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  1. Teej

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Saw this thread linked on Facebook, I thought someone was trolling. What an awesome surprise!!!
  2. Teej

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Thank you, Cliff. You didn't have to do this, you didn't owe it to any of us, but you did it anyways. This is what doesn't get talked about when people argue about Fractal vs. Kemper vs. Line6, etc. The effort of the people behind the product is on a different level.
  3. Teej

    '80s Lifeson tone Q - PCM80?

    This is what sets Fractal apart. Nobody at Line6 is going to offer to analyze and recreate gear in their processors. So excited for the potential GUP sound.
  4. Teej

    Learning to fly - live

    Great tone!
  5. Teej

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Thank you Cliff. You had no obligation to give us Ares features on the II, but you did anyways. Best in the biz, no question.
  6. Teej

    STP's Plush

    Thanks man!
  7. Teej

    STP's Plush

    Did a quick cover of Plush by STP using a preset I built from scratch a couple years ago. Really dig their new singer and their new record! Used Brit Pre and Class-A 15W to try and mimic Dean's typical Marshall-esque preamp and Vox AC rig. There is a detune on the Class-A. Feat. my cat Maynard.
  8. Teej

    MetalHeads, what's your fav amp block for metal and WHY?!

    Spawn Rod (I think I've been using the 2-2 version) is actually my favorite, just have to tame the low end a bit. It gets both the chunk and the clear harmonics I like. Others I like: 6160 Block 5153 Blue Euro Red Friedman BE USA IIC++
  9. Teej

    Brian May Sound

    I'll throw my Brian May at Wembley attempt I recorded a couple months ago since we're on the subject. Close as I can get with a Strat. I'm not a big enough Brian fan to justify getting a red special. The Treble Booster worked just how I expected it would.
  10. Teej

    How to cut out the mud on palm mutes

    Another option is adjusting the EQ curve on the Speaker page on the amp. I have done that a couple times for my more metallic tones. Helps a lot on Rectifier amps I've found.
  11. Teej

    what albums has the axe been used on?

    Periphery has used the Axe II on every release since Periphery 2 I'm pretty sure.
  12. Teej

    One Month In...

    Try out the 5153 models, I think they are the advanced version of the 6160 (just like in the real life amp world, lol). I love the 50w and 100w Blue models the most. The red sounds good but its best for lead; TONS of gain.
  13. Teej

    MIDI Controller for AXE FX II MK II

    I use a Behringer with the EurekaPROM as well and I love it. The MFC-101 has a lot more customization, but the way I operate, I wouldn't use that much. The PROM installation is super easy. Do it yourself and save the few bucks.
  14. Teej

    Since no one will directly ask Cliff about potential new FW...

    Oh man, the Darkglass AND DMM? God, I hope this comes out for the Mk II... And who knows what other new stuff Cliff has thrown in, considering how much time has been spent on this version. Stoked.
  15. Teej

    One Month In...

    Welcome to the family! I feel the same way, my Axe II is the best peice of gear I've ever owned and I think it has actually saved me money in the long run. I have bought exactly zero pedals and amps since. A guitar here and there, and a couple cabs, but most of that has been in trade for stuff I...
  16. Teej

    Brian May (Queen) at Wembley '86 Tone Attempt

    One of my favorite guitar tones I've ever heard is Brian May's from Queen's 1986 Wembley Stadium shows. Here is my best attempt at recreating it. I'm so grateful that my Axe-FX can get me so close to sounds like this. I certainly could never afford 3 vintage Vox AC30s plus effects just to get...
  17. Teej

    Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. cover

    Very cool! Love SW. Hence my Fear of a Blank Planet era avatar, haha.
  18. Teej

    Aaarghhh - The nasty 'Uses global blocks' bug is back!

    I already restored the preset from a backup, sorry.
  19. Teej

    Aaarghhh - The nasty 'Uses global blocks' bug is back!

    I just had this happen to me for the first time on my Mark II. Q8.01. Updated to 8.02 and still have the same result. Preset looks normal on Axe-Edit until you look at the Amp block, which has lost its parameters and has reverted to the default 59 BASSGUY model. It also has no global block usage...
  20. Teej

    Clicking noise / metronome type noise - not good

    Does the expression pedal control a volume block in the AxeFX or are you using like a true volume pedal on its own with the Volume In/Out jacks? If you are doing the latter, I highly doubt its the AxeFX. Your guitar is picking up electrical interference.
  21. Teej

    Matrix GT-1000FX Advice

    Update: Bought a cheap old Peavey 212 that someone had put a V30 and G12T-75 in (both 16 ohm). I rewired it to stereo and it sounds excellent. May replace the T-75 but we'll see. Going to bring it to band practice tomorrow to see how well it keeps up. Going to keep both channels of the Matrix at...
  22. Teej

    Matrix GT-1000FX Advice

    I should clarify, I am looking at CABS that are already loaded, not speakers on their own. Your advice is helpful though, thank you.
  23. Teej

    Matrix GT-1000FX Advice

    I have a GT-1000FX that I run with my Axe Mk II and wanted some advice regarding setting levels correctly so I don't blow a speaker cab. At my band's practice space I currently have a Seismic Audio 2x12 that has two 16 ohm Eminence Man O Wars in it. I re-wired them in stereo so the RMS wattage...
  24. Teej

    The Outfield tone??

    Haha, Mystery Man and 61 Seconds are my favorite tracks on that record. The deep cuts on on it are just as good as the singles; the whole thing is just one of those rare gems that are perfect from start to finish.
  25. Teej

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    Removing previous FW version modeling was the best decision. Thanks for keeping us Mk II users in the update loop and continuing to add new features, you guys rule.
  26. Teej

    The Outfield tone??

    Here it is for AX8, hopefully it works for you.
  27. Teej

    The Outfield tone??

    This was actually one of the first tones I worked on when I got my AxeFX II. I didn't think the "Infield" preset sounded that great so I took to modifying it and I love going back to it, even after numerous firmware updates. When I have a chance I'll record a quick demo. I should be able to...
  28. Teej

    Opinion on Eureka Prom vs Uno Chip

    I went with the Eureka 2 and now have the Eureka 3 and I haven't looked back. It does exactly what I need. I try to set up all of my live presets with scenes and the EurekaPROM has a scene mode that you can switch in and out of with one button. While the other guitarist in my band has to turn on...
  29. Teej

    List Your Main Amps

    My mains right now are the Spawn Rod OD2-1 for dirt and Double Verb cleans. I've done a lot of experimentation with different amps for the dirty sounds, and I keep coming back to the Splawn model. Once you get the lows tamed on it, its unbelievably satisfying. Throw a TS808 in front of it and it...
  30. Teej

    Cheap Cab Surprisingly Good

    So I needed a 2x12 for the band practice space because I was sick of hauling my Mission Gemini-2P due its weight, and I looked around at some second-hand shops. I ended up buying a cab that was made by Seismic Audio which someone had put Eminence Man O Wars in. I got it for cheap and when I...
  31. Teej

    Alex Lifeson Hiwatt

    Like Adinfinitum and I said, he did not use the MXR until Moving Pictures. I don't believe he used any OD or Distortion at all until then. What you hear before that point is mostly the Hiwatts with the volumes cranked real high. On the Hemispheres tours in particular, that was all he had for his...
  32. Teej

    Alex Lifeson Hiwatt

    I'm not sure he started using the MXR until the Moving Pictures tours. If you listen to the live recordings of the PW tour (like the St. Louis soundboard from 1980) and then listen to stuff from the MP tours, the change in sound is pretty drastic. For PW, it sounds like the Hiwatt and Club &...
  33. Teej

    Alex Lifeson Hiwatt

    Correction, I use the Zen Master OD on my Permanent Waves preset.
  34. Teej

    Alex Lifeson Hiwatt

    I tried really hard to make some good Lifeson tones with the MXR D+ model, and I just couldn't get it to work for me. It is really quiet and it always sounds thin to me. I spent a ton of time on my '78-'81 Rush tones, and I realized that Alex's live tone at its basic unmodulated level wasn't...
  35. Teej

    Periphery's Prototype Peavey Cabs

    I think my point is that the "star power" that comes with Periphery using the gear could potentially make it catch on since most Periphery fans are gear nerds like myself. Guess we'll see though.
  36. Teej

    Periphery's Prototype Peavey Cabs

    Misha and I talked about his rig yesterday before their Milwaukee show at a meet and greet. I asked him why he has switched to the Peavey cabs, and his reply was simply "because they are f***ing awesome." Peavey built him a 2x12 that has a V30 and a Creamback, and a cab that only does sub...
  37. Teej

    Sounds you can't get?

    I have a Deluxe Electric Mistress reissue that I had modded by Howard Davis so it sounds more like the non-deluxe from the 70s. I've tried really hard to get the same sound from the AFXII that I get from that pedal with the color knob turned way down (acts more like a chorus then) but I can...
  38. Teej

    Eric Johnson "Violin tone"

    This was my attempt at all three of EJ's amp sounds. Please excuse the sloppy playing, I was not on my game that day at all.
  39. Teej

    Fractal Audio AMP models: ODS-100 (Dumble Overdrive Special)

    People always list Eric Johnson as a Dumble user, which is true, but I don't believe he ever used an ODS. He did use a Steel String Singer for a number of years for his dirty rhythm/fuzz tone, but I heard that it broke down and it was never repaired. After that he just threw another Plexi in to...
  40. Teej

    MOAEE - Electric Mistress Flanger

    Boy am I glad to see someone reworked this! Gonna try it at home tonight. I have a DEM modified by Howard Davis so it sounds like an old non-Deulxe model that I love, but I just cannot get it to cooperate the way I want in the Axe's loop, and I really don't want to use external pedals anyhow...
  41. Teej

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Deux

    This is the first time I've ever installed Beta firmware on my Axe and I'm so glad I did. This version feels amazing to play, and it seems like the sounds are a little easier to dial in now for whatever reason. I'm loving it so far.
  42. Teej

    Good 'FRFR' monitors for around $550?

    I bought a pair of used Yamaha HS80s and I absolutely love them. Same as the HS8s as far as I can tell but the previous generation. They can be had for a good price since they have been replaced with the new line.
  43. Teej

    Mission Gemini 2-P SE

    Quick update: I took the 2-P SE/GT1000FX rig to band practice yesterday and it absolutely rips in a full band setting. I was easily keeping up in the mix with the other guitarist (and sometimes overtaking him), who's using a JCM900 and an 80s Marshall 2x12 cab. It sounds very natural and my...
  44. Teej

    Mission Gemini 2-P SE

    So I got the SE cab yesterday, and so far its great! It's not quite as flat as I expected so a little global EQ was needed to take the bass frequencies down a touch and to bring the highs up a bit. It was really boomy upon plugging in. What I really love about the cab is that it puts out that...
  45. Teej

    Mission Gemini 2-P SE

    Great Scott! I meant to say Dec 31st. Time is flying by too quickly lately and I have no idea what month I'm in any more!
  46. Teej

    Mission Gemini 2-P SE

    I decided my Alto TS speakers just do not cut it when jamming with the rest of a band. No matter how much EQing I do on the output, they just don't sound right. As luck would have it, work gave me a sizable bonus so I've gone and invested in some true FRFR gear. I already have the Matrix...
  47. Teej

    T-Shirts Clearance Sale

    I think you guys haven't noticed that under "Other carriers" there are two USPS shipping options that a $7 and $9, respectively. I agree the UPS prices are insane so I went with the postal service.
  48. Teej


    It sure is. Glad to hear I'm not crazy! Yeah, I try to take my Axe-FX along with me in it's 2U rack when I try stuff out. Great way to avoid the one-trick-pony guitars for sure.
  49. Teej


    So I've had my Axe II for a few months now, and I still love it. It really is a feat of engineering. The other day I realized something after I picked up a new guitar from the local shop. The Axe-FX seems to be far more sensitive to the EQ response of pickups than any regular amp I've ever...
  50. Teej

    VH Carnal Knowledge Tone

    I bought an old Kramer American Sustainer the other day and am just playing the crap out of it, what an amazing guitar. In the spirit of its time period (late 80s-early 90s) I decided to work on a For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge sound. I think its going well thus far. Tried to channel my inner...
  51. Teej

    Studio monitor best options

    I recently got a pair of used Yamaha HS80s and they are kick-ass. A very flat response for the money.
  52. Teej

    Understanding All the Different Gain Controls

    Excellent :lol
  53. Teej

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.04 Released

    The changes in the power amp really made a difference for me. I was struggling to get a preset to sound just right but this update seemed to do exactly what I needed!
  54. Teej

    Rackmount EQ?

    Just wanted to post a little update: I gave up on the Carvins, there was no amount of EQing that was going to satisfy me with them. Could not shake the weird midrange honk they had... I picked up some Alto TS110a's and I actually like them quite a bit so far. I compared them with some Mackies...
  55. Teej

    Axe-FX Newbie Recording - Alice in Chains

    Thanks, haha. I've never learned the solo, actually. Always have meant to, though.
  56. Teej

    Axe-FX Newbie Recording - Alice in Chains

    So I've had the Axe-FX II for 3 days now, and I can certainly see there is a lot to learn. I decided to play around with tone matching and the Bogfish Brown amp model. I did a cover recording of part of Man in the Box, and I think this preset is going well. Not perfect, but not bad for an Axe-FX...
  57. Teej

    axe fx newbie does pink floyd time solo

    Sounds great, man. One of my favorite solos too.
  58. Teej

    Rackmount EQ?

    Great tip, thank you. Glad to be in the club. Should be getting my shipment this Thursday. I'll see how things sound. Interesting point, I hadn't heard that before. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks again for the help, guys. You have been quite the impressive forum community thus far. I have...
  59. Teej

    Rackmount EQ?

    Yeah, you get that opinion flying around anywhere people talk gear. I do think some of their products are poorly made, but others I feel are not. Historically I have had no problems with the rackmount EQs. What you are saying is exactly my thought process. I'd rather dial things in using my...
  60. Teej

    Rackmount EQ?

    Yeah, if I was at a gig, I would just hit the EQ Out buttons anyway and that would just pass the straight signal. Didn't realize that the global EQ was so powerful, just the beginning of so many things I'm going to learn, I think. Thanks guys. Teej
  61. Teej

    Rackmount EQ?

    Hey guys, First time poster, and new Axe-FX II purchaser here (I should be receiving it next week). I already started working on the new rig, and I got a pair of Carvin LS1202M monitors. I know they are lower-end, but I got a great deal on them along with speaker cables. The Axe-FX II is...
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