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  1. jcfiallos

    Input EQ on amps

    Hi fractal friends, which would be a good value for the amps input eq?, good setting advice needed for low cut and hi cut, so 80 - 8750 would be a good value ?
  2. jcfiallos

    Any chance in modeling a Polytone amp, for jazz?

    Hi Cliff et al, is there any chance is modeling a great Polytone amp suitable for us jazzers?, it would be a great input for the jazz guitar playing community! best JC
  3. jcfiallos

    I have a Tube Preamp, where should I put it?

    Hi friends, I have a EFb04 tube preamp made by Doug Roccaforte, Its a great tube preamp, If I decide to use it together with my Axe fx II, should I put it before the axe or after? a) GuItar ------>tube preamp ------->Axe fx II ----------> jbl 712 FRFR speaker b) Guitar ---------> Axe fx...
  4. jcfiallos

    Won't backup with fractal bot past 5% of Bank C

    Hi!, I am trying to backup my presets, but cant finish past 5% of banck C, how can I solve this? thanks in advance for any help
  5. jcfiallos

    Its Hard to Say Good bye, MK II Users :(`

    Hi Cliff, thanks for everything, is there a change to keep the flame alive? you rock man! ;)
  6. jcfiallos


    Hi I am looking for a modern jazz sound a la Kurt Rosenwinkel sound, any one has been able to nail it right?. difficult sound by the way. delay settings are a bit difficult, thanks in advance
  7. jcfiallos

    Better TRACKING needed on GR 300 and synth sounds

    Hi Cliff, I hope someday you might read this, anyway..... there are a lot of FAS users out there like me, who play fusion and jazz sounds. and use synth sounds too. Is there a possibility of improving the tracking capacbilities of the Axe fx II? in order to track better the synth sounds ala...
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