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    Let's do it! Waitlist list. Just for fun!

    Having this thread with an unknown percentage of the unknown total of preorders listed by date doesn't really tell us anything because we don't know the most important data point it could provide: how many are in line in front of you I think we need a new thread that is focused on posting two...
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    Let's do it! Waitlist list. Just for fun!

    June 4th
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    How long will it take to get through the waitlist?

    I think you meant to say '...between what he can say and what you have decided we need to know....' which means you are merely sharing your opinion like everyone else is. So you can cure your boredom with the opinion of others by playing guitar too. What M@ could say is something between "soon"...
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    January Update? Please?

    I admire your optimistic cynicism....but I said the same thing 6 months ago....lol
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    How long will it take to get through the waitlist?

    You realize, if we follow your instruction, that by virtue of you not telling us anything new just now, you have told us there has been 'nothing happening since a month ago when you had to postpone the shipping because of finding a bug'! ;) I'm betting (hoping) that some things have been...
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    January Update? Please?

    The last time I was on a wait list I think was for the II+xl...or maybe the FX8. I can't remember if, once they began shipping, did they periodically let us know what approximate date of sign up was being filled with the batch they were currently shipping? It would be helpful for those of us...
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    January Update? Please?

    Keep us up to date on a 30 day interval basis since they already let that 'monthly genie' out of the bottle. Last month they were "less than a week away from shipping" if not for the holidays and some 'bug'. Since the holidays have long passed and a number of bug squashing weeks have passed...
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    January Update? Please?

    What is Larry Mitchell doing with an FM3 at NAMM...as in, is he there demoing some other than Fractal device and has permission to use his FM3 pre-release or is he there on behalf of Fractal? I thought Fractal doesn't do NAMM since they sell direct which makes NAMM irrelevant to their sales.
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    FM3 or Axe-Fx III?

    The III is overkill in the sense it can do so much you likely won't ever use even 50% of it's capability....but which capabilities you might reach for as you make use of your own <50% is not easy to catalogue, not even by you. So if you can afford to tie up the funds it is worth it and the...
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    How long will it take to get through the waitlist?

    I hope that is the case, it would make sense that the incoming units have been moving to Fractal from the factory in spite of the delay in shipping to end users...unless...cash flow and schedules have been set back due to invitations/sales not happening on schedule. Worst case scenario: If they...
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    FM3 Update December 2019

    Welcome to the club!
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    FM3 Update December 2019

    Is that the same one he has been beta testing or a new one? If new, production model that’s promising
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    FM3 Update December 2019

    Since you thought they were about to ship I bet you had a mental calculation how many were going to go out per week and how many weeks worth you had building up in stock during the protracted wait....can you tease us with a rough estimate on that? It's not like we could ever know how many really...
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    Names of block type displayed?

    Thanks, I just looked and it is something that has been mentioned in the wish list area so I figured I shouldn't create another thread on it. Is there a method for 'voting' for the suggestion since it is already suggested? I gave each of the posters a like but not sure if that adds any weight to...
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    Names of block type displayed?

    I usually have two drive blocks in a preset, each with their own FC switch. And I usually use two channels on each of them for different types...for example, on one drive block switch on the FC, channel A is Ts808 and long press toggles to channel B which is a FuzzFace. Can I have the...
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    can you assign subdivisions to a FC switch?

    I'd like to use a FC switch to toggle with a short press to give me dotted 1/8 and a long press to switch to 1/4, Can that be done? I don't see how to assign it.
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    Confused about ohms...

    Im pretty sure he is saying plugging an amp into a cab rated for higher ohms won't be a serious problem but plugging into a cab rated lower than the amp is rated for can damage the output transformer of the amp. The higher rated cab will consume the power the amp puts out and simply have a lower...
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    Stay with me here, but wouldn’t it be awesome if............

    I wish Fractal would create a hardware VST host device worthy of joining their current product line and make it as guitar focused as possible by including any kind of pitch to midi and/or hex pickup compatibility feature that they find to be viable. I find blending or alternating between synth...
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    Can you toggle Output blocks with the FC?

    Brilliant, that did it! Thanks!
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    Can you toggle Output blocks with the FC?

    I'd like to switch between output blocks with a foot switch to change from my studio monitors to floor monitors to power amp/guitar cab...etc. Can that be done? I know I can do it with Scenes but I've been avoiding them so far just to save them once I've exhausted my other options for setting...
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    Simple setup question

    You still need to plug Axe into computer via USB to use Axe Edit but that doesn’t mean you have to allow the AxeFx to be assigned to playback any audio from DAW or internet browser or any software at all. When recording you can select Axe as an input via USB in your DAW or send an output from...
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    Power Monitors: what will be your GO to set of speakers for your FM3?

    I bought a pair of Adam T7v's (I needed new studio monitors badly) and a pair of Line 6 Powercab+ to make sure they were what I needed....they were/are so I sold the pair of CLR's. I'm not playing on stage anymore but honestly If I was carrying the two Powercabs would have won out over the pair...
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    I think you should be able to scratch the beat on your strings followed by the first few notes/chords and the song's preset and tempo loads automatically....to hell with all this bank/scroll/stomping! And/or a camera lens built into the FC aimed at the player that lip reads you saying the song...
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    Will anyone have a FM3 by Christmas this year? What are your thoughts?

    I got an email from Fractal yesterday afternoon: Your Fractal Audio Systems Order Confirmation (#89xxx)..... And for a brief moment I forgot that I had ordered a FC12 earlier in the day. The feeling was so sweet, like when you are a kid and you get that new bike for Christmas that you really...
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    What brand and model headphones do you plan on using with your FM3?

    What impedance do we need to look for with the FM3? Same as the AFIII?
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    Don't make me call J G Wentworth.....

    I think they never said 'soon' without genuinely believing it was true when they said it. Unlike other vendors who will lie and say an item is in stock when they know it isn't and charge your credit card when you accept their lie in good faith... So in addition to how you interpret the...
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    Don't make me call J G Wentworth.....

    No one kills Rick except Rick
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    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    All I know is my ancestors, not that long ago, were reading words on parchment by candle light...those that were well off enough to attend school...and now I'm writing on virtual paper read around the world about getting my FM3 soon. So in the grand scheme of things life is good, damn good for...
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    Replicate the limits/quality of FM3 with an Axe-Fx III

    The pedalboard I put together while I wait on the FM3 is SourceAudio LALady drive pedal/Line 6 HXStomp/ SourceAudio Nemisis delay/JamManLooper on a Pedal Train Metro24 board. The Stomp sends program change to the delay and drive pedals with each preset on the Stomp. The reason I ask is If I...
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    Replicate the limits/quality of FM3 with an Axe-Fx III

    I have the AFIII and don't plan on getting rid of it when my invitation for the FM3 arrives. I need a more portable solution than the AFIII allows and right now I have a small pedal board based on a Line 6 Stomp and it is excellent for the purposes I have for it but it is larger and likely more...
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    WTB Trade cash and FC-6 for FC-12

    Looking to trade FC6 and some cash for a FC 12. it is in great condition, I just need more switches/options
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    SOLD Pair of Atomic CLR's active cab versions with stands $1100 *now with pics*

    Sorry, I forgot these were listed here and didn't see any indication I had a reply to a post... No not Neo. They are still available and I'll get some pics up today. I would prefer to sell the pair but if someone else speaks up to buy a single then I definitely would split them up. Sorry for the...
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    Kill Switch Block

    Damn! I was hoping he had a new recording where he revisited that song with some kind of reprise! I was about to go searching for it.
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    SOLD Pair of Atomic CLR's active cab versions with stands $1100 *now with pics*

    In great condition, kept in a non smoking, non-gigging environment. in coastal South Carolina for pick up...shipping available but I imagine it can get expensive pretty quick
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    New gamechanging speaker?

    I bought one recently and then read Yek's review while waiting for it to arrive and his experience had me worried. I respect his opinion as I've found him to be consistently spot on in all things AxeFx for many years now, (although some of his presets I've tried were not good to my ears but that...
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    Celestion F12-X200

    I have it about 3 feet above floor sitting on another cab facing me as I sit about 4-5 feet away. no squeal. playing louder than bedroom practice level but not quite loud enough to play with a drummer. maybe 110 - 120dB was the loudest but average just under 100dB?
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    Celestion F12-X200

    I put an F-12 X200 in a Mesa Thiele can and it sounds really good. I think I’ll definitely build the Celestion designed cab since they know the science behind matching a speaker to the proper size cab. I’ve been A/B testing against a pair of Atomic CLR’s and after reading Yek’s review I was...
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    FS Celestion F12-X200- SOLD

    sorry, I guess I must have failed miserably. I tried twice, the second one looked like it went through but I guess not. I'll try again.
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    FS Celestion F12-X200- SOLD

    PM sent
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    Strange preset changing 'bug'

    OK, I made the back up. It is four bank files, two cab files and one system file. The cab files were too large for the web site's system to process so let me know if I need to get those to you some other way...and thanks for looking in to this!
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    Strange preset changing 'bug'

    AxeFxIII, FC-6, 4 external momentary switches set up as Stand In switches. One stand in switch is dedicated to Drive block 1 (bypass short press/toggle channel A/B long press). On the FC-6, in layout 8 Drive block 2 (bypass and channel toggle set up like Drive 1) is set up to switch 2. If I...
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    Ahhhhhhhhhh Wednesday!!!

    I think you will be pleased. I recently returned from three previous intervals of Fractal ownership, the Ultra then the AxeFx II twice... I thought I would certainly enjoy the new iteration but had no expectations it would be by this much. It has really been a Goldilocks moment as in 'This one...
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    Can I use a Stand-In Switch to toggle tap from 'dotted 1/8' to '1/4'?

    Thanks, I think I'll try this out, it sounds like a great solution letting the previous repeats trail off naturally. I don't know that I'd ever need that in the context of a single piece of music but who knows, it may lead to something cool. And the same toggling left/right could lend itself to...
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    HELP - Setting up FC-12 w/ fav Axe-Fx 3 Presets (Layout?) + Mission Pedal Help

    You don't have to use all the layouts and you can change them without any real worries because they are very easy to edit and the default factory settings are well documented (and likely downloadable so you wouldn't have to even 'reprogram the settings, just load the defaults if you decided you...
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    Can I use a Stand-In Switch to toggle tap from 'dotted 1/8' to '1/4'?

    I don't see how to do that, maybe with a control switch? But I don't think the tap has a way to assign anything to the time signature designation so maybe not... Or do I have to set up the delay block channels to have the different setting? Would that work?
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    Added some external switches to the FC-6

    Looks good! Where do you get the actual switches? I'd like to do something similar but not sure where to source the individual switches. Nevermind, found this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/build-your-own-external-switch-box-how.150407/page-2 I have those switches, jacks, and a...
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    Are Phil and Viv using Brit Pre or JMPRE-1 on the III?

    How about you? Are you playing through one for your own use or is that too much like bringing work home with you?
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    Volume pedal automatically assigned to Output 1? Cant remove/find its control assignment

    That is awesome! I'll be stealing all of that genius work that I can!!
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    Volume pedal automatically assigned to Output 1? Cant remove/find its control assignment

    That was where I went wrong. Somehow I missed scrolling that row of tabs to the Other menu. The output was as you suspected so I changed it to NONE and now it works fine. I'm guessing I thought the #3 and 4 jacks were 'not working' due to my wrong choices. When I received the AxeFx III, used...
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    Volume pedal automatically assigned to Output 1? Cant remove/find its control assignment

    Thanks, not it though. I can make those pedal assignments work fine if I plug the Pedal 2 pedal into the back of the AxeFx itself so it isn't the settings for the preset or global settings. It happens with either the Mission Pedal or the Fractal pedal and it isn't the cord since I've tried a...
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    Volume pedal automatically assigned to Output 1? Cant remove/find its control assignment

    I created a preset with the rotary block using pedal 2 for speed control with auto engage at low output position and it works fine on a preset for 4 cable method that doesn't use Output 1. But adding the same config to a regular (non 4 cable method) preset that uses Output 1 to FRFR it acts as a...
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    The new FC-9 controller spotted...

    Nice! Will you post some details on how you make the LED's get their color change signal? I think I can imagine how to wire the stand in switch functionality.... I'm assuming you will be utilizing them that way. Any prompts on how we may copy your idea will be most appreciated! In fact Fractal...
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    Connection help needed 4CM + FRFR

    I went ahead and used output 4 and it seems to be fine. I was wondering about the humbuster cables not working correctly since out 4 isn’t balanced...
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    Connection help needed 4CM + FRFR

    I have it connected to a pair of CLR's for FRFR use. I want to also have it connected to a guitar combo amp for 4CM use and then let the preset dictate which 'speaker' gets a sound... I see the demo of setting up a 4CM preset with two rows on the grid....input 1 -----output 3 (for drive effects...
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    Need your help Fractal Community!

    That is your solution right there probably or even the hotel itself. The UPS store or hotel charges you the amount they will pay on your behalf plus a fee so 'they' are ordering the Axe, which keeps Fractal happy, and they hand it, or ship it, to you depending on how quickly Fractal gets it to...
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    Plexi 100watt 1970....is something wrong with it now?

    I don't think so, I physically switched it to another and then reselected the original type but I'll look into the editor options to make sure I'm not missing a new procedure. It weird because other presets with other amp types have been getting incrementally better with the latest firmware...
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    Plexi 100watt 1970....is something wrong with it now?

    It used to be my favorite since around 'Quantum' versions started rolling out. Now my go-to Plexi preset sucks like carpet over the speaker old Boss COSM kind of suckage... I've struggled with it, reset amp blocks etc. and now I even tried building a new one, basically copied a different preset...
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    Best Low watt amp model to build 'do it all' preset by altering guitar volume knob

    Try the "Buttery" amp model and put a controller on the saturation switch to kick in the extra gain if you need more than the guitars volume knob gives you. It is a very versatile model for sure.
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    Looper cuts volume level. Normal?

    I usually put it on a separate row at the end of the grid and put the bypass state to mute then chose a level that works for the mix I want or assign a pedal to control the Looper volume.
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    Is this normal to have -41db in amp block for level?

    Yep, I deleted the Vol block, added a cab block selection, brought the Amp block up to -16Db and tweaked a few things like delay input gain and now have a really nice Van Halen preset, thanks! If you want to keep the Vol block remove the controller from the Vol block level parameter.
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    Is this normal to have -41db in amp block for level?

    I tried your preset. I don't use a volume block so I may simply not understand what is going on there but it seems to me that is a part of the problem. When I bypass that block the level drops a great deal yet eliminating the block (make it a Shunt) doesn't result in the same as bypassing it...
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    Is this normal to have -41db in amp block for level?

    I have Global (if you mean the Global menu button/Outputs 1 & 2 on the front of the AxeFXII) at 0 db and my amp block outputs are usually around -12Db. I have the physical output knob for 1 and 2 usually around 12 O'Clock.
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    Modeling version knob on Q6.0

    On a related note... For those that have the switch, does using the version switch to select "Latest" do the same thing as selecting a different amp model and then reselecting the original model as far as updating the block to 'Latest'? It didn't sound like it did to me but I never know what to...
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    Does anyone else do the 590Hz and 1060Hz cuts/notches on certain IRs?

    Forgive my rookie question and please correct my ignorance if needed but... Isn't that counter productive? If the room is creating the unwanted effect when you play a sound/specific pitch in said room, so you lessen the attack (presumably lowering the recorded 'loudness' of the note), then...
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    Recording tube head with axe fx cab sims?

    How about an AxeFX and/or Ax8 size box, with most of the current effects in the AxeFx (4CM) and with this new load circuitry to replace the amp simulation (5th cable)? I'm ready with credit card in hand! 5 cable me Fractal!
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    any source for quality far field ir's

    Thanks! I don't see a link for the ir files there....was it removed or am I just not seeing it?
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    any source for quality far field ir's

    I've been enjoying AxeFxII through a power amp and guitar 2x12 cabinet (G12-M and G-12-H to be specific) but It bothered me that I wasn't using the versatility of having many cab's to mate with different models. I have a pair of CLR's that were going relatively unused so I decided to try harder...
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    A Far-Field IR: Bad Cat 1x12 open back

    But we still want it in 2016!
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.04 Firmware Release

    I would think it would be a Boston song since he had lots of hits and was probably using it before he ever marketed it.
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    I Need Help With My Preset Layout/Organization

    I copy my FRFR presets (since that is the type I usually create new sounds in) then remove the cab block, delete the last block that connects to the output of the grid and put an FX Loop block after all other blocks. Then adjust the amp characteristics to suite the new power amp/cab paradigm...
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    Guitar Pickups & Axe Fx II XL

    You can reduce the Input Trim setting to simulate an input pad. If the sound improves keep using it or at least you know cooler pups are what you need....
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    What happened to the "Has anyone received an invite in 2016" thread?

    Lists don't cause asshattery, people do.
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    Trio+ routing

    I send Trio's guitar input a feed from the AxeFx Output 2 set as a copy of Input 1. I send the Trio Mixer output to my CLRs via a Mackie mixer that handles all my audio devices and feed a bus from that mixer of the AxeFx output ( or Helix or AmpliFIRE, etc.) to the Trio effect return for making...
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    Amp models with reverb and trem (vibrato)?

    Is there a list that shows all the things that are deleted from the regular amp models in the AX8 (and any other blocks that are less than whole)? I didn't know they have 'dumbed down' versions in there. I knew there are memory limitations to how many blocks a preset can hold but I missed any...
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    Unable to create default directory

    I have moved from a MacBookPro to an iMac by using the Migration Assistant function of the Mac OS. After doing so opening up Axe-Edit causes it to refresh its block definitions however it then pops the warning: "Unable to create default directory: /Users/MacBookPro/Library/Application...
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    return midi data to controller issue ...Axe XL

    Another possibility is your midi cable isn't a true 5 pin. Some cables are constructed with the industry standard 5 pin connectors but only 3 of those pins are actually connected to the wires. These '3' pin types will pass basic midi data but not pass everything needed for some devices...
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    New Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Amp Video

    Thanks, apparently that isn't in AxeEdit yet. I need to remember to check the actual AxeFx when something seems to be missing...
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    New Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Amp Video

    I see a Saturation Switch. Is that what he meant? We are talking about the AxeFx model, not the real amp right?
  79. R

    New Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Amp Video

    where is the SHIFT switch? I looked and looked and can't find it.
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    Hard assigning ABCD knobs

    You are correct but at least for those situations where you are just playing, not in the middle of tweaking the preset, you can get that realtime knob interaction by hitting the X button
  81. R

    Hard assigning ABCD knobs

    Wow, I'm a dumbass! I was so used to the way things were I never realized they aren't that way anymore...
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    Hard assigning ABCD knobs

    They aren't assignable to the Bass, Middle, Treble or Gain... And without an indicator on the screen to show what value they are moving from/to it wouldn't be quite as user friendly but at least in the heat of the moment, if, for example, you know you need more treble you can crank it mid...
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    Question - Gain on 10 behaviour

    Just as an aside here, I just finished making a preset with the Mesa Mk IIC+ Brt/Dp amp block and setting both the Master Volume and the Input Drive to 10 and the overdrive to 0.36...BMT to 3.80, 6.64 and 5.42 respectively. Into factory cab 055 or 056. I thought turning things to 10 on that amp...
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    Zappa Alert

    I would love a chance to buy the presets from Via Zammata. There are so many interesting guitar sounds on the recording. It is one of those recordings I'll keep going back to for the rest of my life. To have those presets and the recording as a reference to how they sound in a great mix would be...
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    This might be a stupid question...

    Wild guess here but see if USB Adapter mode is on in the midi tab and if so see if turning it off solves it. I've found, just generally with music gear that a sudden blip of 'electrons' involving a midi port/connection can do things to confuse a programing like you describe.
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    Saving presets question

    in the Pod HD editor you can edit numerous presets and then save them, or not. maybe that is what he is thinking of. I'm pretty sure the Fractal editor requires you to save before recalling a different preset to work on. To create back ups...save copies to a folder on your PC.... use Fractalbot...
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    FilterNull +6.0db vs Boost amp basic page

    The boost function on the amp page is more than 6db I believe. I use it on some amps where the level of additional gain sounds just right. A null filter can be placed anywhere and have any level of increase/decrease so it is more versatile. It can be a clean boost or gain... The amp function...
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    First ML Cab Pack for 2016: "The Little Guy"

    So where can I buy your ir's? Are you only releasing cab pacs through Fractal?
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    Saving the old firmware sound block by block...yes?

    Ahh I get it now. So if someone says they like the sound after the update but before the reset it isn't the same sound they had prior to the update, it is just some arbitrarily skewed rendition of the new algorithm.
  90. R

    Saving the old firmware sound block by block...yes?

    I thought there were parameters, both accessible by the user, and inaccessible ones, in that instance of the block that stayed set: as per the old firmware, and that was what necessitated a 'block reset' after an update.
  91. R

    Saving the old firmware sound block by block...yes?

    will this work... You update the firmware and call up a preset and deselect the amp block then reselect it to cause it to reset to the new specs. After listening to it you decide you like that preset before the update better. So you don't save the preset, instead you recall the un-reset version...
  92. R

    Presets after update

    OK, that's where I was confused. I was thinking if you didn't need to tweak any parameters after the reset then no save was needed but you are telling me the block 'reset' doesn't stick until a save takes place.
  93. R

    Presets after update

    By "...selecting a different block mode or model and then going back." does that mean by simply calling up the other block but not saving the preset, then recalling the original block, the 'reset' is now acomplished even if you don't save the preset at all?
  94. R

    Anyone uses the boost function?

    I use for the same reasons you cited: more 'drive' without a change to the amp characteristic. My default amp settings usually are mid gain at the most so the Boost is a nice 'channel 2' for me. Saves the Drive blocks for a more focused change. A few amp blocks seem to get too loud with it...
  95. R

    Since "Quantum" have you adjusted your PEQ live and Lead boost?

    I had temporarily left the AxeFx world right after firmware 18 hit and it was just before then that I realized I really wasn't using the PEQ to do the Hi pass and Lo pass stuff that I had always needed before. Upon returning to the AxeFx world a month ago and entering the Quantum experience I'm...
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    My singer's Flextone cuts mix amazing.....tips on how to get Axe Fx II to do the same?

    Before you start altering frequencies make sure you are hearing what the audience is hearing as was mentioned earlier about cab pointing at knees vs his pointing at your ears. you can eq a cab at your knees to sound better ....but....only 'better' to people listening with their knees!
  97. R

    An Experiment: Leveled Drive Blocks

    On a possibly related point... If I add a drive block to a preset, edit the block's parameters, then select a different drive model for that block, does the newly selected drive model appear with particular/inherent 'default' setting or do some, or all, of the settings of the previous model...
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