generally making soloing easier. For 'comping' behind a singer or in a background situation it can be useful to speed...
  15. vinnieRice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    Buy an XL yer cheap bastards...
  16. vinnieRice

    Used Axe FX prices rant

    I am slowly coming to the opinion that the AFXll will be seen as a 'Classic' piece of gear in years to come. It sounds nuts but the DSP's used are no longer available, the unit is made in relatively small numbers, it's been used by most 'big' guitar names at one time or another (even if they...
  17. vinnieRice

    The Axe FX could be 30% shorter

    Well it's a completely bogus discussion. The design is not going to change until AFX III or whatever and you would have to be an idiot to cut up your box just because the free air inside offends you in some pseudo-intellectual manner. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot...
  18. vinnieRice

    "Band in a Box" Axe FX In Ear Rig

    Sounds perfect!
  19. vinnieRice

    "Band in a Box" Axe FX In Ear Rig

    I play mostly pubs with the occasional festival in the UK. It's my dream to get a drummer to play a Roland kit and go completely direct. It's like drummers are emotionally attached to their gear or something, not at all like guitarists (oh, hold on...)
  20. vinnieRice

    The Axe FX could be 30% shorter

    Nope. Moving on...
  21. vinnieRice

    A Hint On How To Emulate This Tone?

    That's because the front end of the amp is compressing and fattening that mid hump. The tone controls on the amp are after the pre-amp (I believe)
  22. vinnieRice

    Using the axe fx live - tips for the sound guy

    If it's a sound engineer I know then it's XLR's to the desk with the line input selected (i.e. padded). If it's a festival situation I just take a DI box and swap it out with 'the guitar mic' on stage. Gives them the correct level and the most amazing mic'd guitar sound they have ever heard...
  23. vinnieRice

    Differences between US and EU

    I was nearly right...
  24. vinnieRice

    What frequencies can you hear?

    Complex subject. I'm late 50's and of course have serious roll-off over about 11.5 kHz - however I can still mix perfectly well. Music, voice etc never feature isolated high frequencies - they are always associated with fundamentals lower down. Decades of listening experience means your brain...
  25. vinnieRice

    Differences between US and EU

    It's a Euro-fudge. The official European voltage is 230v but +/- 5% allowing 240 in the UK and 220 in some other countries
  26. vinnieRice

    PA system EQ and compression adjustments live?

    Actually the CLR's are really, really accurate. What you are hearing is how poor the other speakers are! Better to use the CLR's as the target reference.
  27. vinnieRice

    What's YOUR cab block tend to look like :)

    Tweeks for each situation but starting point is Stereo UltraRes panned full left and right, no delay or proximity; High Quality Transformer pre-amp with 2.0 Drive and Saturation, 2.0 dB boost in the Mid; 20% Room of Size 5.0 with 90% mic spread; 40/8000 low/hi roll-off; 1.0 de-phase.
  28. vinnieRice

    AFX Quantum vs. Tubes

    As others have said, the question is now pretty irrelevant. The AFX goes beyond any tube amp.
  29. vinnieRice

    EQ block allready set up dialing out over produced tones in your average PA FRFR monitor

    Since there is no such thing as an average PA FRFR monitor this would be a little pointless - each situation is different. Practise using your ears on any old speaker so that you can recognise the sound of each frequency band.
  30. vinnieRice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.06 Firmware Release

    Was digging the AC15 very much already but the AC30 seems to have increased 'sprong' now as well - most enjoyable
  31. vinnieRice

    Double guitar harmonizer

    Last time I was in Nashville one of the local bands played that in the 'ironic-set' - guitarist played the solo perfectly, both parts - then I realised he'd done it without a harmoniser - "double stops all the way man…" was his reply to my post-gig questioning. Gobsmacked!
  32. vinnieRice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    I'm pretty sure I can hear a hint of it with every preset. All of my current presets are the same structure but with a change of amp. The Vibrato Lux amp seems particularly thumpy.
  33. vinnieRice

    Digitizing wet/dry signal

    It all goes through the AD DA converters. I wouldn't worry about it though, they're very good.
  34. vinnieRice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Tweed Fenders - Deluxe and Keith Urban's Twin - are just glorious. Fell down the noodling rabbit hole for a couple of hours. Somebody mentioned a low end thump on switching some presets - I can confirm that - new behaviour.
  35. vinnieRice

    Do you guys ever "start over?"

    Do it all the time. When you are confident that you can get a useable tone any time you like without much effort, it frees you up to experiment with wild and wacky.
  36. vinnieRice

    Please check my logic before i start this

    So true - and I'll tell you why (I was a sound engineer for many years) - if I'm dealing with several bands, I have no interest in changing the gain structure of the guitar channel(s). I have no idea what might come out of yer fancy black box but if I know it's going to be at Mic level then I...
  37. vinnieRice

    new Q12 user

    Fletcher Munsen strike again…….
  38. vinnieRice

    AX8 Beer Compatibility?

    Why not just put it in a rack and use a remote MIDI switcher? …oh wait a minute...
  39. vinnieRice

    Clipping the input of the Axe deliberately with a booster?

    I use the Loop for outboard stereo effects between the amp block and cab block - also I use a lot of boost/overdrive pedals and they react best to the analogue 'secret sauce' on the front guitar input (a nice high impedance/high headroom Class A op-amp I assume). Personally I don't think it's...
  40. vinnieRice

    Clipping the input of the Axe deliberately with a booster?

    Until you get to 'actual' input clipping (and you have to try pretty hard in my experience) the AFX amp model will react just like an amp - i.e. more saturated, plus many boost pedals have an eq change that is part of the 'magic'.
  41. vinnieRice

    Lick of the Week

    Andy Timmons was standing next to me when we both cracked up at you playing the guitar behind your head... In the audience... In front of a very nice blonde lady! I'll try and introduce myself if there is any chance in the midst of the madness...
  42. vinnieRice

    Lick of the Week

    Mr Larry, are you going to be causing chaos at the Marriott again in January? Last NAMM was a hoot - loved it!
  43. vinnieRice

    Where to find perfect pedal board

    I lied… it's four Large Plates.
  44. vinnieRice

    Where to find perfect pedal board

    Here's my MFC on a Temple DUO 17. Used four Medium Plates to fix. Solid as a rock. I carry it in the Temple soft case together with two Missions.
  45. vinnieRice

    Where to find perfect pedal board

    Now there is somebody with taste...
  46. vinnieRice

    Rack Case Size?

    I have 4U, 6U and 8U SKB rollers for exhibition gear. They're a bit heavier than you might imagine but seem to be indestructible. I use a 4U for the AFX, Matrix 1000 and an interface panel and there is just the right amount of depth.
  47. vinnieRice

    Deluxe reverb model drive/gain?

    Ha! My first three presets… Bassman is number 4. Getting these Fenders to sound and feel correct with all the right Squish™ and Sprang™ has been a great achievement IMHO.
  48. vinnieRice

    Startling discovery... for me at least...

    This is a 'Human Interface' tweak rather that a processing tweak. There's no difference internally. The parallel reverb tapped before the amp is an interesting variation however...
  49. vinnieRice

    Quantum Delay Problem?

    I think there is Nobel prize on offer for anybody who can solve the Quantum Delay Problem...
  50. vinnieRice


    Religious Iconography? 70's Classic Rock Tones™? What's not to like? (disclaimer: I have Babymetal on rotation at the moment. I'm clearly going through an 'ironic' phase)
  51. vinnieRice

    How many amp models do you tend to use?

    4 Fenders, 2 Marshalls, 2 Friedmans 2 Vox + 'Heavy Metal Amp of the Day' for mindlessnessness... The Fenders are amazing - you rarely hear them on 10 in real life and there are some great Rock Tones™ available there. Putting the Bright control and the Saturation control on the front page of...
  52. vinnieRice

    Strymond Timeline VS axe fx XL

    The Strymons run at 96kHz 24bit as opposed to 48 on the AFX. It's probably not relevant but helps in a pedal format as there going to be multiple AD DA conversions. The Strymons sound better than similar TC Electronics pedals IMHO - though I use several of each.The dry audio runs direct analog...
  53. vinnieRice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    Give that man a cigar! My impression also. It's a bit of a game-changer having an extra 10% of cpu to play with. Excellent update.
  54. vinnieRice

    Who's had backtracks or tonematch coming thru their rig?

    Absolutely fine as far as I can tell. You won't achieve better without going to the more esoteric and expensive DAC's using higher sampling rates.
  55. vinnieRice

    FRFR to tweak for FOH use?

    House PA's can be DRASTICALLY different. Simple as that.
  56. vinnieRice

    AX8 - Can The MFC-101 Be Used As An Extension?

    Yes Eddie, but you'll need to lay off the booze to work it out...
  57. vinnieRice

    Kinda freaking out a little...

    Some of us will remember a time when that was actually true! (Intel v. Motorola processors)
  58. vinnieRice

    Drivers axe Fx dont work El capitain apple

    No problem here with latest El Capitan beta
  59. vinnieRice

    Firmware updates...blessing or curse?

    I never spend any time tweaking because of firmware updates - I'm always tweaking! I think people get too hung up on re-creating their sounds precisely again and again. Once you are in the ballpark (and aren't The Edge) the fun is in trying new flavours. I have a new 'amp of the day' for most gigs.
  60. vinnieRice

    Best way to modify overall EQ = Global EQ per patch?

    Presets for the Global EQ's would be very very welcome. I play with studio monitors, floor monitors, Matrix amp and Marshall cabs, home, rehearsal, studio and stage. Every situation needs a slightly different EQ, plus, doing it from the front panel gets old quick.
  61. vinnieRice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Wow. No hype - this sounds sensational. Top end is smooth - notes separate and bloom like never before - makes me play better. Amazeballs…
  62. vinnieRice

    Axefx 2 Mark II w/ Midi Solutions Quarda Thru

    Why haven't you just tried it?
  63. vinnieRice

    G3 Dumble and Cliff's Impression

    This is a very strange thread...
  64. vinnieRice

    A question for Cliff... what makes the "fuller" amps sound... fuller?

    The Friedmans are without doubt the Cats Cojones.
  65. vinnieRice

    Bringing an Axe II on an airplane

    All airlines tell you exactly what size and weight is possible for carry-on on their websites. 2/3/4 U rack is possible if it's not too deep or heavy.
  66. vinnieRice

    AxeII Effects Only HELP!!!!

    Wow, good work Chris.
  67. vinnieRice

    What's everyone using for their lead tones?

    The HBE is getting a lot of use over here at the moment...
  68. vinnieRice

    New from Marshall!!! It's a... phone?

    This is an execrable attempt to diversify the brand - straying into Gibson standards of poor taste. Whoever is driving Marshall's marketing needs a swift re-alignment of their testicular region. '
  69. vinnieRice

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    Got to agree - I will never buy another Line 6 product in my life. I spent a ridiculous amount of money over the years with Line 6 'chasing the tone' and the products always fell short in one way or another. Line 6 always felt like a business model with products attached rather than the other...
  70. vinnieRice

    Help connecting 2 cabs to a tube poweramp?

    Just series them for an 8ohm load - in effect you end up with three speaker cables in a triangle: positive-negative-positive-negative-positive-negative
  71. vinnieRice

    Latency consistent?

    What you are hearing is entirely consistent with two tracks being out of phase - some frequencies will reinforce and some will diminish. The delay between the tracks will be 1 to 2 ms which I believe is the range on AFX. As far as I am aware the delay is consistent in the AFX for any given...
  72. vinnieRice

    Chris Squire - RIP

    Really? Wow. Only saw him about a month ago. Playing well and his Rick could still rip your head off at 30 yards. Shame.
  73. vinnieRice

    Using the Axe FX II as purely an AMP unit (without the effects modelling)

    Ok - refined with a short slapback tape delay, a longer ducked 2290 delay and a super slow quad chorus for stereo width when using headphones. I'm using 85-90% of processing! Sounds fantastic. This is now my standard template across the board. The other thing I have discovered recently is to...
  74. vinnieRice

    Wet Dry Wet Setup

    Well for mega giggles you could go wet dry dry wet with 4 cabs and and two stereo amps. Use the FX Loop Block before your effects blocks to output a dry signal to your centre cab(s) from output 2. Your wet signal comes from output 1. Effects should be at 100% mix or near it.
  75. vinnieRice

    Using the Axe FX II as purely an AMP unit (without the effects modelling)

    Thought I'd go back to basics and not try to make the AFX 'everything' but see just how good it can be at its original purpose. Bit of an epiphany actually. Amp Block -> Cab Block with stereo Ultra cabs + High Quality pre-amp modelling (Transformer, Drive 2, Sat 2) -> Reverb (Studio A or Sun...
  76. vinnieRice

    Funk Players - your rig of choice?

    Damn I'm going to have to get up and play that now...
  77. vinnieRice

    Funk Players - your rig of choice?

    A super-clean AC30 sounds great with a 335 middle position (a funkateers secret weapon)
  78. vinnieRice

    Need Help- Headphones + Studio speakers for Axe-Fx 2 XL+

    The last thing you need is a headphone amp. The headphone out on the AFX is ridiculously powerful (and very clean)
  79. vinnieRice

    Which part of amp is the most difficult thing to model ?

    The different textures of Tolex...
  80. vinnieRice

    Better distortion. Amp vs Drive pedal?

    What's cost got to do with it?. It's the combination of the two that brings the magic.
  81. vinnieRice

    Question for Cliff and those who have updated to V19

    Hmm... I'm noticing a theme.
  82. vinnieRice

    Better distortion. Amp vs Drive pedal?

    Drive pedals will always change your tone - that's the point of them! There are several ways to simply boost volume in the AFX as many have pointed out. Personally, a mildly 'cooking' amp pushed into distortion with a mid-heavy overdrive sound glorious. I use a lot of external drive pedals into...
  83. vinnieRice

    AX-FX-II - Using FX Send/Return, The FX Loop & Finding the right Balance

    Well the delays will obviously take on the nature of the speaker cabs but that's what happens in a live situation. I also have the internal AFX delays and reverb AFTER the cab block (with a very low mix) for a bit of studio sheen.
  84. vinnieRice

    AX-FX-II - Using FX Send/Return, The FX Loop & Finding the right Balance

    Odd. I have a Flint and an ElCapistan in the loop all the time. I put the FX loop after the amp and before a stereo Cab block. I have Output 2 on max on the front panel which is unity gain I believe - all the FX Block controls are at 0dB - again, unity, and it all just works. There's no noise...
  85. vinnieRice

    Rotovibe/Unicode effect...

    The Vibe setting in the phaser is super-accurate.
  86. vinnieRice

    Cats on Axe-FX

    Is it wrong of me to love this thread? We have two long-haired whites and though they have ruined every piece of clothing I have they DO NOT get to go in the guitar room.
  87. vinnieRice

    4 cable method route with real pedal question

    Try it and see what sounds best. Personally I would have the EP boost before the Badger.
  88. vinnieRice

    Recording a Bass guitar with the Axe FX 2????

    Bass records GREAT with AFX. Bit of pedal compression at the front and the Multiband at the end of your chain means very little plug-in/outboard action required at the desk.
  89. vinnieRice

    What exactly do Tonestack position change?

    It's nothing to do with tubes. The tone circuit is a collection of capacitors, inductors and variable resistors that provide the treble, mid and bass controls. On different amps they are placed at different points in the circuit. Each position gives a subtly different response to knob fiddling...
  90. vinnieRice

    Where do you put your axe live..Floor..Cab..Milk crate?

    I just keep it at home and 'phone my performance in...
  91. vinnieRice

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta

    That strange noise in the background of decaying notes has gone - so I assume that was the power amp modelling change mentioned. It was beginning to bug me so that is a welcome change. The drive pedals 'make sense' to me now - much more usable and relatable in my opinion. Sounds better than...
  92. vinnieRice

    Fletcher-Munson - Give Me Back My Tone You Dirty $#@%!!

    There is no substitute to finalizing your sounds at gig level with your band. If you can't do this, change your situation until you can! The alternative is a learning process over a few months of going backwards and forwards until you understand what the differences in your perception are and...
  93. vinnieRice

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.12 Released

    Can't wait for 18.13!!!!! (tomorrow right?)
  94. vinnieRice

    Tips for headphone users?

    I use the quad chorus spread -100 -50 50 100 on the slowest possible speed to give a pleasant stereo spread plus 30% Room with a 90 width
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