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    FC feature request: layout toggle

    Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere (didn't see it in a quick search), but seems like it could be useful. Among other things, it would allow you to access 3 different layouts from one button, with a separate layout for tap, double-tap, and hold.
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    Strange stand-in switch issue with FC-6

    After previously working without issue since stand-in switches were implemented, and making no hardware or software changes, the stand-in switches have begun acting strangely with my AfxIII/Fc-6. Before describing the problem, as quick background, I have four momentary switches which are mapped...
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    Axe FX III as MIDI interface for external devices?

    Can the Axe III serve as a MIDI interface for connecting external devices to a PC? That is, can MIDI messages received at the Axe's input be seen by software (e.g., DAW, editors for other hardware, etc.) running on a USB-connected computer a connected to the Axe, and conversely can the Axe pass...
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    changing amp model without changing amp parameters?

    Is there any way -- in either Ax8-Edit or on the Ax8 itself -- to change the amp model without most of the amp parameters changing? There are times I'd like to try out similar amps (for example, switching between the three different variations of the HBE) to get a feel for their unique...
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    cab-lab with Ax8

    I've been playing around with Cab-Lab-Lite (3.2.0), and it seems quite useful, aside from one annoyance. I cannot run Cab-Lab-Lite and Ax8-Edit at the same time. Whichever I open first retains its' connection with the Ax8, and the other never connects until the one with the connection is closed...
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    Bug? Defect?: Strange sounds with some high gain presets

    This might be nothing more than an odd quirk, but I thought it was interesting and unusual enough to post. In auditioning some of the presets and tweaking the knobs, I stumbled upon the odd behavior shown in the video below. In this example, I have the Bank 8 Preset 7 (Angle Severe) loaded up...
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    Bass patches

    Perhaps this should go in the preset exchange subforum, but there doesn't seem to be much action there so far, so... Does anyone have good presets, or even some suggestions, for bass? I've seen some good presets for the AxeFx ii, such as the SeeD bass presets, but unfortunately haven't seen...
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