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  1. willowdale

    FM3 Stock

    There is probably an FM3 Turbo coming…or not:cool:
  2. willowdale

    Whats Cliff doing now?

    As Borat would say: "I Am Excite"
  3. willowdale

    Whats Cliff doing now?

    Are we going to be able to actually move a virtual mic around a virtual speaker within Axe Edit??? This hasn't yet been made clear AFAIK:cool:
  4. willowdale

    How to use Tonex software in FM3 loop?

    Plus some of the Tonex captures/profiles simply sound/feel/react very tube amp like! I own the plugin/standalone versions, and use it with the AXE/IO audio interface.
  5. willowdale

    ToneX is blowing my mind…!

    Well, they are coming out with a ToneX pedal that will store/play the ToneX captures, plus user captures and captures of your own amps etc...so we'll see!
  6. willowdale

    Gift of Tone #23 - ALEX LIFESON

    King Lerxst🤘
  7. willowdale


    Great stuff as usual, Burgs. It's time for you to revisit your love of the 'Brown Sound' with an updated preset :cool:
  8. willowdale

    Rip X software , anybody any experience

    I have both RipX & Moises. Both are great. Moises is really all I need to quickly create near perfect quality backing tracks of my favorite songs, with all electric/acoustic guitar tracks removed from the original recording. Great times🤘
  9. willowdale

    ToneX is blowing my mind…!

    There are already quite a few captures of some Fractal models & Kemper profiles on ToneX.
  10. willowdale

    DIO: Dreamers Never Die. Released today in cinemas

    and we'll know for the first time...if we're evil or divine:japaneseogre:
  11. willowdale

    FM3 Update anytime soon?

    Will the FM3 be getting this Pre-Delay update in 6.0? "Added ability to use Pre-Delay in Reverb block as a simple echo. Pre-Delay now features Tempo, Feedback and Mix parameters. The pre-delay time has also been increased to 1 second. Several new types have been added to demonstrate these...
  12. willowdale

    RIP Olivia Newton John

    RIP Olivia...I really enjoyed you in those skin tight black pants in Grease 🤘 Did she ever seek the sacred river Alph in her version of Xanadu🤔
  13. willowdale

    Van Halen 90's Balance Tone

    Great stuff as usual, Mark🤘 Thanks for the preset! What firmware was this created on?
  14. willowdale

    Happy Birthday Leon Todd!

    Happy Beeeeeta-lated B-Day, You Legend!!!
  15. willowdale

    Early Van Halen

    Sounds very good! Please post the preset, if you're so inclined:cool:
  16. willowdale

    Rush - The Complete Scores

    Do you have any opinion regarding the accuracy of the guitar parts to the 17 songs included in the 'Spirit of Radio, greatest hits 1974-1987', that you didn't transcribe? Are they up to your very high standards:cool:
  17. willowdale

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03 beta 5

    it's all because of...the curse of the possessed FM3 59 Bassguy:eek:
  18. willowdale

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03 beta 2

    Just make sure all of this "unpleasant stuff" I see going on with this FM3 update, is totally and completely figured out & fixed before the update drops for my vastly superior FM9:cool:
  19. willowdale

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03 beta 1

    Cool!!! My FM9 is choosing to look at this FM3 update as a sign of things to come its way "very soon" :cool:
  20. willowdale

    VH Tribute…thoughts?

    Jacob Deraps totally nails every single nuance of Eddie like no other...just ask Dweezil, he'll tell you!
  21. willowdale

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I’m jonesin’ for an FM9 fw update…going cold turkey for too long:oops:
  22. willowdale

    Sounds boxy

    OP…Have you tried playing Sammy Hagar‘s Three Lock Box, or The Who’s Squeeze Box ? Those should sound spot on!
  23. willowdale

    Oops! I did it again....

    Silver Sky
  24. willowdale

    TRIUMPH: Rock & Roll Machine

    Where did you watch it?
  25. willowdale

    Front - rear instrument input comparison

    I only plug into the ‘rear input’ when I want that "brown sound":cool:
  26. willowdale

    Scene Ignore feature - Discussion & How you use it

    Will this be coming for the FM9/FM3?
  27. willowdale

    I have been on waiting list since October

    Got my waitlist email confirmation on Aug 27th, 2:42 EST. Got my purchase invitation on Oct 12th. I received my FM9 on Oct 26th. I actually remember thinking that was such a loooong wait:cool:
  28. willowdale

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    because you are sensible...
  29. willowdale

    Rush Documentary on Netflix

    Corgan has written some great tunes.
  30. willowdale

    Jack of all trades or master of one?

    "but never be the type of song to play live. I can even picture what the audience at that gig would look like" LOL
  31. willowdale

    They All Sound the Same Again

    The Camera Eye rhythm parts and arpeggiated fill were both played pretty good:cool:
  32. willowdale

    Pompous songs

  33. willowdale

    Underground 80s Metal Riffs - ep #2 - Def Leppard - High & Dry

    Good stuff! My favorite Leppard Album.
  34. willowdale

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex still alive?

    I have had one for about 4 months. It's a cool piece of modern tech. Clean, compact, good looking unit. Has some great amp captures & models, plus some cool effects. The cab/mic section is well designed & quite easy to dial in good sounds. It's probably about 12 months away from being fully...
  35. willowdale

    How do I load a fasBundle in my FM3?

    The FM3 doesn't import or export Preset/Cab Bundles. Only the AXE3 & FM9.
  36. willowdale

    FW Updates for the FM9?

    I've had zero issues with tuner stability/flickering with my FM9...
  37. willowdale

    Dio - Vivian Cambell - Last in Line Guitar Solo Cover (NOW WITH PRESET)

    “And we’ll know for the first time...if we’re evil or divine, we’re the last in line”🤘 One of my faves from the 80s! Good job on Viv’s awesome solo!
  38. willowdale

    Anyone have Axe-Fx II XL+ Quantum FW1.06???

    Thanks! I'm exploring some old presets on my vintage XL+, although I have an FM9, FM3 & Quad Cortex here at the house👍
  39. willowdale

    Anyone have Axe-Fx II XL+ Quantum FW1.06???

    Anyone have Axe-Fx II XL+ Quantum FW1.06??? The link on here to the XL+ FW1.06 version is giving the message "The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed". The Mark I/II & XL versions are able to be downloaded...
  40. willowdale

    Is it possible to get a tuner with the red line between the arrow like AXE III/FM9

    I’m pretty sure my FM9 has that red line in the middle of the tuner...
  41. willowdale

    The Camera Eye solo preset FM3

    Great tone & playing of an awesome Lerxst solo from an amazing song. I wore out the Exit Stage Left VHS tape in the 80s, which sadly doesn't include the complete concert :mad:
  42. willowdale

    Anyone else stalk the UPS driver??

    I've driven up to many a UPS/FedEx driver to get 'my precious'. "Ya got what's mine dammit...bought & paid for days ago for F**k's sake" :cool:
  43. willowdale

    Waitlist Email

    I'm actually at 2:42pm Eastern:cool:
  44. willowdale

    Waitlist Email

    I don't see the problem. I'm sure they're not holding a gun to anyone's head to force them to buy. If somebody wants one badly enough for whatever reason, and they don't mind paying a premium to get it now...then the seller has actually done the buyer a favor 👍
  45. willowdale

    Waitlist Email

    My 8/27 2:47pm Eastern waitlist email, may result in a quicker invite than I expected. It'll Probably still take until the end of next week at the earliest, but that's still quicker than I thought possible a couple days ago👍 Of course, they could also run out of inventory any moment now...and I...
  46. willowdale

    Who else is upgrading to Axe-FX III TURBO? :-)

    Actually 6 years, I got one of the first Helix Floor units from the pre-release sale from Woodwind & Brasswind in summer 2015.
  47. willowdale

    WISH: Ability to apply Channel Select/Toggle/Increment/Decrement to the Control channels

    Agreed...I expect these to be implemented by next Friday:cool:
  48. willowdale

    Happy Birthday @Burgs!

    @Burgs Happy birthday, mate!
  49. willowdale

    The 'Complete' Musician.

    Geddy Lee for sure!
  50. willowdale

    Poll - What cabs do you want?

    G12M Blackback 75hz JBL D120s
  51. willowdale

    Wish Mix Parameter For Graphic EQ

    +1 I expect it by next week :cool:
  52. willowdale

    FM3 Issue

    I hope you get this sorted out quickly! Why do you think you're very disappointing :cool:
  53. willowdale

    FM3 --> Powercab?

    Cool. I look forward to seeing your thoughts when you feel you have concluded your comparison of the FM3/Helix thru the Powercab. Cheers!
  54. willowdale

    Wish Notepad Block Type

    +1000!!! I often have to add a reminder/clue to myself in the name of the preset or scene name. I'd rather just be able to write a short, but detailed note about things I want to remember when next using whatever preset.
  55. willowdale

    FM3 --> Powercab?

    What's your thoughts on the sounds you're getting from each unit through the Powercab? Is the FM3 your first experience with a Fractal unit?
  56. willowdale

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    You should err on the safe side & wait to update on Monday...
  57. willowdale

    Wish Authentic mode on Effects

    Yeah, bring it on. It can't hurt:cool:
  58. willowdale

    [fixed] Bug: Slope in Cabinet block when importing Axe-Fx III presets

    Yes, it's what is called an 'intentional' error:cool:
  59. willowdale

    It's 2021 and the FC-12 display still looks like garbage

    I disagree. Nothing wrong with him calling it as he sees it! (or in this case...can’t see it good enough:D) It‘s a piece of gear. He’s not calling someone’s baby ugly:cool:
  60. willowdale

    First Time My Fan Came On

    Steve Vai demands that the custom fan in his Axe-FX III blows his hair continuously whenever his unit is on...
  61. willowdale

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 2

    Thanks! So does FM3 4.00b2 have the same amp modeling as AXE3 16.02 ??? edit..."Amp block is aligned with Axe-Fx III 16.01" So is the FM3 'modeling' going to be aligned with AXE3 16.02 ???
  62. willowdale

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 2

    Yeah Baby :cool:
  63. willowdale


    I just hope the alien chicks are hot & horny:cool:
  64. willowdale

    Anyone put a Dimarzio Super Distortion in a Les Paul?

    And using Line6 Pod Farm 2 from 2010:oops: Time to sell the AxeFX3/FM3 :D
  65. willowdale

    Holy crap... XFormer Match

    I have always sung the praises of XFormer Match since the early Axe-FX II days. It helped to remove the blanket from the tone & make it more open/less congested. Lowering XFormer Match, especially on amps with the master vol set high, is a very powerful parameter...
  66. willowdale

    Thanks for not profiling !!

    cool story bro...
  67. willowdale

    Thanks for not profiling !!

    It was said upfront from the Neural guys that the QC is not good at capturing fuzz pedals...it is quite good at capturing drive pedals though, & amps of course.
  68. willowdale

    Preset Poll

    That's what she said...
  69. willowdale

    Black Sabbath’s “Into the Void” Live

    Great stuff! Did you tune the guitar down, or are you using the FM3 pitch block?
  70. willowdale

    Why is this forum superior to all others?

    'Darrin' is the spelling they used on "Bewitched"...not 'Darren'. Get your facts straight:D
  71. willowdale

    Not Really Digging Axe Thru Headphones

    I wouldn't play guitar if I had to play thru headphones...
  72. willowdale

    Vacay in The Sunshine State

    Don't forget the fine ass Latinas....Aye Papi :cool:
  73. willowdale

    Wish Marshall Major

    I expect this model to be available no later than 2 months after the full release of Cygnus :cool:
  74. willowdale

    Uplifting/Standing Studio Desk: Anyone Using One in Your Studio?

    Are you happy with those Focal monitors?
  75. willowdale

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    The III is so authentic now, that even tone stack knobs make noises like some of my tube amps :oops: You da man Cliff 🤘
  76. willowdale

    Persnally, the Analog vs Digital battle is over!! (JCM800 A/B clip)

    You're hearing things in reverse! Clip B is warmer, more spongy. But yeah, looking forward to the official FW release of Cygnus X-1, Book II: Hemispheres🤘
  77. willowdale

    Some '80s rock inspired goodness feat. Cygnus

    Sweet '80s...gotta love it! Good Stuff 👍
  78. willowdale

    Axe-Edit, Pro Tools Crashing PC

    Buy a Mac...
  79. willowdale

    Do major firmware updates make commercial preset packs obsolete?

    Otherwise known as the feature implemented for those easily annoyed/offended, & without the self control to simply scroll/whistle past someone's post...
  80. willowdale

    RUSH - "The Big Money"

    It's that old time religion It's the kingdom they would rule It's the fool on television Getting paid to play the fool OP, good stuff! Thanks for the preset
  81. willowdale

    I'm new to Fractal, found an interesting YouTube channel

    Yeah, I subscribed to his YouTube when he started posting AXE3 vids to the channel, but he stopped posting new vids on there last July. Regardless, the AXE3 vids he's uploaded all contain great useful info!
  82. willowdale

    Favorite meat doneness

    Red meat is gross to me now. I'll eat a little chicken & fish here & there, but even that is few and far between now. I simply don't miss any of it...going on 20 years. I remember loving it all though👍
  83. willowdale

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.08 (supports fw 16.00 public beta)

    This happened to me on my iMac last night & I used the 'open link in new tab' option & it immediately downloaded.
  84. willowdale

    72 hours without electricity

    Played a little beach volleyball this morning in Miami & half hour of Jet Skiing.....sorry:cool:
  85. willowdale

    How Will Cygnus Affect Existing Presets?

    It will completely destroy them...
  86. willowdale

    New single is live!

    Welcome back Danny...a very cool song with great vocals! Also, some great tones from the XL+👍 A new Van Halen preset from you would certainly be appreciated...you posted a killer one years ago!!! Yeah, I have an Axe3, but I still have my XL+ someplace around the house:cool:
  87. willowdale

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    By-Tor in defeat retreats to Hell:cool:
  88. willowdale

    AFIII Presets AustinBuddy's "Brit Rock Royalty #1" TonePack for Cygnus X2 21.04+ is UPDATED and now available!

    Does Brit Rock Royalty still sound as good as it originally did, when it's now used with the current 15.01 FW ???
  89. willowdale

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    FM3 will only get the 'CH' from 'CHUG'.....the 'UG' part of 'CHUG' requires Axe-Fx III level processing!!!
  90. willowdale

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    So, just so we're clear....the main thing to look forward to in this upcoming firmware is next-level chugging? Asking for a friend:cool:
  91. willowdale

    Watching the feed from NAMM - Van Halen 1978 performed at Melbourne Guitar Show 2019 - SIMON HOSFORD

    Killer band! Guitarist has Eddie nailed for sure!!! Here's what he said in the YouTube comments: "Im using the Kemper as a pre-amp, and running it into the old Superlead Power section at the back, and then into a vintage Marshall Cab. The Plexi I've had modded to sound great on its own, but...
  92. willowdale

    In honor of Edward........

    I dig it...what pickups?
  93. willowdale

    Wish Show preset Meta-data on HOME screen (e.g. saved FW version)

    Yes, please. It would be very useful indeed...
  94. willowdale

    FM3 thru USB frustrations

    Try & use your FM3 thru a family member/friend's Mac into Logic(if they have it loaded) or GarageBand. Do you get the same artifacts recording in GarageBand on your Mac using the FM3?
  95. willowdale

    Am I an idiot? Borderline OCD content enclosed :)

    Cool story bro...
  96. willowdale

    New FM ???

    A more powerful floorboard unit is not a replacement for the FM3....it would surely cost quite a bit more methinks. When anything else is released, buy it or don't.
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