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    Thank you Chris@AxeFxTutorials

    Thank you Chris! Nice gesture Fractal Thank you!
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    don't know ... my understanding is they were all unique!
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    Vibrolux G3 with the new IR is just....RIDICULOUS!!!

    This thread is IR-ritating!
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    Fw18... news?

    I'm 62 ... you don't really get better .... you just become more easily amused! ...
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    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    MAYBE ... there will be a rack mount version .... OH WAIT!!!
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    Performing a Complete Factory Reset

    I agree with JRod4928 ... if your going to spend the time to dial things in, you might as well start from a CLEAN SLATE! I have always relied on the posted presets because I'm a dolt. Looks like they aren't going to be coming as often. So I guess I'll have to dial things in as well.
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    Holdsworth with the XL

    Me too, doubt he will share patched though ...
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    FW.17 no low end ?

    I noticed the same thing. I tired the reset in utilities ... not change. I'm not really good at tweaking, and was hoping that there would be an update on the Axe-Fx II Preset Banks A, B and C? I'll try some of the suggestions here as I have heard nothing about preset bank updates.
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    So M@ is sporting a shiny new 17 avatar

    Hang on ... I have to change my underwear ... I'll be right back!
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.00 Public Beta (Update: Beta1 Now Available)

    Configuration Management .... or something like that ...
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    It Never Fails

    That's what she said!
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    Where can I try?

    if you are going to be in Los Angeles Tone Merchants 5412 Cleon Ave. Suite N North Hollywood, CA 91601 Tone Merchants & Rack Systems LTD.
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    FW15 Flanger and Chorus

    Personally, I'm not concerned at all about the present state of the effects. With the new multi effects pedal board coming out, there will have to be much more detail focused on the effects. That will bleed over to the AXE FX, and with the already best amp modeler on the planet, it will be...
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    Coming Soon

    That's like a guy with artificial legs and real feet!
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    Coming Soon

    I'll take two!
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    Help with Joe Bonamassa tone.....

    Isn't his tone the same as (similar to) Eric Johnson's for the most part. I know he channels Eric a lot. I would think that somebody would have dialed in Eric's by now. I know a lot has to do with their style, but they have that same woody sound for cleans, then they crank it. IMHO ...
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    problème reamping

    I think I'm deaf!
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    Firmware Update Question

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    Coming Soon

    We don't need no stinkin springs!
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    Coming Soon

    I'll take two!
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    FW13 Release Notes

    WTF please remove ...
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    Good Luck, and prayers for your Mom!
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    Carr Troubles

    Cliff, the AXE FX II and your efforts are several orders of magnitude above the asking price. Thanks for your efforts!
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    Looking for Suggestions on issue using FXII into a PA

    sounds like a MIC vs LINE In issue ... I have tried it with no issue, but i did make sure line in was selected ...
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    Looking for Suggestions on issue using FXII into a PA

    sounds like a MIC vs LINE In issue ...
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    Intermittent sound loss Fw11.03

    I had my MFC-101 and a SP1 Mission engineering pedal with switch set to turn on and off the WAH. With the AXE FX II through the USB to the PC running AXE EDIT. I did this before with FW10 (obviously no AXE EDIT) and worked perfect. With FW11.03, there was was WAH on or no sound, toggling back...
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    Pinch harmonics

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    AE3 for v11 and up...

    I'll bet they do. It was probably the last version when the II came out? That's all they'd need, correct?
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    Are you tired of FRFR?

    Are you tired of FRFR? NO!
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    Can the Axe-Fx Do This?

    Two different products on two different paths. If I thought I really needed that, I would buy the Kemper. Interesting sound though ...
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    F/W 11 Bank A (amps only) ? Poll

    What will happen to those great patches? Could you move them to another BANK? if not I'm dead!
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    F/W 11 Bank A (amps only) ? Poll

    I'm a bit of a dolt, and had the Ultra with poor results. One of the things I liked about AXE FX II is that fact that it came with already great dialed in patches, that an idiot like me could tweak and get great tone. How about leaving bank A alone since it has the best patches IMO, and use B...
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    Firmware Version 10.11 Now Available

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    Update 10.10 gain issue

    Thanks Cliff ... interesting. I was dinking with the WAH ... I thought that I tuned it off by switching presets ... maybe not.
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    Update 10.10 gain issue

    I use the AXE FX II with the MFC-101. I mainly play at home working on improvisation with the drive on and the flanger on, with the following patches straight out of the box with no other changes. I play into the Yamaha DSR-115 029: CAE 3+SE Lead 036: FAS Lead 2 037: FAS Modern 021: Euro...
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    Firmware Version 10.10 Now Available

    Thank you so much Cliff, just in time for the 4th!! (available in the US only)
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    Im the only one that keep the screen protector on the unit?

    Still on AXE FX II, but my foreskin is gone!
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    New Drivers Now Available

    OH BOY! We are only 0.91 from 11.00
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    perl script to print out preset names from .syx file

    Awesome, nice piece of work! Thanks for sharing!!
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    What happens when we hit FW11 ? (Axe FX III)

    What happens when we hit FW11 ? Your wig fly's off!
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    V10.01? Yup

    Here it is ... http://forum.fractalaudio.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=15558&stc=1&d=1366515517
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    Any Guesses for V11?

    Just a guess, bug fixes and IR's ...
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    Why Do I Have To Keep Calibrating My Expression Pedals?

    Same here, but there was a difference between 9 and 10. In 9, the expression pedal that I had plugged into EP1 when I powered up was all the way up. Then before I turned on the power amp I would rock the pedal leaving it all the way off. I In 10, when I power up, it does nothing until I...
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    Acoustic simulator preset with a few added gizmos...

    Totaly Awesome Fremen, thanks for sharing ... we need more of this type of development and sharing ... for dolts like me. Thanks again!
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    Country Amp suggestions

    Sorry yes the Club and Country ... Thanks, for clearing that up. It's hard to find the amps that have been talked about over the past months by name. I'm looking for a clean amp to try my classical acoustic out on. I may try the Mr. Z.
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    Country Amp suggestions

    is that the Marshall Town and Country amp (4140)?
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    Firmware 10 shat on my patches in spectacular fashion

    Dutch: good point! That did not matter to me in my case because I was waiting for 10 to set up (customize) my patches. Even if I had them perfect, I'd rather have great tone and dial that stuff in again. Glad you pointed that out so some one doesn't screw the pooch before a gig! Again it...
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    Firmware 10 shat on my patches in spectacular fashion

    Ya know, I thought I was nuts and was going to say something on this blog, but I didn't want the the towns people chasing me in Lederhosen with torches. 9. sounded great, I installed 10 and then all the banks. You describe what I heard. For gins I did a system reset. BANG ... everything...
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    V10 Update

    Thank you Cliff!
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    Dear Fractal...

    Sure ... he doesn't have to wait for firmware ....
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    Dear Fractal...

    And now for something completely different.
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    Suggestion to FAS before FW10 and AE release...

    Sleeper - The Orgasmatron - YouTube John Pettrucci won't need this because he is Italian!
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    Suggestion to FAS before FW10 and AE release...

    Candy coated popcorn peanuts and a prize!
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    AxeFX and Elevenrack

    I owned all three as well. I only have the AXE FX II, that's all I need. I didn't like the tones of the 11 Rack and the Ultra was too hard for 'me' to dial in ...
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    a Trika ... a Hat Trick

    I know FAS is getting beatup with the release of AXE EDIT and FW V10.0, but does anyone know with the new features there will be a new MFC-101 FW release?
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    Brand New Axe FX II......Hmmmm; not too happy! Help!?!

    I use these as well and agree 100 percent ...
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    Brand New Axe FX II......Hmmmm; not too happy! Help!?!

    If you have FW Version 9.01 loaded, it's either cockpit error or you need to contact support! This thing sounds GREAT!
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    Preset and Amp Strategy

    I'm with you Overdrive, looks to me as presets vs. scenes are “six of one half dozen of the other”. It just depends on your approach and what works for you. Personally I prefer the presets and I replaced the IA's I don't want with the desired X/Y's.
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    BETA TESTERS: Have you found

    Thanks Cliff ... awesome!
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    Release it already!

    Most of us are with you and appreciate your efforts and generosity!
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    Release it already!

    Me too! I have also learned how to navigate the Hardware Interface in the meantime.
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    AXE Edit Ver 2.0 in 2013

    Man, cut Cliff and FAS a break. I did a board at Motorola with 2 DSP's and 2 processors, and there were 15 firmware guys. Add MS Windows and MAC OS's to the mix and I'm sure the task is daunting. And we are given the updates FREE!
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    May finally make the leap into the Axe FX

    I used the Marshall JVM410 head with the Marshall 1960A cab, I was using the Ultra. I tried going out the power section and it seemed dull. Then Santiago on the Marshall Forum said to use the clean channel with the Middle on '10' and the Treble and Bass on '1'. It sounded awesome! The best sound...
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    Dumble update?

    buyers remorse? I heard they are all different ... If you get a good one you never let go ...
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    Extended Warranty?

    Since we are on topic. 1.) does anyone know if the will do a repair (for fee of course) on a unit our of warranty? 2.) Will they upgrade from a Mark I to a Mark II?
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    So how come EVERYBODY seems to have Firmware v10 except me?

    11 is GREAT! wait till you hear how the new amps sound! The new looper is 30 min.!
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    USB driver not working for some reason

    I had that same problem. It turned out that the USB port I was using on the front of the PC was a USB 1.1 ... There is no warnings. I went to the back of the PC USB port which turned out to be a USB 2.0 and everything was fine ...
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    New and very overwhelmed Axe 2 owner! Where in the world to start?

    Excatly! I never got the Ultra dialed in. I found #028 CAE 3+SE Lead, I was off and running after that. Popped in different amps and cabs ... no limits! Hopefully you have the MFC-101, and can pop on and off the the effects.
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    V.10 public beta?

    My thinking as well ...
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    EMG's Through Axe FX2?

    I agree, try the two with a “regular amp”, take the AXE FX out of the equation until you verify this …
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    Do Fractal Products Have An Easter Egg?

    If you hold down the LAYOUT GLOBAL and RECALL keys at the same time, you can play Tetris with the NAV buttons. If you lose, the fan blade pops out and decapitates you!
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    For those not on Facebook

    Cliff, Thanks for the continued generosity!
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    Axe fx II schematics ?

    The lions share of the IP is in the DSP source code anyway ...
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    Axe Fx II volume suddenly dropped in the output 1 (TRS)

    Ya know I noticed something similar today. I heard the volume drop. I am using the MFC-101. I noticed that when this happened it actually jumped from 005 to 004 by itself ... I popped the switches back and forth from bank to bank then preset to preset. It still happened. Then I twiddled...
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    Help with Axe FX II and Yamaha Monitors!

    I have the AXE FX II and I use the Yamaha DSR-115, Looks like the same (or similar) connections as your one. I thought about that and just went to GC and picked up the XLR cable. Works GREAT, and I don't have to worry about the Murphy's law scenarios!
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    Guess What Amp I Just Bought

    I'll take two!
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    X/Y state of effect

    I think what you are trying to do is redundant I think what you are trying to do is redundant
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    New Axe Edit? Please?

  81. I

    Recording with USB in sonar X1

    Doc P, remember too that you can only use one ASIO device at a time, I made that mistake because my soundcard has an ASIO driver as well as the AXE FX II. Good Luck "It's always like crawling through ground glass!"
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    Scored a Marshall Club and Country

    I owned one, it was the Marshall 4140 .... it was all tube and here is the schematic http://www.drtube.com/schematics/marshall/4140.gif
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    Cliff, Please Model the Rivera Sedona ...

    Cliff; I see you are modeling Marshall Club and Country a great amp I had one. But I still think there is a need for more acoustic amps. The Rivera Sedona is a really beautiful sounding acoustic amp. Its sound is really a combination of the power amp circuitry (all tube) and the cab which is...
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    Just ordered mine!

    You won't be dissapointed. This nice thing about the AXE FX II, especially with the latest firmware, most of the patches are usable right out of the box, unlike the Ultra that frustrated me. Play with it! Read the manual! The downside right now is that there is no AXE EDIT ... My advice is to...
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    TC electronics promo on Facebook Today ...

    Thank you stratamania!
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    TC electronics promo on Facebook Today ...

    Rig Rundown - Madonna - Monte Pittman I copied the URL's from Facebook which I can get to from work, but I can't see if they are correct becuase I can't get to Youtube Rig Rundown - Madonna - Monte Pittman - YouTube
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    Is the AxeFX II a good value for the Price???

    Is the AxeFX II a good value for the Price??? I just loaded Firmware Version 8.01a Without a doubt!!
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    Paul Gilbert Airplane Flanger anyone?

    I'd like to see that as well .... don't think you'll find it for the AXE FX II on google though ...
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    Wish MFC-101 Programming VIA AXE-EDIT

    Sorry, I didn't realize I was a day late and a dollar short! http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-wishes-bugs/32829-pc-software-editor-midi-foot-controller.html
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    Wish MFC-101 Programming VIA AXE-EDIT

    Will it eventually be possible for AXE-EDIT to see and program the MFC-101 when the AXE-FX II is connected with the Expansion cable to the MFC-101 and maybe manage the MFC-101 layout?
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    Merry ChristmAXE to Cliff and his team!

    Merry Christmas to Cliff and all at FAS, and to all of you on this Forum, it has been a real help ...
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    Getting a smoother/cleaner distortion tone

    Clarky; first let me say that you are becoming a technical asset to this forum. When you say pan one amp to the left and one to the right are you suggesting that this be a stereo output. If your going to do that you could incorporate the Haas effect for a more robust tone.
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    Clean Preset for Hot Humbucker

    They always claimed my tone was too much top anyway ... that's OK they were a couple of knuckle dragging Neanderthals … LOL
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    Clean Preset for Hot Humbucker

    I went through this argument with my band mates. The guitar has a volume control on it .... at least mine does. I think they thought I should replace the HB's with TV Jones. That was with the Ultra. The AXE FX II is VERY responsive to the input signal.
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    AxeChange return?

    Please ...
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