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    Rockman Clean Chorus W/IR's

    Here is a patch to emulate the clean stereo chorus sound of a Tom Scholz Rockman (the Soloist in this case). This was a staple clean sound for me for a few years back (1988 or so) when running a Korg A3 (& later an A1) as the switching time was so slow I ran a Rockman on the clean stereo chorus...
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    Update - Axe II Stock Cabs Freq. Response Curves

    Since drosei first posted the curves on the original Axe I figured I'd post the curves for the Axe II stock cabinets since many have changed. The cabinets that stayed the same look the same obviously as what drosei previously posted but I assembled everything into a PDF file for printing so it...
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    How Do you get the Volume Up of IR's closer to what Factory ones are?

    I've been working on some IR's to accompany some patches I'm working on to post for everyone but find my IR's a little low in volume. I am normalizing them and that has helped but still a bit low. Any tips from Cliff, Ownhammer, Redwirz or anyone who has been thru this? For the record I am...
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    Device Not Connected - Mac This time

    Did a search on this but it was PC related. Spent a few hours today loading Axe Edit & USB drivers on a Mac Pro so I can upgrade the firmware on my new Axe II to 3.02. End result is Axe Edit does not see the Axe FXII but it does show up in the Sound Tab of the System Preferences. It shows...
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