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  1. 6stringscott

    Thank you to Atomic Amps (for above and beyond support)

    I was a bone-head twice and Atomic Amps still came through for me... I've had a pair of Atomic CLR powered Neo wedges for a few years. They're awesome... but at some point early on one of them started having the high frequency part that would not work when I first turned it on, but after 20...
  2. 6stringscott

    Who lifts weights here?

    Dexterity and strength are not mutually exclusive. Just make sure to keep up flexibility and playing guitar while you build a grip of steel! I’m not a weight lifter, but I’ve done a lot of rock climbing and I never found hand or finger strength to inhibit my playing. That said, I’ve never been...
  3. 6stringscott

    Double Amp setup - please advice

    you can smoothly morph between two amps using a mixer block controlled by an expression pedal. This doesn't solve the gap problem if you still also need two tones out of each amp, but it's nice if you have dirty on one and clean on the other. You can also tweak the controller curves so you get...
  4. 6stringscott

    Increasing Input Drive w. Pedal, but limiting volume increase

    If you like the tonal effect of a drive pedal, then that gets messed up slightly (or a lot) when you reduce the level in the drive block because it is a less hot signal going into the amp and has less excitation of the amp’s distortion characteristics. That output level is how you control how...
  5. 6stringscott

    Fractal Audio AMP models: 5F8 Tweed (Keith Urban's '59 high power Fender Twin-Amp, 5F8)

    I hadn't read Yek's hints yet and thought the stock #20 was too dark, so I like #21 Double Verb R121 mixed with #102 4x12 Basketweave AX Mix. I'll have to go back and try just the #20 with more treble and presence.
  6. 6stringscott

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    Cliff, you da man! As everyone else said, your commitment to customers is the stuff of legends. I installed it this afternoon, made a patch with 5F8 Tweed (and a PEQ and FAS Boost in front), didn't get past that! Sounds pretty great, no tweaking of advanced parameters except Sag to get that...
  7. 6stringscott

    Who EQ's their rig for live sound?

    I use the high and low cutoffs in the cab block to handle this, but then still have effects afterward. I should explore rejiggering things so cab block is last so the filters cover the effects too. I use PEQ before amp block for tone shaping, and it also contributes to freeing up space in the...
  8. 6stringscott

    Noise Gate Threshold and Release Approaches

    Jump going to bump this and give a shout out to Zenaxe for an approach that helped me tonight. Better (more graceful/musical) than using the input noise gate and another noise gate block. I still need to go back and fine tune the control curve to get a more transparent result as the notes taper...
  9. 6stringscott

    Best DAW?

    Surprised there is only one Linux Ardour masochist speaking up... that was fun figuring out how to load real-time kernels and tweak the timers and process priorities and a bazillion other little tweaked things to stop the xruns, getting FireWire support with ffado and jackd etc. I did some...
  10. 6stringscott


    Not certain of my logic here, but... Given your observations, one possibility is you had signals too hot in some blocks and you had digital clipping within the Axe, but you actually liked the result of that clipping on your tone. If this is the case, then yes the output level knob could change...
  11. 6stringscott

    808 Clean Boost Without Mid Hump?

    Agreed... but it’s a question of gain staging for the low end. More bass before preamp or power amp and you get more loose and flubby. Dial down early in chain, and add it back later to make it tight and crisp. You can still have as much bass as you want- making it “tight” to me means reducing...
  12. 6stringscott

    808 Clean Boost Without Mid Hump?

    “Tighten the low end”... Reduce bass knob on amp, and add in post-gain bass if necessary. Colorless boost: just use a peq or filter on the input, or in the amp block use the input trim up to 2-4 or higher. No drive pedal needed for that. With PEQ up front, you can explore micro-sculpting the...
  13. 6stringscott

    seriously considering ditching FRFR speaker

    A huge thing for me was to cut down low end before gain, then add back afterward in eq if you want it more bassy. That mid and high distortion with a cleaner bottom makes it sound much tighter, and still gives out the sense of power and richness and fullness without it being muddy. You can...
  14. 6stringscott

    Introduce a ‘coloured’ active speaker

    QSC K10 definitely adds more bass... sounds nice for live but if you make patches using them and listen in a studio without the K10, signal will sound thin, weak, and/or tinny.
  15. 6stringscott

    Various presets & tricks

    Wow Bakerman, that is slick. I got a major geek boner from that one! All of these really.
  16. 6stringscott

    “Coming Back to Life” (Pink Floyd)

    It sounds really good, especially when listening in isolation. I feel a bit unqualified giving any other feedback since you play it way better than I would be able to and your tone is way better than I would be able to make... but I won't let that stop me! I went and toggled listening to yours...
  17. 6stringscott

    Live video - Blues

    Really nice playing.
  18. 6stringscott

    Thin sounding tone

    Different amps and amp settings can fix this. If you play tightly enough that it doesn’t sound like diff rhythmic patterns compared to bass, you can just add more bass- the bass knob in the basic amp section can change the tone more, affect how much growl there is, and then eq section in amp...
  19. 6stringscott

    Ringing with even slight gain?

    Check the input levels... see section 3 (page 15) here: http://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/axe-fx-2/Axe-Fx-II-Owners-Manual.pdf
  20. 6stringscott

    The New AustinBuddy Naked Amps Tone Pack Rules! ... The III version is here!

    HOLY MOLY!!! I just bought the Austin Buddy Tone Pack, and spent the last few hours auditioning tones and narrowing down ones I want to use. I have been going through a musical funk (not the good kind) for a long time- probably 9 months now haven't been playing much. Have a new cover band on...
  21. 6stringscott

    Weird Delay/Latency? Issue?

    Just some guesses: If you have a choice of ports on computer for a direct usb to motherboard vs ports that go through an internal usb bridge, maybe try the direct ones. Avoid using other USB devices. Maybe search for bugs with your usb drivers or BIOS in your computer. Maybe disable WiFi is you...
  22. 6stringscott

    Tweak question. Add, cut,then add,cut,add, cut.....

    I went through a phase of creating crazy patches with everything under the sun. It starts out great and I keep thinking I'm making it better as I add stuff like subtle chorus block to fatten it up, compression, subtle delays, PEQ before and after.... and then I go back and compare a plain...
  23. 6stringscott

    VOL block balance knob - working as intended?

    Hey gang, sorry for my delayed reply and thank you all for a speedy and accurate response! Under the I/O menu I did have Out1 and Out2 set to L+R SUM instead of Stereo. As soon as I set to Stereo, this made the behavior as I expected it. I think I had changed this at some point when going mono...
  24. 6stringscott

    VOL block balance knob - working as intended?

    Axe-FX II XL, FW Quantum 10.01. Connected using XLR cables from Out1 balanced L and R to a pair of Atomic CLRs. Volume block last in chain, only one row connects through to last column. Balance knob set either +100 or -100, and sound still comes out of both speakers! I would have expected dead...
  25. 6stringscott

    Analog 'Oldy' With A Digital 'Newbe' Mixer Question

    I noticed when I put my small beringer mixer in the path between Axe and Atomic CLR powdered monitors, it reduced my sound quality. It’s still worth it if you want to mix sounds together and it’s the only way, but it’s good to know about the sound quality hit. I did this at first with my tunes...
  26. 6stringscott

    David Gilmour Comfortably numb solo ( simple version Improvisation)

    Tone sounds great- can you share what cabs you used and patch settings with stock cabs substituted?
  27. 6stringscott

    My wah settings suck...

    I don’t see any way around except getting familiar with the nerd knobs. I never use a default wah block. Most frequent tweaks for me: Low and high frequency Increase mid-point to ~68% and damping 4-10ms in controller curve (I routinely do this even though I intellectually know I can tweak...
  28. 6stringscott

    Weird, highly unwanted, harmonic

    https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Amp_block search for section "SUPPLY TYPE / AC LINE FREQUENCY" https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ghost-notes.126903/ TL/DR: reduce Supply sag, increase B+ constant, change power supply type (try DC instead of AC).
  29. 6stringscott

    Why Does The Default Band Volume of the Multiband Comp is set to +6db?

    Just a follow up point... given how the pre-compressor gain works, it would be silly to leave it at zero for the multi-band compressor because it would do nothing to the signal unless the input signal was already clipping (or the actual configured compression threshold which is typically less...
  30. 6stringscott

    Why Does The Default Band Volume of the Multiband Comp is set to +6db?

    The +6 you are focusing on in the multiband compresssor is how much gain is applied *before* the compression. Turning up the pre-compression gain value here has the indirect effect of increasing how much the signal is compressed. Think of it as cranking up a signal level that would normally...
  31. 6stringscott

    Why Does The Default Band Volume of the Multiband Comp is set to +6db?

    Not a pro here, so just giving a half-arsed answer... Maybe multiband compression is typically a last-in-chain type of thing where you want to get your out levels as high as possible without clipping, but you also want the signal compressed to make the quieter parts louder. So if the default...
  32. 6stringscott

    Anyone find that they use the same cab, regardless of amp?

    That #21 has been a go-to for me for a long time (mostly fender model amps- I especially like it with 59 bass guy for home playing but it gets lost in a band mix). I am even attracted to that mic because of this cab model. I try other stuff and end up back with this one, especially as part of a...
  33. 6stringscott

    Computer is not Windows, or Mac... Linex

    Linux Wine might be a way to go, but I haven't tried it.
  34. 6stringscott

    Just when i was about to buy a Friedman naked.....

    My first thought was, you might be able to bargain better with your clothes on!
  35. 6stringscott

    Which amp in the AX8 is closest to the Fender Blues Deluxe?

    There is an updated version of that great document maintained here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fas-amps-models-gallery-more-qu-8-02.105944/
  36. 6stringscott

    Help please with gain staging

    "For example, if I lower the amp block master output, it sounds much more open and better (but no signal is visible on the dB meter under utility and it usually tickles 0 dB by all presets)." Could this hint that the lack of "openness" is caused by too much output compression? I'm not sure if...
  37. 6stringscott

    Fractal Sale Wow!!!

    These deals are Crazy, and C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet. More proof.
  38. 6stringscott

    Ready to buy.....but

    One thing to consider with the pedals for live use... if you start out with just expression pedals and cables to connect in to the Ax8 (or MFC-101 if you go with AxeFX II XL+), it is a tiny hassle to disconnect and reconnect everything when you move it for rehearsals or shows. I quickly desired...
  39. 6stringscott

    Plexi 50w Treble

    2016 American Elite Strat also has the tone wired as Simeon indicated.
  40. 6stringscott

    My new Xitone Axe FX II combo

    Hey gang, looking for an update on the "Johan" users... how is the system holding up over time? My specific worry would be the sensitivity of electronics/PCB to the rattling of the combo on a set of casters or a furniture dolly, going over the lip of doorways in bars, going across old potted...
  41. 6stringscott

    AxeFX and RAC-12 mounted in powered monitor cab? nextgen combo?

    Hi gang, I've got AxeFX II XL + MFC-101 Mark III + RAC-12, very happy with it. I also bought Axe8 a while back, and I've been on the path toward my ultimate gig rig based on Ax8 with outboard reverb unit to save CPU for more flexible patches. I only want to keep one of these rigs. The main...
  42. 6stringscott

    How many expression pedals are you using?

    2 for me #1 Full-time volume for self-mixing to sit in the mix with changing band levels #2 Mostly Wah, but sometimes tremolo depth I won't rule out a 3rd pedal for wildcard stuff in the future- where I want Wah and another modulator in the same scene.
  43. 6stringscott

    Taming ice picking without losing airness/liveness

    I wonder what a multi-band compressor would do, with high compression but lower output level, over the higher frequency range while leaving the other stuff uncompressed? It is CPU intensive though so not as friendly for Ax8 kitchen-sink patches.
  44. 6stringscott

    Using an expression pedal to control volume

    I make all my patches with VOL block at end of chain, with the pedal controlling output level. Toe-down is 0dB and heel-down is -12dB. This is a huge range, much more than folks use for a lead boost, but it lets me control my level to sit in the mix with a variety of sound levels, especially...
  45. 6stringscott

    1st gig outside with ax8

    I haven't done outside shows yet with mine... but in general I like the sound of increasing the low cut frequency to 120Hz or even 180Hz or higher without dropping as much in the amp EQ and bass knobs if they are important to the tone. Seems like all those options need to be on the table to find...
  46. 6stringscott

    Atomic CLR - FOS

    It was an overall messed up sound night but eventually came together after sweating it out. The guys bought a new iPad controlled mixer and said they figured it out before the show. 5 minutes before our 3 sets start, they give up and rewire everything to the snake for FOH and I'm scrambling to...
  47. 6stringscott

    Wish More Scene Controllers

    +1 +1 +1
  48. 6stringscott

    Wish Separate FX Loop returns and Out2 in next-gen Ax8 product

    I want to be able to use the FX loop, and still have separately controllable levels and EQ for Out1 (to FoH) and Out2 (to my stage monitor).
  49. 6stringscott

    Atomic CLR - FOS

    I played on a stage a few days ago where the FRFR was super-boomy because it was a raised hollow wooden stage resonating. My Ax8 console editing skills are too slow to fix it in the time I had allotted (and I'm not production-ready with FracPad yet), but I would have loved to tweak the EQ on...
  50. 6stringscott

    Wish reasonable tuner

    Tuner seems accurate enough to me. The issue I have is whether I should tune to the initial second of the attack which is at a slightly higher pitch, or wait for it to come down 5-10 cents in the sustaining note. Or just hit the strings very lightly to avoid that pitch spike.
  51. 6stringscott

    AX8 + FX8 the "the killer app"??

    I just bought a BigSky reverb to offload the most CPU-intensive part of the Ax8. This is a more compact and less expensive approach than Ax8 + FX8. I think as a bonus, it comes with many instantly dialed reverb/echo sounds to choose from, and can be midi-sync'd to the Ax8 to change along with...
  52. 6stringscott

    Problem w/ Atomic CLR NEO powered wedge: overheated, user error gain staging, or bad power?

    Hi all, looking for other folks' experiences. I have been happy with my Atomic CLR Neo for a couple of years of moderate use: taking back and forth to weekly rehearsal, and an occasional bar or corporate gig. Yesterday, I had a pair on at my house for maybe 4-6 hours, with the "1" and "2"...
  53. 6stringscott

    CLR on speaker stand, anyone?

    I use a pair of Atomic CLR Neos on stands at head-height. I think it is the most clear way to get uncolored sound reproduction. This is how I create my patches, but my room is untreated so I'm not very scientific about it. When I am about 10 feet away facing them, I don't hear much if any...
  54. 6stringscott

    Amp & Cab Quick Reference Guide updated

    +1 for nice form factor for easy reading, and nice mix of parameter explanation with selective tips.
  55. 6stringscott

    Migrating from Axe-Fx II to Axe-8

    I started with AxeFX II XL _ MFC-101, then migrated to Ax8. CPU frustration is real. Do you want quality reverb or a drive block? Can't have both if you also want a pitch block detune to fatten up the sound and a few other things like Delay, Tremolo, Phaser, Rotary (for different scenes). Just...
  56. 6stringscott

    Jamming in a rehearsal studio

    The shape of the room and how you are arranged matters too. If you are spread out and the monitor is not projecting toward all of the folks in the band with a level that works for them, then coming through the PA can help. It's good to have the XLR cables for going into the board rather than...
  57. 6stringscott

    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8 and Axe-Fx III

    Fractool is the product that pushed me over the edge to buy a used iPad. I received that and the bluetooth doohickie in the mail today, bought fracpad minutes later, and got it all talking to each other. WooHoo! I have iPad access to deep editing of all the stuff. Now the questions. I'm ready...
  58. 6stringscott

    ax8 USB MIDI and standard MIDI ports at same time?

    I'm looking at a Strymon Big Sky to offload DSP/CPU from the Ax8, and ideally would like to use scenes to send MIDI PC changes to trigger different presets in the Big Sky. I also want to use Fracpad via bluetooth to USB MIDI to enable patch tweaking during rehearsals or shows. I might even get...
  59. 6stringscott

    Wish reassignable amp control knobs (globally and overrideable per preset)

    Maybe the most elegant hardware solution to work with existing Axe8 would be to develop a customized profile for the open-source firmware of a MIDI Fighter Twister (encoding all the Axe8 SysEx stuff) and a road-worthy package for an arduino board with USB shield... I was exploring this option...
  60. 6stringscott

    Using The Axe/FX To Translate MIDI From USB to 5-pin DIN

    Read through better what you did... sounds pretty cool! Here's another approach that might be cheaper and more stable for live (albeit more limited and more complex in initial setup). I was able to connect a Korg NanoKontrol (a USB MIDI device that expects a computer host), via an Arduino board...
  61. 6stringscott


    Gang, this is awesome stuff. Bossredman, I appreciate your tenacity and community mindedness to keep sharing when you were not getting a lot of feedback. My goal is to create a simple floorboard mounted controller to implement what would have been nice to have on the Axe8 front panel... endless...
  62. 6stringscott

    Latency issues

    An important strategy can be to carefully choose a flexible amp model, with scenes and scene controllers to affect multiple parameters, to get pretty different sound without having to do X/Y switching on scenes.
  63. 6stringscott

    Scene Controller "Percentages" Question

    Good tip on the setting with PC Reset value! Also beware that the percent values are in terms of Min and Max for the knob position, not the underlying parameter that the knob controls. For linear taper knobs this doesn't matter, but it makes a huge difference for logarithmic taper knobs like...
  64. 6stringscott

    The 1st Annual NorCal Fractal FAStival

    I used to live a couple of miles from there, drove by the place all the time. Alas now in LA or I would have joined you to see what I can learn from folks about tone dialing.
  65. 6stringscott

    You Know You're a Bonehead When...

    I'll start it off! ...when you realize 4 hours before a show that the reason your tone is thin is that you're using a strat and didn't notice the 12dB pad on the Ax8 input, and you barely tickle the lowest light. That might explain why I liked all the amps so much better with Trim set at 2-4...
  66. 6stringscott

    I think Cliff was drunk when he designed the AX8 UI.

    I was cool with the Axe II XL front panel, could tweak stuff fairly quickly even in rehearsal with folks waiting. I made my first patches on front panel without AxeEdit. I'm almost there with Ax8 after a few months of using it! Still pretty dependent on computer attachment. I'm thinking of...
  67. 6stringscott

    More AX8 Live Action

    Nice job! Posting up a vid of doing this song on a guitarist forum is the definition of bold! Nobody else will have micro-memorized every bit of it to hear the differences ;) I wouldn't have thought of that amp, but definitely gives it a more metal edge to it. I like it when a solo pays...
  68. 6stringscott

    Brit 800 #34 - amp x/y time lag

    I typically use Scene1 controller to modify input trim or input gains, and scene2 controller to modify output level of amp block (or a separate VOL block) to compensate for level differences. With that setup, and for the way I use it, I never have to do X/Y switching of amp block between scenes...
  69. 6stringscott

    OUTPUT COMP settings

    I gave up a wile ago and stopped using it, in an effort to get the most dynamic sound... its too much at home solo but cuts better in the loud band mix. But I'm going to try 2112's approach for tuning the threshold to see if that gives me the best of both worlds- overall boost of compression...
  70. 6stringscott

    FXLoop for Big Sky...

    How do you all connect FoH plus stage monitor if you have Big Sky (or anything) in FX Loop? On Ax8, I have to choose either FX out to Big Sky or the stage monitor but not both in stereo? No point in having the Big Sky if I have to go dual mono to get one sent back into Axe8 for the FoH, and...
  71. 6stringscott

    "Room sound" in ultrares IR ? (audio content)

    Thanks DLC86- I was looking at the Redwirez based on your suggestion, and ended up buying the whole damn thing. I should have more than enough variety to work with now, and if I can't find something that sounds like what I want, them I am the problem ;)
  72. 6stringscott

    [VIDEO] Ax8 tutorials, tips and tricks - compiled list

    Cross-posting from a different thread.... how to use Scene Controllers with Input Trim: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/scene-controller-accuracy-for-input-trim.127292/ Summary: The trim control has a logarithmic taper, with a range from 0.1 to 10.0. So if you want Trim=1, you can't just...
  73. 6stringscott

    Scene Controller Accuracy for Input Trim

    Just a quick update... I used this chart yesterday and verified that it gives me the sounds I want :) Here's a fuller reference chart because I needed to use a very low trim value with a high gain amp to get a nice full clean sound in a different scene from a stadium rocker type sound (plexi...
  74. 6stringscott

    "Room sound" in ultrares IR ? (audio content)

    I was looking around yesterday for Fane speaker IRs so I can make more variations of some cabs I like (including the Starfound one)... looks like the Legends Cab Pack is where it's at, and I can't get it. I did fill out the website form. But if the dude is not really selling it and not...
  75. 6stringscott

    Help me make my strat bigger

    +1 on increasing Input Trim as the easiest way to simulate a hotter input to the amp. PEQ with high output level before amp block gives a little more control of frequencies as part of the boost. I don't have specific experience with EMGs to comment on how much compression would make a...
  76. 6stringscott

    Do you use amp knobs on your AX8?

    I totally agree with this... the navigation hurts my brain! Fully assignable controller knobs would be the way to go. I would probably want the flexibility to use knobs to tweak these things on a per-patch basis in real-time: 1) B/M/T controls (I'd skip presence and depth - maybe use presence...
  77. 6stringscott

    Scene Controller Accuracy for Input Trim

    Thanks for cracking the code guys... I haven't tested it yet but it makes perfect sense based on knob labels: Controller 0% = 10^(-1) = Trim 0.1 Controller 50% = 10^(0) = Trim 1 Controller 100% = 10^(1) = Trim 10 So this should be the function: Controller % = 100 * ( ( log10( Desired_Trim )...
  78. 6stringscott

    what are the best cab packs to buy for AX8?

    Yesterday I had my first session trying out CabLab. I went with Cab Pack 2, and have a mix of 1x12 Jr Blues, 2x12 ProVerb, and 3x10 VibroKing. Tiny adjustments in delay (.01ms) make a tangible difference, sort of makes the sound "pop out" more when you find the sweet spot. Adjusting the high and...
  79. 6stringscott

    Scene Controller Accuracy for Input Trim

    Another data point... using 18% with the scene controller is way quieter, less rich tone, and less hairy, than using input trim statically set a 1.0. I basically can't use the scene controllers with this inconsistency, can't get a tone as good with scene controller at any value after dialing it...
  80. 6stringscott

    Scene Controller Accuracy for Input Trim

    I have noticed this before but didn't really dig into it. Right now I see hear very distinctly that my sound with Input Trim statically set at 2.0 is *very* different than the sound with a scene controller set at 20% with all controller defaults (so a basic y=x linear function, no offsets or...
  81. 6stringscott

    polishing your preset tones

    Thanks guys- based largely on feedback from this thread, I'm going to try reducing output compression Amp block for live use... I find that I want the compression when loud testing my sounds at home to have similar levels for clean and dirty from guitar volume knob... but in the band mix I think...
  82. 6stringscott

    what are the best cab packs to buy for AX8?

    My strategy was to stick with stock cabs for a long time until I understood which types of speakers and cabs I consistently go to. Then I bought cab packs that have more mics and positions of those. I just did that last week, and I have been so busy I haven't been able to try them yet! Tomorrow :)
  83. 6stringscott

    AX8: Almost bought...then I saw Tyler Grund's SRV Patch. Should I go Axe FxII?

    One trick I have been thinking about to get the clean+distorted mix is to use a drive pedal in front of the amp with a lower mix, like 20% or something to get clean cutting plus fuzzy. This would be a potential hack for the AX8 to emulate a similar thing with a single amp block. Live in a band...
  84. 6stringscott

    For those of you that go direct to the PA.. do you also have your own FRFR solution on stage?

    I've done a handful or two of shows with Atomic CLR as backline, with only vocals in the PA. I started sending my signal to mixing board and PA in our rehearsals, while pointing the Atomic CLR in wedge mode as a monitor. This made a big difference in making the sound more consistent between my...
  85. 6stringscott

    AX8 single cab only?

    This is why I just bought CabLab and a couple of Cab Packs. I have been relying on factory cabs for a long time, and I hope it's as worth it as people say it is!
  86. 6stringscott

    Learning curve

    When I first found Fractal, it was because I had broken a Line6 Pod HD500 and frustrated with the sounds, and I wanted something that sounded "better" (without explicitly knowing what that meant) and something in a rack unit with a sturdier floor piece. I had the Axe II XL for a while, and now...
  87. 6stringscott

    Amp Block compression

    Supply Sag - increase when I want more bouncy sound. I'm not a pot smoker, but I gravitate toward 4.20 as a sweet spot for me. Sometimes lower like 2.2. Transformer Match - decrease when I want more clarity/biting cut. I like around 0.75 Output Compression- to equalize levels between clean and...
  88. 6stringscott

    Wish AX8-Edit -> Edit Modifier Min and Max by typing

    I raised this concern before in the AxeEdit... I am a software developer and I don't understand how this is not possible. The user interface is an abstraction layer that can be independent of the control API into the system or any back-end limitations in the system. Whatever technical hurdle...
  89. 6stringscott

    QSC K10's or 12's with my AX8?

    I had a pair of QSC K10 monitors when I first bought AxeFX II XL. Sounded good for live, but not FRFR- too bassy, so the tones you make that sound good through them will be thin going out to FoH. I discovered this the firrst time I went to a recording studio and gave direct outs and then heard...
  90. 6stringscott

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Public Beta

    Oops, the location of decimal points matter! Good catch. That said, my basic question remains... At what point does the oversampling in internal calculations stop affecting the output digital signal? I am curious to understand this, but not enough right now to overcome my math limitations...
  91. 6stringscott

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Public Beta

    I have a digital signal processing question... If humans can only hear up to 20kHz, that means we cannot hear a discrete sample of sound that is shorter the 1/20000 = .0005 seconds = 0.5 milliseconds. What is the point of having a delay resolution that subdivides the smallest chunk of discrete...
  92. 6stringscott

    Ax8 patch & scene strategy to manage CPU

    But I just figured out one part that makes this strategy suck. If I use sticky preset button the way I have been using sticky scene button, then the display no longer shows which blocks are available if I want to go back to stomp box mode. My workflow so far is to use a footswitch to enable...
  93. 6stringscott

    Ax8 patch & scene strategy to manage CPU

    I think I'm hitting a brick wall in trying to do things the Axe FX II XL way on the Ax8. I had accepted not using a bazillion blocks, but I am having a really tough time making an "all in one" patch with scenes that have a variety of sounds. If I want to have different scenes like: rotary...
  94. 6stringscott

    Presets and Pickups

    This is a good topic for patch creation. I've made neck patches that sounded very bright but then made the bridge pickup less usable or bridge patches too dark for middle or neck.... Taking into account the range of tones in different pickups is a good idea to make a flexible patch so you don't...
  95. 6stringscott

    export factory cabs into cab lab

    I was about to buy Cablab because I thought it would mitigate the limited CPU problem in AX8, get me away from using stereo high-res stock cabs. If it doesn't do this, I'm not going to buy it.
  96. 6stringscott

    Guitar cab vs FRFR?

    Rex, what you are saying about the mix makes logical sense to me and that's how I thought it worked... but my ears told me something different so I formed a new hypothesis. Could there be some bit reduction or other subtle processing on the dry part of the signal when it is routed through a...
  97. 6stringscott

    Guitar cab vs FRFR?

    SteveW, I am just biding my time until I let my tone and playing speak for itself :) As far as the list of folks using AxeFX... I tried that approach, and his fallback was "well you don't have the pros backing you up to tune your patches for you. It's easy with a real amp and you can quit...
  98. 6stringscott

    Guitar cab vs FRFR?

    I have been using AxeFX II XL with Atomic CLR like a backline. I have played small bars like this, CLR either mounted on a pole or sitting on a chair or even on the floor facing audience. Played a few small outdoor venues (rooftop grand-openings for apartment complexes) with the same setup. Only...
  99. 6stringscott

    Reverse behavior of F2 light for scene select vs scene sticky

    Yep, that did it for me. Thank you! I guess I should have posted a "how do I..." thread instead of presuming it was a missing feature.
  100. 6stringscott

    Reverse behavior of F2 light for scene select vs scene sticky

    I have F2 button single press to select a scene, and long press to enter scene sticky mode. I tend to leave it in Scene Sticky mode for a long while, typical operation during a song. But that fast flashing LED is annoying the heck out of me. Is there a way to flip it around so the fast flashing...
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