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  1. rodzimguitar68

    The Short-term Effect of Patriots' loss on Firmware Releases

    Please discuss:
  2. rodzimguitar68

    Encouragement for Heather - God Is Bigger Than We Thought

    We played this awhile back but the whole time, I was praying for my wife, Heather, and her battle with Neuroendocrine Carcinoma, which has attacked her intestines, uterus, ovaries, gut, liver, lungs, and now her heart. She will require open heart valve replacement, but is currently too weak to...
  3. rodzimguitar68

    The Cult - “Fire Woman”

    Do we have any singers that can do this one with me?
  4. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Rethinking the concept of Scenes

    My wish is that a preset consists of effect blocks that are loaded with 4 channels of selected block types (amp models, cabs, types of delays, etc), but that scenes are snapshots of the channel selected and ANY parameter alteration from one scene to the next, without setting up modifiers or...
  5. rodzimguitar68

    Don't make me call J G Wentworth.....

    Any news?
  6. rodzimguitar68

    Mr. Mister - "Broken Wings"

    Hey I made this for my wife, who is battling cancer and a serious heart condition at the moment. I suck at video/audio synchronization. I used CAE amp blocks for this. Just the rhythm and the clean models. I wasn't trying to "nail" the exact tone. I was going for my modern interpretation of...
  7. rodzimguitar68

    Mac Catalina Help

    Upgrading to Catalina has disabled my Slate audio plugins in Logic. The Slate customer service rep told me "I can't officially tell you how to do this step by step to make your Slate Audio plugins enabled, but......do this - disable SIP and copy an older version of Auvaltool from a previous OS...
  8. rodzimguitar68

    Friedman Small Box

    Lost some time here this afternoon with the Friedman Small Box and the free LT TV Mix 2 cab. Righteous.
  9. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Favorite modifiers

    Is there a way we could use a library of modifiers? Meaning, if I like to use modifier 4 to control delay 1 wet/dry and I sometimes like the sweep to range from 0 to 75% and other times 25 - 60% that I could click on the wet/dry know, choose modifier 4 and then the save favorite which has the...
  10. rodzimguitar68

    Bug? Go easy on me guys - Axe-Edit taking a long time to refresh, when used with high 80's CPU presets

    I know, I know, I can create less complex presets. My report is to point out that, prior to 6.02 / 1.01.09, I was not experiencing this level of delay between when I push a button in AE, and when the unit updates, or when I attempt to pause AE, or when I attempt to save a preset. Read it again...
  11. rodzimguitar68

    A Question about the New Axe Edit (latest beta release)

    Michael - I am playing with Beta 6.0 firmware and the AE beta that Cliff posted. I am observing the following behavior - that with a modifier attached, I can still turn the parameter knob freely, and furthermore if I attach a modifier AND a Perform slot - I can for instance take the parameter...
  12. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Toggle Hide Grid

    Wondered what the ramifications would be if we had a hot key combination (command =) to hide the grid window, to allow for all of that screen real estate to be used for something else - for instance the parameters of the effect block we are trying to edit at that time. Then toggle it back to...
  13. rodzimguitar68

    Seeking Help with OwnHammer IR Conversion

    I purchased 2 cab packs from OwnHammer in 2013. There are many many many folders, IR's with individual mics baked in, and mixes done by OH. There is a folder for Axe FX II and there are wav files in the folders. Judging from the Readme file, these are the "non-minimum phase" files. There are...
  14. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Tuner Profiles

    I have guitars in different tunings. I've settled on a particular tuning offset and it is working for me. The trouble is, that offset makes sense in standard tuning. I keep one guitar tuned to Drop Bb, the tuner gets the strings wrong. Of course, this is waaayyyy different tuning than a...
  15. rodzimguitar68

    My New Original Song

    I came up with words and music. I sang a scary demo for my friend Pat, to follow. Then I had a friend come over and track bass. I did all the drum programming, and used the Axe III for all the guitar tracks, and the bass. Yes, there are plug-ins on a couple of the guitar tracks, but not the...
  16. rodzimguitar68

    Wish More Modifiers than just 16

  17. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Align Commands away from the right edge of Dropdown Menu

    I use Mac computers. The dropdown menus are actually a good width, but the commands run off the right border and I can't read them. This is happening on 2 different Macs that I use. Can you please align the commands not as closely to the right edge of the width of the drop down, so we can...
  18. rodzimguitar68

    SOLVED: Idiot alert - Help with Pro Tools 2018 and Axe III in Aggregate Device

    Guys, I am working with some guys who insist on using ProTools, so I subscribed for one month, and have it running. I have no problems using my Axe III for a new session, but, the band just sent me a pro tools project file and audio tracks folder. When I have my Axe III on, and try to open...
  19. rodzimguitar68

    A Question for Professional Engineers - Mix level and Mastering level

    I travel constantly for my job. I cannot commit to being in a local band. I sometimes volunteer at church in the band when I am able. I have had a membership on a music collaboration website for 7 years, called KOMPOZ. I participate when I have time, and go for long periods of inactivity...
  20. rodzimguitar68

    CHANNEL IA SLOTS not working in IA Map/Preset

    Please click on this LF forum link and see if you can confirm, or tell me what I am doing wrong to make channel IA slots work to change the AXE III channels - A,B,C,D for an effect block. https://www.famcmusic.com/forum/lf-general-support/axe-iii-channel-ia-slots-not-working-in-ia-map-preset/...
  21. rodzimguitar68

    FAMC LIQUID FOOT V6.0 BETA Announcement

    Please read this forum message from Jeff. https://www.famcmusic.com/forum/firmware-lf-series/v6-00-beta-to-be-released/ We have locked in the release features for V6.00 of our LF+ platform. Within the next day or so we will make available a beta release. The existing editor will NOT inform...
  22. rodzimguitar68


    See Attached.
  23. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Clever way to pin/remove modifiers without losing min/max settings

    I rely heavily on modifiers 1 through 16 to control my amp settings and delay/reverb mix settings so I can avoid using scenes altogether. If I determine a song requires me to create appropriate presets for verse, chorus, bridge, solo, down chorus, outro, as an example, I have to bypass the...
  24. rodzimguitar68

    Unless my calculations are incorrect

    Isn't it Thirmware Thursday? Cliff, would you like to weigh in on this?
  25. rodzimguitar68

    Occasional loss of system settings

    I sent back a III for this, and now, I've had it happen to this replacement unit about 3 times. I've reported it before, but then also took measures to always boot up everything in the right order, and while I was being careful, I didn't experience this. Mac, Axe III, and lastly Midi...
  26. rodzimguitar68

    Bounce In Place in Logic results in Flangy/Phasey audio file

    I am pulling my hair out! And I don't have enough to spare, as it is. I have been tracking a song. I have been making multiple passes of the passage into a "take folder" and then using the bits and pieces to result in a good "take". I have used the "bounce all tracks in place", resulting in...
  27. rodzimguitar68

    Online Music Collaboration

    Here is a work-in-progress demo bedtrack I contributed to KOMPOZ for an amateur artist in Bulgaria. She is working on the lyrics and tracking her vocals again. I am waiting to hear her new vocals before I add lead fills or a solo. I provided the drums via LOGIC X, and the guitars via Axe III...
  28. rodzimguitar68

    Wish A Setting to force AE into "BLOCK INFO" view at start-up

    Hey Mike can we have a menu setting to force AE into the "Block Info" view by default, unless we push the button to flip it back into "standard view" ? Thank you.
  29. rodzimguitar68

    Not a Bug FIXED: Axe Edit 1.00 Slow with Firm 1.16 beta 2

    iMac High Sierra Never had 5-8 seconds latency for AE to refresh, save, and "pause". Tuner also latent. Anyone else having this? Thanks
  30. rodzimguitar68

    Modifier of Sat Switch to access all 3 positions of the rocker

    I haven't needed to access all 3 positions of the SAT switch until today. I need OFF, ON, and ON(Ideal) I tried sending all manner of "medium" midi values, but can't get "ON" to come up. I rotated the Low and High range, and it looked like ON, could be any value above 35, but again, nothing...
  31. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Add Amp Block Output to Output 1,2,3,4 screen

    Mike, Is is possible to put a duplicate knob on the Output Block screen for the Amp Block output? I look at the Output 1 Meters, to set my preset levels, and I use a combination of the Amp Block out and output 1. The reason I use both, is that I have other gear in my effects loop(s) and the...
  32. rodzimguitar68

    The Axe III is awesome!

    I've been fortunate to volunteer at my church as one of the guitarists, for about 10 years now. My work and travel schedule has not allowed me to volunteer as much over the past several years. During those years, I played widely different setups - amps/pedalboards, simulators, etc...., as the...
  33. rodzimguitar68

    Compromises for Tuning and Intonation

    Guys, We all struggle with the tuning of our G and B strings, and the whole history of Western music, mathematically equal intervals in an octave, versus the skewed system of bygone eras, when the spacing of the intervals wasn't precisely equal, which made certain key signatures sound dark and...
  34. rodzimguitar68

    You Make Me Brave - Praise & Worship Music

    Here is a song we did at church on July 8th. I brought the Stems home and tinkered with them to mix this. For reference, there is a Helix guitar in the Left with a sort of Acoustic Ethereal sound, and a low gain electric in the Center also using the Helix, and then my Axe III mainly in the...
  35. rodzimguitar68

    Misty Water-colored memories...

  36. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Manage CABS question

    Is it the case that if I scan a folder of my cabs on the computer, and then import a few of them into User Cabs, that the next time I scan that same folder, Axe Cab Manager will not show the cabs I've already used? I have 8000-9000 IR's, and it seems to be doing that. I want to avoid importing...
  37. rodzimguitar68

    System Setting to turn sysex send on/off for tuner/tap

    The Axe II has choices of what the unit will send back to your midi controller for tuner and tap, either or both. The Axe III had an on or off setting at one time, but now I can't seem to locate it in all the sub-menus. Has this been removed from user access intentionally? I wish it were...
  38. rodzimguitar68

    I installed 07.26 last night...but wait - read this!!

    Opened Axe Edit III just now, and it prompted me to install 07.30!!!!!!!! Go Michael...Go Michael...It's your Birthday....It's your Birthday!!!! LOL Thanks man!!!!
  39. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Allow user assignment of midi channel AND cc#

    The Axe FX III has so many parameters that can be midi controlled, but we only have two features that respond to values within their CC - scenes and channels. Yes, the other midi controlled parameters respond to 0-63 for bypass, 64-127 for engage.....while others respond to expression...
  40. rodzimguitar68

    Wish - Display automatically changes upon input signal

    Is it possible to have the unit display the preset title as normal, until I strum my guitar, and then it flips over to the meters display screen? I wouldn't want to sacrifice the immediacy of the response of the unit, or cause a hiccup in the audio. I thought it would be a good feature while...
  41. rodzimguitar68

    Implemented Slow Mode - Decrease Mouse Scroll Sensitivity

    Can we have a key combination that makes the mouse less sensitive so we can dial in the parameter, one little teeny increment at a time? If I am attaching a modifier to the Output Block Level, it is difficult to set the min to -15 and the max to 0 db. In fact, I've never been able to have the...
  42. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Preset's Tempo displayed on main preset screen

    I request that there be a visual display of the tempo for the preset on the preset's main screen on the Axe III itself.
  43. rodzimguitar68

    Bug? Beta 6.18 - Preset Tempo Not Displayed

    Tempo is not displayed where you normally see it. Values entered into tempo field, still update the Axe III properly and accurately. EDIT: I'm a Mac
  44. rodzimguitar68

    So close, so far away....

    I had an RTA to send back my AXE III for service. I checked the tracking number. It’s still in Akron at Staples, waiting to be picked up, since Friday about 5:15pm.....now I’m here in Boston for a couple of days. Why didn’t I just bring it with and drop it off?
  45. rodzimguitar68

    Wish CMD-I reset

    I wish the "Command + I" mac button combo, reset the drive block knobs to the defaults for the drive pedal model currently active. It reverts to Rat Dist every time. This is also true in the Axe II. (The reset makes it revert to a starting point drive pedal). I wish it didn't do that.
  46. rodzimguitar68

    Fun with Google Maps

    Hey I thought it would be interesting to encourage anyone to add their marker to a Google Map for an Axe III. Step 1: You must log into your Google account Step 2: Click this link to open the shared map: Step 3: Zoom out and locate yourself on the map. Zoom in closer to where you actually...
  47. rodzimguitar68

    Not a Bug Beta 1.09 - Factory 1 - Cab slot 255 is empty

    Is your Factory 1 cab slot #255 empty?
  48. rodzimguitar68


    Please respond to my poll.
  49. rodzimguitar68

    Output encoder level/percentage

    Guys, this is probably somewhere within the Axe FX III already. I just need help locating it. I have my preset levels where I want them. They send the right amount of level to Logic Pro X. The AXE II has a percentage read out of the volume level that is being sent by the output 1 encoder...
  50. rodzimguitar68

    Not a Bug Mac Time Machine Causes Major Problems

    I do not have a back up disk or cloud account to point my Time Machine backup to. I checked the "show time machine in the tool bar" or whatever the Mac refers to all the icons in the upper right corner of the screen. As I said, I had nowhere to send files to, but I took this one step, in...
  51. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Enter the Preset Tempo BPM like Axe Edit II

    We have a TAP button, but can we have a field to enter the BPM of the preset? ie: "120", "96", etc.....?? Thanks
  52. rodzimguitar68

    Wish A List of All Items that can be controlled via Midi

    I have assigned midi CC's to many items, and I have a few CC's left over. I would like to be able to print a list of my system and the CC #'s I've assigned to each parameter, so I can then program my midi foot controller system's IA slots.
  53. rodzimguitar68

    Cliff, Please explain using the very last cabinet "FLAT"

    Cliff, Please explain the wiki explanation of why or how this could be useful to "phasing of a DI signal." Pretend, for the purposes of this discussion, I don't know what I'm talking about. Discuss:
  54. rodzimguitar68

    No Audio Dropouts when switching scenes?

    Are you seriously telling me that you can switch amp channels and not hear a dropout? So I could set up a basic amp block / cab block signal chain, with 4 identical amp channels, and midi switch between them, and no one would know when the changes were occurring? Like, for real?
  55. rodzimguitar68

    Deep Down, I know it's futile, but, I can't stop

    Opening Fractal Bot and selecting the Axe III, to see if it connects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  56. rodzimguitar68

    One Axe Edit to rule them all?

    I already have other Axe II's. Will there be a separate Axe Edit that has the 6x14 grid, or will the layout refresh to accommodate a user who is using Axe Edit to sometimes control the III, and other times to control a II? Thanks
  57. rodzimguitar68

    Is there no Video?

    Where's the video? There was supposed to be an Earth-Shattering video!
  58. rodzimguitar68

    Bug? Bender Fuzz Drive Clip Type LV Tube

    Beta 9 Change the Clip Type to LV Tube in a Bender Fuzz Drive. Is that simply a matter of "this is the tone you'd likely get if you actually did this" or is this a buggy code issue? Thanks
  59. rodzimguitar68

    Best-Tronics = Rack Awesomeness!!!!

    Received rack panels, cable, jacks, and panel mount plugs, from Best-Tronics this past week. Those folks are the best! It's like dealing with Fractal. I consider them, by extension, the parts department of Fractal. Nothing but 120% great products, support and customer service. I'm putting...
  60. rodzimguitar68


    Welcome Back Jeff and thank you for the good report about things with your son's health. Rock On!!! Best Midi controller on planet Earth. Server status and support system
  61. rodzimguitar68


    I still can't believe what I just witnessed. Wow - Pats Win!!! First overtime Super Bowl.
  62. rodzimguitar68

    Spreadsheet to convert parameter values to Midi values

    I commonly attach modifiers to various parameters in my amp, delay and reverb blocks to give me seamless transitions between tones during a song. I use them sort of like "scenes" but I let my midi controller do the controlling. https://www.dropbox.com/s/az66ys4lhulpyxv/MIDI VALUES...
  63. rodzimguitar68

    Remove Legacy Version Option from Firmware - Mark l/Mark ll

    I only want the latest algorithm. Period. This thing is amazing. When a turd of a firmware is released, it gets fixed within a half a day. Always. Cliff has pride, but he is also humble enough to investigate a bug report, and rectify it with all possible dispatch. Since the goal is...
  64. rodzimguitar68

    12 external controllers

    I was squirreling around in the parameters and noticed the list showed 24 modifiers or controllers? And I think Axe-Edit shows 24 in the controllers view. I thought there were only 12 (midi CC16 - CC27) What's the deal?
  65. rodzimguitar68

    LF+ New Firmware 4.38 and Editor

    New Firmware 4.38 is out and can be installed with your existing editor version 4.32 (Mac) or 4.34 (Windows). New Editor 4.38 for Windows was released this morning shortly after the firmware. Includes updated drivers that will help it play more nicely with latest Windows versions. Mac editor...
  66. rodzimguitar68

    WISH - Reset Drive Block does not change pedal to RAT

    Guys, This has been an ongoing request. I wish that CONTROL-I reset the drive block to default settings while remaining on the overdrive model currently displayed, the way the AMP block does. As it currently stands, resetting the drive block, always causes it to revert to a RAT distortion...
  67. rodzimguitar68

    When you're down in the dumps...and you need something bring you up

    ....There's only one thing that's gonna do it the way you want it!! Public Beta Firmware!!! What's that? Public Beta Firmware I can't hear you! PUBLIC BETA FIRMWARE!!! PUBLIC BETA FIRMWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  68. rodzimguitar68

    Online Music Collaboration

    Grabbed a composer's guide track off of KOMPOZ, sped it up and added drums and guitars. Her guide track drums come in towards the latter part of this track. No SEPS were provided so I could remove various instruments and remix the vocals, keys and string parts on her guide track. I used one...
  69. rodzimguitar68

    To Yoda..., um, I mean YEK.

    Ik ben op weg naar Praag voor het bedrijfsleven. Ik heb een verbinding in Amsterdam. Vraagt de piloot aan het toeteren wanneer we vliegen over Yek 's huis ! with a shout out to Google Translate, naturally.......
  70. rodzimguitar68

    Wish More Amp parameters attached to modifiers

    I wish Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, and FAT, and CUT were attachable to modifiers.
  71. rodzimguitar68

    Smells Like Teen Spirit - Firm 1.06

    I still have to track the intro, outro, and the unison bends on the step-downs. Got this MIDI track off the web. Enjoy the Trumpet lead vocals.
  72. rodzimguitar68

    Firm 1.06, various amps, and ML cabs within the factory cabs list

    My wife and another friend love this song, so I spent an hour multi-tracking just the intro, along with a midi drum and bass I found on the interwebs......
  73. rodzimguitar68

    Neil Peart Retirement

  74. rodzimguitar68

    New Endorsee: Nigel Tufnel ????

    Psyche.....in M@'s dreams!!!! He'll never get this legendary artist to convert! (But we should model his amps that go to 11, I should think.)
  75. rodzimguitar68

    Fixed Audible Thump heard when switching preset

    I programmed 4 songs. I'm having a "first meeting" with a new band. I have not met the other guys before, except through exchanges on Facebook with the singer. So, I want to make the best impression. I'm using amp #077 Class-A 30W with no audible thumps leaving the preset and jumping to...
  76. rodzimguitar68

    Be notified when new Firmware is available

    I think Axe Edit has a pop-up if you open it and it detects that newer firmware is available than what is currently installed on your Axe. But that only works if you happen to be using your Axe at the time. What I want is to be notified via email or text, or something when a new firmware is...
  77. rodzimguitar68

    FAMC Liquid Foot Editor 4.30 released

    Behind the scenes improvements to the programming architecture to head towards 64 bit. Support for Mac El Capitan A few bug fixes, most importantly one affecting PC commands in the editor ignoring the +1 offset in the Global Tab. Win and Mac available for download now.
  78. rodzimguitar68

    Axe fx silk screening nomenclature front panel

    Edit: I am an idiot. Thanks for reading.
  79. rodzimguitar68

    Mac OSX El Capitan upgrade from Yosemite

    Hey Forum, Has anyone upgraded to El Capitan? Can you still use Axe Edit and Fractal Bot? Thanks, Rod
  80. rodzimguitar68

    Passing the time in Cleveland rush hour with Mikko and the boys....

  81. rodzimguitar68


    Yep. I see the green glow. Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
  82. rodzimguitar68

    Don't Tread on Me - an online collaboration project

    Hello. We got another mix done by an engineer that is also part of our online collaboration group: I did all the electric, acoustic, and synth parts, as well as the arrangement. Enjoy - and thanks for listening!
  83. rodzimguitar68

    Using the Liquid Foot plus to control multiple devices simultaneously

    If you have a Fractal Audio Axe FX II, you know that each preset can store up to 8 scenes, allowing for you to pre-determine the effect combinations, and x/y states, thereby allowing complex changes to be made instantly by selecting the appropriate scene. The advantage of scenes vs. a completely...
  84. rodzimguitar68

    Firm 20 beta 1 - display is glitchy

    I am set up at home. Just installed beta 1 48 hours ago. I noticed the display is glitchy and hiccup-y. I noticed it last night while in tuner mode. But I also witnessed it while in the horizontal db meter bar screen too. I've never had this issue on my Mark I unit before. Unless it is due...
  85. rodzimguitar68

    Don't Tread On Me - Online Collaboration

    ME on acoustic and electric guitars, and keyboard - Akron, OH, USA Mike on vocals - Portland, OR, USA Fabien on bass - France/Iceland Dean on drums - Australia Thanks for listening
  86. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Lesson to be gleaned from Logic X's drummer?

    The drummer in Logic X is amazing and pretty easy to get good results with. The crux of the interface is simply a square grid with a ball that you can drag anywhere inside the box/grid and change the way the drums are playing along. The left side of the box is SIMPLE, the right side COMPLEX...
  87. rodzimguitar68

    Which cabs are Ultra-Res in Firmware 19.00 (Axe II, mark I)

    The cabs used to say UR or be italicized or something. Now, how do we differentiate between Ultrares and the "old factory cabs" in the factory slots? Thanks
  88. rodzimguitar68

    Liquid Foot Editor 4.21 released!!!

    Be sure to download and install the editor that was released today. I believe we are on editor 4.21, but firmware 4.20, so don't let that confuse you.
  89. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Online utility to load "factory cabs" to my liking

    Listen, we've put people on the moon with less computing power than my smartphone. I have to believe this is possible. Use my Fractal store account, and verify identity with my warranty registered Axe FX serial number. Online utility will show factory slots, and I can load UltraRES cabinets...
  90. rodzimguitar68

    Axe Edit Wishlist - change to the Drive Block reset behavior with Command-I

    Hello, When I use COMMAND-I in the amp block, the amp selected remains the same, but the control surfaces snap back to their default settings. However, when I use command-I in the drive block, the RAT distortion pedal is recalled. I want Command-I to simply snap the knobs back to their...
  91. rodzimguitar68

    Help me understand Axe II processing power compared to PC/Mac

    Like the title says, I am just trying to understand how the Axe, and I guess other high end audio processor units, stack up against modern PC/laptops/Macbook Pros. It seems to me, the Axe is a computer with great sound board components, and the magic is really in the firmware -- the algorithms...
  92. rodzimguitar68

    JC-120 amp output level?

    Disclaimer: 3 year owner, Axe II Mark 1, 19.0 beta #3 installed today. FIRST TIME TRYING TO USE THE ROLAND JC120 model. With my setup, I usually run amp blocks from -20 db to -12 db level. With the JC-120 today, I had to run the level at +8.00 to achieve the same levels. Has the output...
  93. rodzimguitar68

    Lock out Y-axis to reduce CPU usage percentage

    I am to the point of being able to control parameters with modifiers, that I seldom need the Y-axis of any effect blocks, to get through a song. I know that the Y-axis settings add to CPU somewhat, and so, I'd like to know if we could have effects blocks that have no Y-axis to better utilize CPU.
  94. rodzimguitar68

    Lowest CPU usage for effect blocks

    Is it true that CPU utilization is affected by the effect type chosen in an effect block? If so, is it true, that if I wanted to remain in X-axis of all of my effects blocks for the duration of the song, I could squeeze more CPU out of the capacity, by programming the Y-axis of each block being...
  95. rodzimguitar68

    Cab Block Preamp Tone Control

    Just wanted to post a blurb about the bass, mid, treble tone knobs in the Cab Preamp block. I had a nice preset built and it sounded righteous when I played by myself, but the tone didn't cut through in the mix. I tried various combinations of bright switch, sat settings, and presence knob...
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