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    My envelope follower has quit working

    Preset attached. I have an envelope follower as the control for my wah, and it seemed to stop working while I was playing. This is affecting multiple presets. I've tried rebooting my Axe-FX III, and have created a new preset from scratch. I'm relatively new to Axe-FX, so I'm certainly open to...
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    Wish Drive block Output Level greater than 10?

    Could the output level of the Drive Block give the same amount of boost as the Boost Level of the boost in the Amp Block? I use Boost in the Amp block because it seems capable of greater output than the Drive block, but there are times I'd rather use the drive block since it's more tweakable, it...
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    I just pulled the trigger on an Axe-FX III!!!

    Ordered yesterday. I sat on the fence too long and didn't order in time to have it for the upcoming long weekend. D'oh! I actually had an Axe-FX II XL+ for a bit and ended up selling it. I probably just needed to be more patient. It's occurred to me that I've spent 25+ years becoming proficient...
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    Dave Friedman on modelling

    I don't think I have enough postings on here to post a URL, but the video is on the guitarguitaruk page on Facebook titled "Dave Friedman Live", with Dave and Sammy Boller. It was fun to watch. Towards the end of the video Dave (and Sammy) makes a couple statements about modelling that I'm not...
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