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    Names of block type displayed?

    I usually have two drive blocks in a preset, each with their own FC switch. And I usually use two channels on each of them for different types...for example, on one drive block switch on the FC, channel A is Ts808 and long press toggles to channel B which is a FuzzFace. Can I have the...
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    can you assign subdivisions to a FC switch?

    I'd like to use a FC switch to toggle with a short press to give me dotted 1/8 and a long press to switch to 1/4, Can that be done? I don't see how to assign it.
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    Can you toggle Output blocks with the FC?

    I'd like to switch between output blocks with a foot switch to change from my studio monitors to floor monitors to power amp/guitar cab...etc. Can that be done? I know I can do it with Scenes but I've been avoiding them so far just to save them once I've exhausted my other options for setting...
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    Replicate the limits/quality of FM3 with an Axe-Fx III

    I have the AFIII and don't plan on getting rid of it when my invitation for the FM3 arrives. I need a more portable solution than the AFIII allows and right now I have a small pedal board based on a Line 6 Stomp and it is excellent for the purposes I have for it but it is larger and likely more...
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    WTB Trade cash and FC-6 for FC-12

    Looking to trade FC6 and some cash for a FC 12. it is in great condition, I just need more switches/options
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    SOLD Pair of Atomic CLR's active cab versions with stands $1100 *now with pics*

    In great condition, kept in a non smoking, non-gigging environment. in coastal South Carolina for pick up...shipping available but I imagine it can get expensive pretty quick
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    Strange preset changing 'bug'

    AxeFxIII, FC-6, 4 external momentary switches set up as Stand In switches. One stand in switch is dedicated to Drive block 1 (bypass short press/toggle channel A/B long press). On the FC-6, in layout 8 Drive block 2 (bypass and channel toggle set up like Drive 1) is set up to switch 2. If I...
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    Can I use a Stand-In Switch to toggle tap from 'dotted 1/8' to '1/4'?

    I don't see how to do that, maybe with a control switch? But I don't think the tap has a way to assign anything to the time signature designation so maybe not... Or do I have to set up the delay block channels to have the different setting? Would that work?
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    Volume pedal automatically assigned to Output 1? Cant remove/find its control assignment

    I created a preset with the rotary block using pedal 2 for speed control with auto engage at low output position and it works fine on a preset for 4 cable method that doesn't use Output 1. But adding the same config to a regular (non 4 cable method) preset that uses Output 1 to FRFR it acts as a...
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    Connection help needed 4CM + FRFR

    I have it connected to a pair of CLR's for FRFR use. I want to also have it connected to a guitar combo amp for 4CM use and then let the preset dictate which 'speaker' gets a sound... I see the demo of setting up a 4CM preset with two rows on the grid....input 1 -----output 3 (for drive effects...
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    Plexi 100watt 1970....is something wrong with it now?

    It used to be my favorite since around 'Quantum' versions started rolling out. Now my go-to Plexi preset sucks like carpet over the speaker old Boss COSM kind of suckage... I've struggled with it, reset amp blocks etc. and now I even tried building a new one, basically copied a different preset...
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    any source for quality far field ir's

    I've been enjoying AxeFxII through a power amp and guitar 2x12 cabinet (G12-M and G-12-H to be specific) but It bothered me that I wasn't using the versatility of having many cab's to mate with different models. I have a pair of CLR's that were going relatively unused so I decided to try harder...
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    Unable to create default directory

    I have moved from a MacBookPro to an iMac by using the Migration Assistant function of the Mac OS. After doing so opening up Axe-Edit causes it to refresh its block definitions however it then pops the warning: "Unable to create default directory: /Users/MacBookPro/Library/Application...
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    Saving the old firmware sound block by block...yes?

    will this work... You update the firmware and call up a preset and deselect the amp block then reselect it to cause it to reset to the new specs. After listening to it you decide you like that preset before the update better. So you don't save the preset, instead you recall the un-reset version...
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    Input 'secret sauce' and spdif question...

    If I have my guitar plugged into a different device and have a spdif in/out connection to the AxeFx II xl+ am I missing out on advantages provided by the instrument input circuitry of the AxeFx?
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    Is there a demo of the screen...?

    Im trying to find out what the user will see when selecting a preset...scrolling through the choices of preset etc. as well as seeing what blocks are active or bypassed when a preset is chosen. Can anyone do that or link to a demo that highlights that?
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    Recall screen...can you change it?

    When changing presets is there a way to make the preset name larger? Maybe in a future update make an option to display only the Preset name, number and bank number all bigger and bolder with the preset name being a larger font than the bank and preset numbers? Just lose all the other info...
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    stereo and the 2290 delay question

    I'm using the FX-8 in 4CM sometimes in a stereo rig and sometimes in a mono rig. I don't seem to understand the I/O like I thought...or maybe it's just the 2290 that I don't understand. Using L+R Sum the delay repeats disappear but using Copy L to R is problematic with other delays like...
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    Is this channel switch safe for the Relay control on FX8?

    A Marshall DSL40C, I can't find official specs on it but I found some details from someone who was trying to add LED's to the factory footswitch and he recieved this information on the amps switching circuit: It appears to be 'grounded to sleeve' but they mention the voltage present in the...
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    looper control by other footswitch?

    I would like to set up an external footswitch to be dedicated to start record and modulate play/stop so I don't have to enter looper mode first and leave looper mode to change presets etc. Can this be done with a pair of standard momentary or latching switches?
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    Strange behavior exceeds CPU...but not really...

    I took the factory EVH 1982 preset and copied it to an empty preset location, deleted the EQ block and added a Wah and moved the Pitch and Flanger to different spots: Wah (default Clyde with control assigned to external 1), Drive (default Esoteric ACB), Flanger (digital mono, unchanged from...
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    can any update be made on the status of production/invites?

    Not looking to compromise the course of Fractal doing smart business or start any negative ranting (please start your own thread if that is your thing). Just looking for an update on the state of the FX-8 availability... Thanks!
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    pitch tracking filters like this:

    I am trying to put off buying the Sonuus Wahoo pedal because I think I can probably get the Fractal FX-8 to cover what the Wahoo does....but maybe not. Check this video, at the :45 sec mark they mention one of the possibly unique features. I don't have the AxeFxII anymore and can't recall if...
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    is the Send/Recieve loop a "block"

    is the insert point where you would likely have your amps preamp section connected a 'block' or have some 'switch' that could allow us to activate or deactivate it on a per preset and/or per scene basis? Is there any panning function to that same point/block?
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    Does the FX-8 pass on expression pedal data via midi?

    If I have an expression pedal connected to the FX-8 can I assign it to be for a CC event via the midi output instead of as an internal (to the FX-8 ) event? If so can I assign it, per preset, for a different CC# that is sent? Can one Expression pedal function as described above and on some...
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    MIDI PC page in editor

    I see a tab labeled "MIDI PC" Is that where we get to assign midi control of the FX8 by another device and/or control commands sent from the FX8 to another device? Could someone show a screenshot of that page of the editor and/or share any info on midi control...midi mapping...midi etc.? Any...
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    Sim question for Cliff but welcome any one else who might know

    As you are developing the programming to simulate a particular amp model is there a point where making it 'better' for FRFR use requires not optimizing it for tube power amp / guitar cabinet use? I'm just wondering if the pre amp, tone stack, etc portion of the simulation would end up identical...
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    Routing question

    Can the signal flow be a choice of two mutually exclusive mono paths starting right after the instrument input by using all mono effects blocks? So one guitar would feed through the pre and post effects blocks with an amp in 4 cable method to one of the outputs... The same guitar would feed...
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    No longer needing to cut lows off with EQ

    Somewhere around the introduction of vs 16 or maybe just before that when I got a CLR I seem to have stopped having to do some kind of high pass around 70hz to kill the boom and just before that I had quit needing the highs cut off around 6000. Is it the CLR letting me create patches without...
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    Longer USB cable

    I'd like to have the AxeFx sit farther away from the computer than my USB cable will allow. Is there a limit to the length I should run it if I want to avoid any problems? Are cable extensions worse than a single run? I haven't found a single cable to be long enough in my local stores...
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    Simple footswitch for looper?

    Can I assign a simple momentary or latching switch to start recording...stomp again and it plays back....stomp again it stops (or use a second button on a two button switch to stop) I tried a two button switch (tip/ring/sleeve) and put it into 'pedal 2' as the controller for Record and for Play...
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    switching between scenes not consistant

    I have a preset with three scenes. There are two different graphic eq blocks in the chain (passive 4 band). I have only one or the other GEQ block active in any scene. Right now, switching in Axe Edit screen, using the scene selector buttons, starting with scene 1 button and then selecting...
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    I tried hard to not go all honeymoon...

    I really was trying to contain myself, especially since this is my third Fractal unit so I have been down this happy-new-toy-road before a few times. Started with the Ultra, switched to the II when it first came out and sold it in Dec of 2011. Around firmware 9 I think. Played with all sorts of...
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    strange behavior for display?

    With a preset selected by way of turning the dial in "recall" window after approximately 5 seconds of selecting it the display changes to the first block control page...or maybe which ever block was last highlighted... However, if the last one highlighted was the "input" it doesn't change...
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    is this normal behavior for screen?

    oops, wrong forum... sorry..
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    Fractal drives, fuzz etc with tube amps....anyone like?

    I've had the Ultra and the AxeFx II but I never used the effects with a tube amp. Now I'm looking at the FX-8 and trying to remember how the drive blocks were because if I have to use a bunch of pedals in the mix I might as well stay with my current traditional pedal solutions. Is anyone...
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    Blue screen of death in middle of firmware update..what to do?!

    Axe says file transfer in progress right now Just rebooted my lousy windows xp machine What should I do Help!
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    internal controller problem

    On my MFC-101 I have IA #1 as "Pitch 1" but I thought I could assign an Internal Control to that IA as well...I'm trying to bring on the Ringmod block at the same time I bring on the Pitch Block. I used cc85 (the ringmod bypass cc#) on the MFC-101 set up page for Internal Control Change. It is...
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    Anyone worried about v3.0?

    As much as I'm looking forward to all the new stuff, for the last few days I've been playing through just one preset and it is so perfect I'm afraid I might lose it in the upgrade! I have a Euro Red on X and Euro Blue on Y with 2 drive blocks each with an X/Y to give me 4 flavors of drive as...
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    An expression pedal that rests at the halfway point spring loaded for pitch effects?

    I wonder if it can be done with the AxeFx. Zero pitch change while at rest locked in the middle by spring tension with the ability to bend up or down a preset interval.....half step, thirds, fifths, octave,etc. And release to let springs return it to zero.... Anyone think it would be useful or...
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    A new use for MFC-101 external jacks combined with expression pedals...question

    Does the midi out from the MFC-101 include expression pedal data? Sorry for the misleading title...I changed my question when I realized how stupid the original one was but can't figure out how to edit the title... An expression pedal plugged into the MFC-101, does that expression pedal data...
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    in AxeEdit select source problem...maybe not

    I choose Preset Folder as source and then browse to a preset I want to load but the one that opens is the first one in that folder instead of the one I selected. I can use the up/down buttons to scroll to the preset I wanted but can't go straight to it. Is this normal?
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    Strymon Timeline and AxeFx?

    Anyone own an AxeFx and also buy a Timeline? I feel like I'm lazy for wanting one because the AxeFx most likely can cover that but after trying to dial in some of the YouTube Timeline demo sounds on my Axe I realize I have neither the talent nor patience to pull it off. I like to plug in a...
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    Captains Log, 8.28.2011, AxeFx II, 3 days in, started to look into the heavy stuff...

    Made a preset with the Recto Orange as amp x / Recto Red as amp y. Factory ir #26 (2x12 Boutique RW). running into an EV SxA 250 15" powered FRFR monitor. Last time I felt this much power mixed with joy I was having sex at 70 mph behind the wheel of my '74 Camaro driving down I-10 weaving...
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    one x/y IA assigned to swith two blocks

    Can I set up one IA to be the x/y control for either of the delay blocks?
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    option for the Up Down behavior in Song mode?

    I pretty much live in Reveal mode and create Songs to organize presets, 5 per page. I name the Song to describe the nature of the 5 presets: Marshall...Crunchy...Effects...whatever, and then just sort of memorize what the 5 choices are inside each 'Song' usually they range from clean to dirty...
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    "Add To Waiting List" subject line question

    I put: "add to waiting list" in my subject line and sent it to: "sales@fractalaudio.com". Seeing people who sent their email as much as an hour after I did are now getting the coupon I'm wondering if I needed to put "AxeFx II" in there somewhere...or put something in the body of the message...
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    how long does it take to sell an Ultra on ebay...

    Mine just went in 19 minutes! I miss it already and it hasn't even left the house yet...just turned it off to box it up....come on waiting list!!
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    Is Shiva clean in the AxeII?

    I have it sounding so good on the Ultra right now, so alive and completely 'in the room' sounding through my FRFR monitor that I refuse to give it up
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    auto on auto off improvement question

    Could it be changed so we can select Auto On - Fast and Auto Off - Slow? Separate the two instead of having Off and On use the same setting. I like my wah to kick in instantly but when I'm modulating the pedal down near the heel range I don't want to hear that change to Off taking place just...
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    compare button?

    Is there a compare feature in the AxeFxII or in the editor so when you tweak you can A/B your changes with the saved version?
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    Was all set to buy a Mesa MarkV but now I'm afraid

    I decided to do a little research here and found a thread where the following link was put up: http://mesaboogie.com/news/2010/12/video-john-petrucci-mark-v-settings-and-tone-tips/ So I watched the video, did some tweaking and now I have four new presets, one clean and three crunchy and I...
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    can you assign block 2 instead of block 1?

    There have been a couple of instances where I'd like to be able to designate which block (when there are multiples of the same effect) is numbered 1, 2 or 3. The latest reason is as follows: I use the Parametric EQ for almost every patch at the end of the chain since I'm running to FRFR for...
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    using keyboard sustain pedal as External Switch, works but....

    I have it set up in external switch 1 of the MFC-101 and I have it assigned to the bypass of the tremelo effect cc#90. It works fine but anytime you change presets the Pan block starts out as ON instead of bypassed, bypassed being the way I have it saved in all my presets. I have the...
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    an option for song mode regarding the up/down switch behavior

    In song mode and AxeFx mode, and Reveal active, you can push up or down to go to another song...cool. If instead of immediately switching to the next song (with a push of either up or down) it would simply select the current song with the first push then you could pretty much live in Reveal all...
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    LED color use for preset vs. IA

    I'm using 5 Bank size and Reveal to bring up extra IA's in spots 1-5. When in Reveal the extra IA's use the red and green to show on and off state and this is good, it meshes mentally with what you are accustomed to seeing when you are looking at the rest of the board. When Reveal isn't in...
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    A different kind of Reveal idea...

    How about this as an option for using the Reveal switch: Be able to set it up so all 17 switches are IA's then when you hit Reveal all 17 become Preset switches...as soon as you select a preset they automatically all become IA's again. Hit Bank Up or Down and they each become a switch to call...
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    Anyone making use of the Axe-Fx Preset Transmit Map?

    I tried it out, trying to assign AxeFx preset 155 to MFC-101 Song 11 preset button #1. It worked but then I noticed that made the AxeFx preset 155 magically appear in a few other songs even though I just wanted it in the one song . By changing the setting back to DFB instead of 155 everything...
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    using set or song mode with AxeFx mode to organize presets question.

    Sorry I haven't received the MFC-101 yet (supposedly delivery takes place today...YEA!) After falling asleep reading the manual I'm thinking I may be on to a way to use it for my purposes. Can I name banks or sets or songs after particular amps and then use the 5 preset buttons across the bottom...
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    volume pedal as expression pedal not supported?

    From the manual: "Expression type (not Volume pedals), 10K–100K recommended max resistance" I was thinking I could use my volume pedal with an insert cable like I had been doing with the AxeFx at least for a while until I decide which Mission pedal or pedals to order but it looks like the...
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    external expression AND midi expression pedals at the same time?

    I have a roland FC-300 and am using the two extresssion pedals on it as external 1 and external 2. Can I add a volume pedal (using an insert cable) plugged into Pedal 1 to add a third expression pedal? I can't find any way to get it to work and searching these forums hasn't shown me anything...
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    just ordered an MFC-101 from the web store...get 'em while you can...

    Just a notice to the people out there who have been waiting and lurking about hoping for news like I had.
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    need a recommendation for two 1x12 cabs

    I'm looking to buy or put together 2 1x12 cabs to use with my AxeFx Ultra and Rocktron Velocity 300 power amp. Right now I have a 2x12 closed back pine slant cab with a V-30 and G12T-75 combination in it so I'd like to get something with different characteristics so I can have more choices. In...
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    anyone with a Randall RT2/50?

    It looks on paper to be great way to get what I'm after since the two channels can be independant and 6L6 in one side and EL34 in the other and at the right wattage for me as well. I'd love to have both a Fender type and a Marshall type cabinet set up to switch between or even blend. I tried a...
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    QSC GX3 is it a "good" class B?

    The QSC info claims they have the Class B figured out so there is no crossover distortion. Bottom line question, is this a good amp to use for an AxeFx?
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    effects loop output 2 volume...something bleeding thru?

    I must not understand the loop like I thought. I want to use output 1 in stereo to the studio monitors and have an fxloop block just before the cab block to feed a power amp/guitar cab from output 2. All that is working but no matter what I've tried I get some volume from the output 2 jack even...
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    how to link delay to first two beats of measure only

    I'm trying to get something like a dotted eighth note delay with maybe three or four repeat trailing off but I want only the notes played in the first half of the measure to have delay on them and then any notes played in the second half of the measure will be without but let the repeats or...
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    USA Lead 2 with CA3+2E tonestack NICE!

    Just fooling around, made a crunch/lead preset using the USA Lead 2 with low drive and high master and switched out the tone stack for the CA3+2E and I'm really loving it. I'm not that familiar with different amps tone stacks etc. and was wondering is this a combination that is in use out there...
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    Brownface amp love

    I noticed it was used a lot in the factory presets to showcase a lot of different effects. Don't know if that was coincidence or what but it made think maybe the guys who were creating these presets were hearing something I should listen to so I decided to make one up. I started out to make a...
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    a new Fractal product idea

    I was wondering how many of you would like something like this: A small desktop device that takes the Axe output (and midi back to the Axe) and acts as a USB or FireWire audio/midi interface as well as has some endless rotary knobs and/or sliders on top that can be programmed as continuous...
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    get bright and boost parameter CC switchable on amp block

    I think I figured out how it can be done by simply making a second amp block with the same amp choice and settings except with the boost or bright switch on then set the bypass to one amp to come on and the bypass to the other to go off using the same footswitch. So you always have one amp on...
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    studio monitors vs FRFR...how much difference

    We've all seen the debate of pro's and cons between FRFR and guitar cab/power amp. How about those of you that have experienced the differences between a pair of FRFR powered cabs (or amp/passive cabs) and a pair of good quality studio monitors? Before I ever got the AxeFx I sold off a pair of...
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    Roland VGA-7 amp

    Has anyone tried the AxeFx through a Roland VGA-7 amp? I'd be interested in it a stereo FRFR kind of thing not for the onboard VG stuff. It has a stereo input (it is actually a pair of solid state 60 watt amps) and the cab and speakers are designed for outputting a modeled sound... I saw one on...
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    load effects into preset in editor question

    I see some people have posted effects sysex files to try out like a certain Wah effect etc. I can't figure out how to get it to load in the editor so I can select it to put it into a preset I'm building in the editor.
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    Had the AxeFx for about ten days and sad to say she has go..

    ...my wife I mean....she's demanding way too much of my time away from this amazing sounding box!! The kids will probably miss her but what the hell, it's about time they learned to cook and clean anyway. Seriously though, I've been trying to avoid a honeymoon review so I won't bother. I Just...
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    FCB1010 plus two more expression pedals?

    Can I plug two expression pedals into the two jacks on the back of the Axe unit and use the two on the FCB1010 as well....4 expression pedals total? the feature of having auto engage makes the use of expression pedals very useful...you can have one place to turn on or off an effect and while...
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    Global amp parameter....what do you do with it?

    I'm studying the manual and wiki and I'm not clear on how you would use the global parameter. It says " the amp will load the parameters from a "global amp parameter list". This parameter allows you to have 10 amps, each with different customizable settings, available to use in any preset." I...
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    wet/dry/wet cab choice and routing question

    I was wondering if any of you have tried something like this. A pair of QSC K10's for the stereo wet portion and a power amp into a single more traditional guitar cab for the 'dry' tone in the middle. My reasoning is I often read about the compromise between the FRFR cab vs. the 'guitar' cab and...
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    QSC K's or Reaktors for rehearsal studio use

    I'm trying to decide between a pair of QSC K series or a pair of reaktor passive cabinets. I will use them primarily for rehearsal and would like to play back backing tracks of second guitar, bass, drums etc. through them along with my live guitar sound. Would there be any advantage sound wise...
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    looking to replace my speakers with bigger sweet spot

    I have a Yamaha StagePas system right now that I use as a sort of near field studio monitor/amp sim rig for home recording/practicing. It isn't great I'm sure, here are the specs: I find that the sweet spot for the Yamaha speakers is pretty small, having them on the desk top about 4.5 feet...
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