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  1. willowdale

    White static noise when AFXIII is used as audio device(FIXED!!!)

    When using the III as an audio device on my iMac...Sierra 10.12.6, I get white noise pretty quickly after starting any audio file. It lasts for maybe 5 seconds & then the audio returns to normal. It then keeps happening now and again at random times as the audio plays. The noise pretty much...
  2. willowdale

    Rush's Permanent Waves full album performance!

    I'm a huge Rush fan & this guy is unreal!!! He plays every instrument & nails every part! Even the production is stellar....Terry Brown would be proud!
  3. willowdale

    PRS Private Stock theft caught on camera

    Very brazen theft.....some folks are scum! Surprised that guitar wasn't in some display case, or hanging very high.
  4. willowdale

    12 year old with AX8 playing Petrucci!!!

    He's playing Damage Control by Petrucci, which isn't an easy instrumental to pull off. Especially as close to flawless as this wee lad does! He's playing over a backing track with all guitars removed. He says he's playing the 100% stock Brit Pre Lead preset. AX8 sounds great.....the kid's got...
  5. willowdale

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch ... Amp Model Requests

    Yeah, I know Cliff will be a busy guy.....but he will get to new amp models at some point! I would love the Friedman lineup to be expanded:D BE-50 Deluxe Phil X JJ-100 SS-100 Butterslax Pink Taco & I expect these models on my minty fresh Axe-FX III to sound better than the same models released...
  6. willowdale

    Line 6 HX Effects new for NAMM

  7. willowdale

    Wish Friedman JJ-100 Jerry Cantrell Amp

    Just got finished jamming on a Friedman Cantrell at a friends house. Sweet Sweet amp!!! Cliff, please do your modeling magic on one of these ASAP! Thanks in advance.......
  8. willowdale

    Gain Matching!

    So Cliff has applied for a Gain Matching patent........I wonder what he has up his sleeve & if EQ+Gain Matching will be a feature that is included in the Axe2 or a future unit? Like Cliff says, "the Kemper basically has seven (last I checked) base amp models. It finds the model that is...
  9. willowdale

    Suhr Is Being Bought Out!!!

    100% that the quality will suffer........it always happens. Parker guitars is a prime example. They are nowhere close to what they used to be since being bought out! Avalanche Int'l Agrees to Buy JS Technologies, Maker of Suhr Guitar - OTCMarkets.com
  10. willowdale

    Rush Rolling Stone Cover Story!

    Great read with great pictures.......Alex still smokes da weed! lol "Our First Stop Is In Bogota, To Check Columbian Fields"......... From Rush With Love | Rolling Stone
  11. willowdale

    Friedman FRFR Cab Update!

    Dave Friedman said this 2 days ago on Rig Talk: "Should be available any day now. 500 watts celestial drivers. Punchy and not too bright like some full range cabs. They have a real Knock to them like a guitar cab would". I'm looking forward to trying a pair of them for sure!
  12. willowdale

    Cliff There's A Cameron CCV For Sale On RIG Talk

    I know you want one so check it out dude!
  13. willowdale

    The Interview.....Hilarious Movie!

    I downloaded this the other day but just watched it this morning...........classic comedy for sure! Laughed my ass off!!! I didn't pay for it because I'd heard it was complete crap, but wouldn't have minded if I had paid........funny shit!
  14. willowdale

    ETA For New Axe Edit

    Waiting for the new Edit to drop before messing with 16.04........is it "soon"
  15. willowdale

    What I Want Now!!!

    I want the new Cab Lab(or at least good updated info), & I want Mark Day to fully demo the FX8 with his BE100 I don't think this is unreasonable of me, so I expect these 2 things to happen this week!!!........lol
  16. willowdale

    New Convolution Reverb IR Loader pedal

    It uses an SD card to load impulses & has quite a few built in.....$199
  17. willowdale

    Line 6 New Amp Teaser......

    Looks like a modeling amp with built in FRFR monitor(StageSource?) to me....... Will it have IR loading???
  18. willowdale

    Cliff, Your Dumble Is Cheap!!!

    Cliff, this one has got to be better than yours! You've gotta step up your game dude! lol Dumble Overdrive Special Head Circa 1983 | eBay
  19. willowdale

    Wish YJM Marshall & JVM Satriani

    Hey Cliff, it would be sweet if you could get your hands on these two awesome amps to MIMIC...... The Satch JVM is much nicer than the standard JVM & the YJM is a blast to play as well. You could also do a jumpered version of the YJM because it is has the 4 inputs.... So these 2 amps(3...
  20. willowdale

    Hitler hates KPA & Axe FX!!! Hilarious

    Get that man his Cameron CCV!!!
  21. willowdale

    Vivian Campbell Has Cancer

    Mojo goes out to one of my 80s shred favorites for sure. His work with Dio is awesome!!! From his Facebook: "I feel fortunate that my cancer sent me an alarm call in the form of ‘the cough that wouldn’t quit’. Otherwise, how would I have known? After several months of trying every...
  22. willowdale

    ETA for the V10 bug fix release?

    Tone matching issue, looper causing Axe to reboot itself etc......... Any mention of when we can expect the v10.1 bug fix release??? Soon? Imminent? lol
  23. willowdale

    Steve Stevens & Mark Day With Friedman SS100

    Cliff could you please MIMIC this for the Axe-II, but only after you release FW10 ! No more delays!!! lol Friedman SS100 Steve Stevens Amplifier with Steve Stevens Demo and Interview - YouTube!
  24. willowdale

    G66 Axe Fx Announcement (April Fools)

  25. willowdale


    Cliff, help a brother out!!! Oh yeah, Happy Easter dude! lol
  26. willowdale

    YYZ Cover Using a $70 JamVox

    I got an Axe-II, a KPA and some fine tube amps, but when it comes to just learning a tune my JamVox rules! It works perfectly on my iMac & you can import songs/backing tracks etc..., slow them down, change pitch & record. There is a built in Korg tuner, drum tracks, & you can set markers...
  27. willowdale

    Cliff, I'm A Patient Guy.........

    But you're really pushing it now!! lol
  28. willowdale

    Engaging Looper Affects The Tone! Why??

    Any of you notice this?? I like to record a short riff using the looper and then tweak the sound from there without playing my guitar. I've noticed an obvious difference in tone when engaging the looper. Why is this? I record my short loops in stereo. When I record straight into Logic I hear...
  29. willowdale


    Just tried this amp and it's amazing!! Ya gotta get it Cliff, ya just gotta!!! lol
  30. willowdale

    Best Way To Setup Axe II Thru Vetta 2 Combo?

    Please just give me quick detailed info on how to do this. I know I could probably look this up but I'm fried from the weekend!! lol Not really expecting it to sound great, but I have the Vetta 2 combo with matching extension cab & I'm just curious to hear the Axe thru something other than...
  31. willowdale


    I went to Guitar Center Hallandale(closest one to Miami Beach) today and asked the fella behind the counter in the audio department if he will price match the HS80 monitors at $219 each that Wal Mart is selling them for. Guitar center has them at $349 each. He looked up the monitors on the Wal...
  32. willowdale

    Steve Vai Live On AXS TV Tonight 11:45 Eastern

    Live broadcast of his current tour stop from Los Angeles. AXS TV is available on Comcast, Direc TV , AT&T U-Verse, & Dish Network. Check it out!! 11:45 eastern
  33. willowdale

    Getting A Public Beta Axe Edit This Week??

    Not complaining, just asking. I heard rumors about it being available before the Axe Fest. True....or No!!
  34. willowdale

    I Thought The "Tourette's Tuner" Was To Be Fixed In 7.0

    The high E & B strings on my guitars still have the 'shakes' in 7.0 Cliff said not too long ago that the jumping tuner was to be addressed for the 7.0 release. What happened??
  35. willowdale


    Been dealing with this issue since 6.0 firmware!! Drag a reverb block from series up to parallel & the Axe freezes, many other things cause this to happen as well. Surely you can duplicate this problem with your setups!! All the latest stuff installed but still this issue. Is this just...
  36. willowdale

    Axe Exchange Beta Test Update

    I know this has been with the Beta Testers for at least a couple weeks. Is this as much of a PITA as it seems from the outside looking in?? Between Axe Edit & the AxeChange, Cliff & the boyz sure seem to have their hands & heads full !! I have complete faith you'll get this all working...
  37. willowdale

    New Rush Album Is A Masterpiece!!

    Clockwork Angels. Downloaded an early copy yesterday. Wow!! 60 year old guys doing this for 40 years are not supposed to be this great and relevant! This just doesn't happen with any other band! Looking forward to getting the actual CD in all its sonic glory next Tuesday when it officially...
  38. willowdale

    Tone Matching USB Question

    We dont seem to have the option to load a clip of ourselves to the user slot using USB. Why is this? I want to have the option to load the reference clip into my DAW and then record myself on another track playing along perfectly in time with the reference clip. Then just direct the...
  39. willowdale

    New Axe Edit Not Ready For Prime Time

    Crashes all the time now and it causes the Axe-II to freeze up quite often. I only had rare issues using it in the past, but it is constant now. I use an iMac and I downloaded the most recent fix, but it didn't help.
  40. willowdale


    Thank you Cliff for this FAT switch!! It is just so good. I'm even starting to look at "Chubby Chicks" in a more favorable light because of this!! lol
  41. willowdale


    Found This On TGP The first half is the model, the second half is the amp: www.fractalaudio.com/tmp/ttyd.mp3 Don't ask me to do another clip because I have tendinitis in my hand and that was extremely painful. __________________
  42. willowdale

    TODAY feels like "VERY SOON" to me

    Just Saying...........
  43. willowdale

    Cliff I have a Question regarding your recent post on TGP

    "All the Bogners have been totally redone, sorry LOL. Almost every amp model has been "matched" to its real-life counterpart. This was an exhausting, pain-staking, ordeal that involved matching the gain and tone-control response and then doing a distortion and EQ match and saving all that data...
  44. willowdale

    CLIFF, release me from "Patch Creation Purgatory"

    I'm caught between 5.07 & Pre-6.0 HELL!! lol I've tried to create new patches, but my brain is in another dimension 6.0 light years from earth! Free me from this mental prison, i've done nothing wrong!! Lol
  45. willowdale

    Amp & Tone Matching In The Axe-II : Am I Understanding This Correctly?

    The 'tone matching' and 'amp matching' are basically the same process. 1.Pick the amp block that you feel is the closest match to the isolated guitar track or tube amp that you are trying to match. Dial the gain as close as you can. 2.Record a section of the iso track or record yourself...
  46. willowdale

    CLIFF How's about a progress report!!

    Any lightbulb moments, any info that you find interesting and can share, something for us to chew on etc........ Yeah i'm bored today, but interested in what you're working on. If anybody has a problem with me bothering the man, then kiss my Axe!!(FX-II) lol
  47. willowdale

    I want Cliff to release profiles when feature is ready

    I hope when this is released it is not just "here you go guys have at it", with memo notes and a little example of the actual profiling process. Cliff owns and has access to some awesome amp/cabs. I hope some are profiled and released to us so that we can make up our own minds if we prefer...
  48. willowdale

    Cliff Can You Tell Us The Status Of The 3X3 USB RE-AMP!!

    I really want this feature, so an update on your thoughts on this would be appreciated. You last stated that 3X3 was the answer but you were having an issue with doing this on a PC, and have not said anything since. Am I to assume that this means you could do it on a MAC? Any info...
  49. willowdale

    How 2 Re-Amp and Hear Backing Track at The Same Time?

    I know Cliff has not gotten his head wrapped around how to implement this feature yet, but i know there is a workaround. What is/are my options?? I have a iMac i7 Quad core that also runs Windows 7 (I also have a Windows PC) I have Logic,Reaper, Guitar Tracks Pro 4, Garageband etc...
  50. willowdale

    Check out Jammit. It's pretty cool

    I checked this app out the other day and it's really good. They have the original master tracks for many songs(they add 1or2 new ones everyday) and you can isolate the guitar parts. The songs include totally accurate tabs that sync with the song in realtime. You can also slow it down without...
  51. willowdale

    All Right Now

    Hey has anyone posted a patch for " All Right Now " by Free? Please let me know if there is one posted, or post one if you got one, thanks!!
  52. willowdale

    Where is my 3.0 Cliff ?? The corner is too far away!!

    I swear Cliff, if it wasn't for the fact that i am buying the new Rush live dvd that comes out tomorrow,and also Modern Warfare 3, I would be really pissed off at you right now!! Who am i kidding, i'm still pissed!! lol
  53. willowdale

    ( iMac 2.93Ghz Intel Core i7 10.6.4 ) Can't get Axe2 to work as soundcard

    Installed Usb driver and the Axe shows up as a sound source but when i choose it and try playing any backing tracks or audio in general, i get the dreaded spinning rainbow ball of death. Works perfectly fine with Axe Edit, i can sync and backup files etc.... but playing any audio using...
  54. willowdale

    Are the meters on the top of Edit suppose to function? They are dead in mine.

    Edit works perfectly on my imac with my Axe2 with the usb connection, but nothing happens in the meter section along the top. Is this normal? Why am i not getting any meter level action? It's just dead up there including that little power looking button in the top right corner.
  55. willowdale

    Axe edit doesn't open on my iMac Help!!

    Got my Axe2 yesterday and I had the latest edit already installed. It opened when I first connected the Axe2 to my iMac but after shutting down and powering everything back on later in the day , it will no longer open and just gives a message to reopen or ignore but it just keeps doing that and...
  56. willowdale

    How Do Backing Tracks With Vocals Sound With The Atomic Powered Wedges

    I play my ultra along with countless rock backing tracks with vocals. I use Rokit 8 monitors so obviously the song as well as the Axe-Fx tones sound very clear coming out of the monitors. What i want to know is if any of you have played any backing tracks with vocals through the new atomics...
  57. willowdale

    RUSH tonight in Fort Lauderdale

    Anyone else seeing them tonight or are you going to any of the other cities. Love Rush and have seen them every tour since signals in '82. Saw them last year at Red Rocks & Tampa. All of them pushing 60 years old, each an icon on their instrument, nice family guys with zero ego trips, and...
  58. willowdale

    Please help me with a Van Halen patch setup question

    On VH's 1st album(and others) he has his guitar panned hard left with lots of plate reverb, and in the right speaker you can still hear guitar but very low with deep reverb. Panning the guitar about 90% to the left and leaving reverb in the center so it is present on both sides is not doing...
  59. willowdale

    My Rocktron 7 pin midi cable is not powering my MFC-101.Help

    Hooked MFC up to my Ultra using Rocktron 7 pin and i have to use the power supply to turn it on. The midi cable works because the presets are all recognized and the tuner etc... but unless i plug in the power supply, the MFC won't power up with just the 7 pin cable. It is the Rocktron RRM900...
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