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  1. acidfrost

    Help with external switch

    I "fixed" it! Not sure if it's supposed to work that way but here are the settings that work: Switch 2 Tip: Momentary Open Virtual Toggle Then in the bypass modifier: PC Reset: ON I swapped the Min and Max so Min is Bypassed and Max is Engaged. Seems to work fine now
  2. acidfrost

    Help with external switch

    I think the issue is with the virtual toggle: "If you want a momentary switch to behave like a latching/toggle switch instead, use the "Virtual Toggle" option. Now, every time you tap the switch, its state on the FM3 will flip from ON to OFF, or OFF to ON." There seems to be a background state...
  3. acidfrost

    Help with external switch

    Yes, the only way I found to fix this was to turn on PC Reset, but then PC Reset creates the double tap issue... lol Here are the settings. Regardless of normally open or closed, same issue:
  4. acidfrost

    Help with external switch

    There should be a way to have the switch a simple toggle regardless of it's state. Similar to how the onboard switch work. But I don't want to waste a switch with a stand-in.
  5. acidfrost

    Help with external switch

    Yes. The main issue I had was whenever I started the FM3, my wah would come ON even though the preset had it OFF saved. I turned PC reset ON and now I have this issue instead.
  6. acidfrost

    Help with external switch

    It is a momentary switch.
  7. acidfrost

    Help with external switch

    I'm not sure, but I tried to set it up both ways, closed or open and the same issue happen. Looking at the modifier graphic when I first open the FM3, The dot that shows where the modifier is isn't there. It seems I have to press on it once so the FM3 knows it's state, then again for it to do...
  8. acidfrost

    Help with external switch

    I just received my FM3 and it is an amazing piece of hardware. I had an Axe-FX II for a while and the 2 are very different. Settings are much more complex than it used to be! haha I'm having an issue with my external switch in my mission engineer SP-1. I have a momentary switch at the toe down...
  9. acidfrost

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Haha! I'm also in Quebec! Well it's been over 30 hours but I guess with the 4th of July they might have been off today. I'll see on monday.
  10. acidfrost

    FM3 Now Shipping

    How long was it for your orders to be processed? I placed my order yesterday but realized my account is now on my new email, but I waitlisted on my old one. I wrote back right after my order so it wouldn't get cancelled but the order is still "ready to capture" and I haven't recieved a reply.
  11. acidfrost

    Ghost Noise behind note with certain VSTs

    I already contacted their support so waiting on their answer, but it's JST Toneforge. The example is from the Misha Mansoor one, but I get it on all their Toneforge vsts. It's possible it happens with other vst, but the noise is much much lower.
  12. acidfrost

    Ghost Noise behind note with certain VSTs

    Hey guys! Since there's a lot of tech people here I wanted to know if anyone knows what is this issue I'm having. With certain amp VST, there's this ghost noise in the back when I play. I tried different guitars, cables, preamps, sample rates, vst2/vst3, etc but still get this weird wobbly wind...
  13. acidfrost

    DI similar to the secret sauce

    Haha I have an Antelope and it's still noisy! I'm selling my axe fx, will probably pick up an ax8 soon unless a 2 comes out. The issue is I'm also running a studio and without the Axe, DI tracks are noisy.
  14. acidfrost

    DI similar to the secret sauce

    Hey peeps! I'm looking for a DI that would give me a similar low noise floor as the Axe. When I go DI through my interface, preamps or DIs, my noise floor is much higher than with the axe. Anyone knows what DIs would give me something similar? Or is the magic more software side? Thanks!
  15. acidfrost

    Why are FAS-Cabs/Cab-Packs only allowed to be used in the AxeFx?

    Shows you didn't read!! Second line on any cab pack on, in BOLD RED LETTERS: IMPORTANT: Cab Packs require an Axe-Fx III, Axe-Fx II, AX8, or the CAB-LAB 3 plugin.
  16. acidfrost

    HELP! Connecting Axe-Fx3 to Cubase 8

    In mixconsole at the top, expand the routing bar. Make sure everything is linked properly. Cubase is pretty straight forward and everything you did from your first post should work.
  17. acidfrost

    Virtual Mics for IRs

    I have 2 Slate ML-2 and they are pretty close to the real thing. I was not able to compare all of the mics since I don't own all of the them, but those I have are pretty close. Close enough that you won't hear it in the mix.
  18. acidfrost

    Virtual Mics for IRs

    Well the mic emulations from those companies are better than the old ones we have as they are matched to the source. Where I'm coming from is good especially for IR makers. They won't have to produce IRs with a bunch of mics anymore. Just use an emulation mic, record different position and...
  19. acidfrost

    Virtual Mics for IRs

    Well I thought this was a good idea! lol
  20. acidfrost

    Slight ‘out of phase’ sound

    Have you tried connecting the axe straight to the PA? Bypassing the X32? Just to figure out where it's coming from. If it still does it, then it's the PA, if not, then it's the X32.
  21. acidfrost

    Virtual Mics for IRs

    We all remember when we had mic "emulations" in the cab block. Now that there are a bunch of mics emulations offering from Slate, Antelope and Townsend Labs, wouldn't it be great to have a similar system in the Axe for IRs? Let me explain: IR manufacturers would shoot IRs of cabs with one of...
  22. acidfrost


    B is clearly the mic. You can hear the ambiance between the palm mutes. The first clip is slightly more sterile. They are pretty closed, but not identical. In a mix, it wouldn't make a difference. I could be completely wrong too but that's what I heard first listen. haha. Strangely. The more I...
  23. acidfrost

    Anyone tried the new Waves/PRS amp sims?

    Wow I just tried it. I am thoroughly impressed. For 49$ this is amazing (41$ on plugindiscounts!!!). I tried Bias FX and Helix Native and always went back to my axe fx. If Waves continues like that, I might not consider the Axe 3 since I mostly do studio.
  24. acidfrost

    So unless I missed it in the manual...

    Not even! PRS Custom! It stays in tune really well, but I will still check. In the studio, regardless of the guitar, I will force the guitarist to tune himself constantly.
  25. acidfrost

    So unless I missed it in the manual...

    Every 2 songs usually. Even if it stays "in tune" it's never perfect. Especially with sweat, playing harder live, that damn G string, etc. In the studio even more. Every couple takes.
  26. acidfrost

    How to cut out the mud on palm mutes

    Don't cut with EQ. When you're not palm muting, you might lose some low end if you do. Use a multiband comp, only activate the low mid band and set the threshold so it only kicks in when palm muting.
  27. acidfrost


    Not this again... o_O
  28. acidfrost

    Dry Output?

    Yes! In I/O, set output 2 to copy Input 1. Voilà!
  29. acidfrost

    SPDIF vs ANALOG out MAIN1 level varies

    edited, nevermind, I saw it's the ax8 not axe-fx
  30. acidfrost

    Axe Fx for my mac

    Going software doesn't mean no more hardware. ?!? You don't need it, good for you. But some of us do. Some of us have studios, not live bands. Different products for different people. "Why do we have an fx8 and an ax8. Just stick with the axe fx!" That's basically what you guys are saying...
  31. acidfrost

    Do we really want an Axe FX VST?

    This post makes zero sense. If you don't need it, then fine. But I run a studio here and having a vst axe fx would save me a lot of time. A lot of people here have studios too. Also, an axe plugin has been requested before the helix even existed. Line 6 has nothing to do with it. But yes...
  32. acidfrost

    Helix Native

    I just tried the trial and I'm pretty impressed. The pricing of 399$ is too high for the couple amps they have though. They are missing some major popular amps. I'd pay maybe 150$ for the current offering. If they manage to add a lot more amps, then yeah 399$ makes sense. Tone wise, it might...
  33. acidfrost

    VST like multi delay plex shift

    Ohh I love Valhalla stuff. Thanks! I will go get it right away. But anything closer to the multi delay where we have control over the 4 delays? Right now my multi-delay is set to Plex Shift and the voices are as follows: 1/4 note detuned 8 cent panned -50 1/8 note detuned 4 cent panned 50 1/4...
  34. acidfrost

    VST like multi delay plex shift

    It's more a delay than a reverb, and you have control of the 4 delays in terms of time and pitch.
  35. acidfrost

    VST like multi delay plex shift

    Hey everyone! Does anyone know of a plugin that does the same thing as the multi delay in plex shift mode? Thanks!
  36. acidfrost

    Axe FX Output as reamp di?

    Finally had the chance to test it. Seems to work fine, just gotta mind the output volume.
  37. acidfrost

    Axe FX Output as reamp di?

    The outputs are 600 ohms only, it's the only issue I can see. Not sure if it matters but usually a reamp DI or a guitar will have a much higher impedance.
  38. acidfrost

    Axe FX Output as reamp di?

    Hey! I've been wondering if I could use the outputs of my Axe FX 2 as a reamp DI, instead of buying a DI. Since the Axe can be used with an amp, I guess it would work? Let's say I have a DI track, the Axe is in USB and is connected to a an amp, I could just play the DI track through the Axe...
  39. acidfrost

    5150 Clean channel

    I had this amp and sold it after getting the axe fx. The green is the clean to crunch channel. Even on the real amp you had to set the input gain real low. You would get breakup pretty low. In the axe I set the trim to 0.5 to give me a bit more play. On my amp I had the bias and the preamp tube...
  40. acidfrost

    Logic Pro X shuts off Axe-Fx II Audio

    No, it's been a while that the axe fx can also be slave through s/pdif. In I/O just change the clock settings.
  41. acidfrost

    AccuGroove cabinets: has anyone here tried them?

    Open up the specs on la scala. In the frequency response, it says 51hz - 17khz +-4db. The +-4db means the flatness of the response can vary up to 4db at different frequencies which is far from flat. The CLR can vary up to 2.5db, which is less than la scala. La scala look like nice home stereo...
  42. acidfrost

    Digitech Freqout pedal is legit

    That one should not be in Axe FX discussion actually. There's a section called Other midi controllers. That's where it should be. The only reason I can think why it wasn't moved is because the discussion is about controlling the amp settings in the axe directly with an external controller. The...
  43. acidfrost

    AccuGroove cabinets: has anyone here tried them?

    Eesh... Someone's trying to justify their very expensive speakers. Just a quick frequency response comparison between the Atomic CLR and the La Scala, La Scala is actually worse with a +-4db compared to the clr 2.5db. As for the OP, I haven't found many users or review of accugroove, but I know...
  44. acidfrost

    Attaching foam to wall alternatives to glue?

    Foam is good to kill slapbacks and high freqs reflection. That's how I use it. I have owens corning and safe'n'sound for bass traps, corner traps and walls. I have foam in certain areas to kill the slapback I now hear because my rooms are treated (not fully but pretty good). Got no more money...
  45. acidfrost

    Digitech Freqout pedal is legit

    Ok everyone needs to chill out. If it's not fractal related, it goes to the lounge. Pretty simple to understand. Also, it's the 3rd or 4th thread on this pedal already, so yeah the lounge is the right place.
  46. acidfrost

    When will the updates stop?

    What? The last time anyone had to buy a new axe fx to continue getting updates was in 2011, 6 YEARS ago! I have an axe fx 2 non-xl and I'm still getting free updates. I think you need a time out from the internet.
  47. acidfrost

    Attaching foam to wall alternatives to glue?

    Go for what does the least damage as foam isn't great so you'll probably upgarde eventually. I used cloroplat sheets for the backing and screwed them into the ceiling. For walls, I just used so small t-pins dirrctly in the foam.
  48. acidfrost

    Offboard CPU?

    Yes by buying a second axe fx lol.
  49. acidfrost

    low pass filters

    IMO, if you have to cut so low, the problem is in your amp block. You should go back to tweaking it. You will lose a lot of clarity and definition. I'm usually in the 8k-10k. I mostly do studio though.
  50. acidfrost

    Atomic CLR Neo buzz

    I havea Neo and no buzz whatsoever. I use xlr or balanced trs. Dont know for unbalanced ts though.
  51. acidfrost

    Small analog delay for my little combo amp?

    The only delay I would buy even with my axe fx is the carbon copy. Man the sound on that thing is amazing. It's vintage and dark though so it depends on your taste.
  52. acidfrost

    USB audio interface expansion module

    So basically any audio interface?
  53. acidfrost

    Parallel Effects loops (5150 iii)

    Not sure on the combo though. I had the 100w head
  54. acidfrost

    Parallel Effects loops (5150 iii)

    I had the 5150iii for a loooong time and I'm 99% sure it's a serial loop, not a parallel one.
  55. acidfrost

    Can anyone test this preset on their CLR?

    I found the issue! It's not the CLR! I have a DI between the axe and my CLR since I'm sending a long run from the control room the the live room and using output 2... I removed the DI and tried output 1, the noise is gone. Seems like the DI is overloading or something.
  56. acidfrost

    Thinking of buying an Axe FX

    As per Fractal themselves, the Axe FX 3 is not even in the works yet, so you have years before a new one comes out. With the continuous updates, you will have the latest and greatest for free too.
  57. acidfrost

    Thinking of buying an Axe FX

    2 things. First I find it strange anyone would say the axe is thin. There's so much meat, you won't finish your plate, especially when you mention the helix. I would understand if you heard that the helix is thin or fizzy (because it is to my experience) but not the axe. Second, the cleans are...
  58. acidfrost

    Can anyone test this preset on their CLR?

    Thanks! It confirms my suspicions!
  59. acidfrost

    Can anyone test this preset on their CLR?

    I cleaned it and tried to create other presets with other amps and it still does it. Seems to me like the tweeter is vibrating. Thanks for the tip though! I'll contact atomic support.
  60. acidfrost

    Can anyone test this preset on their CLR?

    Hey guys, I'm getting some buzz/vibration when palm muting/chugging on this preset. Not sure if the issue is with my CLR or with the preset itself. I sounds like the tweeter is vibrating like some screws are loose. I had a similar issue but much less prominent on a clean channel with a lot of...
  61. acidfrost

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3/FM9

    I wonder if anyone tried this. The problem I have is when I use remote desktop on my Ipad to connect to my PC, the axe edit connection doesn't work with my axe fx connected via USB on my PC. So, can FracPad work this way: FracPad on my Ipad, connecting via wifi to my PC that has my axe fx...
  62. acidfrost

    Easy way to get DI + AMP through S/PDIF

    Hey people! I'm trying to record both the input 1 (DI track) and the output 1 left (axe fx amp) through S/PDIF. The only way I was able to achieve this is creating a shunt line and panning it right. the amp/cab etc is panned left. Now I can record through S/PDIF and have both track. The issue...
  63. acidfrost

    Best bang for the buck acoustic???

    +1 for Seagull. Great guitars. Made here in Quebec by Godin. Norman, Art et Lutherie, Simon et Patrick, La Patrie are all Godin brands too and cheap, but Seagull is something special.
  64. acidfrost

    studio monitors?

    It would help knowing your budget. Since I got my Focal Solo 6Be, I haven't looked at any other monitors. Amazing monitors.
  65. acidfrost

    Audio via USB not working?

    You need to connect it to an audio interface. The Ax8 is not an audio interface, only the axe-fx.
  66. acidfrost

    This is crazy!

    What's the radio? ;)
  67. acidfrost

    Wikipedia article?

    Seems it was deleted in 2014 as they couldn't find any reliable sources about it... Weird. See here:
  68. acidfrost

    What wireless system do YOU use?

    Line 6 Relay g50. Same unit for close to 8 years. I haven't played with a cord since then. Uses rechargeable AA.
  69. acidfrost

    Is the Axe FX 2 the Real Deal?

    It all depends if you know what you're doing. Do you know how to mic and record a real amp then process it properly? If yes, then yes it is. The axe gives you the exact same as an amp and cab mic'ed. As in a real amp and cab, you still gotta low pass and high pass, eq, compress etc.
  70. acidfrost

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    Wow the distortion is so smooth! Amazing update. Is it me or this update sounds more stereo/3d?
  71. acidfrost

    Cubase doesn't respond to Axe fx 2?

    To reamp, you have to set input 1 to USB on the axe, under I/O.
  72. acidfrost

    Cliff, Matt, et. al - A Serious Offer

    All I care about is the Tech21 sansamp bass driver for studio use. If we can get this in the axe, it would save me 350$ as I wouldn't need to buy one.
  73. acidfrost

    Precedent for full Axe-Fx Plugin?

    Yeah. I see no point in bringing the axe in the analog domain when it's a digital device. Extra conversion regardless of the quality of your converters can make it worse, not better. Plus, reamping in analog means d/a from interface to a/d to axe, then d/a a/d from axe to interface. That's a...
  74. acidfrost

    Precedent for full Axe-Fx Plugin?

    Yes when you record yourself. But when I record customers and reamp through the axe, it's a real bitch as I can't listen to the axe and the mix seperately through usb. I can through analog and another interface, but that's more d/a a/d conversion that changes the sound. Also, all that wasted...
  75. acidfrost

    Precedent for full Axe-Fx Plugin?

    Oooohhh and 15 days demo! I might be a convert by then. No more reamping through the axe multiple times until I get the tone I want. Tweaking while listening to the mix is where it's at.
  76. acidfrost

    axe fx with wireless jack

    The first thing to do with wireless is tweak your preset with the wireless unit, not a cable, as they do sound different. I had really bad experience with the glxd that I had to return it and go back to my old trusted relay g50. Dropouts, noise and weird brittle tone.
  77. acidfrost

    Steven Slate iLok question

    From what I know, Slate only uses the physical ilok for now. You should hit slate supports on their website to be sure, they usually reply pretty fast.
  78. acidfrost

    I bet you cannot match this tone

    First there's more than one guitar in the OP so not sure what you want to "match". You need to overdub it. Second, the recording is pretty bad so not sure what you,re trying to reproduce... Using a single coil guitar, probably a tele. Seems to me neck on the clean guitar, bridge on the...
  79. acidfrost

    TIP: Tone matching VST plugin 50% off (~$27) this week

    Voxengo Curveeq also does eq matching. For those that have cubase, it comes included in it.
  80. acidfrost

    Women with Axe FX

    The artist list are of sponsored artist. That's why you don't see her there.
  81. acidfrost

    Presonus USB 3.0 audio interfaces discontinuing midi support?

    There's no midi input or output on it, that's why there's no mention of it. Neither on the bigger one... Hmmm that's bad for studios. You never know when someone is going to bring an old piece of gear. Just this week I had an old keyboard with just a midi out and a Korg 03r/w from 1992 in the...
  82. acidfrost

    Atomic CLR - no longer being sold?

    The 1/4 jack stopped working (seems to be loose) after about a year. Had some contact back and forth, got a phone number to call but no answer. No emails after that. I use input 2 for now, but it sucks on a 1400$ piece of gear.
  83. acidfrost

    MFC-Edit version 5.5 released October 10th

    Great thank you!
  84. acidfrost

    MFC-Edit version 5.5 released October 10th

    I'm on 5.2, I get a popup to upgrade to 5.5. Click yes and it I get the download screen but it stays at 0% forever. Tried to relaunch it, click no and update through the help menu instead, same issue. I tried turning my firewall off and still not working.
  85. acidfrost

    Legacy Firmware Solution

    WOW! Thank you!!! This is amazing news!
  86. acidfrost

    Its Hard to Say Good bye, MK II Users :(`

    Maybe for you, but there's a lot of Canadian here. Let's say I sell my Mk2 at 1700$ US. then buy an XL. With shipping and taxes, it's 2687.01$ US. that's a 1000$ difference. Convert to CAD, it's a 1350$ difference. That's a lot of money for basically the same hardware with just a bit more...
  87. acidfrost

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Public Beta

    It was already explained in past threads. Removing the old versions is for everyone. No just mk1/2.
  88. acidfrost

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Public Beta

    Can we expect the axe fx plugin soon in that case? The only reason I'm not moving to the Ax8 is for studio ease of use. If the plugin is coming soon, I'm selling my Mk2 right away. For those that say 4%, not sure where you're getting this number. There are probably as much Mk1/2 users as XL...
  89. acidfrost

    How is your Ax8 reamping experience?

    Cool thanks !
  90. acidfrost

    How is your Ax8 reamping experience?

    What about using input 2 and the FXLoop block? You wouldn't need a DI since it would be balanced line level to balanced line level. Looking at your post, the DI seems to be what adds noise. Edit: oh your soundcard doesn't have line out... Nevermind.
  91. acidfrost

    How is your Ax8 reamping experience?

    Hi! I'm looking into moving from the Axe FX to the Ax8. I do as much studio as live so the reamping is pretty important to me. With no USB reamping feature on the Ax8, have you found it easy and good sounding on the Ax8? Anyone has experience with both and can help me compare?
  92. acidfrost


    This should help: Personally I have the KRK one and don't like it, but I have not compared it to anything else. It could be I don't like subs to mix at all.
  93. acidfrost

    (Solved) Axe Fx bricked by Q5.01 bug

    Well it worked! Thanks for the help.
  94. acidfrost

    (Solved) Axe Fx bricked by Q5.01 bug

    Thanks I will try it tonight when I get home. Is there any way to return the rom since I already ordered it...
  95. acidfrost

    (Solved) Axe Fx bricked by Q5.01 bug

    No. As quoted in the OP, I too have the exact same issue. Everything was working until I touched the Force Default option. Not during the update. If it was just 5$ I wouldn't mind, but it's 5$ + 20$ shipping + conversion from US to Can.
  96. acidfrost

    (Solved) Axe Fx bricked by Q5.01 bug

    Oh where is the battery? Support told me I had to order an emergency rom which I did... Sucks I had to pay for something I didn't need...
  97. acidfrost

    (Solved) Axe Fx bricked by Q5.01 bug

    I sent a support ticket just now. We will see what happens. Hope we can get it fixed soon!
  98. acidfrost

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.01 Firmware Released

    Well this update just crashed my Axe FX. As soon as I went in the global menu and tried to change the Force Default ON, everything froze up and all the led lights are ON. blank screen too. Tried powercycling and holding down the page left and right and nothing happens... I'm on an MK2.
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