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  1. jma

    Anyone own a Schecter? I just bought my first one and I'm not impressed.

    This is a brand new C-1 E/A ($850 retail). See attached photos. You can't NOT see this defect every time you pick it up to play. As soon as I saw this I put it back in the box and requested a refund.
  2. jma

    How to keep guitar from sliding?

    I am looking for a non-slip material that will help keep guitars from sliding off my lap. I am very concerned about not damaging the finish so I am hesitant to try anything unless someone has already used it and can confirm it will not damage the finish. I have several guitars with a...
  3. jma

    Fractal Bot Feature Request

    This is minor but seems like it would be an easy fix: allow us to select which products appear in the pull down menu.
  4. jma

    Axe-Fx III Cab List Spreadsheet

    The number of cabs in the Axe-Fx III can be overwhelming. Here's a spreadsheet with a more concise list. All info copied from the wiki.
  5. jma

    Thank you for the reamp guides

    I just bought the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 and thanks to the guides posted here I was up and running in under an hour. Thanks to shasha for his very well done walk-through and a HUGE thank you to GotMetalBoy for his detailed guide for the Focusrite 6i6. Without these guides it would have been a...
  6. jma

    Neck/body gap on new MIM Strat

    I recently purchased a new MIM strat online. It has a very noticeable 1/32" gap between the neck and left side of the body. The seam on the opposite side looks okay and it plays and sounds fine but the gap is annoying. I would expect to see build quality like this on a $200 instrument, but not...
  7. jma

    Custom Paint Job

    I'm looking into getting a custom paint job on my Music Man. Has anyone done business with beyondcustomguitars.com? I really like the custom stone on the Gibson. Unfortunately, I'm not a luthier. I can do a setup myself but I'm not comfortable taking a guitar apart and putting it back together...
  8. jma

    New in Axe-Edit v3.7.0 - Amp and Cab "Filter by Color"

    Thank you x 1000!!
  9. jma

    Thoughts on the Blueridge BR-341?

    I'm in the market for an "0" style acoustic guitar for old-timey fingerstyle blues. I'd like to keep the cost under $1000. The Blueridge BR-341 looks interesting. Are the saddle and bridge pin upgrades something I should consider? I might also be interested in a pickup for plugging into the...
  10. jma

    Not impressed with Suhr or their dealers (a rant)

    For anyone thinking about ordering a custom-made Suhr, read this first. Seven months ago I put $1000 down on an order for a custom Suhr. I spent the next two months with the local dealer hashing out errors and unexpected changes with the work order. (Yes, we can give you that special...
  11. jma

    Wish Color-coded User Cabs

    This would be a big help in keeping things organized. Right-click cab, select color. :)
  12. jma

    Forget the XL! You want THIS...

    Axe-Fx SV Update: click my sig if the above link doesn't work.
  13. jma

    OwnHammer Studio Mix Libraries WAV Files Update

    The 412 Modern and Vintage Studio Mix WAV files have been updated for UltraRes compatibility (500ms / 24k samples.) 112 and 212 Studio Mix WAV files were already compatible.
  14. jma

    Amp Default Settings Spreadsheet

    Link at the top of the page: Axe Fx II Wiki Enjoy! 8) (Google "Excel reader" if you don't have Excel.)
  15. jma

    Amp & Cab Quick Reference Guide updated

    I updated my quick reference guide. I have painstakingly updated all that I could, but be aware that some info still needs work, particularly the tone stack section. I had to sell my Axe-Fx last year to help pay for school so now I only have access to info that I can find online...
  16. jma

    Ability to reorder the amp list

    I assume this would be a major undertaking or it would have already been implemented. Seems like it would be a great feature.
  17. jma

    Video: Cliff and Team Working on 601

  18. jma

    Did Supertweed get the boot?

    I noticed Supertweed is missing from the amp list in the updated manual.
  19. jma

    Amb & Cab Block Quick Reference Guide

    Amp & Cab Block Quick Reference Guide To help with getting a better understanding of all the amp and cab block parameters, I made a quick reference guide - descriptions of each function with accompanying Axe-Edit screenshots. Mostly copied from the manual, wiki and forum. New Axe-Fx II users...
  20. jma

    ATTN: Strat players - what are your in/out levels?

    I just finished setting the levels on my Axe and I'm curious if I should have done anything differently. Here is what I did, step-by-step: 1) increase the Instr In level to just barely lighting the red LED while strumming hard (using the loudest pickup, which in my case is the middle one); I...
  21. jma

    Factory preset list categorized by amp type

    While waiting (im)patiently for my coupon code, I spent a couple days going through the factory presets and grouping them by amp type. This zip file includes the preset list and banks, organized by amp type: ZIP file You can also find these on the Axe-FX II Wiki.
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