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  1. catscanman82

    FM3: when?

    I think that Fractal wants to have as many units as possible ready to ship to all that are on the wait list. As I remember people were complaining when the AX8 came out they didn’t have enough units to ship out and had to wait for their invitation. When they are ready they will let us know.
  2. catscanman82

    Let's do it! Waitlist list. Just for fun!

    4/25/19 10:02 am
  3. catscanman82

    Axe-Fx 3, HS8 Studio Monitors and a Sonic Epiphany

    Was thinking of getting a pair of the Adam TZV for my fractal AXFX 3. Can you let us know how you like them. Thanks
  4. catscanman82

    My favourite new power amp! Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170

    Got mine today and used the settings Yek suggested above. Sounds great through my 1x12 cab. You will not be disappointed.
  5. catscanman82

    My favourite new power amp! Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170

    Thanks for your help Yek
  6. catscanman82

    My favourite new power amp! Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170

    I am having a Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170 being delivered today. Any setting changes do I need to do besides turning off Cab sims. Using a AXFX 3 and 1 x 12" Celestion G12M Creamback Cab. Thanks for the help.
  7. catscanman82

    Shout Out to the Sales Folks

    I have reached out to them with my delivery. They are great on helping us out.
  8. catscanman82

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    Glad I held out. Excellent.
  9. catscanman82

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.05 Public Beta

    Feel better and Good luck with your surgery.
  10. catscanman82

    FS Adam Audio A7X Powered Studio Monitors (Pair)

    FOR SALE are a Pair Adam Audio A7X Powered Studio Monitors that are in perfect condition. Email with any questions https://www.ebay.com/itm/192675308428
  11. catscanman82

    Coming soon...

    I got the music in me.
  12. catscanman82

    Delivery of Axe-Fx III

    Same thing happen to me. Email Andrew in sales and he will take care of it for you.
  13. catscanman82

    Strictly home playing...FRFR cab vs studio monitors?

    It will take a while to get used to but read through the forums for help. I went through a few different monitors and ended up with a pair of Adam a7x which I bought open box from Muscians Friend. They do make a difference but what also helped was to read through the forums and learn what the...
  14. catscanman82

    Why does everything I play sound muddy?

    Did the reducing the master volume thing the other day and it sound way better. Didn’t have to play with other settings. One little tweak and there ya go.
  15. catscanman82

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Wait list June 26 Invite July 20
  16. catscanman82

    Recommendation on a 2 x 12 Cabinet For AX8

    I need a recommendation on a 2x12 cab to go with my AX8. I have a Seymour Duncan 170 Powerstage that I use with a 1x12 with Celestion V30. I really like how it sounds but am I missing something by not having a 2x12 and how much better is it. Also is there speaker recommendations that can be...
  17. catscanman82

    Splawn Supersport and Channel Switching

    Thanks for your help. I will reach out to Scott.
  18. catscanman82

    4 Cable Method Question

    Thanks I plan on getting new monitors but for now I am using this setup. I found that some amps sound good and some don’t. I was also thinking of getting a small power amp so I can use my guitar cab. Are there any suggestions I could get to which kind to buy without spending a lot. Thanks
  19. catscanman82

    4 Cable Method Question

    Can someone give me some direction in setting up my Splawn Supersport head and 1x12 cab with the AX8 using the 4 cable method. I need help in setting up levels with loop volume and certain parameters if there is any. It sounds good but I think I am missing something because when I use the amp...
  20. catscanman82

    Splawn Supersport and Channel Switching

    Can I set up my Splawn Supersport to channel switch with the FX8 and how would I do this. Thanks for your help.
  21. catscanman82

    Help me decide on studio monitors

    Had the Presonus 8 but returned them due to the fact they were too big for the size of the room I play in. Just exchanged them a pair of Focal Alpha 50 monitors and they sound much better for me. I had different monitors before but could not make them sound good because I didn’t know what I was...
  22. catscanman82

    Studio monitor recommendations for home usage

    I had the JBL305 which sounded good with the AX8 but then I sold them and wanted to hear what the difference in sound with an 8 inch monitor. Bought a pair Presonus Eris E8 monitors and the difference was night and day. They are big but they sound great for the price through the AX8.
  23. catscanman82

    Axe-Change Problem

    Happen to me last night also a few times. Thought it was just me.
  24. catscanman82

    Connection of AX8 with 4cm and Studio Monitors

    What is the best way to connect my AX8 so I can switch off between 4cm with my amp and studio monitors. Thanks
  25. catscanman82

    What am I doing wrong with output 2 of my XL+?

    I understand the 4 cable method with inserting an FX loop in the preset when using my Mesa Boogie. I just wanted to clarify that when I was using the AX8 presets I would disable the cabinet and either disable or enable the preamp sims. Thanks for everyone’s help.
  26. catscanman82

    What am I doing wrong with output 2 of my XL+?

    What I want to understand is when I am using my Mesa amp in 4cm all the controls work. When I am using the amp models of AX8 going into my Mesa amp none of the Mesa amp controls including volume work.Do I use the Mesa amp as my pre amp even though none of the controls work or do I activate the...
  27. catscanman82

    What am I doing wrong with output 2 of my XL+?

    I am running 4 cm method with my Mesa 5:25 and when I use AX8 amp models the controls on my my Mesa do not work.When I use the Mesa with 4cm they do work. Does this mean I am bypassing the preamp of the Mesa and I should use the AX8 preamp models. Thanks for any explanation that will clear it...
  28. catscanman82

    What am I doing wrong with output 2 of my XL+?

    I have this going on with my Mark 5:25 with 4cm. Does this mean I would want to use preamp sims with my presets.
  29. catscanman82

    Day 3 with my new AX8

    Not that I don’t like Fractal Cabs but I bought the Ownhammer Heavy Hitters vol1 Cab pack with the suggestions from people on this forum. Found cabs that I liked with minimal tweaking with the amp parameters. Very happy with the results. Looking at Austin Buddy for Fender and Vox cabs now.
  30. catscanman82


    I am looking into a power amp/cab for my AX8. I need some direction on what size cab (1x12 or 2 x12) and what type of power amp. It will be for playing at home and with some friends once in a while. Was looking at the Quilter 101 Mini Guitar Amplifier Head which I notice a lot of people use...
  31. catscanman82

    Woohoo... XiTone Cabs new website is now live!

    Got my Michael Britt about a month ago with the sliver cloth and white piping. It looks great and sounds fantastic with my AX8. Got it to sound great at home volumes with the standard tweaking that everyone talks about on the forum. I am a fan of Leon Todd presets and they sound amazing and very...
  32. catscanman82

    4 cable method?

    4cm board
  33. catscanman82

    4 cable method?

    There is a 4cm patch in the AX8 ax exchange that I used that works great.
  34. catscanman82

    XL+ with Monitors

    Try a pair of JBL 305 for your bedroom playing. Not expensive and they sound really good with my AX8. I graduated to a Xitone Michael Britt 1x12 Cab and sounds great a home also.
  35. catscanman82

    Ax8 and amp

    Just received a Xitone Michael Britt 1x12 Open Cab and it sounds great with the AX8. Mick is a great guy to deal with and the cab is well built . I also used JBL 305 monitors that also sounded great if you want to spend less money.
  36. catscanman82

    Cabs and IR's for Low Volume

    Check out Leon Todd (RAGDOLL) presets here on forum. They are excellent presets and sound great at low or reasonable volumes for home playing.
  37. catscanman82

    Custom aluminium pedal board project

    That looks great. I Wish I could do that.
  38. catscanman82

    Beedrom vs Live settings examples

    Are you boosting just BMT for low volume playing or are you adjusting some advanced parameters also. This will be a big help to me due to very limited knowelge in this area. Thanks for the help in advance. Samples will help me.
  39. catscanman82

    Free Mesa Preset Pack - AX8

    These presets sound great . Thank you
  40. catscanman82

    Looking to buy monitors for the Axe-Fx

    I have only experience with the 5" so maybe someone that has experience with both can help you. I find that the 305 might be lacking some low end but what I use it for it doesn't bother me too much. I was thinking of exchanging the 305 for the 308 to hear the difference since I am within that...
  41. catscanman82

    Looking to buy monitors for the Axe-Fx

    If you are playing at home then the JBL LSR 305 sound pretty good with my AX8 and they are not a lot of money.$300.00 for pair at guitar center.
  42. catscanman82

    Selling Gemini 2 for a Friedman?

  43. catscanman82

    Boost from Amp

    Thanks Joe for your help.
  44. catscanman82

    Boost from Amp

    i have a new Badger 18 with the built in boost mode and wondering if I can control it from the FX8 and if I can how to set it up. Thanks for the help in advance.
  45. catscanman82

    New fx8 help!

    You think this is frustrating you should try the AX8. I know it was me that could never get it to sound great due my limited knowledge in certain areas. On the other hand my FX8 sounds great with my Suhr Badger 18 using the 4 cm. These forums are a great help and learned a lot about FX8
  46. catscanman82

    FX8 and Suhr Badger

    Thinking of getting an FX8 and is anyone using theirs with a Suhr Badger. Any issues with a 4 cm. Thanks in advance.
  47. catscanman82

    Is The Edge going with Axe FX for the new tour?

    Saw them during the War Tour in NYC at Palladium.(small venue)I think it was around 82/83. I went because someone I knew use to go see them at the Ritz all the time and said they were pretty good. Who knew. I think they also use to play some other clubs in Manhattan at that time.
  48. catscanman82

    New Friedman Cab

    Just saw this on the Friedman site: http://friedmanamplification.com/monitors/asc-12
  49. catscanman82

    Wiki has been updated (AX8)

    Thank you for your hard work and insight with the AX8.
  50. catscanman82

    studio monitors?

    I had the Yamaha HS7 and thought the sound was good but was just missing something. Then tried the Mission Gemini 1 and that sounded really good also but then the Atomic CLR Neo became available so I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did and you will not really appreciate how it sounds until...
  51. catscanman82


    Received an a e-mail that the Atomic CLR Neo was available so I said why not and decided to buy one for my AX8 stemming from the positive reviews from this forum and others. Well, now I know what everyone is talking about. Right out of the box I did not have to make any changes to any of the...
  52. catscanman82

    Can't get a good sound

    I was in the same boat as you were. I bought an AX8 and sold it because I told myself it was too complicated and couldn't get the sounds I wanted right out of the box. Then I decided to give it another shot and I tried it with power amps, studio monitors, combo amp and finally settled on the...
  53. catscanman82

    Bedroom Players Vs. "Pros" & the Blanket complaint

    I feel like I am in the same boat. What Cab Packs would be suggested. I have a pair of Yamaha H7 Studio Monitors.Thanks
  54. catscanman82

    Downdload Factory Presets Question

    thanks. I thought that might be it. I guess I should read the release notes.
  55. catscanman82

    Downdload Factory Presets Question

    I wanted to reset my factory presets including the ones I downloaded from 17.1 on. When I Download the factory presets and turn off the AX8 and turn it back on the presets I downloaded from 17.1 on are still there and have not cleared. I did reinstall the updated firmware and reset the...
  56. catscanman82

    Diagnosing hum/static with AX8 rig

    I was getting a lot of static and noise and was ready to replace cables and go crazy. I moved my AX8 to a different part of my room away from a TV and it stopped.
  57. catscanman82

    Yamaha hs7 or hs5?

    I play at home and bought the HS5. They sounded good but were just missing a little something at lower volumes.Returned them and bought the HS7 and the little something I was missing is there and sound fuller to me. I downloaded some presets in the exchange and they sound great with very minor...
  58. catscanman82

    Yamaha hs7 or hs5?

    I was also looking at the HS7 for home use with my AX8 so this thread is of interest to me.
  59. catscanman82

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    How about all the zillions that were done right. It takes 5 min to perform and you learn how to update your AX8 for future software upgrades.
  60. catscanman82

    New York

    New York
  61. catscanman82

    Home Studio Monitor

    I have not touched the controls in the back and left the volume at noon. From what someone told me is that I should do all the tweaking from the AX8. I had a little promblem with the muddy/ dark sound on some of the patches and someone on the forum gave some info on which values to tweak in the...
  62. catscanman82

    Home Studio Monitor

    Yes I got the A5x about 2 weeks ago for my AX8 and they sound great. I did a lot of research on what to buy for home playing on this forum.Yamaha,Adam and some others came up so I went with the Adam A5X and I am happy with the choice.
  63. catscanman82

    Thanks to Yek's guide... (a post for newbies like me)

    Started using this to get a starting point and it is very helpful.
  64. catscanman82

    Back to Fractal after a long hiatus

    Sorry It is Adam A5x x 2. Had the formula all screwed up!
  65. catscanman82

    Back to Fractal after a long hiatus

    I am a home player also and finally listened to the people on this forum who have been around a while. I have an AX8 with ADAM A5x monitors for my house and I am finally hearing the full potential of AX8. Thought bigger was better but found out that smaller was best in this instance for me. I...
  66. catscanman82

    Connecting Studio Monitors to AX8

    Thanks for the help.
  67. catscanman82

    Connecting Studio Monitors to AX8

    Bought a pair of studio monitors for my house and Is there any specific settings that I have to make or change anything in the global menu. If this was asked before could anyone provide the link.Thanks for your help in advance.
  68. catscanman82

    Active studio monitors for AX8?

    Would anyone recommend either the Adam A5x or A7x for home use with the AX8. Thanks
  69. catscanman82


    I was thinking either the Equator D5 or Adam 5x for my AX8. Would these work or is there another suggestion. I play at home and do not need to large monitors but just something that sounds good for a reasonable price. thanks in advance.
  70. catscanman82

    AX8 availability

    They are in stock right now.
  71. catscanman82

    Best Low Volume FRFR

    Anyone using JBL LSR305 studio monitors for there AX8. I have been reading positive reviews for these.
  72. catscanman82

    Tech 21 Power Engine 60 1x12"

    Just had a cab built by XiTone to go with my AX8 and it sounds great. Just the size of a small 1x12 guitar cab and you get to use all of what the AX8 has to offer with FRFR. Mick is great to work with and will advise on what's best for you.
  73. catscanman82

    Inspired by Yek - AX8 Presets

    Thank you.
  74. catscanman82

    Inspired by Yek - AX8 Presets

    Little confused/ if I want to save from 17-1 How do I do a bulk download from axe manage presets. Thanks for your help
  75. catscanman82

    Xitone Open-Back 1-12" review/Mick Farlow for President

    Mick has not been able to update the website because he has been building my cab which is suppose To be shipping tomorrow.Mick is great to work with and explains everything that is going on during your build.
  76. catscanman82

    AX8/Xitone Open-Back review

    Mick is making me a closed back FRFR Cab as we speak. He has been really helpful and informative on all the questions I have been asking him and the guy answers any e-mail you send him at any time of day.
  77. catscanman82

    Stock Presets too bassy?

    Where is the high pass and low pass Parameters located to make this adjustment. Thanks
  78. catscanman82

    Matrix Amplification FR10

    Just ordered my FR10 today for my AX8 and already got tracking number. Looking forward to hearing my AX8 through this speaker.
  79. catscanman82

    Anyone use their AX8 through a power amp/guitar speakers, or guitar amp fx return?

    Thanks for the help. Mine sounds great running through my amp head effects return. I will probably get a FRFR speaker in the future.
  80. catscanman82

    Anyone use their AX8 through a power amp/guitar speakers, or guitar amp fx return?

    Is there any settings in the AX8 that need to be done besides turning the cabs sims off. Thanks
  81. catscanman82

    Another Power Amp and Cabinet Question

    How do you turn off power amp modeling?
  82. catscanman82

    Another Power Amp and Cabinet Question

    I just ran it through my amp effects return of my Splawn Super sport mini Head and it sounds fantastic. I just turn the cab sims off on the preset and the different amps sound great.
  83. catscanman82

    Need some help with settings

    Thank you
  84. catscanman82

    Need some help with settings

    I see some XLR cables that are used for microphone or is there a specific kind. By the way your beginners video is excellent.
  85. catscanman82

    Need some help with settings

    New to Fractal AX8. Need advice on which cables do people suggest to use from AX8 to my preSonius E5 studio monitors. Thanks for your help . There are a lot of different kinds and I just want to buy the right ones.
  86. catscanman82

    Fractal AX8 for Home Use

    Thank you for all your input.
  87. catscanman82

    Fractal AX8 for Home Use

    Thank you.
  88. catscanman82

    Fractal AX8 for Home Use

    What FRFR speaker would anyone suggest. Thanks in advance.
  89. catscanman82

    Fractal AX8 for Home Use

    Just wondering if the AX8 if ok for playing at home.New to modeling so I am thinking of purchasing one with a small speaker instead of having a head and cab.Please educate me and thank you for your input.
  90. catscanman82

    FRFR Speaker?

    Thinking about getting an AX8 for home use and new to amp modeling world . I know nothing about speaker specs,makes, types and so on. Can anyone recommend a speaker to use that is reasonably priced and sounds good with AX8. Thanks for your help in advance
  91. catscanman82

    Invites for FX8 Mark II

    Just wondering if invites have going out for FX8 Mark II? If they haven't when would be an esimated time that they would. Thanks in advance.
  92. catscanman82

    Purchase FX8 or AX8

    Thank you.
  93. catscanman82

    Purchase FX8 or AX8

    I am on the waiting list for an FX8 but there is no wait for AX8. With people who have experience with both what would be the best thing to do. I would use it in the 4cm plus maybe play around with amp and cab models. All insight would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
  94. catscanman82

    Which Amp with FX8

    Splawn SuperSport 22 watt Head and 1x12 matching Cab. Scott did a great job with communication and build and it sounds fantastic. Waiting for my invite to purchase FX8 Thanks for all your help and input.
  95. catscanman82

    FX8 and Splawn Amps

    Thank you for everyones help. Just waiting to get the invite to purchase it.
  96. catscanman82

    FX8 and Splawn Amps

    Thanks for your reply. I have a new one with the loop volume which works really well. Is anyone using the FX8 with a Splawn that has a loop volume.
  97. catscanman82

    FX8 and Splawn Amps

    I have a Splawn Super Sport 22 watt Head and 1x12 cab. I was wondering if anyone is using an FX8 with this or any other Splawn amp combination and how is working out. Thanks in advance.
  98. catscanman82

    Another Wait list question

    I sold mine too and I am on the wait list again. I am doing more research this time and will be ready when I purchase it again. I learned that the effects are really great and how much flexibility you have.
  99. catscanman82

    Which Amp with FX8

    Looking for suggestions on a low wattage amp that matches well with the FX8. With a loop for 4 CM would be great. Thanks for your help in advance.
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