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  1. aleclee

    What will you do when no more firmware updates?

    Cliff, you're absolutely right that I can't say whether you saw the firmware image size trending towards a value that the Mk 1 units could not support. My unintended insult was a result of 7+ years of observing your attention to detail in all matters. If the lack of conditional logic was an...
  2. aleclee

    What will you do when no more firmware updates?

    If I wanted an XL, I would've gotten an XL. That said, I'm still kinda put off by the "no upgrades" thing given that support for backwards compatibility is said to be the driver for the decision. It seems rather unlike Cliff to paint himself into a corner, increasing the FW image size to the...
  3. aleclee

    What case/gig bag do you use and why?

    Isn't that a bit like saying "[it's good to have a plan for what you're doing to do tomorrow] until one day the world ends"? It's a bit moot at that point but we're not at that point. Further, it's kind of unlikely that you're going to show up at the jetway and the airline will have suddenly...
  4. aleclee

    What case/gig bag do you use and why?

    If you plan ahead, you can almost always get your guitar in the overhead (with an appropriately sized gig bag). When I travel, I either take my MONO Vertigo or (more often) my now-discontinued Incase bag. For my upcoming trip to SoCal, I'll be taking the OEM bag that came with my Strandberg...
  5. aleclee

    Used Axe FX prices rant

    You must be imagining things. Everyone knows that digital devices have no resale value. ;)
  6. aleclee


    Man, it's probably been 15 years or more since I actually put batteries in a stomp box. After you're using 2-3 pedals, it gets tedious (and expensive) to deal with batteries.
  7. aleclee

    AxeFx -> AudioInterface -> MacBook Pro -> Bluetooth headphones

    You can have separate devices for input & output without aggregating. Just select the device in Logic audio prefs. I often use my AxeFx USB as input and my interface for output.
  8. aleclee

    Switching between guitars w/ different output - How do you do it??

    If you're trying to get a Strat to sound more like a LP, why? I might be talking crazy but how about using the guitar that best delivers the timbre you want? Dial in the preset for the "right" guitar for a given song and call it a day.
  9. aleclee

    Don't Want To Buy What I Already Have...

    You might give Tonic's IRs a shot before buying anything:
  10. aleclee

    Power Conditioners: Snake oil?

    In my portable rack, I just use a Carvin AC120. It's my favorite device of its sort because of the sequenced switching. In my studio rack, I also have a Furman AR1215 to keep my voltages stable. I leave it out of the mobile setup because of size & weight.
  11. aleclee

    Anyone using digital room correction with their studio-setting Axe Fx?

    I use the built-in correction on my Equator Q8s
  12. aleclee

    Pro Tools 10 vs. Logic Pro X

    When I was looking to get into a DAW, the content (loops, samples, plugins) made it a relative no-brainer. For a home recordist / songwriter, the Drummer feature is gold.
  13. aleclee

    Metallica Amp

  14. aleclee

    Mobile Rack ideas?

    I put the "mobile" stuff in a separate rack bag and put it on top of my floor rack.
  15. aleclee

    Ear Protection thoughts:

    Hard to believe that that brochure has been around for two years (2014 copyright date) with a glaring misspelling at the top of the first page.
  16. aleclee

    DIY FRFR - using in-wall or ceiling speakers?

    People who take their accuracy very seriously don't generally use in-wall speakers. They also spend a lot more than the cost of a consumer grade in-wall speaker. As I see it, you have three options: Bite the bullet and buy a FRFR system where someone else has worked out the kinks as far as...
  17. aleclee

    Where is the line?

    I think there's a guy selling Kemper profiles of AxeFx models. Of course the KPA version sounds better. :rolleyes:
  18. aleclee

    Where does song writing ability go as we age?

    One other potential factor is time. Earlier albums are the result of years of writing. Once a band breaks through, they generally get only a year or two between albums. Consequently we find ourselves comparing early albums with five years of material with later ones containing two years of...
  19. aleclee

    Headphones question

    Does Beyer no longer make 32Ω 880's? I got a pair a few years back and think they're the bomb. Never mind. Found a set on Amazon (link).
  20. aleclee

    Best floyed trem?

  21. aleclee


    Not only do the frets last a good long time, so does the setup. With no meaningful fret wear, your setup stays set up as long as you maintain the neck relief.
  22. aleclee

    What frequencies can you hear?

    IMO, a bass-heavy mix isn't a matter of hearing issues. It's a matter of not knowing your monitors and lack of reference tracks. Assuming your monitors have adequate low end response, I bet you'd hear the bass-heaviness in a second if you compared to a reference track. In answer to your...
  23. aleclee

    Indestructible acoustic flight case?

    I realize you've gone in another direction but Hiscox cases fill the bill.
  24. aleclee

    How do you setup your guitar's whammy bar?

    Most of my trem guitars are set up to switch between floating and dive only. The Parker Fly does that out of the box and nearly all of my others have Tremol-No units installed to enable the switch.
  25. aleclee

    .Strandberg* OS, What are your thoughts?

    That looks more Bed, Bath & Beyond to me than IKEA. ;)
  26. aleclee

    .Strandberg* OS, What are your thoughts?

    I sometimes refer to my natural finished OS6 as "my IKEA cutting board". Glad you're diggin' the guitar.
  27. aleclee

    Ir's and tone matching

    IIRC, you can export a tone match into an IR.
  28. aleclee

    What's your string gauge? Manufacturer?

    That's true but that doesn't mean that there aren't differences between brands, even when made in the same factory. The alloys used and the core/wind geometry on wound strings can make a significant difference.
  29. aleclee

    JamHub Greenroom or Behringer X AIR XR12 or XR16?

    How are you looking to get the Behringer outputs into headphones? It only has a single headphone output. To get multiple headphone mixes with appropriate impedance, etc. I run the aux outputs into a multi-channel headphone amp. It took a bit to find the right cables to make everything work...
  30. aleclee

    .Strandberg* OS, What are your thoughts?

    6 or 7 string? The neutral fret (perpendicular to the neck) is different on each.
  31. aleclee

    .Strandberg* OS, What are your thoughts?

    I got one at NAMM. It's currently my #1.
  32. aleclee

    What's your string gauge? Manufacturer?

    Keep in mind that I had to go the "Signature Set" route to get these. Just a bit more spendy than their standard sets (though I must admit the wrapper with my name on it does provide some value through ego stroking). :) Prior to that, I was using GHS burnished nickels in the same gauge. Big...
  33. aleclee

    What's your string gauge? Manufacturer?

    Not much in my setup that I can just pick up at GC. That includes my string set.
  34. aleclee

    Your preferred pedalboard velcro?

    Another vote for Dual Lock. Godlike Power Grip is good stuff, too but way more expensive than Dual Lock.
  35. aleclee

    Other instrument IRs

    Anyone have any IRs from other instruments? I'm particularly thinking about non-stringed instruments like sax and trumpet. Maybe not an IR per se but perhaps a tone match from a stem of something other than guitar.
  36. aleclee

    Iron Maiden Concert

    I enjoyed the Denver show but Dave Murray really seemed to be out to lunch. Aside from his three or so solos, he seemed more interested in doing windmills and flipping his guitar over his shoulder than in actually playing the songs.
  37. aleclee

    Pitch shifter question.

    Might try controlling pitch with ADSR
  38. aleclee

    Control plate swap on a tele !

    Depends on muscle memory, I suppose. After years of playing PRS, I pretty well got used to the switch being at the back and the volume right off the bridge.
  39. aleclee

    Control plate swap on a tele !

    Yup. Next step is to add a 4-way switch. You can thank me later. :D
  40. aleclee

    Hang guitars on wall?

    Last year at NAMM, I found these "floating" hangers. Not cheap but very cool looking.
  41. aleclee

    New Strings vs. Old ones?

    I like my strings broken in. New ones give a clanging sound to my ear. I probably change strings twice a year on the guitars I play most often.
  42. aleclee

    I played a 5150-III 2x12 Combo this weekend.....I'm surprised how I felt in regards to Axe-FX II

    I know you didn't ask me but I purchased this from the Strandberg NAMM booth. Definitely not dead acoustically. The trapezoidal neck is surprisingly comfy. The fanned frets work as advertised: low strings have that piano-like property while bends are nice and easy on the higher strings. Here's...
  43. aleclee

    Gig Bags instead of hard cases ?

    If a guitar in your boot gets damaged in a gig bag, you're either doing something wrong (e.g., stack an amp on top of it) or you have a crap bag. The MONO stuff is good. I also have an InCase bag like like one pictured above.
  44. aleclee

    Flying to a gig on a cruise

    It can be easier to sweet talk the flight attendant if your gig bag has a hook to hang it. Some places have policies requiring things in the coat rack to be hanging.
  45. aleclee

    Clip On Tuners

    I'm very happy with the NS Micro. Considered trying the Polytune (love the Mini I have on my small board) but my latest acquisition is headless.
  46. aleclee

    NAMM NAMM NAMM here I come

    The focus of NAMM is connecting manufacturers with retailers. FAS doesn't sell to retailers and if there's a product to introduce and build buzz, events like the Amp Show are much more cost effective.
  47. aleclee

    NAMM NAMM NAMM here I come

    I'll be covering the show for TGP
  48. aleclee

    Stomp Labels or Kick Tags?

    Due to a curious chain of events, I recently replaced these with tags from Gigwrx. They're not as fancy as Kicktags but they're very cost-effective and meet my needs nicely. Customer service is top notch as well.
  49. aleclee

    What's your #1

    Parker Fly. Either my Classic with Graptech Piezo & Hexpander or my stock Deluxe.
  50. aleclee

    Trans Siberian Orchestra

    I caught 'em a couple weeks ago in Denver. I thought the mix was horrid (and the guitar sounds were poor) for the first half of the show but in the second half both improved considerably. The one thing that did sound good to me in the first half was the Fendery tones.
  51. aleclee

    No Shave Until I Get My AX8

    I see a ZZ Top tribute band in your future...
  52. aleclee

    Skype guitar lessons

    Dave Martone does Skype lessons and definitely speaks shred. He has some stuff on YouTube that you can check out to get an idea of his playing/teaching style.
  53. aleclee

    Sound Guys, They can't help themselves

    I must be lucky. When I was in a gigging band, I never once had an issue with a sound guy. They were all comfortable with the bass and guitar running direct and everyone got their own monitor mix.
  54. aleclee

    What are the biggest contributors to an amps raw/alive feel?

    What are the big contributors? Volume. Greater acoustic coupling with the guitar Greater interaction with the room's acoustics Fletcher-Munson Near field vs. far field speaker sound Near field sounds nothing like an amp in a room Proximity effect Mic coloration There's probably more but...
  55. aleclee

    IGNORE , ...... priceless

    From a guy who joined barely a month ago. Of course comments like that made me one of the early additions to the OP's ignore list. Whatever it takes to create a "safe space"...
  56. aleclee

    Listening to vintage Pink Floyd, Gilmour is a monster!

    Gilmour ruined my shredding. As a result of listening to him, I feel compelled to create melody as opposed to speeding through wheedly wheedly licks.
  57. aleclee

    Fletcher Munson curve effect on amp modeling

    If you're asking what volume Cliff & co audition IRs at when selecting which ones to use, you're going way way way down the rabbit hole. At the end of the day, their listening volume has nothing to do with your use case.
  58. aleclee

    AXE FX or Pedals?...opinions please

    Struck me as similar to asking whether to buy a Ford or Chevy on
  59. aleclee

    Fletcher Munson curve effect on amp modeling

    They don't. Before you shrug off my answer, bear me out... Volume doesn't matter with amp sims. The models are designed to replicate the real thing so for any given setting, the output waveform is the same for any given input waveform. Volume is just the amplitude of the wave form but there's...
  60. aleclee

    Fletcher Munson curve effect on amp modeling

    There are no real workarounds for F-M. If you want your presets to sound good at gig volume, dial 'em in at gig volume.
  61. aleclee

    how do we edit the new forum?

    You only get a single notification until you visit the thread. Also, you might've noticed that Xenforo doesn't automatically mark threads as read just because you visited the board.
  62. aleclee

    What headphones are you guys using (or recommend)?

    Beyer DT880s are what I use because I prefer open-backed cans. I'd consider the Blue Mo-Fi if I was looking for closed headphones.
  63. aleclee

    For those who want to flatten the response of their headphones

    I wonder what (if anything) this does besides providing a correcting IR for the speakers. That's no a minor task but the fact that it can be described in a single sentence that most AxeFx users can understand probably means it's not rocket science.
  64. aleclee

    Forum Migration Complete

    Good stuff. You guys have been busy this past week.
  65. aleclee


    I can quite understand that. We came to the same conclusion on TGP, given the issues it caused (mainly around security).
  66. aleclee


    Wrong on all counts.
  67. aleclee

    AxeFX and 8" monitor??

    QSC K8 works great with my AxeFx.
  68. aleclee

    AX-8 Band...

    Party pooper!:fatigue:
  69. aleclee

    urgent help needed: power for mfc, what can i use?

    If you can get a power supply for a Variax or older POD, it'll work fine.
  70. aleclee

    For the curious - some Helix user feedback starts to roll in

    Are you suggesting that realer will always trump ease of use? At some point, realer becomes moot, particularly if you're marketing to the broader market. Creating a box that any bubba can dial in gig-worthy tones on is likely to have more mass market appeal than a less user friendly device...
  71. aleclee

    For the curious - some Helix user feedback starts to roll in

    Which device offers a Klon model? <drops mic> ;) Seriously, I'm pretty much with solo-act on the usability standpoint. I made a comment to that effect on the old board back in the Ultra days: Fractal's big opportunity for breakthrough would be in user interface more than making things sound...
  72. aleclee

    His Koa-berg 6 for my Holcomb, would you do it?

    20", actually I'm holding out for the trem OS6, myself.
  73. aleclee

    Am I the only one? (AXE's screen and Helix content)

    By itself, the screen is not a huge deal but IMO, the UI is a major step forward. If that enables an unsophisticated user to dial in a better sound because he's not intimidated by the device, then it's hard to dismiss the screen as simply eye candy.
  74. aleclee

    Finally ready to pull the trigger on studio monitors. Equator or Yamaha?

    I'm totally happy with my Equators.
  75. aleclee

    Easy notation suggestions?

    This, unless you have a 13 pin guitar
  76. aleclee

    Strandberg Guitars

    I was this close to buying one yesterday: || I decided to wait until I can try one at NAMM because of concern over the enduraneck design.
  77. aleclee

    Strandberg Guitars

    Next guitar I get will probably be a Boden OS 6 but I figure I'll wait until after NAMM when I should be able to get some hands-on with one.
  78. aleclee

    Hostility on Kemper Forum

  79. aleclee

    Incoming NGD! .strandberg* Boden OS 7

    In January, I'm planning on covering NAMM again for TGP. I'll probably just get some hands-on time with one at their booth when I'm there.
  80. aleclee

    Incoming NGD! .strandberg* Boden OS 7

    The reason I asked was because I use my thumb a good bit to fret notes on the low E string and to get leverage for bends/vibrato.
  81. aleclee

    Incoming NGD! .strandberg* Boden OS 7

    Thanks for sharing! How does the Enduraneck shape suit you? What kinds of other necks have you liked in the past? I'm about sold on the Boden but I'm concerned about the neck shape since I've read that it's not well suited for folks who wrap their thumb around the neck.
  82. aleclee

    EU pricing abuse from G66

    A lot more that that if you would've had to ship all the way back to Fractal HQ.
  83. aleclee

    recommend me a pedalboard..

    What's your issue with Pedaltrain? I've spent a lot of time looking for alternatives but haven't found anything other than Temple Audio that filled the bill.
  84. aleclee

    One for the Mathematics boffins!

    Google "central limit theorem"
  85. aleclee

    Incoming NGD! .strandberg* Boden OS 7

    The OS6 is on my GAS list but I might wait to check one out at NAMM before shelling out the bucks. I think that the maple top adds a bit to the overall cost as well as (perhaps) the fanned frets. Most Asian-made guitars have veneer where the Boden has a slab of flamed maple.
  86. aleclee

    EU pricing abuse from G66

    It's not just shipping and taxes. G66 also provides support on that side of the pond. They have a staff that like to get paid every now and again just like the folks on Cliff's team. That money has to come from somewhere.
  87. aleclee

    Fractal Audio has been challenged, or so it seems.

    My experience with iOS modeling latency has ranged from barely tolerable to "I'd rather play unplugged".
  88. aleclee

    The G4 Experience

    Yup. Dave is an amazing player and a wonderful teacher. This was my second workshop with him.
  89. aleclee

    Brit Floyd Presets

    Am I the only who found it noteworthy that Bobby left BF?
  90. aleclee

    In ear monitors

    If buying used, be aware that the 700MHz band has been sold off and can no longer be used legally. The 600MHz band is expected to be sold off soon so I'd avoid devices that use that range as well.
  91. aleclee

    Cliff is up to something.

    You don't know what FW version the Ultra/Standard landed on, do you?
  92. aleclee

    Has anyone been shocked when going direct to FOH?

    One big difference is that guitar amps often run 350V or more on the plates where the highest voltage in your modeling rig is 120V. Line 6, Shure, and Audio Technica are the wireless players that first come to my mind. I currently run a G50 and am more than satisfied.
  93. aleclee

    In ear monitoring live

    Board feed. Unless the stage volume is really loud, it's hard to hear the monitors when I run straight from the modeler.
  94. aleclee

    The G4 Experience

    He is looking good. He appeared at Guitar Workshop Plus the week before near San Diego. Bass players scored that week. They got one day with Stu Hamm and another with Rhonda Smith (Prince, Jeff Beck). All my class got was Paul Gilbert!
  95. aleclee

    Perhaps AxeFx meaning of "preset" could be defined better?

    Pretty much. When I read about presets, I just assume it's a user preset unless it's described as a factory preset.
  96. aleclee

    Make a humbucker sound like a single coil

    I did a tone match block to get a neck humbucker to approximate a single coil. Results were decent but not great.
  97. aleclee

    Suggestion for a 4 button simple midi controller for the A2

    Disaster Area Designs | DMC-4 Gen2
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